Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, for what is beauty to that which is unseen, unknown, and unexperienced? By nature it is a phenomenon that is meant to be shared. To know beauty in any form is to know the beauty within yourself. This may be a time to acknowledge or enhance the natural beauty that you have, or to offer your appreciation for the beauty you observe in others.

The apple is a symbol of beauty, love, relationship, fertility, and so much more. The flowers hold such pure vibrations they are believed to attract the presence of unicorns. If you are fortunate enough to live close to an apple tree or orchard, you have the opportunity to bask in their beautiful radiance. If you have access to an apple, you may like to bless and eat it with your intention of heightening all of your senses of beauty within and without.

The City of Murias

Direction – West

Season – Autumn

Symbol – Cauldron

Faery Beings of the Water – Undines & Merfolk

Overlighting Bird Totem – Swan

Key Power – Shapeshifting

The best times to approach the city of Murias for spiritual guidance are the following: At the Autumn Equinox & at Twilight (around 8:00 PM)


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