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Jupiter is leaving Scorpio on November 8th and reentering its home sign Sagittarius after 12 years. Phew! Since October 10th of 2017 we have plummeted the depths of Scorpio’s realm of seduction, where secrets and scandals were revealed. Many external activities came to a halt and yet we were given opportunities to regenerate ourselves on cellular and spiritual levels. After a long period of being inward in expression, Jupiter is coming out and encouraging us to explore the world and all of its myriad possibilities. It will be in Sagittarius until December 3rd of 2019.

First, the not-so-exciting news is that the early phase of this transit may seem burdened by Mercury going Retrograde in Sagittarius on November 16th, a week after Jupiter enters this sign. Maybe Jupiter will help lighten the load and the mood during what’s normally considered to be a cycle of mishaps and misfortune.

Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces and is the planet associated with higher learning, travel, abundance, adventure and opportunities. In some ways it also relates to spirituality. This transit is going to renew peoples faith and enthusiasm about life and the future. Instead of focusing intensely on all of the problems and nearly drowning in them, the problems will be regarded more like games or puzzles to solve. A sense of daring replaces a sense of doom, and the courage to confront challenges instead of shrinking away from them is likely to yield positive results.

What do you recall feeling and experiencing overall in 2007? That was the last time Jupiter transited Sagittarius. Even if that was a difficult year for you, this year won’t necessarily be a repeat of the past. People may wish to study a new language, visit a foreign country, or otherwise immerse themselves in a particular culture, religious setting, or simply the great outdoors – the wilder the better. Philosophy is also higher favored with Jupiter in his own sign. This is the year to take reasonable and even a few almost unreasonable risks, for the sake of growth and expansion.

Jupiter is much more “at ease” in Sagittarius, where the natural optimism that this planet represents becomes obvious. The main danger here is that it’s easy to go overboard with just about anything, because Jupiter just doesn’t know when to quit. Nothing is done in a small way, to the contrary everything must be loud, grand, regal and far-reaching. His powerful influence can make one feel invincible, on top of the world, confident and proud. This is not necessarily always a bad thing but the exact context and situation would make all the difference.

Throughout 2019 the biggest challenge that Jupiter poses is a square to Neptune in Pisces. The first hit is mid-January, the second mid-June and the last one September 21st during the Equinox. That’s a lot of Jupiter energy right there to contend with, which isn’t terrible but has it’s downside. Mixed with Neptune the atmosphere will be ripe for charlatans, shills and cult leaders of all stripes to throw the wool over peoples eyes, as people are more likely to be easily bamboozled than usual. Watch out for overly cocky types or those who appear to be so spiritually advanced as to be elevated above the rest of us. There may even be false UFO and ET claims circulating through the media, ultimately to delegitimize their existence.

Going forward with new plans and activities will be much easier in 2019 than it was in 2018 and much of this is thanks to Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius. Childlike joy, innocence, curiosity and playfulness will make a comeback in even some of the most sourpuss folks. Jokes will become funny again and more fun will be had overall.


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Uranus is the planet of shocks, reversals, inventiveness and intuition, spending about 7 years in each sign. In the year 2018 Uranus left Aries and ingressed into Taurus on May 16th, turning Retrograde on August 7th. On November 6th it will regress back into Aries until March 7th of 2019, stationing Direct on January 7th, to re-ingress back into Taurus and complete its transit in this sign by April of 2026.

Uranus in Taurus is an earth sign very much concerned with stability and overall functionality, which has brought our attention to innovations in the way of things, stuff, items, artifacts, commodities and such. It has also placed a great deal of focus on upgrades that revolve around food, medicine, plants, gadgets and all kinds of weird what-nots. I did a podcast with astrologer Willow on this subject you can listen to here:

For the next four months Uranus in Aries will reignite the desire to establish personal boundaries and push forward with new plans and ideas. It may also cause a great deal of ruckus reminiscent of the Uranus-Pluto square aftermath, with extreme political scandals, bat-shit crazy egos running rampant in the streets, and proverbial fist fights on the world stage. Impatience, irritability and reckless behavior should be monitored and guarded against. In another respect this will be a time of great reckoning, which could be experienced as a stinging slap in the face to some and as empowerment to others who have long done their homework and suffered from bouts of weariness and defeat. Somewhere in the middle would be Uranus just showing up as something uncanny and unexpected within the environment.

Uranus shifts can cause nerves to be on edge. Take time-outs if you need them and don’t feel guilty about doing so. Catch up on your beauty rest, take epsom salt baths, drink warm herbal teas such as Chamomile to help calm you down. The Bach flower essence Impatiens could be very helpful for those who feel jumpy and impatient for known or unknown reasons. Wearing or holding blue stones can also help to quiet an overactive mind and general inflammation. Some suggested soothing stones are Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Celestite, Angelite, or Aquamarine.

