Full Moon in Leo conjunct Regulus

Today’s Full Moon at 28 degrees Leo forms a conjunction with the fixed star Regulus while squaring the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. This is an intense one, heralding more impactful world changes on the horizon this year. Regulus, aka the Star of Kings is one of four Royal Stars, associated with many of the strongest qualities of the sign of Leo such as fame, honor, and riches. Although mostly noted for its positive traits (which is not typical for fixed stars), Regulus does have a dark side. It can portend assassinations, martial law, false flag events, and massive revolts. This star is said to have an especially powerful influence over the European Union, which currently has a stranglehold over Europeans that makes them vulnerable to further war attacks. Part of the issue lies with certain countries depending on Russia for oil and gas. However, the threat of a military invasion of Ukraine launched by Russian president Vladimir Putin could have consequences that burst into many other parts of the world, including Europe and the United States. This Full Moon is triggering the Virgo Sun 0 degrees, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter placements in Leo in Ukraine’s birth chart, while opposing its own Full Moon in Aquarius revealing the real danger that this part of the world is facing, or highlighting the amount of attention they are receiving. https://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Nation:_Ukraine

The shortages in electricity, food supplies, microchips and other supplies that this conflict could cause would line up with what many have feared is on the horizon, connecting a long chain of events from the manufactured worldwide pandemic of 2020 to totalitarian lockdowns in 2021, to the possible real life ‘Hunger Games’ of 2022.

The protests that have been occurring worldwide are actually not about a virus. They are about people becoming more aware of their enslavement and less willing to abide by corrupt government mandates. Unfortunately, the greater the protest, the greater the likelihood of it being used against the people by agent provocateurs and controlled opposition. The government comes back with harder rules. The propaganda inflates times one hundred. This is also more evident to more people than it ever has been before, and the evidence collected is part of what good has come of all of the social uproar. Bearing this in mind, this Full Moon is a good time to arm up and prepare ourselves, and to be ready for just about anything. It’s also a time to pray to whoever we call God, to give thanks for what goodness we have, and to cultivate as much love and compassion for each other as possible, to help get us through this. Even, with Leo’s powerful focus, to help re-route the direction that things are taking.

Both Europe and the Ukraine have suffered so badly already before, and have been demonized. Any hardships that would ensue from more violence would probably be equally hard for Americans who are used to getting their way very quickly. The struggle of lack is already part of an experience we are engaged with in this first Pluto Return. The chaos is not over, but people of the 21st century are blessed with the tools and information that previous generations never had access to.

On the more personal levels…

Leo’s bright and stately energy is empowering our creative endeavors at this time. It is bridging together soul mates and adding a sparkle to existing love connections. Regulus is believed to have rulership over the upper of the kidneys, not far from the adrenal glands. Those with autoimmune disease or just under a lot of stress lately might sense the urgent need to slow down and rest, or to rather engage the heart muscle in more enjoyable ways through exercise. It might not be the easiest thing right now, but by focusing on anything that brings joy we take back so much of the power that has been given over to fear and anger.

The North Node in Taurus – A Shift in Values Could Bring Salvation

The North Node enters Taurus on January 18th of 2022 until July 18th of 2023. This lunar nodal shift is bringing with it a supportive lift in addressing countless unmet needs for nourishment. We are getting an up close view of the very bedrock of our existence, and the true inspiration behind the most meaningful work that we do that serves as our metaphorical muses in life. The North Node will have exited chatty, information-loaded Gemini. Talk is typically cheap from the point of view of Taurus. Actions speak much louder than words, but what this sign really wants are results. She’s a sign who also knows how to get what she wants.

One of the most potent aspects that this North Node transit will form is a conjunction with the planet Uranus, at 18 degrees of Taurus on July 31st. In the weeks leading up to an after this conjunction major lifestyle changes, relocations, new sources of income and prosperity could become the subjects of individuals and all types of groups with similar values. New relationships could serve as catalysts and old ones could experience upgrades. Brilliant ideas could reroute us in directions we previously had not even imagined moving into before.

Taurus is an earth sign that influences agriculture as well as the food industry which is being threatened by power-hungry globalists who want to turn our very sustenance into fully labeled, numbered and heavily manufactured smart-food, under the guise of living “green”. In this way, they have managed to divert attention from the way that they are first in line in both trashing this planet and hoarding precious resources for themselves, while starving the population to death.

