An optimal time to explore divination is indeed at hand, whether here, there, or anywhere, through methods such as palmistry, Tarot, or even by observing the way that leaves land upon one another after falling in the Autumn breeze. You are being guided to look deeply into a current situation for the answer to a pressing question that you or someone close to you has. The answer itself may or not be a simple one, and you may or may not already know what it is. This is where divination comes in, to help verify or clarify the subject of your inquiry. Perhaps deep down inside what you truly seek is confirmation and validation – the encouragement to follow through on your own intuition about an important decision.

The Wise Mother of the Elder tree is an ancient keeper of mysteries, lore, and magic. If you approach her with reverence and gratitude she may be kind enough to light your path when you are lost.

The City of Murias

Direction – West

Season – Autumn

Symbol – Cauldron

Faery Beings of the Water – Undines & Merfolk

Overlighting Bird Totem – Swan

Key Power – Shapeshifting

The best times to approach the city of Murias for spiritual guidance are the following: At the Autumn Equinox & at Twilight (around 8:00 PM)


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