New Moon in Aries

The New Moon 7 degrees of Aries on March 27th marks major new beginnings in what has already passed through several cycles of existence and is now ready to go to the next level. This is a thought in and of itself that can be quite maddening, if not exhilarating! There is a sort of urgency to relationship matters and endeavors in that they seem to be mightily ass-kicking and propelling at the same time. With Mercury having just entered the pre-shadow phase of a coming Retrograde (April 9th – May 4th) working its way into a trine with Saturn, persistence and patience are both required to get through what seems to be heaps of pressure and resistance. There are plenty of distractions, offers and invitations here, there and everywhere, all at once. The way forward, toward the goal seems like a trek up Mt. Everest. However, this is just an illusion. Because of this and the continued aftermath of Saturn’s separated square to Neptune in 2016, a spiritual or expanded view on both personal and world events would be more useful than mere mundane attempts to make corrections and improvements.

Jupiter Retrograde is opposite of Mercury and Uranus, moving into a square with Pluto. The tension of this configuration is so immense for some that a complete overhaul of what no longer fits or functions is absolutely imminent. When Retrograde, Jupiter’s generosity and strength is directed more inward than on outer success. Whatever is envisioned or worked toward may be achieved but not without questioning and testing.

The New Moon in a separating conjunction to Venus Retrograde also trines the Black Moon Lilith. A backlog of unfulfilled desires and wishes from the distant past are suddenly springing up from the murky well of a collective subconscious. This is allowing each person in each particular situation to reevaluate the worth and importance of these desires – are they still worth pursuing? If so, now it is time to approach them but in a different way with the skills and knowledge that has been gained over time.

The good news, at least from certain perspectives, is that with this New Moon the stuck is becoming unstuck. Not that this is comfortable for all, but many hidden intentions are becoming transparent and much that was covered up and distorted is being clarified. In politics and media this argument and exposure of “fake news” and actual events mixed in with propaganda has been causing a ruckus across the globe all year. Well, the fun has just begun! We’re not off the hook with the need for brutal honesty and getting the facts straight until Saturn exits Sagittarius at the end of the year.

Of course global elite criminals don’t want the average person to know what’s really going on so they muddy up the truth as much as possible to make it unbelievable and silly. Gullible people then take it and run – doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Without in depth research and some degree of academic background in history it is easy for people to be led astray in what has come to be called the Truth Movement. Many people take what they get from anonymous, sometimes well-meaning sources as quickly as they do in the Mainstream and they pass it around and around till it grows in epic proportions. Maybe this is what has to happen though for a greater “awakening” to occur. The awakening, as always, begins with the individual who takes the time to seek, allow and nurture it. It is easier said than done.

My stance on current events in a nutshell is that although what is going on behind the scenes is even more horrible than most people have imagined, there are many ancient barbaric practices that are on their way out. Those in corrupt positions are feeling extremely threatened so their tactics are becoming more forceful and bizarre. The battle of the Soul is full-on. There is as much a spiritual war taking place on Earth as there is a political and physical one. The real enemy of the people is not who most people think it is. The enemy is the ignorance of the masses preyed upon by a vast army of darkness. The outer reflects the inner. This is inescapable Universal Law.

Sorry this was not as upbeat as many of my previous posts. Just wanted to keep it real. There is always hope and life is not only what we make of it but how we see it at any given time. It is time for an expansion of perception that liberates instead of elicits fear. It is time to make something out of the pain, the mess and the cards of chaos that we have been dealt. It is time to recognize that anything is possible that you are a spark of divinity who has occasionally forgotten your gifts and abilities. What will you create next?

