You are not an island unto yourself, in this vast stretch of infinite space, swarming with all manners and expressions of life. If you are feeling lost, lonely, weary, or missing a loved one, remember that you are always united in spirit and the distance between you is only an illusion of time. In the meantime, you may be enlivened to seek out or be in the company of like-minded others through community events and causes.

Ivy is a symbol of your connection to the Whole. This plant often outlasts the trees upon which it grows, just as our spirits outlast the bodies they inhabit. Ivy has long managed to extend itself far and wide across the surfaces of castles as well as other modern day buildings of concrete jungle, reminding us that nature has the last laugh.

Similarly the ocean also reminds us of how connected we are to all of life, and how many forms of life depend upon each other for survival. Being near ivy or the sea, or having visual representations of either in your environment may be particularly soothing now.

The City of Murias

Direction – West

Season – Autumn

Symbol – Cauldron

Faery Beings of the Water – Undines & Merfolk

Overlighting Bird Totem – Swan

Key Power – Shapeshifting

The best times to approach the city of Murias for spiritual guidance are the following: At the Autumn Equinox & at Twilight (around 8:00 PM)


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