All that being said, with the South Node in Scorpio, we face the equally difficult challenge in letting go of excess paranoia and defensiveness, which will enable us to conserve energy for the battles worth fighting. With the Scorpio polarity, people may be forced to look in the mirror instead of only looking at what’s being done by others. In what ways may we stop participating in undermining activities that we surely did not come up with on our own but have adopted over time? This could mean that we need to examine where and why we are buying cheap stuff made in China, eating greasy fast food, wearing synthetic clothing, driving to buildings a one minute walk away from us, and spending all day on our cell phones.

People are dying on a massive scale, but it’s not a pandemic that is killing them. It’s an intentional genocide through forced toxic injections that are proving each and every day to be the leading cause of the rising levels of unexplained “sudden deaths” in people of all ages. This coincides with the erections of cell towers and increased radiation in cities. Sadly, this fact most likely won’t register for most people until it hits too close to home for them. It has already done that for me, in witnessing people that I know being tragically and permanently affected. Before trying to argue, be aware that this isn’t some heresy or scrap of biased info read off of Facebook. This is real life. People are losing their minds, they’re being murdered and they’re dying of malpractice in hospitals. It appears that many people who aren’t yet affected couldn’t care less. The streets full of people protesting in countries far and wide have been affected. They have seen the truth, and they’re not going to take any more attacks lying down.

Manipulative behavior is found not only in the elites but in ordinary people at each others throats for adhering to different values and belief systems. There are guilt trips everywhere we turn, on social media, in the grocery stores, on billboards, historical monuments and even certain art exhibits. There are posters telling us to mask up and obey the rules, or else. You’ll lose your job if you don’t get the jab. Your child will be rejected for health care if they don’t get injected with an experimental DNA altering substance, even if they have leukemia. Don’t make false claims about Vitamin C or you’ll be banned from the internet. Meanwhile, apologies are offered about accidentally offending people whose non-binary gender hasn’t been properly acknowledged, as if it’s the worst crime that was ever committed. There is endless finger-pointing between those right and left in their political stance, accomplishing nothing but an increase of fury on both sides. In this way the elites have got people right were they want them, canceling each other out.

The North Node’s transit through Taurus signals that the time has come to pick up the broken shards of a worldwide economic crash, and to prevent further damages, the likes of which have not been experienced since the 1930s. Taurus is the sign that deals with financial stability and the fulfillment of basic security. Attention to money, assets, expenditures and investments will grow significantly during the next year and a half. Growing vegetables at home, supporting local farmers, and reconnecting with the nature’s wonders are some of the positive highlights that this transit may stimulate. People who are losing faith in Big Pharma will turn (or return) more and more to alternative forms of medicine, especially those that include the use of herbs and natural remedies.

The North Node in Taurus points toward specific areas of value and importance relative to our overall well being, and may therefore be helpful in breaking out of various self-defeating habits. No matter what kind of chaos we see and hear around us, this transit could show us the actual key to our survival. However, people don’t just want to survive but to thrive, and for things to not only be functional but beautiful again. Perhaps we can strike a balance in practicality and aesthetics that lies somewhere between the extremely intricate beauty of the Victorian era and the downright soullessness of the current age with its emphasis on modern so-called art. There is probably going to be a tug of war between those who insist on continuing the mass production of garbage and those who are committed to giving back to the earth and living with integrity.

The February Full Moon and America’s first Pluto Return 2022

A Full Moon at 27 degrees of Leo occurs on February 16, 2022, just preceding America’s first Pluto Return that is exact on the 20th. A Pluto return is something that no humans get to experience since they don’t live past the age of 240, and Pluto makes a complete return at around 248 years. This Pluto Return will be in effect all throughout 2022, making three exact conjunctions due to its Retrograde motion:

February 20

July 11

December 28

This Leo moon is expanding our heart’s capacity for true understanding and compassion for each other despite our differences, and that’s a good start at repairing the damages that have been caused by so many of today’s grossly manufactured divisions. These divisions refer not to the types of racism that so many people whine about today (which by the way is basically white-shaming) but about such things as taxation of the poor, countless “genders” that confuse children, medical communism tearing families apart and fake left vs right political affiliations giving people the illusion of the choice to vote.