Grief and checking in with a Chiron transit

Sun sGrief is one of the most difficult and painful emotions that any of us must move through at some point in life. It can be caused by a death, divorce, loss or betrayal so deep that it stuns the soul. The sensation of grief can feel heavy and dark or be shocking and short-lived. It can last for weeks, months, years or even a lifetime, with only brief intervals of relief.
Grief is something that many people appear to be experiencing at this time, each for different reasons although there is a collective theme of grieving for all that has been destroyed and lost in recent weeks. There is no one person or thing to blame for all of it. It is what it is, and it is better to acknowledge than to gloss over and suppress it. I have also been navigating through intense grief for quite some time for reasons that I have not been ready to articulate. There have been many moments of respite, gratitude and joy that remind me of the miracle of life, no matter how bittersweet or even awful it may sometimes seem to be. As for the lack of recent blog posts, I have been on a bit of a hiatus due to the need to tend to my life’s many recent (positive and progressive) transitions.
With the Sun moving into conjunction with the comet Chiron, now through the 15th many memories of loss, abandonment, sadness and humiliation may be rising to the surface. There is nothing wrong with reflecting on these types of memories or allowing the emotions to pass through as they may. There is the possibility to understand more clearly the mistakes of the past and to access the deeper wisdom and compassion that the sign of Pisces represents. The conjunction occurs at 24 degrees of Pisces, including the goddess asteroid Pallas Athene who represents wisdom, artistic expression, political awareness and activism. A square to Saturn in Sagittarius on the 17th is pushing buttons further and pointing out areas that still need clarification, healing and improvement.
The season of spring brings with it a certain vibrancy, energy and many revelations to ponder and integrate well into the later part of the year. If during this process, the grief becomes too overwhelming, a dosage bottle of the Bach flower essence Star of Bethlehem could be calming and aid in the ability to cope. This is one of the five flower essences included in the well known formula “Rescue Remedy”, and it specifically addresses the emotions of sadness, grief and trauma whether they are recent or distant with lingering effects.
I am working on some major life upgrades but more astro & other info from me is soon to come. Thanks for staying tuned!

Lunar Eclipse in Leo

“Resistance to the organized mass can be effected only by the man who is as well organized in his individuality as the mass itself” – Carl Jung

Gold Galaxy

The penumbral lunar eclipse is 22 degrees of Leo on February 10th, visible from several parts of the globe. Eclipses are much more intense than ordinary full moons and they pack a punch when it comes to “change”. This one provides the opportunity to clear out the burdens, baggage, and obligations from the past 6 months and even from the past few years.

The Sun in Aquarius highlights group mind and activity while its opposite sign Leo represents self-expression and fierce individuality. This super-charged full moon is an in-your-face, catalytic event bringing waves of shift and change in full force, making sure that everyone is aware of its presence.

A grand fire trine including Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius spurs creative actualization while the kite aligned with the Sun cuts away at obstacles that stand in the way of achieving goals. If something long-delayed must be said or done, right about now would be good – this is not the time to hold back or stall. To do attempt to do so would probably cause serious implosions.

Everyone has a unique blueprint, history and plethora of reasons for why they think, look and act the way they do. Such uniqueness is particularly distinguishable under a Leo Full Moon. Whoever someone may happen to be, feelings and impressions seem very urgent now, and for valid reasons. Whether you’ve been dying to tell someone “I love you!”, or your hair is so out-of-control you look like Cousin It and need a haircut, or your dog needs medicine…you know what this means. It’s time. It cannot wait another day. Period.

Various forms of energy is bursting at the seams of perceived reality, just waiting to be fully released. Different possibilities for the explosive energy at our disposal include power struggles, emotional outbursts, massive destruction, major purging,  physical empowerment, spiritual revelation, genius and creative breakthroughs.

Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius has been opposite of Jupiter in Libra since December 26th of 2016 and will be until September 28th of 2017. This intense aspect has been pushing for breaks from the norm and changes of climate, scenery and role-playing within relationships of all kinds, including familial, social and political ones, not to mention the relationships between the Earth and her inhabitants. The weather is not doing what is expected. The oceans, rocks, animals, and trees may be doing things differently that most have not paid attention to.

We need others just as much as we need some time alone. We have things in common as humans and we have our differences. Many are being called toward new kinds of relationships, new methods and environments in which to relate. The Full Moon’s sextile to Jupiter in Libra brings a bit of grace and temperance to help move through difficulties with others in our lives.

