Perhaps a major section or “chapter” of your life story is closing and a new one approaching. Before venturing forward, is it appropriate to pause and consider your recent travels, experiences and discoveries. This is a time for study and quiet reflection, whether through books, memory, education, or meditation.

A symbol of your current transition is the Reed of knowledge, a plant once used for writing. It was believed to reveal the unfolding of destiny as well as the ability to manifest one’s greatness.

Some form of writing could be very therapeutic for you now. The use of your imagination may also yield powerful results now and in the near future.

If the subject matter of your studies happens to relate to herbs or some form natural healing, the merfolk may be able to assist.

The City of Murias

Direction – West

Season – Autumn

Symbol – Cauldron

Faery Beings of the Water – Undines & Merfolk

Overlighting Bird Totem – Swan

Key Power – Shapeshifting

The best times to approach the city of Murias for spiritual guidance are the following: At the Autumn Equinox & at Twilight (around 8:00 PM)


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