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Rates are the same for Astrology, Tarot, or Destiny Card readings. You can specify one of these methods or I can combine them all, as these various approaches are all complimentary!

You can check out what others have experienced in readings from me on the Testimonials page.

Click for 1 hour $150

Click for 30 minutes $75

Email Reading $45 

(sorry, email readings on hold indefinitely)


Types of Astrology Readings (including Custom):

  • Natal chart analysis based on the personal blueprint of your soul

  • Transits & Progressions to address current and upcoming influences

  • Relationship (Composite & Synastry) chart analysis to discern levels of compatibility and conflict

  • Flower & gem essence suggestions to address your natal & transit challenges

  • Solar Return readings to interpret your themes for the year ahead

  • Baby natal chart analysis to explore the potentials of your child

  • Power dates for optimum results and success (general or specific)


Terms & Conditions:

An MP3 recording of your reading emailed to you is available upon request and is meant to be used for personal use only. Public use of a recorded reading is not permitted at any time.

Please email me with your inquiries at Payments must be made in advance and are accepted via PayPal.  Last-minute cancellations will not be refunded. When an appointment must be postponed, it can be rescheduled if contact is made 24 hours in advance or sooner.