Radio Shows

For astrological updates, healing tips, free mini readings, and more tune in to my radio show Stargate (previously Healing Arts) 
Tuesday mornings from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. PST on KOWS lp 107.3 FM in Occidental, Sebastopol & Sonoma county of CA or streaming live at Below are just a few shows that have been uploaded so far 🙂

Note – I am taking a break from Radio throughout September 2016 but you can still tune in same station/time for DjedEye’s show.

a few of my past shows have been uploaded to Youtube

Healing Practitioners

Aimee Adams 6-4-13 Life Coach and Healing Facilitator

Alex Trevisan 2-18-14 Acupuncturist & Vibrational Healer

Annika Broberg 7-8-14 Yoga Teacher in T Krishnamacharya

Carol Singler1-7-14 S.U.N. Teacher, Sound Healer, Destiny Card Reader

Jan Cercone 8-6-13 Sound Healer and Ceremony Leader

Jeffrey Edelheit 4-10-12 Sound Healing & Tibetan bowls

Jerrigrace Lyons, 4-3-16 Conscious Dying & Green Burials

Ngawang Thekchen 2-18-14 Tibetan Buddhist Monastic, Nurse, Aromatherapist

Pat Dornik, Gestalt Psychic & Healer

Rachel Balunsat, 8-12-14 Alchemical Hypnotherapist

Artists & Musicians

Anandha Ray and Deb Rubin 4-22-14 Tribal Bellydance Teachers

Brian George 2-11-14 Gardener & Nature Photographer

Daniel Tompkins 9-5-13 UK Singer and Vocal Coach

Katie Ketchum Singer Songwriter & Painter 1-12-16

Nathalie Tedrick 1-28-14 Bellydance Superstar, Actress, Singer

Robert Vente 11-26-13 SF Chronicle Photographer

Rosa Lee Brooks 9-9-14 RnB Legend & Love Interest of Jimi Hendrix

Authors & Teachers

Almine 1-15-14 aired 1-21-14 World Mystic & Channeler

Austin Coppock 12-10-13 Astrologer, Teacher, & Author

Bill Haigwood 4-15-14 creator & author of The Counterculture Tarot

Francis Rico 12-15-15 author of A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty

Joan Miller 9-18-12 Author of A Sweet Life Without Sugar

John Stormm 12-4-15 MK Ultra Survivor, Danaan Witch & Author

June Ahern, Psychic Reader and Book Author

Michael Tellinger 11-15-14 Author, Scientist, Musician

Sharon Jeffers 5-1-12 Author of Cards of Destiny

Stargazer Li 6-18-13 Astrologer, Author of Calendar Journeys


Astrologer Willow and Matt Savinar discuss Hexagon magazine issue #3

Readings on Stargate Radio with Yerevan

Past shows as a guest speaker on Dharma Radio with Dolma:

Dharma Radio- 6-21-11 Summer Solstice

Eve’s Garden 7-7-11 – Astrology in the Garden

Dharma Radio 12-13-11 -Mercury Retrograde



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