Libra Season: Numerology Special

The season that highlights relationships is drawing near…
If you have been wondering any of the following questions, a Relationship Numbers reading could help bring clarity:
  • “Is he/she the right one for me?”
  • “Should I keep or break this bond”?
  • “How can we overcome these challenges?

A number can say so much that determines the overall tone, compatibility, and recurring themes of a relationship.

The primary number of any kind of relationship reveals its inherent challenges, gifts and potentials for growth. Many other numbers of significance indicate other aspects of the connection, and the combinations are unique.

My approach to Relationship Number readings includes traditional numerology, planetary symbols, the Destiny Card system and the study of the vibrational qualities of names. I take into consideration the birthdates and full birth names of those who are involved.

These readings are of course available year round but the special price is only being offered now.


Medical Astrology & September Health Horoscopes

This video is an intro to the concept of Medical Astrology and includes a brief sample reading. The horoscopes below for September are for entertainment purposes only.

^ Aries

You main health concerns if any this month involve unfinished business. There may be appointments you forgot to keep, or preventive measures that you feel called to make before engaging in some major social activities. Your immune system may be triggered and stressed. Some of you are struggling with unresolved feelings of guilt or regret over things from the recent and distant past. Don’t let these heavy feelings effect your overall mobility. Later this month you are more encouraged and your spirits uplifted by connections with loved ones. It’s your opportunity for a fresh new start in some way.

_ Taurus

Your month starts off with lots of social engagements and happy exchanges. You may be experiencing fatigue due to increased levels of responsibility in your life during the past couple of months. With Uranus in the early degrees of your sign many of you have been going through major changes over the past year and it has not been easy for you to adjust. There may also be recent injuries (including emotional) that you are still recovering from and your nerves could also be on edge. Take care of yourself and don’t push the envelope. It might be time to look around for a new healing practitioner or modality.

` Gemini

This is a positive month for Gemini health-wise, especially those that have been working toward improvements during the past few weeks. Energy levels are higher than usual, so travel and physical exercises are favored. The main areas to be cautious around are your connective tissues. Since you are brimming with energy you could easily make a wrong turn and sprain a muscle or overuse your muscles. Gemini also needs to watch out for alcohol and other drugs during this time which would slow you down in a bad way. Just pace yourself and say Yes to your vitality!

a Cancer

This is an adventurous month for Cancer! It’s like you’re on fire, you’ve come out of your shell and are moving around a lot more than usual. Just be careful for your back and hips and don’t move too fast. During the second half of September you may be tempted to overindulge in some way. Avoid overdoing it on the desserts and be careful not to overwhelm the delicate balance of your digestion. Enzymes, Swedish bitters and probiotics can be your best friends – but not taken all at once. A daily simple deep breathing technique could be life-changing for you.

b Leo

Many of you have had a build-up of tensions for awhile gathering in your back and upper neck area, which could be related to emotional or sexual frustrations. You will find relief after the Full Moon in Pisces passes. Be especially careful for your lungs over the next couple of weeks and make sure to stay hydrated. Leos need to do more stretching or some weight resistance training to get that circulation going. A massage could also work wonders. Be careful not to exhaust yourself with outer stimulation later this month. Conversations will be lightening up soon!

c Virgo

If you’ve been waiting for a deeper sort of commitment from someone the anticipation could be causing you some nervous anxiety. For some of you health is great and nothing new to complain about. You may be inspired to start up a new business or collaborative endeavor with a someone. That is fine but don’t limit yourself to one way of manifesting your desires. Areas of stress Virgos are experiencing are most likely around the lower back, kidneys, adrenals, sexual organs and possibly thyroid. There could be sleep disturbances or weird dreams. You may wish to check in with an herbalist.

d Libra

Libra folks have had a difficult year and especially the past couple of months. With both positive and negative extremes having captured your attention recently you may feel depleted and suffering from burn-out, allergies, asthma or a minor cold. Whatever it is shall soon come to pass. Hang in there and remember to get adequate water and leafy green vegetables into your diet. Avoid food and drinks that are very cold until you are feeling like yourself again. Teas and soups are ideal. You’ll most likely be in much better shape by the middle to end of this month.

e Scorpio

Scorpio you’ve had some interesting results around your health lately, almost like it’s been the subject of some experimentation. You’ve discovered more about what works and what doesn’t which is very useful for the future. Things seem well overall but you may need to give a bit more attention to some neglected areas later this month. Energy may begin to to rush up from your belly to your head area, giving the sensations of rising pressure or headaches. Some kind of cultivation practice such as Tai Qi or Qi Gong could be helpful in maintaining both physical and emotional equilibrium.


