Motivation is not enough to get some people moving, since it is based upon fear rather than love. “Chop chop, let’s get crackin on this!” just doesn’t cut it when one feels down or lacking in energy. As creative beings what we need is inspiration! It can come in almost any form, from a movie to great food to a mental shopping spree to the sound of howling wolves to a walk in the park. Get out there and see what you can see, to be inspired or inspire others who are desperately in need!

The Hazel tree is a symbol of inspiration, higher learning, and justice, and has been known to aid in seeing oneself honestly. According to legend, the salmon ate hazelnuts, imbuing them with a concentration of knowledge. The Druids made magical wands out of Hazel wood. Connecting with the spirit of this tree can help breathe inspiration into your mind and endeavors. How many wonderful possibilities for creative expansion and expression are right beneath your nose that you have not yet even recognized consciously? Ah – that is a trick question of course 🙂

The City of Finias

Direction – South

Season – Summer

Symbol – Spear

Faery Beings of the Fire – Salamanders, Dragons, Phoenixes

Overlighting Bird Totem – Wren

Key Power – Strength

The best times to approach the city of Finias for spiritual insight, protection, and energy are the following: During the Summer Solstice & at Noon


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