Things on Earth occur in cycles, including times of inspiration. A cycle of heightened fertility on all levels is occurring for you or is just around the bend. This could literally mean pregnancy, or it could manifest as increased creativity, prosperity, or the rapid growth of crops. Any one or more of these forms of fertility are here to bring the qualities of hope, joy, and pleasure into your life now. If fertility is what you desire and yet it seems to evade you, there may be something old and outworn that you first need to release.

The Hawthorne tree is known to be sacred to the Faeries as well as to the ancestors. Its thorns denote protection from negativity, and its blossoms that appear in May symbolize fertility and the coming of Summer. Medicinally Hawthorne has been used to treat the heart, and spiritually it can have an enlivening effect. Perhaps connecting with this tree spirit can offer you strength, healing, and a happy respite from mundane concerns.

Direction – East

Season – Spring

Symbol – Sword of Light

Faery Beings of the Air – Sylphs, Sprites, Pixies

Overlighting Bird Totem – Hawk

Key Power – Healing

The best times to approach the city of Gorias for spiritual healing and insight are the following: At the Spring Equinox & at Dawn (around 4:00 AM)


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