What are you passionate about? Passion is one of the major emotions that make one human, for without passion life can seem rather mechanical and colorless. You are encouraged to direct your passion in as many positive and creative ways as possible.

Often we project our passion onto other people, thinking they are the sole objects of our passion, when it is usually what they reflect to us that get us going. If another is igniting your passion, think of what it is they inspire in you that you can offer to the world.

The bright yellow flowers of Gorse are known as bringers of hope, joy, optimism, and kissing! There is an Irish expression that “Kissing’s out of season when the gorse is not in bloom.” One of the 38 Bach flower essences is made of Gorse, given to address feelings of hopelessness and despair. So it is a happy pick-me-upper, a creative outlet, or a kiss that you most desire? Any or all of these are potentially near.

The City of Finias

Direction – South

Season – Summer

Symbol – Spear

Faery Beings of the Fire – Salamanders, Dragons, Phoenixes

Overlighting Bird Totem – Wren

Key Power – Strength

The best times to approach the city of Finias for spiritual insight, protection, and energy are the following: During the Summer Solstice & at Noon


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