2016 was a #9 year in numerology and one of its central themes was loss and endings. Whatever broke last year, whatever fell apart that has served its purpose yet one is still holding on to must be released now. Then, the road will open wide for 2017 and a new life will open up…

Full Moon in Cancer – A Shattering of Patterns

The Moon is Full at 22 degrees of Cancer on January 12th and it’s quite a sight to behold, literally and figuratively speaking. Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon which in turn rules the subconscious mind and emotions. Seems like we’ve collectively been traversing the dark side of the moon now for several months. We’ve been shadow-boxing and beating around the bush with beliefs and assumptions and now shit’s about to get real in some explosive ways.


What we’re up against is the heavy weight of societal and ancestral programming and in some cases an unwillingness to look at our own participation in destruction and violence. The heaviness is in some cases an unwillingness to even look at ugliness at all because “love is the answer” and focusing on the negative makes it worse. It may be true that focusing on the negative to the exclusion of anything positive and beneficial can cause sickness and the proliferation of yet more negative outcomes. To ignore what’s wrong in the world is to turn a blind eye to suffering and injustice.

Thanks to the internet, alternative media and whistleblowers such as Ted Gunderson, Aaron Swartz, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, more Americans than ever before know that mainstream media cannot be trusted. The grave trouble is at this point with the complexity of technology and its tricks there seems to be no source of news at all that can be trusted.  This could be the ultimate wake-up call from the “Macrocosmic Self” to go within instead of gobbling up everything that we’re told is factual. Just 5 minutes a day of self-reflection, investigative research or basic cogitation instead of believing every word heard on the radio and T.V. and seen on news headlines would make a dramatic difference in perception as well as help to increase problem-solving abilities.

Just as it is harmful to turn a blind eye on suffering it is also harmful and maybe even more so to project all of the wrongs onto a single person for all of the damage that is being done to a nation, a person or in any given situation. Maybe Trump is as “deplorable” as he seems or maybe he will completely blow people away with his true intentions and actions. It is highly doubtful that all of his haters know what his words really are since media is so greatly distorted and if people dislike a personality they tend to dis the whole person. If someone says all the right things or presents them in a charismatic and hypnotic way, it becomes easy to pardon that person despite what crimes they have committed.

So many people can shrug off the war mongering of past Democratic presidents (and by the way, I am not invested in either party – to be clear, I do not represent Democrats or Republicans).

Behavioral patterns are so ingrained in the human psyche that they are rarely responded to in any way other than that which has been pre-programmed. These patterns can be inherited or absorbed through the environment or trauma. Over time they become robotic and they eventually rob the spirit of ingenuity and spontaneity. If robotic patterns are not broken, eventually the intuitive and creative faculties decline. It usually takes something so huge and disruptive to break a robotic pattern that whatever that something is will immediately be perceived as the enemy.

When one does not conform and act as others expect or have become accustomed to then most often resistance and power struggles ensue. It is the person who does not want change who struggles the most.

A Grand Trine between the Full Moon in Cancer, Mars and Chiron in Pisces and the Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio places some attention on the Dark Goddess archetype which includes both her nurturing and ferocious aspects. The Kali Ma force of the Universe is one to be reckoned with now, looking all manners of depravity, abuse, and addiction square in the face. She will pull no punches, take no prisoners. She is going straight for the jugular of ignorance and she’s not sorry about a thing.

This Full Moon occurs on the last day of Venus’s ascending phase since the beginning of August 2016. On January 13th this planet representing the Feminine and power of love will enter a new phase which indicates a new level of maturity and ripening within consciousness, right beside Neptune in Pisces. We’ll see where this wave of energy leads in the months to come. Venus turns Retrograde in the sign Aries from March 4th until April 15th which is likely to be a very reflective period where relationships of all kinds and personal values are concerned.