Another saving grace at this time is the conjunction taking place between Venus and Mars on the day of the Full Moon. This passionate duo are both in earthy Capricorn, increasing loyalty and responsibility for loved ones. They continue together into March while joining with Pluto, helping to take the edge off of Pluto’s first return hit. They are favorably connected to Uranus which is receiving a helpful sextile from Jupiter throughout the week. This brings open-mindedness to new information and inspiration from unexpected sources. Leo is a sign that is concerned with power combined with dignity, and this Leo Full Moon coming up brings the impetus to take back both the power and dignity that was stolen from us, and from our ancestors.

This late degree fire Moon on February 16th makes an exact inconjunct aspect to the USA’s Pluto in Capricorn, indicating extreme agitation and back-stabbing among ruling parties, groups and society as a whole. This has been occurring for the past year but that was just the beginning of humanity finally responding to their buttons being pushed to maximum tolerance levels. For the past four years and probably the first time in history, the exposure of criminal behavior in people in high places has reached an all-time peak in Western society and especially in the USA. There is no denying just how much influence American culture (or more specifically, the lack thereof) has influenced so much of the world. We see how both the glamour and corruption of Hollywood has become a trend across all borders, and how our political clown show has become the subject of jokes and Halloween costumes in foreign nations. I saw Trump masks for sale on my trip to Ireland in 2017, and saw Justin Bieber posters plastered on the walls in a shopping mall while stupid American pop songs blared through the air.

America the brave has been gifted with the supreme law of the Constitution, which upholds our humanity and grants us rights and privileges that many others have never known. It is still the land of opportunity, where people can easily start their own business and buy large plots of land. They can legally wear whatever they want, worship whoever they want, marry whoever they want, and say whatever they want without being hung, stoned to death or imprisoned. Americans have the right to bear arms in their own homes and to defend themselves against tyranny. However, if people take these rights for granted they run the risk of losing them. These rights are inherently the rights of all human beings but must be fought for and earned. They must be maintained by the proper conduct that allows such freedom to exist.

Saturn is on the USA’s Moon in Aquarius, highlighting home-based security needs that are not being met or come at a very high cost. Mercury is approaching the USA’s South Node in Aquarius bringing with it the potential for complete breakdowns in wide-scale communication that by comparison could make even Joe Biden sound coherent. 2021 was the year when skyrocketing gas prices and empty grocery shelves were blamed on the so-called president, but can anything be truly blamed on a spineless puppet who takes orders from his masters?

The Full Moon at 21 degrees of Capricorn on July 13 is also bound for intense confrontations as this gets too close for comfort to Pluto in the US chart. Americans in general are learning, with shock and dismay that they’ve been duped since the moment they took their first breath in a hospital filled with florescent lights. They’ve been lied to, tantalized, spoiled, manipulated, used and abused, dumbed down and robbed, all while being convinced of a false sense of luxury and self-ownership. There was no reason to fight back until now. Their total dictatorship by hidden hands went unrecognized until recently. This is both the curse and the blessing of Pluto making his full round in the natal chart of the US of America. It’s an ugly process that has to happen so that people may finally realize the injurious nature of so many of their modern conveniences, and so that they stop gobbling up the poison apples being handed to them by hags and sorcerers in disguise who offer the promise of everlasting delights.

February’s Full Moon in 2022 looks to be an enriching one, and one that, together with Pluto’s return in the chart of the USA marks a time period that will be remembered for decades, maybe centuries to come.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces – Hidden Poisons Rise to the Surface

There is a poison so subtle, so insidious, and so deadly that it currently threatens to wipe out humanity at large, along with vast quantities of the earth’s ecosystem, including the waters, forests, and all animal life. That poison is ignorance.

