Jupiter Transits and Underage Sexual Reform Movements: The Weimar of the 21st Century

Jupiter pairs up with Neptune about every 13 years and there are many variations on how this union plays itself out, but there are a few common themes such as heightened creativity, nationalism, multiculturalism, idealism and more. The last conjunction within the sign of Pisces took place in March 1856, the same month of the Treaty of Paris ending the Crimean War.

Jupiter is a planet that astrologically represents knowledge, higher learning and culture. It relates to a certain class of society that never seems as unanimously important as all the others: Children.

Jupiter was conjunct Neptune in Leo, from September 1919 to April 1920. Leo is a sign that relates specifically to sexual pleasure and offspring but also to children in a general way. This occurred at the onset of the sexual reform movement of Weimar, Germany which took place between the years of 1919 – 1933. Although the reform was aimed at women’s liberation, it had affects on children due to the increase of prostitution, broken family units and the push for the widespread normalization of homosexuality and sexual deviations. Sexual looseness overall was promoted in place of traditional Christian family values. The influences of predominantly Jewish socialist and communist parties were growing fast and furiously in banking, medicine, entertainment, education and in politics.

Here we are just one century after the Weimar reform movement and the whole process is repeating itself, but this time everywhere. A lot of social activity and sexual reform targeting teens, youth and even infants has increased in Western society particularly within the past couple of decades.

Leading up to the Jupiter conjunction to Neptune in Pisces in 2022, exact on April 12th, Florida just signed a parental rights in education “don’t say gay” bill to forbid sex and gender identity indoctrination of children in public schools from kindergarten to third grade. This was in direct response to Disney cartoons and entertainment aimed at influencing young children with identity politics. Neptune and Pisces relate to cinema and the arts, and subliminal messages. Remember, no matter what the media portrays (“Republicans are causing all the drama!”) this is ultimately not an issue of political sides. It’s not an issue regarding sexual preference. This is an issue regarding exploitation and early programming of children.

In the last few weeks several piles of burned and tortured bodies including children have been said to be found in Bucha, Ukraine during the Russian invasion. This is reminiscent of some of the other most gruesome massacres that have occurred in history including the Holodomor and Armenian genocide. There are details you have probably never heard about and most people alive today never will. These attacks are against entire races of people, but more than any other class of humans, they deeply and irrevocably injure children.

There are many other instances when Jupiter was a prominent influence while certain events took place centered on attacks against children and children’s rights. Here are just a few.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Scorpio on December 2, 1994 January 25, 1994 Michael Jackson was accused of molesting a 13 year old boy. This was a topic of debate throughout the year. Also in early 1994 the annual observance of LGBT History Month began in the United States. This was just the beginning of what has become an international agenda now focused on grooming children.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius on December 11, 2007. On June 18, 2007 a massive internet pedophile ring was said to be uncovered and busted by cops. A few months following this in June 2008 Jeffrey Epstein was convicted as as sex offender for exploitation of a 14 year old high school student. An indictment had been made a year prior, in June 2007, during the Jupiter and Pluto build-up.

Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces on September 17, 2015. Drag Queen Story Hour was introduced into school classrooms this year by the author and activist Michelle Tea in San Francisco. Events held were aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 11. Child drag star’s public career comes into focus: the eight year old drag queen “Desmond Is Amazing” is shown dancing at NYC gay pride parade in March, 2015.

Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune, December 3, 2017, May 25, 2018, August 19, 2018. On May 5, 2018 a Ted talk was given at the University of Wurzberg in Germany. A woman named Mirjam Heine claimed that pedophilia should be accepted by society as a sexual preference, “just like heterosexuality”. Pedos in high places especially love to promote this stuff in Europe, and especially in Germany. Don’t believe for one minute that native German-by-blood parents automatically open their arms to this pestilence.

Protests against sex education reform in Germany

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces – a Spiritual Choice

Jupiter’s conjunction with Neptune in their dreamy home sign of Pisces will be exact on April 12, 2022. This highly sensitizing aspect began to come into effect the moment Jupiter entered Pisces on May 13, 2021 and its effects are likely to ripple throughout the year until Jupiter completes its full transit in this sign by December 20, 2022.

