Truth, as beauty, is often a subjective experience, whether or not it, or anything that we perceive – is real. There are however, certain truths that are timeless and universal in nature. Only those with evolved minds and souls can grasp the meaning of these truths, and it likewise takes strength and courage to live with the utmost truth and integrity. This may be a time to face some of your deepest fears – to see through their illusions to the truth that lies behind them (no pun intended, hehe!). In this case, it is lies, not truth, that deeply hurt you. Uncover the truth, and set yourself free.

The Rowan tree is one of the most beloved magical trees in the Celtic culture, believed to offer protection from negativity and to bestow the ability to see what others cannot see. It is a sort of symbol for truth, and following one’s inner truth verses what may be true for others. The Rowan encourages you to march to your own drumbeat, trust your own truth.

The City of Falias

Direction – North

Season – Winter

Symbol – The Stone of Destiny

Faery Beings of the Earth – Gnomes, Elves, Dryads

Overlighting Bird Totem – Pheasant

Key Power – Manifestation

The best times to approach the city of Falias for spiritual assistance are the following: At the Winter Solstice & at Midnight


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