Everyone has or has had someone higher up to answer to at some point in life. Yet not everyone has answered to their own inner authority of wisdom. It is inner authority that helps one to truly uphold integrity in life, to steer clear of danger, and to follow through on commitments. If you already heed your inner voice of wisdom, then your decisions are being confirmed. If you feel overwhelmed lately perhaps your inner voice is speaking extra loudly about a certain matter in order to get your attention.

The old Oak is a tree that has long been revered in Celtic countries, bestowing the powers of determination, optimism, and breadth of vision. Native Americans have also revered this tree, and used its acorns to make a nourishing soup. Standing beneath an oak or connecting with its spirit can lend a sense of confidence and energy to carry on. It may be that your next step is toward taking better care of yourself in some way, and preserving your energy for some task ahead. You may also find yourself being called upon for advice and direction.

The City of Finias

Direction – South

Season – Summer

Symbol – Spear

Faery Beings of the Fire – Salamanders, Dragons, Phoenixes

Overlighting Bird Totem – Wren

Key Power – Strength

The best times to approach the city of Finias for spiritual insight, protection, and energy are the following: During the Summer Solstice & at Noon


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