Speaking of maturity, I have heard this word “adulting” several times in the past couple of weeks from several people and find it utterly hilarious. Mostly though, it just makes me shake my head and feel like a little ol’ grannie who wonders what the hell this world is coming to. Guess it’s time to put on my big girl trousers and gear up for some serious “adulting” if I’m going to survive the cruelty of it all.

A general summary of some things being highlighted at this time: family dynamics, issues pertaining to the home & shelter, cowardice/courage, weakness/strength, dependencies/independence, sadism/masochism, predator/prey, breakdowns/breakthroughs, clinging/letting go, victimhood, bullying, reuniting, emotional healing and release.

Emotions run as deep as the deepest ocean under a Cancerian Full Moon. So do robotic patterns. Whether they continue being circulated or their cycles are peacefully brought to an end is still a choice. That is of course until something comes along to shatter them altogether.

Numerology for 2017

The close of one year and the beginning of a new one is always filled with great energy and anticipation and in some cases quite a bit of dread and anxiety. Numerology can help to increase our understanding of this time period and to gain maximum benefit from changes taking place.

In addition to the obvious ones, there are occult reasons why the last day of the year and the first day of the new year are so potent and appropriate for setting goals. December 31st corresponds to the Joker card of the Destiny system, which represents limitless possibilities and January 1st corresponds to the King of Spades – the card of Mastery on all levels. No other days share these primary card influences.

Numerology & Astrological “Predictions” for 2017

2017 rounds up to a Ten before it is further reduced to a One. It works like this: 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1. Most numerologists will refer to 2017 as a One year, but it does include the Ten vibration which I explain more about in the CD “10 Tips to Thriving in 2017. This 2 CD set (also available as an MP3) is a 2 hour talk with Dailey Little and offers a detailed analysis of themes and solutions around 2017.

Both the One and the Ten correspond to initiative, change of direction and high levels of ambition. The 10th Major Arcana card of the Tarot is The Wheel of Fortune. This card reflects a turning point and the very concept of time itself. It indicates movement and huge strokes of what may be called “luck” for better or worse.

Image result for magician card

The 1st Major Arcana card is the Magician which relates to New Beginnings, the power of words in manifestation, thought patterns and consciousness itself. With this influence 2017 will be a year to break thought patterns and fears that keep us tied down, immobile or limited in expression. It will highlight new ideas, originality, individuality and leadership. This is truly the beginning of a major new cycle on the Earth and many new kinds of inventions will be brought forth throughout the year.

Due to Mercury’s influence in the Magician card all forms of communication will become very important in 2017. Media, transportation, speeches, intimate conversations and even telepathy are included in this. Information in general will become more readily available (yes, even more so than it already has been with the Internet!) and not all of this info will be new. In fact much of the information being released will be old but the fact that it is finally being released represents a new dawn for humanity in which a huge veil of ignorance will be lifted. That is my hope and prayer.

In 2017, I foresee that complex illusions will be sharply pierced to reveal many hidden dimensions of both the sacred and the profane. We might as well consider this year the magic wand that breaks a very long spell. There may not be “full disclosure” yet but there will possibly be far more than any of us have seen in this lifetime. The build-up to America’s Pluto return has already begun and will hit its apex in 2020. We have already seen and can expect even more bizarre twists of fate with this in political scandals. There are things going on in corrupt government that sorely need to be exposed. This idea that what we don’t know can’t hurt us will be fiercely argued in different ways by people from all walks of life. Soon enough, hidden Truth will no longer be suppressed and the global elite will no longer be able to control the amount of videos and evidence of their crimes being witnessed. As a result, there will be more crime scene busts and more child rescues, THANK GOD!!!

There is so much that needs attention and healing and sadly, these things probably won’t all be addressed in the year ahead. However, my hunch is that the ball will get rolling in those directions. Because a rising number of people are dissatisfied with current rules and regulations and are upset with what they are learning about their appointed leaders, they will probably begin to turn yet again toward grassroots endeavors and simplifying what has become the extremely distracting modern lifestyle. Maybe more will even begin to turn within.