The amount of pollution across the earth due to disposable gloves and masks since March 2020 is staggering. The amount of sickness and deaths that have been caused by an experimental drug that is being pushed world-wide is unprecedented. The amount of critical thinking that has been replaced by mental paralysis and obedience to the dictates of sheer nonsense, social bullying and a total denial of all that is sacred is disappointing, to say the very least. The amount of children whose childhoods are being robbed by fear-based constructs and control mechanisms is insane, unacceptable by anyone who is sane. Such treatment of children, by forcing them to wear masks at school all day, and by forcing injections that have been unproven to be safe is inhumane. It’s abusive. Those hidden hierarchies who are imposing health-based rules from behind the scenes are the most foul, perverse criminals who are taking up oxygen on planet earth.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in their own native sign of Pisces is a beautiful thing in many ways, but it’s also dangerous. It’s dangerous when self-entitlement combined with ignorance still prevails among the masses. This aspect becomes exact by April 12, 2022. Between now and then, accepting a paradigm of falsehood rather than reclaiming our birth rights AND responsibilities on this planet could lead to our ultimate demise.

A New Crisis! Face Masks, Latex Gloves Pollute Beaches ...

Some people say that everyone around them should be responsible for everyone else’s health by wearing face masks wherever they go. Some people wear cloth masks and that is their personal choice. At least they’re not polluting the earth.

To those who are polluting:

#1 Please do some research on the validity of face masks in preventing viral infection. What do you think your immune system was built for? Masks Don’t Stop Viruses – The Proof | WSAU News/Talk 550 AM · 99.9 FM | Wausau, Stevens Point

#2 No, your own self-concern and peace of mind is not more important than the ocean, animals, and human sovereign rights overall. You are not more important than the ocean but are merely a drop within it. Will this be your trademark?

Here are some statistics regarding face masks and gloves polluting the oceans:

Over 1.5 Billion Face Masks Thought To Have Entered The Ocean This 2020 – Elite Readers

A New Crisis! Face Masks, Latex Gloves Pollute Beaches, Rivers, Oceans | Al Bawaba

No Shortage Of Masks At The Beach – OCEANS ASIA

Over 1.5 BILLION face masks now believed to be polluting oceans thanks to 2020 – Nexus Newsfeed

June’s Solar Eclipse (2021) brings Radical Adjustments

Eclipse season is upon us this year, with the building Lunar Eclipse on May 26th at 5 degrees of Sagittarius. A second eclipse follows on June 10th with a New Moon at 19 degrees of Gemini.

This heralds a time for humanity to fully recognize what they are facing in the world and to really really come to terms with this. There’s no easy way to say this and there’s no easy way out of this. This is World War III. It began before Covid-19, with the 5G rollout, and now has become evident with the push for mandatory vaccines worldwide. There are protests in several parts of the world against governmental tyranny, forced lockdowns and the crashed economy. From toilet paper hoarding to gasoline hoarding, the cause of a desperate herd survival mentality has grown out of more than just a passing virus. There is a resurgence of unrest in the Middle East with attacks on Palestine. The Biblical prophecies of the book of Revelations have been manifesting before our very eyes, but still too few can see it for what it is.

Jupiter in Pisces for these next couple of months could be our saving grace, if we know how to truly tune in to its powerful currents of energy for positive results. If not, then all Jupiter will seem to do is blow everything up and cause people to feel lost, confused and helpless.

Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury will be Retrograde in a conjunction with the Solar Eclipse which forms a square with Neptune in Pisces. Mars will be 29 degrees of Cancer, moving out of opposition with Pluto in Capricorn. Nervous energy and uncertainty is widespread. There is very little patience and too much pushiness, on the roads, in the stores, through the internet. There is a mad rush to get somewhere, to escape from confinement, to obtain provisions, to connect with others. Small communities, family farms and grassroots organizations are going to be keys to our success. The Earth and her ancient wisdom will serve as our compass. She simply won’t be ignored any longer, just like the chaos in the world won’t relent until more people do something to change it, beginning with their own personal choices, their own small investments, and their own backyards.

The way of getting through this crisis will not be accomplished by stepping on others’ toes. People are beginning to realize how much they need each other, how much they may rely on each other for things they never even stopped to consider because they have become so used to their modern day conveniences. They are realizing that sometimes less is more, and that technology has caused us to abandon our relationship to nature, where our most treasured remedies are to be found.

This eclipse is a wake-up call to all of us. This is indeed a time of “revelations” and can serve those of us well who are ready to take on the challenges that it implies. A little bit of gratitude and kindness will go a long way in helping to restore some harmony to the environments that we live in.

