There are times, reasons, and seasons to press onward, no matter how the circumstances appear. Whether your current situation seems to be worsening or improving, what is required is your persistent focus on a positive outcome. If you are feeling stuck and unsure of which way to turn, it might be that you have given up on an inner hope or dream. This is a time to rekindle your dream, and persist in the pursuit of what makes your heart sing.

The Alder tree is able to resist the decaying powers of water, and therefore represents steadfastness, durability and persistence. Due to its ability to cope with copious amounts of wetness, it also symbolizes great emotional strength. Your life may currently require these qualities of you now, and connecting with the tree spirit of Alder may assist you in this. Wherever you happen to be, just imagine yourself as one with the Alder, and apply its energy to the appropriate situations.

The City of Gorias

Direction – East

Season – Spring

Symbol – Sword of Light

Faery Beings of the Air – Sylphs, Sprites, Pixies

Overlighting Bird Totem – Hawk

Key Power – Healing

The best times to approach the city of Gorias for spiritual healing and insight are the following: At the Spring Equinox & at Dawn (around 4:00 AM)


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