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Chiron’s final sweep through the last degree of Pisces accentuates all the qualities of this sign, both positive and negative. It makes everything pertaining to the Piscean themes of sacrifice, addiction, escapism, transcendence, loss, and alternate realities seem more intense and awesome. Whatever is going on now and has been since the beginning of the month seems more consuming, painful, magical, or nebulous than usual. Some people are blissfully carrying on while for others everything just…hurts. Really bad.

The good news is that this too shall pass. Hang in there. Every day is a new day. Remember that failure is sometimes what ultimately leads to success and greater understanding. Good fortune could be just around the corner. When one door closes another one opens.

Pisces is a water sign, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter pertains to travel, the higher mind, education, expansion and opportunities. Neptune relates to water, illusions, mirrors, tears. Weather and water related disasters have been extreme and emotions have been running high. Dreams are vivid and strange.

There may be many completions that you’ve been struggling to make with people, places, things, habits, feelings or ideas. It’s time to let go and move on. Trust the inner voice of wisdom that speaks to you from within your heart. Your place in the universe is unique and you may not realize how it helps those around you.

The Wounded Healer comet has been transiting Pisces since April of 2010. It briefly entered Aries last year, in April 2018 but then went Retrograde moving back into Pisces on September 26. It will reenter Aries on February 18th and transit this sign until 2027. More on this transit later.


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Lunar Eclipse in Leo!

A Lunar Eclipse at the first degree of Leo is fast approaching this Sunday the 20th. There is lots of change and lots of anxiety in the air, and no wonder with all of the current planetary squares! Uranus in Aries squares the eclipse and Mercury in Capricorn just opposite of it. Mars is also forming a square to Saturn. People and animals may seem edgy, argumentative or irritable, or they may be saying something that is difficult to decipher. There may be strange occurrences, surprising news, or misunderstandings over the next few days so breathe deep and perhaps move more mindfully than you normally would. There is a touch of good luck from Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius but they form a square to Neptune in Pisces. Don’t jump to conclusions right now because there are lots of crossed wires and other things confusing certain matters. It is a great time to express your uniqueness or your love for someone special. You might just roll with your inner muse, enjoy spontaneous flights of fancy or some long overdue adventure in your life. This is the state of being “poised between this world and the next”…between one state of consciousness or conditions and another. Anything can happen!

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Erte print 1982

2019 is a number 3 year in numerology. The number three highlights abundance, creativity and fertility. This year is going to be full of opportunities that may have seemed missing in the year 2018 which was a number 2 year and focused more on collaboration, relying on intuition and facing old fears. Many felt as though their plans were stalled and their energy was low during this past #2 year as the two is very much absorbed in the process of trying to find balance between being in action and rest, social life vs solitude.

The three is a dynamic, forward moving number and favors many aspects of life including business, spirituality, the arts and the family unit. There are strong manifesting qualities associated with this number. Some of the challenges that are experienced under the three’s influence are anxiety, over-stimulation, and indecision from having too many options. Over-indulgence may also be a problem.

The Tarot cards of the Empress, the Hanged Man and the World all correspond with the number three, and the archetypal influences of these cards will be present throughout 2019. These influences include a focus on the feminine, mothering, beauty, creativity, surrender to the unknown, gaining new perspectives, and initiation into new realms or new ways of life. These cards also alert us to expect the unexpected, which could mean just about anything that we wouldn’t expect!

Current astrological factors such as Jupiter in Sagittarius add to the lively nature of a three year, bringing optimism and good fortune. Just watch out for Jupiter’s square to Neptune in Pisces, which can create a bit of fog around certain issues. Beginning February 5 we will also be entering the Chinese New Year of a Pig, which is a great year for money and business endeavors. However the Pig is known to be gullible and too trusting so stay on guard with your valuables.

Overall, this three year presents us with many unique challenges and opportunities that help us to grow and expand. If there there is something you have been wanting to do for a long time but haven’t had the time, energy or resources to make it happen, you may have better luck in 2019. This is the time to use the best of your abilities in some way or ways, and to try things you have not tried before. Three favors exploring various modes of self expression through speaking, writing, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and so much more. This number also enhances body movement in general, including martial arts, running, swimming and casual sports.

Stay focused on whatever it is you’re doing for best results and enjoy the sometimes bumpy yet ultimately rewarding road to success. You just may experience the adventure of a lifetime!

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Chiron Direct 2018

The comet Chiron goes Direct at 27 degrees of Pisces today, December 9, after having been Retrograde since July 4, 2018. This Retrograde period added to the tremendous pain and stress incurred by many while Mars was Retrograde in the summer, followed by Venus and then Mercury, which just recently went Direct in Scorpio.

In Greek mythology, Chiron was the most wise and beloved centaur, skilled in medicine and the arts. As legend has it, during a visit one day, one of the poisoned arrows of Hercules fell upon his lap, inflicting an agonizing wound in his thigh. This was a wound he was unable to heal, and the pain was so intense he wanted to die but as an immortal he was also unable to. Zeus had sympathy for him and turned him into a constellation to be honored as Centaurus.

Chiron and Achilles by James Barry 1772

Chiron has come to represent an area in life that we feel both gifted in and wounded by simultaneously. It is this area that we find ourselves better able to help others than ourselves. We want so badly to escape the pain but are unable to avoid it. At the same time what seems like a personal handicap to ourselves inspires awe and admiration in others.

