When feelings are overflowing without the proper outlets, rage, confusion and illness can result. When feelings are dimmed and seemingly not there, a fear of expressing them is often the root cause. You may already know what it is you fear, or you may have only vague impressions. In any case you are being called forth to act upon your convictions, which is to do what you deem as right – that is to go forward with courage, despite the fear. Don’t be afraid to ask for encouragement as well!

Holly is typically associated with Winter, when it bears bright red ornamental berries. The Summer flowers are used in one of the 38 Bach essences to address feelings of envy, anger and other blocked emotions. Anger and fear are closely linked, with anger being an outward expression of a deeper fear. The spirit of Holly can help with confronting ones inner shadows, fears, and angers, with the ability to transmute them into greater acts of courage that are based on love and kindness.

The City of Finias

Direction – South

Season – Summer

Symbol – Spear

Faery Beings of the Fire – Salamanders, Dragons, Phoenixes

Overlighting Bird Totem – Wren

Key Power – Strength

The best times to approach the city of Finias for spiritual insight, protection, and energy are the following: During the Summer Solstice & at Noon


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