Few things are as refreshing a good Spring Cleaning! Clearing out cobwebs, old stacks of papers, dusty linens, crusty bottles, and who knows what else brings many sighs of relief to the human inhabitants of any space. Why wait until Spring to do some clearing in your home, or within your own psyche? The result of purification is often optimal functioning of whatever has been purified…and it is time for an upgrade in functionality.

Pine trees have long been associated with purification in all parts of the world where they grow. Their crisp clean scent tends to evoke a sense of deep peace and connection with the Earth. The essential oil of the needles is a natural antiviral and antibacterial, helping to open the nasal passages and lungs. The flower essence of Pine is administered to help release feelings of guilt, shame, and inadequacy that cloud one’s ability to express their true nature. Pine trees are some of the most durable and forgiving trees, pushing their way up through city sidewalks and surviving on dirt islands scattered across random slabs of concrete. How might connecting with Pine’s spiritual essence bring relief to your soul?

The City of Gorias

Direction – East

Season – Spring

Symbol – Sword of Light

Faery Beings of the Air – Sylphs, Sprites, Pixies

Overlighting Bird Totem – Hawk

Key Power – Healing

The best times to approach the city of Gorias for spiritual healing and insight are the following: At the Spring Equinox & at Dawn (around 4:00 AM)


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