In Pisces, the sign that Chiron has transited since April 2010, the wound relates to martyrdom, self-sacrifice and being stuck in cycles of pain and suffering. Do you have any planets or major placements in your chart at 27 degrees Pisces? If so, you may feel as though salt is currently being poured onto an old wound. Conversely, you may finally experience healing and breakthrough in some aspect of your life, or a combination of both deep hurt and sweet success at the time.

Chiron was the teacher for many great heros and healers. Among other things, he taught the warrior Achilles how to play the lyre, which indicates Chiron’s musical prowess. This warrior also suffered an ongoing pain in his left heel. As a baby his mother Thetis hung him by this area as she dipped him in the river Styx as an attempt to make him immortal, which only wound up injuring him. Thus the term “Achilles heel” to indicate a personal weakness that we each have.

Chiron reminds us that all of the deepest wounds that we have suffered from have their roots in something that was actually beyond our control. The only way to master these wounds is to reach a bit beyond what we think we are capable of, and continue to better ourselves regardless of our personal stories and disappointments.

“The greater the challenge, the greater the glory”.

Chiron’s stationing Direct is aided by a glorious water trine to Mercury at 27 degrees of Scorpio and the North Node at 27 degrees of Cancer. The pain and suffering has not all been in vain, and there will be victory and celebration.

Chiron entered Aries on April 17, 2018, backtracked into Pisces on September 28. It reenters Aries on February 18, 2019 which is around when relief from many pains of the past may be experienced and solid new beginnings finally coming into view.

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Tune in this afternoon, 12:00 p.m. PST to a discussion I share with Jon Darkly on Alter Mind podcast:


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California became the 31st state on September 9, 1850 after the Mexican War and a treaty was signed between Mexico and the United States. Its first capitol was situated in San Jose, so this is the location used for casting an astrological chart for California. The Golden State was birthed during a conjunction between Uranus and Pluto at 29 degrees of Aries, which marked an extremely volatile period in history.

Uranus represents change and Pluto represents the masses. The 29th degree is the final degree of any sign, with the greatest impact, especially when it comes to world events. California came into being in the midst of the Gold Rush, and people came from all across the globe to witness and partake of the radically shifting economy.

When these fires started, Jupiter was at 29 degrees of Libra was making an exact opposition to California’s Uranus and Pluto at 29 degrees of the fire sign Aries. With Jupiter, things happen on a massive scale and magnitude. It was said that 9,133 fires burned 1,381,405 acres of land. The fires raged through several cities, destroying entire neighborhoods in Lake, Napa, Butte, Mendocino, Solano and Sonoma counties. In December of 2017 Southern California was also hit by a series of fires that were exacerbated by unusually powerful Santa Ana winds. These fires forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes, as the largest fires burned approximately 307, 900 acres of land.

Uranus’s exact Return occurred in early May of 2018. By this time many Californians had long been dislocated, in search of their new homes, or already living in different states and countries. Some lost everything they had and to this day are struggling to reintegrate back into some sense of normalcy.

Curiously a second series of fires began shortly after Uranus Retrograde moved back into Aries from Taurus at 29 degrees this year on November 6th. 2018, forming a Grand Cardinal square to the nodal axis which just moved into Cancer/Capricorn on November 7th and Venus Retrograde in Libra. This second series of massive fires struck California on November 8th with the Camp Fire in Paradise, Northern California being by far the deadliest fire ever. Over a thousand people are still missing. Beginning that same week there were fires raging throughout Malibu and Ventura county in Southern California, with yet more staggering destruction of buildings and homes in addition to land. It was determined that the Malibu fires were started by humans.

California’s first Uranus return occurred between 1933 – 1934, as the United States slowly began to emerge from the Great Depression. Coinciding with the early inklings of this transit, California experienced the first of its most deadly fires to date on October 3rd of 1933 in Griffith Park, Los Angeles which killed 29 people. On a similar note, earlier that year on March 10th there was a huge earthquake in Long Beach, Los Angeles. Some say the quake was actually caused by early oil drilling methods.

By now most of us have seen images throughout the internet of California’s fire damage, spotting the strange patterns of metals, wood and other constructs burnt to a crisp, leaving rows of trees still standing. It is claimed that DEW, standing for direct energy weapons have been purposely aimed at the land to make way for new railroads as part of the Agenda 21 rollout plan. Many argue that this is just part of a huge conspiracy theory. As a California native I witnessed much of this destruction with my own eyes, and with every fiber of my being know that these fires were not and are not mere “wild fires”.

One has to ask if California was engineered in such a way as to conduct widespread social experiments on people from all races and walks of life, from day one. These experiments may seem harmless in and of themselves but have long been used for nefarious ends by the elite who profit from our ignorance and chaos.

Uranus will make it’s third and final hit to 29 degrees of Aries during late February and early March, before it moves into Taurus on March 6th of 2019. Uranus transitions have seldom been easy but so much damage has already been done…hopefully the North Node in Cancer helps people and animals to regain stability and to find comfortable homes.

I did what little I could to help my community recover from the fires while living in California but now I must simply hope and pray for the safety of all my loved ones and all of the innocent lives in this state being impacted in such huge ways. Even if we don’t have definite answers to what’s going on, we will benefit from exploring the possibilities and acting according to what we find.

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