Sagittarius you have been feeling kind of stuck and home-bound lately and it may have been getting your mood down. Whether you got hurt or had some other series of misfortunes you feel like it set you back in some ways but luckily the situation is going to shift pretty soon. If you’re working on weight management or some aspect of your digestion, less is more. See if you can simplify whatever you are doing because your difficulties may be stemming from too complex of a system to work with at this time. You could benefit from a new kind of health treatment you have never tried before.

g Capricorn

Capricorn your stresses lately have mostly been mental. You may be overthinking things and driving yourself a bit nuts. Some of you feel very lost and confused. You are using more energy than you realize so it’s important to make sure your body is receiving the proper nutrition for the amount of output and exertion you are engaged in. Perhaps a B-complex vitamin or foods rich in B vitamins could also help you. You feel so close and yet so far away to reaching a goal you’ve been focused on for awhile. Jogging is a great form of meditation to help get clear about your objectives.

h Aquarius

Aquarius your health is okay overall right now. Your main challenges relate to some stuck energy that you’re trying to move or push out of your system. You have taken on a lot more than your share of things to do and things to worry about so that’s why you might feel heavy in some ways. This will soon shift and your workload will become easier within a couple of weeks. There is some kind of health practice or exercise that you used to regularly engage in that you may feel called to resume. It may take to you out of your everyday routine and onto a journey to a faraway yet familiar place.

i Pisces

This is such a potent month for you Pisces! There is so much for you to process it might be overwhelming but also exciting and fun. You sense that your life is going to be changing or a new chapter beginning later this month with the New Moon in your 8th house. Between now and then you may feel like discarding as many things that stand in the way of this new beginning from your psyche and space as possible. Your health may be good but in any case you feel vulnerable. Don’t leave things up to fate. Use your abilities to create the perfect settings or nurturing that you know you deserve.

Full Moon in Pisces – Piercing the Veil of Illusions

There have been many fuzzy, gray areas to navigate this year and a lot of truths to uncover. It’s been difficult to see the forest for the trees, and to know who to trust as many things and people are not what or who they have claimed to be. That is all changing now.

A Full Moon at 21 degrees of Pisces occurs on September 13th, bringing with it fresh waves of energy, inspiration and clarity to places that have been stagnant, starving from a lack of light, and genuine love. In reference to nature itself this could be a lack of nutrients, water or care now being addressed or given. The Moon is in conjunction with Neptune, bringing up visions, longings and divine musings that have been buried in the busyness of hectic paced lives. The power of music and all artistic expression is pronounced in the days leading up to this. Music has long been known to grant access into even the most fiercely guarded hearts and aspects of the psyche. This is ever so true now, and a great time to pick up and instrument, sing or listen to the music that moves you the most.

This is one of the most dreamy, revelatory, Neptunian Moons we will have seen in quite a while. One reason in addition to it’s closeness to the Moon is that Neptune is very close to the Earth around this time (especially on the 9th and 10th). Neptune is Pisces’ ruling planet and is Retrograde, revealing much more than many care to know or know what to do with lately. When direct, Neptune can be all glittery, hearts and flowers on the surface, making it easier to maintain addictions and other unhealthy patterns. When its movement appears to go backward this planet helps to pierce and strip away at illusions rather than to become immersed within them. It tends to go after false ideas have been adhered to, particularly of a religious or spiritual nature but sometimes in connection with mass consciousness in general. Some have also linked Neptune Retrograde with religious persecution. Each person perceives this differently.