Jupiter is an expansive influence and Neptune a diffusive one. The pairing of these two planets in their domicile brings the potential for miraculous healing as well as devastating destruction. Pisces is the Zodiac sign that represents infinite possibilities, and we’ve been taken through its labyrinthine halls of smoke and mirrors over the past several months. Definite concrete results are not particularly emphasized, but Mars and Saturn squaring the Nodes 23 degrees Taurus and Scorpio is encouraging a more practical approach to our worldly problems in April. Jupiter and Neptune 23 degrees making favorable aspects to the Nodes serve as a sort of saving grace in what could have otherwise been a very harsh alignment. Saturn wants us to get real, and the Jupiter Neptune conjunction wants us to become enlightened.

The feminine water signs are eroding the locked doors that hide so many dirty, rotten, and shocking secrets. Since January 18th, the South Node in Scorpio has been excavating corruption scenes in government, private institutions and underground crime. Abuse of sexual energy is revealed by Jupiter and Neptune together in Pisces, especially where drugs have been used used to silence and control victims such as in child sex trafficking. The ways that sex has been perverted by the elites has become unmistakable for what it is. From the pornography industry to the feminization of men to the indoctrination of small children by drag queens with story books, the dystopian nightmare of our day promises fairness, equality and goodness to all while ripping to shreds the wholesome family unit and the basic tenets of human decency. National borders are discouraged but face masks and booster shots are required. Moderate shame has become a thing of the past, and now anything goes including Satanic gatherings out in the open (such as the Satanicon festival in Arizona). We’re living in a time when debauchery is celebrated and healthy intellectual debate is discouraged. We’re supposed to be politically correct instead of morally intact.

All the while, people in America drive the roads like self-entitled raving lunatics on steroids, including people with Om Shanti bumper stickers. Eastern religion, psychism and the occult are favorite topics for water signs and for Jupiter and Neptune. In recent years, with Neptune’s transit through Pisces there has been a surge of interest in spiritual topics and yet there is simultaneously more focus on the gross material plane, by way of physical concerns and technological advances. These are not mere coincidences, my friends. Crystals, mantras, meditation, and astrology can be used for healing purposes or they can be cheapened, sold as gimmicks.

The last time Jupiter made a conjunction to Neptune was on December 21, 2009 and the next time it will occur is on March 23, 2035. In 2009, the H1N1 “swine flu” was declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. Back then, a pandemic wasn’t enough to keep everyone tied down to their living quarters. Conditions were not ripe.

People are looking for answers and solutions and in their desperation for both, their discernment levels might be going down. Although Jupiter has been broadening the scope of understanding of what is happening on planet earth, in many instances there has not been enough energy and strength for the vast majority to follow through on what they know. With the spotlight still centered on viral scares and the experimental injections meant to address them, physical health has been hugely impacted by an influx of toxins. Neptune and Pisces create fog, yet have no barriers. The liver, ruled by Jupiter is the largest organ and its has the burden of processing anything that does not support overall wellness such as alcohol, stress hormones, and pharmaceutical drugs – including drugs such as Ivermectin that have been touted by both dissident shills and well-meaning truthers as the greatest antidote to the ‘corona’. It’s been a peculiar phenomenon that so many holistic healers have abandoned their own medicine cabinets in favor of Big Pharma. Why do they still bother promoting their so-called alternative remedies then?

The great opportunity that Jupiter and Neptune are providing can be viewed as a spiritual choice: to remain in ignorance, succumb to temptations and opt for ultimate mind-numbing sedation, or to courageously move forward with faith in a higher power, no matter how uncomfortable it may at times be. Metaphorically, the choice is to safely, even if awkwardly exist within a generic bubble containing a 24/7 entertainment system, or to forge ahead into the wilderness of the unknown to discover and savor the beauty of authentic living.

Historical Invasion of Ukraine

The Soviet invasion of Ukraine is documented to have occurred from January 7, 1919 to June 16, 1919. Although the Soviet-Ukrainian war had already begun a couple of years prior, this was the first deployment of the Red Army against the Ukraine raised by the Bolsheviks in 1918. This attack was a mere prelude to the Terror Famine, Holodomor that occurred between 1932-1933. This genocide killed millions of Ukrainian farmers and villagers under the communist dictatorship of Joseph Stalin.