Jupiter in Pisces 2021- 2022 – May Miracles Abound!

Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13th bringing with it a much needed wave of hope and inspiration to the world. Pisces is the natural domicile of Jupiter, which makes its placement here extra expansive, abundant and jovial. Soon after Jupiter’s entry into Pisces it will be squaring the Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees of Sagittarius on May 26th. This aspect doubles the amount of Jupiterian energy that is accelerating our growth and pushing us forward in life. This influence can be especially helpful in literary projects, teaching, healing and relocating.

For the next two months, until Jupiter makes a Retrograde transit back into Aquarius on July 28, we are saturated with Jupiter’s energy which can help to dissipate a lot of the fears that have been generated during the past year and a half. It reenters Pisces on December 28, enters into Aries on May 10, 2022 and then in Retrograde movement reenters Pisces from October 29 until December 20, 2022.

Jupiter’s most highlighted aspect during its transit through Pisces is a conjunction with Neptune, which becomes exact on April 12, 2022. These two planets combined are already the most spiritually attuned, and being in their home sign only amplifies their qualities. These are the planets that remind us that we are so much more than these physical bodies and there is much more to all of life than meets the eye. They turn our attention toward what is possible and wonderful rather than what is limiting and dreadful.

With Jupiter in Pisces it it becomes easier for people to do all kinds of seemingly supernatural things, such as seeing auras and understanding the languages of the birds, receiving messages from their angels and experiencing telepathic communication with loved ones. There is a softening of the rigidity that so many have grown accustomed to in their bodies and minds, allowing for miracles to abound with increasing speed.

May this transit bring the solutions that you seek to your problems, and your goodness reflected back to you in all ways.

How Big Tech Seeks to Replace Intuition, Spirits, and God with Artificial Intelligence

While the mainstream media has globally propagated gobsmacking fears of being destroyed by a virus over the past year, Big Tech has gained the upper hand in many business platforms, through technologies such as 5G and its myriad manifestations and affiliations. Unfortunately, there are many people who still do not believe there is anything dangerous about such technology and who chalk up all resistance to tin foil hat conspiracy theories.

There is a technology currently being utilized but not yet widespread that claims to mimic and even to surpass human intuition. Just imagine that. What need would be there be in the future for psychic readers and astrologers when technology can see into every single aspect of your life in chronological order and turn specific functions on and off like a light switch? What need would there be for any efforts on your part, whatsoever for that matter. The Big Tech giants love to fancy themselves in such grand, heroic ways, dazzling audiences with their brazen, false virtue-hyped spiels. Playing God is basically their pastime. When taken at face value, their behavior is absolutely deranged and psychopathic.

Infineon, a curiously named company, sports “intuitive sensing solutions” which enable smart devices to “sense” and “understand” everything within the environment, and …they’ll say this is all great stuff, meant to make life easier, more pleasant, more full. In other words, to make up for humanity’s miserable lack of attentiveness and ability to function without the aid of technology? Infineon produces 60GHz radar technology intended to be included in some of the latest smart phones. With these new phones and the microchips they contain that “sense” all bodily motions and activities, you would say goodbye to literally ALL of your privacy, in every aspect of your life.

Infineon is but one of many companies out there working hard to design and deliver technologies that will make life easier, more pain-free and productive than you could have ever imagined. No more pills need be ingested. Talent need not be developed anymore. It can be digitally enhanced or downloaded. Wait for it; at some point, sex and reproduction need not occur physically. Yes, you read that correctly. It can happen digitally! Good Heavens, what a breath of relief for the masses.

According to Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, by 2030 “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy”. This stems from the NWO Agenda 2030 plan to defeat the world population by “eliminating poverty, hunger and disease”. This simply means that food supplies and human rights to grow food and own property would be limited to what the elites see fit to making accessible. The so-called food, or carbon copies of it would be spread out “evenly”, regardless of gender, race, class, or religion if that still exists in ten years.

Enforced quarantines, mask mandates and highly questionable vaccines (it comes as no reassurance that they’ve been proven to be 50% effective) are all part of the agenda to divide and conquer, and to weaken overall resistance in individuals. At the rate things are going, 5G will soon be obsolete, as faster, more extreme frequencies are being used to dominate the human body, psyche, and eventually, soul. That’s what’s intended for us. That’s the battle we are faced with in today’s world.

