4 Faery Cities Oracle

There are four ancient cities associated with the Realms of Faery in Celtic lore. Each of these cities relate to the four directions, the four seasons, and the four basic elements. Whether these cities exist on this Earth plane or another remains a mystery, and yet they are very much alive and accessible to those with opens hearts and minds. The portals to the cities open at the start of each season, but we do not need to wait until those times to enter through the portals. Some preparation may be necessary however, most importantly in the form of meditation and inner stillness.

In the oracle below, there are 16 states of being that may be achieved working within the corresponding cities, with 4 different possible states or qualities assigned to each city. Whatever 4-leaf clover you happen to choose will open up just a tiny sliver of a crack to the entrance of one of the 4 Faery cities, outlining a particular quality calling your attention as you approach it. You may either have this quality already or may need to develop it further, in order to work the greatest magic in this and other realms. A special tree of flower aligned with that quality, as well as the correspondences of that city will be listed underneath, in case you would like to explore its energies further through symbolism, art, or ritual.

“There are four cities that no mortal eye has seen but that the soul knows; these are Gorias, that is in the east; and Finias, that is in the south; and Murias, that is in the west; and Falias that is in the, north. And the symbol of Falias is the stone of death, which is crowned with Pale fire. And the symbol of Gorias is the dividing sword. And the symbol of Finias is a spear. And the symbol of Murias is a hollow that is filled with water and fading light. “

The Little Book of Great Enchantment by Fiona Macleod