Adaptability is necessary for survival. The ability to adapt to any given situation gives you a certain kind of advantage over your own life and over those who are unable to adapt. Whatever you are trying to accomplish now requires a combination of alertness, endurance, and adaptability. Letting go of the outcome will help you to adapt more swiftly.

The Willow tree is a perfect model for being able to bend rather than break under pressure, as the wind pushes its long draping leaves from side to side. Due to a compound it contains from which aspirin is derived, the willow is associated with healing pain when there has been a breakage of some sort.

Whatever your current challenge may be, you have spiritual assistance to spring back into alignment and wellbeing. If your challenge is a physical one, the use of adaptogenic herbs – herbs that help you adapt to stress may be particularly helpful now.

The City of Gorias

Direction – East

Season – Spring

Symbol – Sword of Light

Faery Beings of the Air – Sylphs, Sprites, Pixies

Overlighting Bird Totem – Hawk

Key Power – Healing

The best times to approach the city of Gorias for spiritual healing and insight are the following: At the Spring Equinox & at Dawn (around 4:00 AM)


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