Change happens constantly, whether quickly or slowly, yet transformation is a process of change that turns one from one state of being, expression, and appearance into an entirely different, and often a more evolved one. What kind of transformation do you desire? There may be a profound transformation already underway in your life, and there is nothing to do but take note of it at this point, as you continue onward. What is going on may not make a whole lot of sense until you have passed through its final stage.

Yew is a tree associated with death, transformation, and the afterlife. As it grows to a very old age it is also considered a tree of great wisdom. If you are feeling a lot of confusion lately, you may need to get “grounded”, and this tree can help. You may wish to connect with the Yew’s spirit to understand a current transition, perhaps even as it relates to a past life.

The City of Falias

Direction – North

Season – Winter

Symbol – The Stone of Destiny

Faery Beings of the Earth – Gnomes, Elves, Dryads

Overlighting Bird Totem – Pheasant

Key Power – Manifestation

The best times to approach the city of Falias for spiritual assistance are the following: At the Winter Solstice & at Midnight


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