A New Mars Cycle Brings Justice and Empowerment

Mars is the Masculine principle that is present within every person’s psyche and birth chart. Today, Mars in Libra is squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Tensions are extremely high. Recently, on October 7th 2021 Mars joined the Sun in a new synodic cycle that will last until November 17th of 2023 when the Sun makes a conjunction to Mars in Scorpio.

Mars represents the drive to take action in areas of significance in a person’s life. Mars is the symbol of life force, libido, and assertiveness. It can lead one to succeed in business or to excel in sports. When suppressed or frustrated the energy of Mars can fester and explode into violence. So much of the explosive violence that we are witnessing now is in reaction to the violence that has been perpetrated against humanity, and of humans turning against in other in competition as their stress levels rise and their resources dwindle.

Mars in Libra seeks for justice, which seems harder and harder to come by in the dystopian nightmare that’s been unfolding before our very eyes. Mars in the sign of balance is angered by unfairness and seeks to right what has apparently gone wrong in the realm of relationships and in the collective. So often we have been told that anger is bad – that we should behave. We’re taught to shove it back down, and be supposedly good, obedient, and basically docile. However, righteous anger directed consciously is a powerful force for actual good in this world. When responsibly expressed, anger can be one of the most effective tools for positive change at our disposal. When misdirected and internalized, anger is the cause of our demise. During the next couple of years the human population has ample opportunities to use the emotion of anger for standing up against tyranny and injustice, and for making positive changes that will take a lot of physical energy to accomplish. This is likely to be most effective when people access their healthy masculine energy.

This is the masculine energy that gets up after being knocked down, won’t take shit from anyone, that’s ready to step up to the plate and fight for what’s right, and that will fiercely guard and protect the young and innocent from threats and danger. This is the masculine energy that enables us to continue onward even when we’ve been wounded in battle. This is the masculine drive to build a fortress in times of chaos and distress. This is the will to live and to heal.

Our current day culture is obsessed with the anima, feminine empowerment, the divine feminine and healing female wounds. These are all important to address. Unfortunately what happens all too often is that in the process of lifting women up, men in general and masculinity overall are disregarded or shamed as being toxic. For true harmony to occur both masculine and feminine, yin and yang must combine in such a way as to compliment each other. In this way homeostasis is achieved. The new Mars cycle we have entered is showing the way – for those with eyes to see.

Full Moon in Aries 2021: Be as RELENTLESS as the fake media

As we all now know, the psychos behind mainstream media are relentless in their daily streams of b.s. They’re always twisting the truth around and trying to gas-light everyone who goes against the grain of their demented indoctrinations. They deny that anyone has been victimized by atrocities of the Big Pharma and Big Tech giants. They laugh in the face of murder and mock those who represent truth and righteousness. It’s our time to laugh – at them, knowing full well what these criminals are up to, and knowing, as the saying goes that “evil carries within it the seeds of its own destruction.”

Between the 18thand 20thof October:

Jupiter and Mercury both go Direct

Mars trines Jupiter

The Full Moon in Aries forms a t-square with the Sun, Mars, and Pluto

So, go ahead…be as RELENTLESS as the fake media

Reclaim Joy, Passion, and Purpose

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Europe Rising

The Vikings are back. They have no fear of tyrants. They have no fear of death. They’re ready to fight, but this time with their minds instead of weapons. That’s because their minds are what is under attack…

Thank you, manufactured pandemic. Because of you people are finally gathering in large numbers as family to rise up against tyrannical government. They are saying No to bogus claims and rules, No to medical martial law, and No to censorship and massive gas-lighting. These people live in various parts of the world, and they include one of the most suppressed, guilt laden cultures of all.

Nobody thinks of the continent of Europe as suppressed these days, as Americans have especially glamorized it as being oh-so-romantic, and those of certain other regions regard it with contempt, believing all white people who dwell there to be “privileged”. During the past three decades, much of Europe has been hijacked and trashed. Citizens of many countries have been heavily mind-controlled and imprisoned.

It took a worldwide attack on all people everywhere, an attempt to strip away our human rights to elicit the response by these people that is being witnessed now. If you see any of this on the evening news you’ll only hear a shocked, negative spin on it, as if all who are protesting in the streets are endangering those who aren’t. That’s the lie being circulated. That’s what could be used against all of us, in a problem-reaction-solution situation.