Neptune represents water and it’s in a water sign. As an archetype, Neptune has no boundaries but while Retrograde it’s showing us where boundaries are needed. It’s highlighting things that are dirty and clogged and need to be cleaned out. It’s reflecting back to us things we didn’t realize were clinging on to us or our property like leeches. Like an exorcism, the process of elimination and expulsion of “unholy” things, people and habits can be painful as hell, but liberating in the long run. Neptune may also indicate thirst, possibly on a physical level but likely on emotional and spiritual levels. This could be a time when that thirst is quenched.

Jupiter’s square with Neptune occurs for the third and last time this year on September 21st, closely coinciding with the Equinox which falls on the 23rd. The last two were on June 16th and January 13th. Both of these squaring planets co-rule the sign of Pisces, with Jupiter as the original ruler before Neptune was discovered. Jupiter also deals with religious and philosophical orientations, as well as the search for truth. It is the planet of adventure and encourages exploration of different faiths and ways of life. The tension between Jupiter in its own sign Sagittarius and Neptune in its own sign Pisces this year has challenged many world views and ideologies. It has tested our faith. It’s been disappointing in some ways, shocking in others. Betrayals have hit hard. It has shown the clashing of viewpoints and the grandiosity of claims. On a smaller scale it’s been exposing glass sold as diamonds, sand poured into salt shakers. There has been a lot of unscrupulous behavior bubbling beneath seemingly calm surfaces.

In addition there has been a surprising discovery of new tools, to be fashioned from old broken down parts that seemed useless before. Jupiter is the planet that encourages taking a bold stance, not necessarily in word but definitely in action. When one lives and walks in truth, they may be shunned but that inner truth will be their salvation. There is no need to prove this truth to the world with blazing colors or to gain and maintain a massive following, because it radiates as one’s living essence. People can throw rocks and flames at such a person all they want and it will only further fuel them on their mission and backfire on those who try to inflict harm.

There are a few planets intensifying this aspect this month: Mercury forming a T-square with Jupiter and Neptune this week, Venus forming a T-square with Jupiter and Neptune this week and the Sun and Mars forming T-squares with Jupiter and Neptune next week, right on the Full Moon in Pisces on the 13th. That’s a lot of T-squaring which means a lot of friction and nervous irritability going around, especially since these squares all involve mutable signs. But these squares indicate desire too – the desire for change, growth and healing. With amplified desires may come greater motivation and success.

The Full Moon’s sextile with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is great assistance to overcoming emotional entanglements and to experience true healing versus just another bandage over infected wounds.

Lilith the Black Moon in Pisces is something else to consider as a strong influence in all of this, as she entered Pisces in May and has been involved in Jupiter’s square to Neptune since August, but especially now. She represents the rejected aspect of the divine feminine. She is the villified Eve, the demon goddess, the whore of Babylon, the oracle and all other aspects of a female creator personified in mythology that for centuries has been projected onto all of womankind. Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac and with the BML here, we can be sure to experience some potent endings around these types of projections and illusions that have affected women and people in general until she exits this sign at the end of January 2020. The BML is forming a trine to the North Node in Cancer which supports emotional purification and empowerment.

Pisces is not an aggressive sign but a sensitive one that is receptive to other dimensions and layers of consciousness. With the emphasis so great here and involving a strongly placed Neptune, we may find ourselves in the midst of a spiritual initiation of a sort. It is one that is helping to separate the wheat from the chaff, the truth from the lies, the real from the unreal. It invites all to take deep look into matters that have been hidden for a long time. Not all will want to see. There are choices to be made about whether old paradigms, religious hierarchies and addictions will be upheld and relied upon or there is willingness to step into the unknown. To be freed from bondage. Also, it means that anger and vice are just as much choices to fixate upon as the choice to develop skillfulness and compassion. Every choice made on this earth has its repercussions.

Sun conjunct Mars ~ Energy Burst 9/2/19

The Sun forms a conjunction to Mars at 10 degrees of Virgo on September 2nd, marking a new cycle of energy, passion and momentum. The New Moon in Virgo on August 30th got the ball rolling in a new direction as it included a five-planet conjunction of Mercury, the Moon, Sun, Venus, and Mars.