The number One year highlights our Sovereignty and more will be encouraged to strike out on their own, speak their mind and to do something new simply because it’s meaningful, not because their friends think it’s cool. Doing things out habit, desperation or obligation just won’t cut it in 2017. In this year it will become increasingly evident that energy and thoughts are where actions and manifestations begin. Willpower, courage, creativity and determination are all hallmarks of a One/Ten/Magician/Wheel of Fortune year.

Talent is another keyword for 2017. The Ones and Tens are both all about it. Talents are many with these vibrations so more of us will be inspired to put ours to good use! There are times to focus on just one or two things and times to do a lot. This will be a year in favor of doing a lot of different things in general.

2016 Reflections

2016 was a #9 year from the numerological perspective. Nine relates to the Hermit card of the Major Arcana. This past year highlighted endings, death, struggle and disappointment. It also brought completion in many areas, raised ideals and societal breakthroughs that even though painful and chaotic have been necessary to the awakening of humanity at large. There were several heavy blows and a great deal of fear and confusion relevant to Saturn’s square to Neptune. Rare opportunities for deeper understanding, forgiveness and spiritual release also arose during 2016. If we made the best that we possibly could during all of the hardships and loss, then 2017 will certainly bring about some much needed change for the better.

New Moon in Capricorn – New Solutions to Old Problems

Although the marker of certain somber events taking place the New Moon at 7 degrees of Capricorn on December 28th/29th is also the indication of a deep renewal on levels pertaining to livelihood and life calling. This is a time of year when more seem to wonder and ask who they really are, why they are here and how they can get to the next level from where they are. However, there has been a very tired, frustrated sort of energy in the air this holiday season with post-election chaos and Mercury Retrograde also in Capricorn.

The planetary ruler of Capricorn is Saturn which is associated with time, age, delays, limits, lessons and tests. Saturn has been squaring Chiron this month, a comet representative of the Wounded One or Healer in us all. The pain that has been felt in body, mind, and spirit as of late has been nothing new but a result of some very old issues being dredged up for possible resolution and release.

Just as Cancer signifies a sort of entry point, whether into the womb, into the world or into the Self, its polar opposite sign Capricorn can signify a sort of exit. What is being exited, left behind, brought to a close or a conclusion? It may not necessarily be something physical but a concept or habit that no longer feels appropriate. It is important to acknowledge whatever is on its way out and even grieve its passing if that is a natural emotional response. The suppression of emotions only cause stagnation in the long-run and this is one of the issues that this Capricorn New Moon is highlighting.


The asteroid Zeus is conjunct the New Moon, which further indicates very old energy dynamics at play, after all Zeus is a very old deity in Greek mythology. The god of sky and thunder, also known as Jupiter, was the head honcho and king of all gods on Mount Olympus. This fits right in with the Capricornian themes of authority, male dominance, politics and oppressive control in general. There is a lot to learn from past and present experiences relating to those in positions of power and the abuse of power. The theme of the Teacher, especially the one who is feared or shunned is highlighted too. Being able to channel anger responsibly and creatively during all of this is quite challenging. There are of course empowering possibilities with this New Moon as well as difficult ones. Those would include the discovery or revelation of new solutions to old problems – ones that have probably been tackled for many years without positive or satisfactory results.

The New Moon conjunct Mercury forms a sextile to Mars in mysterious Pisces. One thing’s clear with this and all of the Saturnian energy in full swing. It’s time to get down to business, to work for what matters, to get moving and do something about something instead of just think or speak of it. Whatever that is will be unique to each individual or group. Plans must be implemented, even if only small steps are taken in the direction of manifestation. Since Mercury is doing the backward thing, some steps may very well need to be retraced and certain things redone.

Meanwhile, Uranus which has been Retrograde since July 29th is stationing to turn Direct at 20 degrees of Aries . It is now directly opposite of Jupiter in Libra which could be why so many things in so many aspects of life (but mainly around relationships of all kinds) have just about reached their total extremes. These are the kinds of extremes that never occurred to most of us in our wildest dreams. Uranus lives for surprises and Jupiter won’t do anything in a small way. Just when you thought nothing more could possibly be any crazier or shock you or the world further, this aspect will come up with plenty of stuff to knock socks off and blow minds many times over, well into next Spring. So, get ready for a very interesting New Year to say the least!