I looked at the possible horoscope for this initial invasion, but due to frequent inaccuracy in the precise timing of certain historical events, this chart has no Rodden Rating. Perhaps it would be given an X for having a date without time. In any case this chart was a little like hitting a bull’s eye on a dart board after hours of searching for relevant historical dates and times to no avail. Further below is another chart for the onset of the Soviet-Ukrainian war.

Full Moon 2/16/22 over Soviet Invasion of Ukraine Event chart

Take a look at the how the Full Moon on February 16, 2022 lays over the event chart for January 7, 1919. The Full Moon was on the same degree of Saturn in Leo when attacks were initially launched. Just one week after this Full Moon, on January 24th 2022 Russia began another attack on the Ukraine. By opposition, the Full Moon was illuminating the Uranus in Aquarius placement in the chart of the earlier invasion. Venus and Mars were on this chart’s Capricorn Sun. Explosive Pluto was on its value-based Venus and has been for the past couple of years leading up to this. Saturn was just edging off from its Mars, and both are considered malefic planets. Jupiter was approaching its Moon.

There is a lot more to examine in the event chart. The conflict had and has been ongoing, and the outcome is difficult to determine. Jupiter and Pluto were joined in Cancer at that time and leadership was extremely forceful, threatening the sovereignty of many nations. We are now seeing the aftermath of the eclipse at 12 degrees of Sagittarius that occurred on December 4, 2021. This is the same degree of the North Node in the chart for the invasion of the Ukraine in 1919. Although it was not hitting the press yet in December 2021, Vladimir Putin was already speaking about putting a halt on NATO expansion and launching an attack on the Ukraine in 2022.

Soviet Ukrainian War – November 8, 1917

In the chart for the Soviet-Ukrainian war, I used midnight as a default time. Again, it is very challenging to find exact dates and times for many of the revolutions and invasions that occurred during this time period. The AC and Moon’s placement is especially uncertain but if anywhere near 28 Leo, the Full Moon in February 2022 again holds special relevance to this chart. This year’s fixed eclipses will be triggering key areas including the Sun and Mercury’s positions in Scorpio, Uranus in Aquarius, Saturn and Neptune in Leo.

February’s Full Moon was a trigger for the eclipses to occur this year, but especially the one on May 16, which is a Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Scorpio. This eclipse will be close to the same degree of the Lunar eclipse that occurred on May 14, 1919, at 23 degrees Scorpio. One major difference is that in 1919 the North Node was closer to the eclipse. This time the South Node will be conjunct the eclipse, indicating that something is about to come to a major, nearly earth-shattering, cataclysmic end within the months to follow.

Meanwhile, during the Pluto Return of the US, most citizens don’t even know what just happened or what could be on its way aside from further spikes in gas prices. Attacks on the Ukraine, both staged and real tie in with the US losing its position as a so-called superpower in the realm of politics.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is in full swing, Russia is gladly participating, Ukraine is a “Nazi” scapegoat, and Israel is positioning itself as a mediator. Stalin’s approval rating in Russia has hit record highs in recent years – even higher than the rating for Putin. The US is no longer useful to the agenda but becoming a useless idiot and a distant casualty of war.

For those who care about justice, yes it’s important to support Ukraine but this is not done by sporting the nation’s flag on one’s social media profile photo. It begins by truly understanding why the sovereignty of this nation is important to us all.

The Strongest Protest is Noncompliance

The square between Uranus and Pluto between 2012 and 2015 brought about the widespread upheaval that we find ourselves in the midst of today. Uranus rules technology and Pluto rules the masses. With these two planets in conflict, some form of social unrest coupled with hidden manipulation can be expected. Unbeknownst to us, deals were being made behind the Eurasian scenes that only in the past couple of years have come to our attention. Plans for a more “green economy” in the West, with less carbon emissions was already underway and taking root.

All things considered, the controlled opposition on social media is off the charts right now but then again it always has been. The internet casts a sticky web of fascination over the minds of millions of so-called normies and seekers alike, in a nonstop flow of the propaganda that diverts them further and further away from the truth, rendering them helpless against repeated attacks. If you’ve followed my posts for awhile you’ve seen what a skeptic I am of mainstream media, as well as what the “alt media” has become.