First a note on the downside of this aspect: The Sun conjunct Mars is not good or bad but it’s outcome depends on several different factors. It can be explosive, leading to arguments, accidents, or other misfortunes related to anger and haste. Mars represents the masculine psyche and drive but it currently transits the feminine earth sign, Virgo. Mars in feminine signs can sometimes indicate stifled anger and sexual urges. These stifled passions can lead to sudden violence or make one prone to such inflictions of violence. Time-outs from sources of agitation may be necessary so as not to make bad situations worse than they already are.

Mars does tend to affect men differently than it does women. Generally it heightens the passions, for some people in a sexual way and for others in a motivational sense. With Mars as our highlight we tend to become more sure of what we want versus what we don’t want, that is if dissatisfication hasn’t taken over. Mars in Virgo is great stimulation for getting back into shape, taking care of health, business, and money matters. It also encourages people to closely consider the welfare of others, including animals.

What Mars is demonstrating now is that it’s time to move out of the place of expecting things to happen and time to actually make them happen. There may be no choice but to do away with things and habits that block progress. Mars moves into a trine with Saturn on September 8th, the day in which the Moon occults over Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn which have been building up to a great conjunction in January 2020. This is a monumental period in history related to the tearing down of corrupt power structures, establishing healthy boundaries and building stronger foundations.

Mars forms a square with Jupiter on September 12th and opposition to Neptune on the 13th, which is the day of the Full Moon in Pisces. There may be many outbursts or emotional exchanges during these two days. The last major aspect that Mars makes in September is a trine to Pluto on the 19th. This is kind of push needed to overcome difficult obstacles and grow open to new possibilities.

The house of your chart that Mars currently transits indicates the area of your life that is being supercharged right now in some way. This is where you desire something new. You are turned on. You won’t take any more crap. You are flexing your muscles there, actual or metaphorical. Any planets being touched also amplify and further describe what and where you are becoming either inflamed or emboldened.

It’s going to be a potent month with all of the days leading up to the Equinox. Some things that are changing dramatically will never ever be the same again.

New Moon in Virgo 2019 – Blessed Endings and New Beginnings

On August 30th there is a major lineup of planets near the New Moon 6 degrees of Virgo, just following the Venus and Mars conjunction that occurred on the 24th. New Moons represent new beginnings but as this one draws near there is the definite sense that there is much coming to an end as well. A whole season is soon coming to an end, bringing much reflection on the ideas, learning experiences and gifts that it gave to us. With all the focus in Virgo there are places to go, people to see, and most of all there is work to be done to prepare for a new cycle and season. This is an earth sign ruled by Mercury which also touches the conjunction, in addition to the asteroid Juno. There is so much mental stimulation occurring and so many problems that people feel the need to solve all at once, regarding work, relationships, health and more.

Around this time you may also feel more introspective than usual, drawn to reading or doing odd little jobs that you normally wouldn’t get around to. Yet others may feel as though they have no choice but to to get moving or get down to business. This is about the kind of work that has been neglected for far too long and if put off any longer or there will be terrible consequences: “Somebody’s gotta do it…”

The Virgo New Moon and other planets are moving into a harmonious trine with Saturn in Capricorn which is helping to bring clarity and focus into various endeavors. Saturn’s conjunction to the South Node is still reminding everyone of the past so that the same mistakes are not repeated in the near future.

There is something very pressing about this New Moon as it makes a mutable T-square to Jupiter in Sagittarius and opposition to Neptune and the Black Moon Lilith in Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune highlight the ongoing push for truth and piercing the veil of illusions that has been in effect all year. There is continued exposure of the hypocrisy and lies upheld in the fields of religion, politics, big corporations as well as the masses who support them. The challenging aspect to Lilith indicates projections of a dark feminine or that the archetypal dark feminine has had to work in silence to process all of the filth of her environment and of the world at large. Negatively the internalized rage and results of heartache or abuse would implode and people would go into self-destruct mode. There is hope for many that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, which will come into view closer to the Equinox.

