Flower Essences

“What you put in my essence mist blend was so synchronistic and I love the scent!” – Carrie, 2016

“Yerevan was kind enough to send me a bottle of her essence ‘Harp & Fairy Vibes‘ combined with Alaskan Flower Essence’s ‘Calling All Angels’.  I checked this out with my doctor and he agreed it wouldn’t hurt me and frankly it might work. After taking it 4x daily I certainly have found renewed courage to go out and meet the world…”  – Jean Rigod from her article Fourth Chakra Healing

“The blend you gave me for my situation at work really does the trick with mellowing me out and helping me to back away from things and see them in perspective….but I really wanted to tell you about what happened when I tried the Fairy Kisses blend you made. I kinda spaced out and then started hearing these tiny voices around me. I knew that they were fae, and they gave me so much insight and many gifts! Keep up the *GREAT* work. I love the essences 🙂 ” – Susan, 2002

Flower Essences & Gems Astrology Report

This is a personalized & computerized report written by astrologer Gina Ronco.

The report reveals how to address and supplement your inner healing processes with the use of specific flower essences, gemstones, colors, and other natural tools. This beautiful report offers a combination of insight into your natal chart and several possible solutions to ease your challenges and highlight your strengths.

Birth date, with time, and city of birth are needed for this report. I also offer custom flower essence blends made by me along with your report.

Flower Essence & Gem Report – $5     Preview Image

Flower Essence & Gem Report including Custom Blend – $17 Preview Image

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