New Moon in Sagittarius – Embracing Life’s Battles

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”  – Albert Einstein

The New Moon is at 7 degrees of Sagittarius on November 29th. It forms an exact conjunction with asteroid Juno, and a square with Neptune and the Lunar Nodes. In Sagittarius, the combined influence of the luminaries with Juno highlights partnerships and unions based on higher values, nurturing of the intellect, respect for each other’s differences and a passionate search for truth. Its dark side, especially in stressful aspects involving Neptune entails self-righteousness, religious and/or political fanaticism, inappropriate or misguided self-sacrifice, deception and victimization.

Neptune has been a year-long influence due to a square by Saturn in Sagittarius since August 2015, now fading in effect. The Neptunian themes of delusion, confusion, psychic pain and past life review are not over however, as Saturn and Chiron, the Wounded Healer in Pisces move into a square to be fully activated in the new year of 2017. The wounds that were not healed, the debris that was not discarded, the lies that were only partially uncovered and the memories that were stirred this past year are drawn up yet again with this New Moon and in the weeks ahead.

Venus in Capricorn forms a square with Uranus and Ceres in Aries. This and along with the four planets (Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury) in Sagittarius calls for radical honesty and a heavy price to pay for deceit. Much of this has already been going down in the political arena and the dominoes will continue to fall over the next few months. Intense conflicts and opposing views can cause separations and loss on a grand scale.

Sagittarius favors culture and expanded education. Like all fire signs, this one does not shrink away from challenge but embraces it wholeheartedly. Whenever this sign is emphasized, more of us dare to think and do things that were previously not known or comfortable. What is something you have long wanted to do that you’ve been afraid of initiating?

Every now and then the words of one of my great-grandmothers resounds in my memory:

“Life is constant battle!” she would exclaim after telling a story, particularly in relation to surviving the Armenian genocide…


…but I remember her as a happy little lady, ever-so-loving and grateful for all that life had blessed her with. As I grew older, I began to truly understand her words more clearly and adopted them as a sort of mantra, especially in situations that seemed extremely bad or good. This mantra reminds me that things can always be a lot worse, not to rest on my laurels, never to settle for less than what I deem as worthy and just, and that if life’s not a “bitch” in some way, shape or form I must be overlooking or doing something wrong.

Contrary to New Age belief, people don’t automatically change their reality by ignoring what’s ugly and only reciting positive happy affirmations to themselves (as if they are trying super hard to drill them into their thick skulls). Believe me, I tried all that as a teen and it didn’t work. It began to feel like a form of denial and it eventually became evident that denial only leads to escapism, addiction and self-pity. What did work was accepting this life as battle, putting on my armor, picking up my spear and going forward full tilt.

I’m not sharing any of this as gospel, but just as my own personal philosophy and experience. It also seems relevant to the Times. When one acknowledges life’s battles for what they are, there is no more room for complaining. There is only choice in how to engage or give up. Accepting the reality of battle, of hardship and of hell on Earth was actually liberating for me. It meant that I no longer held onto false promises or waited for approval and rewards from others. I gave up hope for “lollipops”, pats on the back, gold stars and Nirvana. Suddenly, so much came into focus.

Whatever principles one adheres to ultimately shape life’s experiences for better or worse. These principles can be positive or negative, religious or not, inclusive or exclusive. What really matters is what results they produce both internally and externally. Do these results weigh on the side of healing or destruction? Enlightenment or ignorance? Dishonor or valour?

“Stand for something or you will fall for anything.”

Some more questions to ask during this Sagittarius New Moon (there are no Right or Wrong answers – just food for thought):

What are you seeking for and why?

What are you fighting for and why?

What are you holding on to and why?

Whose thoughts are you thinking? Why?