When I say Europe is rising, I don’t mean the EU. I mean the people, the warm-blooded human beings who for centuries have made this part of the world their home. Spain is rising, Latvia is rising, Italy is rising, and even France is enraged with Macron’s new green pass laws.

And no matter what happens during these next few months, I pray that Europe continues to rise, and that people in ALL nations everywhere continue to rise up as cohabitors of the earth, and to support each other instead of playing their allegiances to false gods and dictators. I pray that they carry on and resist the New World Order. That if for some crazy reason the power grid goes down, they will not only survive but take the best of what they learned back into the fully lit Age of Aquarius, that we may live in strength, beauty and gratitude, as we were all originally meant to do.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces – Hidden Poisons Rise to the Surface

There is a poison so subtle, so insidious, and so deadly that it currently threatens to wipe out humanity at large, along with vast quantities of the earth’s ecosystem, including the waters, forests, and all animal life. That poison is ignorance.

The amount of pollution across the earth due to disposable gloves and masks since March 2020 is staggering. The amount of sickness and deaths that have been caused by an experimental drug that is being pushed world-wide is unprecedented. The amount of critical thinking that has been replaced by mental paralysis and obedience to the dictates of sheer nonsense, social bullying and a total denial of all that is sacred is disappointing, to say the very least. The amount of children whose childhoods are being robbed by fear-based constructs and control mechanisms is insane, unacceptable by anyone who is sane. Such treatment of children, by forcing them to wear masks at school all day, and by forcing injections that have been unproven to be safe is inhumane. It’s abusive. Those hidden hierarchies who are imposing health-based rules from behind the scenes are the most foul, perverse criminals who are taking up oxygen on planet earth.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in their own native sign of Pisces is a beautiful thing in many ways, but it’s also dangerous. It’s dangerous when self-entitlement combined with ignorance still prevails among the masses. This aspect becomes exact by April 12, 2022. Between now and then, accepting a paradigm of falsehood rather than reclaiming our birth rights AND responsibilities on this planet could lead to our ultimate demise.

A New Crisis! Face Masks, Latex Gloves Pollute Beaches ...

Some people say that everyone around them should be responsible for everyone else’s health by wearing face masks wherever they go. Some people wear cloth masks and that is their personal choice. At least they’re not polluting the earth.

To those who are polluting:

#1 Please do some research on the validity of face masks in preventing viral infection. What do you think your immune system was built for? Masks Don’t Stop Viruses – The Proof | WSAU News/Talk 550 AM · 99.9 FM | Wausau, Stevens Point

#2 No, your own self-concern and peace of mind is not more important than the ocean, animals, and human sovereign rights overall. You are not more important than the ocean but are merely a drop within it. Will this be your trademark?

Here are some statistics regarding face masks and gloves polluting the oceans:

Over 1.5 Billion Face Masks Thought To Have Entered The Ocean This 2020 – Elite Readers

A New Crisis! Face Masks, Latex Gloves Pollute Beaches, Rivers, Oceans | Al Bawaba

No Shortage Of Masks At The Beach – OCEANS ASIA

Over 1.5 BILLION face masks now believed to be polluting oceans thanks to 2020 – Nexus Newsfeed

North Node in Gemini: the Power of Free Speech 2020-2022

Reviewing some info that is especially relevant for the coming months…

The North Node of the Moon’s entrance into Gemini is one of several major highlights of the year 2020. The True Nodes shift from the Cancer North Nodeand Capricorn South Node to Gemini North Node and Sagittarius South Node begins on May 5th and will last until January 18th of 2022. The Mean Node positions last from June 4th until December 22nd 2021.

During this transit the intense focus on security matters and global economy relative to the Cancer/Capricorn axis will become overlapped before being replaced by a universal increase of information, ideas and communications. As a mutable air sign Gemini heightens mental awareness and brings many new experiences. It stimulates conversation, activism, and collaboration among friends, families and communities. Together with Jupiter and Saturn’s transit through airy Aquarius in 2021-2022, the North Node in this sign highlights a worldwide theme that greatly enhances cerebral…

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June’s Solar Eclipse (2021) brings Radical Adjustments

Eclipse season is upon us this year, with the building Lunar Eclipse on May 26th at 5 degrees of Sagittarius. A second eclipse follows on June 10th with a New Moon at 19 degrees of Gemini.