Examples of what I’m referring to are the countless social media pages and channels devoted to the extrapolation of world events. Many of them contain 90% true information. What’s wrong with being 10% wrong you might ask? That 10% of what’s wrong is not by mistake. It’s intentional. It’s always that one piece in the whole story that makes you either question the entire narrative altogether or the integrity person explaining it. Or, humorously, it’s that number 33 you keep seeing repeatedly in the person’s work. Usually, that doesn’t happen when the speaker is supposedly there to share factual information with an audience. The info shouldn’t be about the person who is speaking but all too often, it is. Sadly, many people have lost their ability to identify infiltration when they stumble upon it. The reasons for infiltration and lying are as myriad as are the personalities on earth, but the point here is that there is a huge difference between occasionally being inaccurate in one’s assessment about a situation and in purposely muddying the waters with libel.

The narratives surrounding the plandemic and all that has led up to the Ukraine crisis is part of a long drawn-out continuum. It’s not as new and sudden as people think. This is the public’s introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution so proudly propped up by World Economic Forum’s founder Klaus Schwab. It is the result of the insidious process of communism rearing its ugly head into civilization as it has successfully done before in the past, but not to this degree. It has people screaming, rioting, trolling, virtue signaling and arguing about some of the stupidest things imaginable. It has people turning on each other and using each other like grotesque self-serving beasts with no regard for anything or anyone but themselves. The Great Reset really is dehumanizing, in every way.

Neptune began its transit through Pisces in April 2011 and will be finished moving through this sign in January 2026. The veil of confusion, deceit, and intrigue that Neptune has cast over society has not been this impactful since Neptune entered Pisces in February of 1848, when Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” was published. Here’s a great article with references: https://astropost.blogspot.com/2011/03/neptune-in-pisces-in-1848.html

Let’s keep in mind that Neptune and Pisces both rule the gas and oil industries too.

The strongest form of protest against tyranny is noncompliance. It is to disobey, rather than to obey rules and health mandates that are not in accordance with one’s personal values and ethics. For example, refusing to wear a mask and refusing to get an experimental shot will always be more powerful forms of protest than marching the streets with signs. History is just repeating itself, unless we learn about the true history – not a “version” of it.

Top Leading Influences in Technocracy and Commerce in 2022

Consider this a part II to my previous blog post.

China, China, China. Mainstream media’s focus solely upon China as the world’s leading influence is typical of a certain type of bypassing that occurs in the political arena. China’s Belt and Road Initiative is a plan to expand China’s infrastructure, economic power and ability to connect with the rest of the world, much quicker and easier than it ever has before. We are only shown the dark side of China, because its spiritual practices have been uprooted and replaced by a social credit system that tracks the obedient from the non-obedient, keeping the metropolitan population under a tight reign. We hear the word China as often as we hear the word Russia when it comes to digital surveillance and control, but we are not encouraged to discuss the mechanisms operating behind either one of them.

The great back-up partner serving both China and Russia is Israel. Communist China was funded by the Rothschild family in 1949. A relationship was forged that has continued to grow stronger to this day. Since 2017, the World Jewish Congress have been fostering the relationship between China and Israel. The chairman of the governing board of the congress has been headed by David Rothschild since 2013. A statement from the Rothschild Bank of China has mentioned its intention to strengthen its international presence, especially in Europe.

Connecting the dots just a little bit further, Europe, although the world’s second smallest continent after Australia has been the number one landing station for illegal immigrants mainly from the Middle East and Africa. Isra-AID is just one of many organizations from Israel who have set about to assist refugees in getting “settled” in European countries as well as the United States, while Israel itself has one of the strictest immigration policies and fights hard to protect its border and its own people.

Israeli academic and dual citizen Barbara Spectre is the founding director of Paideia, the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden. She was once televised saying:

“Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural…Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make…”

The relationship between Israel and Russia is perhaps even more complex than the one between Israel and China. This one must be very carefully unpacked, in several layers, over time. Like China, Russia has experienced a long history of harsh communist government destroying its citizens. This is not so evident today however, since many history books don’t detail the genocide of millions of Ukrainians under Joseph Stalin’s rule. Russian president Vladimir Putin and former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been on very good terms for many years, and Putin really doesn’t have anything bad to say about communism, for in fact he is quoted saying that it resembles Christianity.

