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1982181_597614783658264_98829341_nRates are the same for Astrology, Tarot, or Destiny Card readings. You can specify one of these methods or I can combine them all, as these various approaches are all complimentary!

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Email Reading $30 – Ask a question and receive a reading via email. One to three questions may be answered in a single email reading.

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30 minutes $50 – This reading may basically help to answer between one and three questions you have. I cram as much as possible into a general mini reading or focus in a specific area that you seek clarity in.

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1 hour $100 – Whether you have received many readings in the past or this is your first one, there are many deep insights to be gained from this reading. You can bring a list of questions or be open to whatever information comes through. One hour is the most commonly requested reading length.

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1.5 hours $175 – This is the kind of reading that is helpful to get about once a year, close to a solar return (birthday) or other special event. It can help clarify goals and address challenges with corresponding remedies or solutions.

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3 hours or package of 4 readings $300 – If you need and/or want to cover all bases and are ready for a major breakthrough in your life, this could be the reading for you. This is more than a reading – it is a sacred space to heal and transform. Suggestions: You have at least a mental list of the pros and cons in your overall situation and are not afraid of the work it will take to move through obstacles. You are capable of keeping your commitments. Have water handy, a notepad, and perhaps a favorite crystal or flower essence (or I will make a blend for you)!

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Types of Astrology Readings (including Custom):

Natal chart analysis based on the personal blueprint of your soul

Transits & Progressions to address current and upcoming influences

Relationship (Composite & Synastry) chart analysis to discern levels of compatibility and conflict

Flower & gem essence suggestions to address your natal & transit challenges

Solar Return readings to interpret your themes for the year ahead

Baby natal chart analysis to explore the potentials of your child

Power dates for optimum results and success (general or specific)


Group Events: I am available for group events such as Festivals, Weddings, Bachelorette Parties and other special occasions – $100 per hour plus gas/travel expenses paid for.


Terms & Conditions:

An MP3 recording of your reading emailed to you is available upon request and is meant to be used for personal use only. Public use of a recorded reading is not permitted at any time.

Please email me with your inquiries at Payments are accepted in advance and a receipt will immediately be sent to you via PayPal. Last-minute cancellations will not be refunded. When an appointment must be postponed, it can be rescheduled if contact is made 24 hours in advance or sooner.