This heralds a time for humanity to fully recognize what they are facing in the world and to really really come to terms with this. There’s no easy way to say this and there’s no easy way out of this. This is World War III. It began before Covid-19, with the 5G rollout, and now has become evident with the push for mandatory vaccines worldwide. There are protests in several parts of the world against governmental tyranny, forced lockdowns and the crashed economy. From toilet paper hoarding to gasoline hoarding, the cause of a desperate herd survival mentality has grown out of more than just a passing virus. There is a resurgence of unrest in the Middle East with attacks on Palestine. The Biblical prophecies of the book of Revelations have been manifesting before our very eyes, but still too few can see it for what it is.

Jupiter in Pisces for these next couple of months could be our saving grace, if we know how to truly tune in to its powerful currents of energy for positive results. If not, then all Jupiter will seem to do is blow everything up and cause people to feel lost, confused and helpless.

Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury will be Retrograde in a conjunction with the Solar Eclipse which forms a square with Neptune in Pisces. Mars will be 29 degrees of Cancer, moving out of opposition with Pluto in Capricorn. Nervous energy and uncertainty is widespread. There is very little patience and too much pushiness, on the roads, in the stores, through the internet. There is a mad rush to get somewhere, to escape from confinement, to obtain provisions, to connect with others. Small communities, family farms and grassroots organizations are going to be keys to our success. The Earth and her ancient wisdom will serve as our compass. She simply won’t be ignored any longer, just like the chaos in the world won’t relent until more people do something to change it, beginning with their own personal choices, their own small investments, and their own backyards.

The way of getting through this crisis will not be accomplished by stepping on others’ toes. People are beginning to realize how much they need each other, how much they may rely on each other for things they never even stopped to consider because they have become so used to their modern day conveniences. They are realizing that sometimes less is more, and that technology has caused us to abandon our relationship to nature, where our most treasured remedies are to be found.

This eclipse is a wake-up call to all of us. This is indeed a time of “revelations” and can serve those of us well who are ready to take on the challenges that it implies. A little bit of gratitude and kindness will go a long way in helping to restore some harmony to the environments that we live in.

Jupiter in Pisces 2021- 2022 – May Miracles Abound!

Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13th bringing with it a much needed wave of hope and inspiration to the world. Pisces is the natural domicile of Jupiter, which makes its placement here extra expansive, abundant and jovial. Soon after Jupiter’s entry into Pisces it will be squaring the Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees of Sagittarius on May 26th. This aspect doubles the amount of Jupiterian energy that is accelerating our growth and pushing us forward in life. This influence can be especially helpful in literary projects, teaching, healing and relocating.

For the next two months, until Jupiter makes a Retrograde transit back into Aquarius on July 28, we are saturated with Jupiter’s energy which can help to dissipate a lot of the fears that have been generated during the past year and a half. It reenters Pisces on December 28, enters into Aries on May 10, 2022 and then in Retrograde movement reenters Pisces from October 29 until December 20, 2022.

Jupiter’s most highlighted aspect during its transit through Pisces is a conjunction with Neptune, which becomes exact on April 12, 2022. These two planets combined are already the most spiritually attuned, and being in their home sign only amplifies their qualities. These are the planets that remind us that we are so much more than these physical bodies and there is much more to all of life than meets the eye. They turn our attention toward what is possible and wonderful rather than what is limiting and dreadful.

With Jupiter in Pisces it it becomes easier for people to do all kinds of seemingly supernatural things, such as seeing auras and understanding the languages of the birds, receiving messages from their angels and experiencing telepathic communication with loved ones. There is a softening of the rigidity that so many have grown accustomed to in their bodies and minds, allowing for miracles to abound with increasing speed.

May this transit bring the solutions that you seek to your problems, and your goodness reflected back to you in all ways.