Israel’s current prime minister Naftali Bennett is quoted in the past urging “cyber spies” in Israel to edit passages in Wikipedia to make them more pro-Zionist and pro-Israel. They are part of Israel’s intelligence operations “Unit 8200”, an elite cyber team of the Israel defense force’s military.

Anyway, I’m going to leave this link here, in case anybody wants to check it out:

Israel Asks Russia to help evacuate Israelis if it invades Ukraine

When it comes to technocracy, Israel is the world’s leading influence, although China is the stage piece for the technocratic activity and Russia known as the silent lurker, ready to pounce at any moment – at the expense of the Western world, especially the United States of America.

An article says that China was Israel’s leading source of Imports in 2021, surpassing the US

Here are just a handful of Israel’s high tech creations, advancing the world with its cyber genius:

Cyber security is Israel’s (play) thing

Digital entertainment for dogs

Drones are where it’s at

A pill to swallow that captures the details of a person’s colon

A leading role in the unfoldment of Facebook replacement, the Metaverse


Transpharma medical vaccines

Now to cap this off with at least some bit of astrology. The North Node is set to make a conjunction with Israel’s Sun in Taurus in March, and a conjunction with Israel’s North Node in October. These transits are highly energizing to say the least. If anything is planned by Israel beneath the radar, they will have, by seeming coincidence, chosen an auspicious year for success, as per usual. This year’s eclipses play a big role in the natal chart of Israel, especially in April, May and November.

April 30 – Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Taurus

May 16 – Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Scorpio

October 25 – Solar Eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio

November 8 – Lunar Eclipse at 16 degrees Taurus

Whatever happens though, we can be sure the focus will be on Russia’s attacks, China’s expansion, Canada’s rebellion, the United States reactions, and the list goes on.

Full Moon in Leo conjunct Regulus

Today’s Full Moon at 28 degrees Leo forms a conjunction with the fixed star Regulus while squaring the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. This is an intense one, heralding more impactful world changes on the horizon this year. Regulus, aka the Star of Kings is one of four Royal Stars, associated with many of the strongest qualities of the sign of Leo such as fame, honor, and riches. Although mostly noted for its positive traits (which is not typical for fixed stars), Regulus does have a dark side. It can portend assassinations, martial law, false flag events, and massive revolts. This star is said to have an especially powerful influence over the European Union, which currently has a stranglehold over Europeans that makes them vulnerable to further war attacks. Part of the issue lies with certain countries depending on Russia for oil and gas. However, the threat of a military invasion of Ukraine launched by Russian president Vladimir Putin could have consequences that burst into many other parts of the world, including Europe and the United States. This Full Moon is triggering the Virgo Sun 0 degrees, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter placements in Leo in Ukraine’s birth chart, while opposing its own Full Moon in Aquarius revealing the real danger that this part of the world is facing, or highlighting the amount of attention they are receiving. https://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Nation:_Ukraine

The shortages in electricity, food supplies, microchips and other supplies that this conflict could cause would line up with what many have feared is on the horizon, connecting a long chain of events from the manufactured worldwide pandemic of 2020 to totalitarian lockdowns in 2021, to the possible real life ‘Hunger Games’ of 2022.

The protests that have been occurring worldwide are actually not about a virus. They are about people becoming more aware of their enslavement and less willing to abide by corrupt government mandates. Unfortunately, the greater the protest, the greater the likelihood of it being used against the people by agent provocateurs and controlled opposition. The government comes back with harder rules. The propaganda inflates times one hundred. This is also more evident to more people than it ever has been before, and the evidence collected is part of what good has come of all of the social uproar. Bearing this in mind, this Full Moon is a good time to arm up and prepare ourselves, and to be ready for just about anything. It’s also a time to pray to whoever we call God, to give thanks for what goodness we have, and to cultivate as much love and compassion for each other as possible, to help get us through this. Even, with Leo’s powerful focus, to help re-route the direction that things are taking.