Not surprisingly, diagnostic energy devices used for healing purposes such as the SCIO machine, previously known as QXCI, have been banned in several parts of the world and considered quackery in the scientific community, although they have also been shown to help treat diseases such as as diabetes and cancer. Corrupt Big Pharma would have too much to lose to allow such technology to be available to just anyone.

Some EMF devices used to detect radiation levels have been recently discovered to detect the presence of energetic anomalies, sometimes taken to be ghosts. One might wonder if in the age of increased digital surveillance such devices would be used to capture, enslave, or control such anomalies and entities. The audacity of the power elite knows no measures, so we shouldn’t put past them the attempt.

Since technology itself functions as a double edged sword, these sorcerors of the digital realm are being exposed by the very people intended to be herded together in cells, like cattle awaiting their slaughter. There will always be whistle-blowers, rebels, mavericks, wizards, witches and fairy godmothers who work behind the scenes for the healing and protection of people, animals and the planet. What the Age of Aquarius is bringing to light, on some level, is where each and every one of us stand in the “spectrum” of things.

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Mars conjunct Uranus on January 20th 2021: Explosive Energy

On January 20th 2021 Mars will join Uranus at 6 degrees of Taurus, while also joining the Moon and forming squares to Saturn and Jupiter. The pair is also squaring the Sun in Aquarius, at the critical degree of 0. This occurs on Inauguration day for the U.S. but is bound to have effects in several parts of the world. The energy released from this planetary combination could be discordant in explosive ways.  Social encounters may be extremely intense and patience running low.

Here are some possible issues to spring up that day:

  • Violent political protests and street riots
  • Disputes over vaccination mandates and health risks
  • Issues surrounding business rights, currency, stimulus checks, etc.
  • Vandalization of property, fires, and other disasters






Knowing this is half the battle. The planetary energies may also be harnessed for accomplishing difficult tasks. It is likely that the entire weeks leading up to and after this date will be quite charged, and useful for cutting through stubborn obstacles.

Staged Political Events with Mars 29 degrees of Aries

All the World’s a Stage” – William Shakespeare

Mars just exited its fiery home sign Aries today, January 6th 2021 and went out with a bang in its final degree. This signaled not only an aggressive ending to a long-standing political situation, but the beginning of a new war, and one that could involve the wide demographics of civilians from many nations. Now that Mars is in Taurus, the build-up of behind-the-scenes drama is not yet over but is being massively revealed. A separating square to Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn is still in effect while the square to Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius (the lingering Great Conjunction) grows. Both Martian and Plutonic forces were unleashed in Washington, DC at the White House with alleged Trump supporters (likely mixed in with actors) storming the capitol in a frenzied protest against rigged elections.

The amount of violence that Mars and Pluto are capable of, especially when their coming together entails a cardinal square can be mind-blowing, to say the least. In addition, the amount of propaganda pushed by the mainstream media with Mercury and Pluto in conjunction can be utterly staggering, and relentless. The mayhem experienced during Mars’ exit from Aries is not by any means over. It’s also 100% government manufactured, specifically meant to elicit violent reactions from the public in return. The New Moon in Capricorn on January 12th at 23 degrees of Capricorn coincides with Mars squaring Saturn and approaching explosive Uranus, and with the week of the US presidential inauguration.

America is one of the few, highly romanticized countries left known for its many freedoms. In many ways has also been one of the most gullible and easy to fool with its extremely indulgent distractions and illusions of choice. The prolonged Mars square to Pluto that began in 2020 is still just the beginning phase of the USA’s first Pluto Return.

Somehow, in small cracks within the wake of such startling events, for those with eyes to see it becomes clear that there is absolutely nobody in the higher echelons of political power that can be trusted with the lives of billions. With this knowledge spreading far and wide, a real collective transformation could begin. Until then, we may need to be prepared to defend ourselves with every ounce of strength we possess, and to reject martial law while we still have the ability to speak freely without being prosecuted. And since so much of what we have experienced and are about to further witness is staged like a program seen on television, the great “wizard” behind the screen such as in the Wizard of Oz will never reveal himself but will continue to mesmerize his followers until they rip down his curtain and light it on fire.