CNN – A Laughing Stock in Mainstream Media

It’s a CNN news week here in America and not in the typical sense of any mainstream news report. One doesn’t have to be a Trump supporter to recognize that CNN, and no doubt several other media stations have been pumping out info garbage left and right. Now finally CNN has been caught on camera admitting that they base their headlines on fear rather than facts. Originally founded by Ted Turner and a few others, it grew to be one of the biggest propaganda platforms in American media. CNN is being exposed by Project Veritas (I’m not specifically following their work but this is definitely noteworthy) for rigging the news on COVID19 and racial movements such as BLM.


CNN (Cable News Network) was launched at 5:00 pm on June 1, 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia. CNN’s Sun is currently being transited by the North Node in an exact conjunction at 11 degrees of busy-body, two-faced Gemini. Jupiter has been transiting CNN’s South Node in Aquarius lately, placing a magnifying glass on their hidden agenda before the masses. CNN’s natal Moon in Capricorn in the third house forms a square to a 12th house Pluto in Libra…now there’s a dirty house secret spilling out if ever there was one. Nice little conjunction to the Black Moon Lilith too. A bunch of goons are busy at work, being paid to wear presentable attire, smile big and deliver content that bears little to zero relevance on actual world events. Hey CNN, power trip much?? Well there you have it – CNN is being exposed for the clown show that it is. I wonder how many people will take heed.

I want to make clear that by sharing these articles below I’m not necessarily supporting Trump, who has been known to take jabs at CNN many times. It’s one point I agreed with him on:

The title of this past article already reveals a hidden agenda https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/cnn-medical-analyst-says-blm-protests-are-safer-from-coronavirus-spread-than-trump-rallies


Who is Charlie Chester? CNN staffer EXPOSES network’s ‘propaganda’ and focus to ‘get Trump out of office’ | MEAWW

CNN Exposed: Tech Director Admits Matt Gaetz Sex Scandal is Propaganda Coordinated with Democrat Party (shorenewsnetwork.com)

Breaking Old Contracts – Full Moon in Libra March 2021

The superior conjunction involving the Sun and Venus on the 26th is followed by a Full Moon in Libra on March 28th. Being in exact opposition to Chiron and Venus in Aries, this Full Moon highlights healing body, mind and spirit and especially the heart from deep hurts and betrayals. Nurturing Ceres joins the stellium opposite of the Full Moon to stir things into action, to seize new opportunities and to learn by experience rather than being taught. Venus as Libra’s planetary ruler lights up spiritual channels of energy that can easily be directed toward positive changes. This is not only on interpersonal but massive levels. Although the current alignments are greatly auspicious they are also intense. Old wounds may be re-stimulated and emotional triggers prompt the release of baggage or the severance of unhealthy ties.

The Moon’s trine to Saturn in Aquarius signals large-scale social adjustments, in which after a time of solitude and restriction, everyone is beginning to reintegrate in their familiar types of social settings and to figure out where they stand in the scheme of things. The Libra Moon forms a trine with the North Node and Mars in Gemini, which forms a loose grand trine to Saturn. This configuration supports incredible teamwork and cooperation of the so-called lower and middle class levels of society, that can become an unstoppable force in the face of the encroaching global dictatorship. More people are beginning to realize just how badly they’ve been played by mass media. They’re coming to grips with what is happening when it comes to laws and human rights rather than living in denial. As restrictions continue to lift, this will continue to be a divisive time. Some people, far too many, refuse to look any further for answers than their immediate environment. They’ll remain stuck in old paradigms, obey out-dated rules, and sabotage anyone who threatens their narrow, misguided world view. Libra, as an archetype, holds the scales of justice, which is based on truth, not bias. This is why we’re seeing greater breakthroughs now than there have been in awhile.

The Moon’s inconjunct aspect to Uranus is shining a light on relationship matters, but especially those that involve some degree of commitment. If a relationship is not working now is an optimal time to make a decision to interact differently. This includes business and family relationships than have outrun their course or need to be corrected so that they do not worsen in effects.

Since Chiron’s presence has been such a powerful influence this month I was inspired to upload a couple of new videos in his honor. One describes Chiron as an archetype and its healing cycles in our lives, and the other is a Tarot session for viewers who feel called to diving into the oracle for a personal reading. Chiron was known as a great astrologer, healer and oracle reader, the wisest of the centaurs. Click here for the video specifically about Chiron, and click here for the video with the card readings.

Also, if you haven’t already check out my new website focused on Medical Astrology: Astrology Healing Arts