Both Europe and the Ukraine have suffered so badly already before, and have been demonized. Any hardships that would ensue from more violence would probably be equally hard for Americans who are used to getting their way very quickly. The struggle of lack is already part of an experience we are engaged with in this first Pluto Return. The chaos is not over, but people of the 21st century are blessed with the tools and information that previous generations never had access to.

On the more personal levels…

Leo’s bright and stately energy is empowering our creative endeavors at this time. It is bridging together soul mates and adding a sparkle to existing love connections. Regulus is believed to have rulership over the upper of the kidneys, not far from the adrenal glands. Those with autoimmune disease or just under a lot of stress lately might sense the urgent need to slow down and rest, or to rather engage the heart muscle in more enjoyable ways through exercise. It might not be the easiest thing right now, but by focusing on anything that brings joy we take back so much of the power that has been given over to fear and anger.

In-Your-Face Mars/Moon oppositions as Canadian Truckers Double Down on their Truck Horns

For the past few days Canada, or more specifically Canadian protesters have been taking the lead in demanding their freedoms back in the midst of medical tyranny. If we use the less popular natal chart cast for when the British North American Act went into effect on July 1, 1867 at the time of the official announcement at 12:00 pm, we see a chart putting Libra rather than Aries on the Ascendant.

It would make sense, since it would place Mars in opposition to Canada’s Moon in Cancer stellium (to Uranus and the Sun) with the Moon in Pisces coming into opposition with Canada’s Mars in Virgo today, doubling the relentless push against mandates. The Moon is also vevving up Canada’s Jupiter Return and forming a trine with its Sun, Uranus, Moon stellium.

If we use the midnight chart an intense agitation is evident from Mars in Sagittarius at the beginning of the convoy (beginning on January 22, 2022) opposing Canada’s Moon in Gemini. This is very telling of a social uproar.

As inconsiderate and rude as a blockade of trucks honking their horns constantly over several hours and days may be to residents and businesses, this is one way to take back collective freedom. It is a refusal on the part of truckers and everyone who stands in their favor to back down and succumb to what the “other” majority want for you. Plenty of the truckers are protesting peacefully, without making any noise. Those are not the ones making headlines.

Despotic rulers have no authority over your body, nor does the society they have created as a form of prison for anyone who disagrees with their ludicrous rules. Why should other people have the decision over what you put into your body and on your face, whether or not you can leave the house, how far and for how long? The answer is clear. The war is on. No matter how this story is spun by newscasters the bottom line is that this whole series of events is the result of robbery, coercion and deceit by the elites and their gross, cowardly, self-serving front men.

What’s even more rude, inconsiderate and obnoxious than truckers honking their horns into the wee hours of the morning, driving people to the brink of insanity? What’s more awful than delivery men disrupting the flow of commerce to make a statement? It’s people policing other people who don’t wear face diapers everywhere they go and who refuse to vaccinate their children for personal reasons. Society is not your health advisor. GO CANADIAN TRUCKERS!

Venus Direct Bringing Sweet Relief

With Mercury and Venus both Retrograde in Capricorn into the new year, life has been far from joyful for the majority of people on this planet lately. If you are managing to keep a smile on your face despite all the craziness and stay optimistic more power to you. Being able to laugh, stop to smell the roses and kick up our heels now and then is important to overall health.

Venus is going Direct on January 29th, after being Retrograde since December 19, 2021. This should help to lighten some things up for many of us.

As January ends and February begins, the spirit of joy may become more noticeable. At least there is likely to be some form of relief to nagging problems.

This coming weekend is a great time to have some fun, get creative, or catch up with some much needed self-pampering.

The North Node in Taurus – A Shift in Values Could Bring Salvation

The North Node enters Taurus on January 18th of 2022 until July 18th of 2023. This lunar nodal shift is bringing with it a supportive lift in addressing countless unmet needs for nourishment. We are getting an up close view of the very bedrock of our existence, and the true inspiration behind the most meaningful work that we do that serves as our metaphorical muses in life. The North Node will have exited chatty, information-loaded Gemini. Talk is typically cheap from the point of view of Taurus. Actions speak much louder than words, but what this sign really wants are results. She’s a sign who also knows how to get what she wants.

