Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Nov.8.2022

The current eclipse season has been packed with several different astrological configurations of significance. These are the turning of Saturn Direct on October 22nd, the superior conjunction of Venus that same day, the solar eclipse in Scorpio on Oct 25th, the reentry of Jupiter into Pisces on Oct 28th, Mars Retrograde in Gemini on the 30th, and the lunar eclipse to occur on November 8th. Also there is Jupiter slowing down to turn Direct on the 23rd,. The driving, enduring potency of the fixed signs are in full effect. Long buried issues resurface, while new situations that unfold are indications of what the future holds in store for many years to come.

The coming lunar eclipse 16 degrees Taurus will be opposite of its planetary ruler, Venus and in conjunction with revelatory Uranus. Taurus is the earth sign that relates to values and merits, be they material or incorporeal. It brings us into contact with the finer things that life has to offer, raising awareness about the ways that money is being spent, for what, and exactly why. The Taurus eclipse, also conjunct the North Node is gutting out old programs, relationships or stagnant problems from our lives while simultaneously drawing in fresh new connections and opportunities, potentially assisting in the replacement what has been discarded with something better, more appropriate, more fulfilling, and more in alignment with the respective values of those involved. This is not necessarily an easy process. It might be hard for many people. It might be even be filled with tears.

The gift that often comes after remaining conscious during a period of emotional turmoil or intensity is eventually… some kind of enlightenment. There are certain truths in this world that are more valuable, more guarded, and more coveted than gold. They are attainable by those who pass through the trials that deny them.

photo taken during my brief trip to a site of ancient ruins in Albania, June 2019