The New Moon forms a trine to Uranus which is Retrograde in Taurus. This is an aspect that welcomes change, and will effect our lives quite tangibly since it involves earth signs. The surprising element of Uranus has been in effect for over a week as Venus and Mars drew closer together in Virgo. It has brought many unusual things and experiences into many people’s orbits.

The build-up of this New Moon also signals endings that are represented by the Nine of Hearts which is the Card of Life that aligns with August 30th. For many people the endings involve to break-ups and divorce, or the death of close loved ones. Yet for others this card heralds blessed endings that even if emotionally uncomfortable turn out to be for the better in the long run. Following loss there is always gain. Nine is the number of completion and the Nine of Hearts represents Universal or Limitless Love. There is an aspect to this card that deals with forgiveness and letting go. It’s up to the individual to decipher where and how. Some aspect of relating to others is coming to a close to make way for a new one that will fill our hearts with joy. In other words, there is a spiritual rainbow on the other side of the storms that many of us are experiencing.

Venus conjunct Mars – A New Cycle of Relationships and Investments Begin

On August 24th Venus forms a conjunction to Mars at 4 degrees of Virgo. When these two planets join together every two years they represent a new cycle in relationships and other matters of importance to us. In the weeks or days leading up to this conjunction many closures take place in order to prepare for the new cycle. Wherever it lands in your chart, there is something new about to emerge, but much has needed clearing or completion before this can take place.

Venus is the archetype of the goddess of love and the signifies the principle of attraction. Her placement in a chart reveals the nature of the affections and personal value system. Mars represents our most primal self and the archetype of the masculine warrior, lover and hero. His placement in a chart shows where one is fired up, motivated and the nature of the sexual drive and desires in general. Their union is like the ultimate merging of the cosmic Masculine and Feminine.

Close behind in this conjunction are the Sun and asteroid Juno, goddess of committed relationships. In the sign of Virgo there is a focus on purification and improvement overall, in body, mind and spirit. On the negative side, Juno’s presence can heighten sensations of jealousy, possessiveness and codependency. Positively she would support responsible relating and in this sign would be ever willing to serve another and to make right with the environment. It would certainly make sense for those who have recently had the urge to clear house, size down on belongings or make a clean sweep in some aspect of life.

A trine is formed from the Venus and Mars conjunction to Uranus in Taurus, which signifies that the new relationship dynamics are fully supported and may show up in many unexpected ways. There is a desire to break away from old patterns relating to friends, groups and associations or to closely align with those who truly reflect one’s value system.

Due to the focus in earth signs people might be wondering what do they spend their money on and why. Coming into clear view are the reasons for why we have been drawn to certain things or them to us. With this there is also growing clarity about what we truly want in life and in relationship. There may be new plans and investments taking place to upgrade the conditions of home life, partnerships and work. Since the conjunction is taking place in Virgo, it is also a time for healing and repair of the physical vehicle, and to reignite the passions, life force energy or libido.

Virgos or those with planets in or prominent placements of this sign have been experiencing a strong reevaluation taking place for the past 4 years, since the last couple of conjunctions have taken place in this sign. They may be reconsidering the things that they have invested in, the beliefs they have adhered to and their manner of relating with others.

An inconjunct of to Chiron in Aries indicates that currently there are some frustrations with being able to accurately express the affections or that there are obstacles around relating that may seem insurmountable. It could help to take a step back and stop jumping to conclusions or acting in haste. Just let things play themselves out and see what they’re made of later on.

The square to asteroid Pallas Athena in Sagittarius suggests mental tension around individuality that must find outlets for release. Although the combination of Venus and Mars may indicate love and passionate union their meeting can manifest in various ways. In a tense relation to the goddess of both wisdom and warfare, there is more than a hint of agitation taking place when it comes to finding adequate mediums for expression. In this case philosophy and the arts are desirable modes of operation. Planets in Virgo seek to analyze but can get lost in details. Pallas Athena in Sagittarius points the way to higher knowledge with clear objectivity.

The new cycle of relationships and investments underway that is indicated by Venus conjunct Mars is showing us new dimensions of life, ourselves and our loved ones. Some form of prayer or ritual during this time, especially using herbs or natural healing substances may help to usher in the budding new forms of expression with ease and joy.