One of the most potent aspects that this North Node transit will form is a conjunction with the planet Uranus, at 18 degrees of Taurus on July 31st. In the weeks leading up to an after this conjunction major lifestyle changes, relocations, new sources of income and prosperity could become the subjects of individuals and all types of groups with similar values. New relationships could serve as catalysts and old ones could experience upgrades. Brilliant ideas could reroute us in directions we previously had not even imagined moving into before.

Taurus is an earth sign that influences agriculture as well as the food industry which is being threatened by power-hungry globalists who want to turn our very sustenance into fully labeled, numbered and heavily manufactured smart-food, under the guise of living “green”. In this way, they have managed to divert attention from the way that they are first in line in both trashing this planet and hoarding precious resources for themselves, while starving the population to death.

All that being said, with the South Node in Scorpio, we face the equally difficult challenge in letting go of excess paranoia and defensiveness, which will enable us to conserve energy for the battles worth fighting. With the Scorpio polarity, people may be forced to look in the mirror instead of only looking at what’s being done by others. In what ways may we stop participating in undermining activities that we surely did not come up with on our own but have adopted over time? This could mean that we need to examine where and why we are buying cheap stuff made in China, eating greasy fast food, wearing synthetic clothing, driving to buildings a one minute walk away from us, and spending all day on our cell phones.

People are dying on a massive scale, but it’s not a pandemic that is killing them. It’s an intentional genocide through forced toxic injections that are proving each and every day to be the leading cause of the rising levels of unexplained “sudden deaths” in people of all ages. This coincides with the erections of cell towers and increased radiation in cities. Sadly, this fact most likely won’t register for most people until it hits too close to home for them. It has already done that for me, in witnessing people that I know being tragically and permanently affected. Before trying to argue, be aware that this isn’t some heresy or scrap of biased info read off of Facebook. This is real life. People are losing their minds, they’re being murdered and they’re dying of malpractice in hospitals. It appears that many people who aren’t yet affected couldn’t care less. The streets full of people protesting in countries far and wide have been affected. They have seen the truth, and they’re not going to take any more attacks lying down.

Manipulative behavior is found not only in the elites but in ordinary people at each others throats for adhering to different values and belief systems. There are guilt trips everywhere we turn, on social media, in the grocery stores, on billboards, historical monuments and even certain art exhibits. There are posters telling us to mask up and obey the rules, or else. You’ll lose your job if you don’t get the jab. Your child will be rejected for health care if they don’t get injected with an experimental DNA altering substance, even if they have leukemia. Don’t make false claims about Vitamin C or you’ll be banned from the internet. Meanwhile, apologies are offered about accidentally offending people whose non-binary gender hasn’t been properly acknowledged, as if it’s the worst crime that was ever committed. There is endless finger-pointing between those right and left in their political stance, accomplishing nothing but an increase of fury on both sides. In this way the elites have got people right were they want them, canceling each other out.

The North Node’s transit through Taurus signals that the time has come to pick up the broken shards of a worldwide economic crash, and to prevent further damages, the likes of which have not been experienced since the 1930s. Taurus is the sign that deals with financial stability and the fulfillment of basic security. Attention to money, assets, expenditures and investments will grow significantly during the next year and a half. Growing vegetables at home, supporting local farmers, and reconnecting with the nature’s wonders are some of the positive highlights that this transit may stimulate. People who are losing faith in Big Pharma will turn (or return) more and more to alternative forms of medicine, especially those that include the use of herbs and natural remedies.

The North Node in Taurus points toward specific areas of value and importance relative to our overall well being, and may therefore be helpful in breaking out of various self-defeating habits. No matter what kind of chaos we see and hear around us, this transit could show us the actual key to our survival. However, people don’t just want to survive but to thrive, and for things to not only be functional but beautiful again. Perhaps we can strike a balance in practicality and aesthetics that lies somewhere between the extremely intricate beauty of the Victorian era and the downright soullessness of the current age with its emphasis on modern so-called art. There is probably going to be a tug of war between those who insist on continuing the mass production of garbage and those who are committed to giving back to the earth and living with integrity.