About this Site

Greetings! Since 2011, this was my primary website for psychic services, astrology offerings, radio shows, inspirational writing and more. Now you can book readings and other services on my site that is focused on wellness at Astrology Healing Arts www.astrologyhealingarts.com

I have been a professional psychic reader, energy healing practitioner and astrologer for over twenty years, humbled by the amount of gracious feedback, blessings and support received by so many wonderful people from all walks of life. I’ve done freelance writing for several magazines and self-published two books. My interest in astrology skipped a couple of generations in my family, since one of my Armenian great-grandmothers was an astrologer and another great-grandmother did all of her gardening by the Moon. 

Around 2016, this morphed into a blog focused on astrological commentary regarding political trends and world events. I have long been observant of the fact that of us who are metaphysical healing practitioners, psychics and astrologers are not only considered illegitimate overall, but are expected to at least adopt society’s framework for “acceptable” (typically far left-leaning) thought and behavior within our chosen profession. That basically means that we are supposed agree with popular opinion and never go against the grain. If we do, we become more notably seen as outcasts than we already were before. We, like everyone else, are also expected to accept the twisted versions of history that have been drilled into our heads since birth and to never look any further into the myriad lies that are still affecting many of us to this very day. To question unproven stories claimed as absolute truth, including the claims of modern science would be hearsay, even punishable by law in some regions.

Counter Narrative Astrology has been born out of a lifetime of witnessing hypocrisy on both sides of the political spectrum, in various so-called spiritual settings and behind the scenes of large and small bureaucracies, in addition to experiencing both slander and plagiarism of my work. 

Whatever brought you here, so long as you are respectful, may you find what you are seeking. Maybe it’s just some kind of confirmation, or maybe to learn something new. This might even be a space where you find just a tiny bit of respite from all of the pretentious BS that is so prolific on the internet today, especially when it comes to some of the subjects that I speak about. I might not always be right, but I’m an honest researcher and passionate about what I do.


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