There are two primary areas that Uranus seems to be affecting for many people at this time. One is the area of finances and personal investments whether they involve lots of money or lots of energy. Since Taurus rules possessions and the kinds of comfort and security that money can buy, the questions of who, what, when, where, and how to invest in money, energy, and resources have been very pressing ever since Uranus entered Taurus.

The other area that is undergoing deep review and emotional churning is the realm of relationships – but not just romantic ones. Venus, the planet of love, beauty and relating is the planetary ruler of Taurus and has been Retrograde since October 5th until November 16th – the same day that Mercury will be doing Retrograde until December 6th. Venus was in Scorpio until October 31st when it regressed back into Libra, bringing the focus back to relationships. Any unfinished business with someone or close loved ones from the past, whether a spouse, family members, friend or business associate, this period has brought buried issues to light. She will be slowly moving into opposition with Uranus where the aspect is exact by November 30th. This could be a rather surprising time regarding emotional ties. Things can also go in just about any direction in relationships and investments. Venus reingresses back into Scorpio on December 2nd.

The astrological house that Uranus occupied at your time of birth reveals where and how you like to break the rules and do things your own way. The house that Uranus transits at any given time, and any planets being aspected indicate where you feel the urge to try something new. Either you will think and act outside the box or find yourself pushed into unusual situations that you may or may not appreciate.

To find out how Uranus may be affecting you and ideas for how to work with its transits for best results, contact me for a reading at readingsbyyerevan@gmail.com

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Wondering why there has been a bit of a break-down in communication and electronic appliances during the past few days? Since October 27th, the planet Mercury has been in the pre-shadow phase before turning Retrograde on November 16th until December 6th. When Retrograde, mistakes and mix-ups are more likely to occur or become widely noticed in general. This phenomenon happens three to four times every year, for approximately three weeks at a time. During these phases, Mercury is simply moving slower in its orbit, which produces the optimal illusion of moving backward in the sky from our perspective on earth.

This planet astrologically relates to all things pertaining to the brain, the mind and their various functions, including nerve impulses which are basically waves of electrical activity that travel through the body to protect and guide it throughout the day. It also influences electronics, automobiles and transportation, and certain metals including mercury. No wonder that computer programs and internet pages often seem to go haywire at this time! Because of Mercury’s influence over the mind, depression can set in for many. This period of time is geared more toward introspection and review than it is new beginnings and outer activities. That is not to say that such activities are doomed to fail but that there is a definite advantage to “thinking twice” before making major decisions, going with the flow and observing instead of pushing for results.

Mercury was named after the Roman god of merchants, travel and theivery who came to be synonymous with Hermes, the fleet-footed messenger of the Greek gods. This was a mischievous god who always had tricks up his sleeves, hidden in his cloak or helmet. The planet seems to function in a similar way, ruling over speech but favoring speed. Put those two together and you can understand why Mercury Retrograde causes so much confusion and misunderstanding for people. Mercury is the planetary ruler of two signs, Gemini and Virgo. For this and other reasons his tricks often seem to appear in pairs. One of the less discussed aspects of Mercury is that due to his clever nature he can help to figure out creative ways of making money.

This time around, Mercury will be Retrograde in Sagittarius, moving back into Scorpio on December 2nd. The subject matter of many conversations are very dramatic and imaginations are running wild. People might seem more dogmatic, hot-tempered and scattered over the next few weeks. The first couple of weeks of December may seem especially volatile. To understand how Mercury might affect your daily affairs overall check the house in your birth chart that it will be transiting and any planets it may come into contact with.

There is a lot more than Mercury Retrograde bearing a strong influence at this time but that is for another post!

To book an astrological reading with me contact me through the site or at readingsbyyerevan@gmail.com

Above is a photo of a metal plate featuring the fleet-footed Mercury, in the Rijks museum in the Netherlands.

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Holiday Special

Just letting you all know that I’m available for readings via Skype, Google Hangouts and WhatsApp from the Netherlands this holiday season, at a special price! Rates will be raised in 2018. Gift certificates are also available!

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Scorpio season is known as the “scariest” if not most sensitive and emotionally charged time of year. It rules the Tarot card Death, which symbolizes closure, irrevocable change and transformation, sometimes actual physical death.

Death is a certain point or phase that has been reached on the Fool’s journey of self-discovery that is represented by both Tarot cards and the Zodiac. He or she suddenly experiences a mysterious emptiness. There may be overwhelming feelings of sadness for known or unknown reasons. Within view is a skeleton on a white horse, and a rising sun in the distance. This figure of death is a messenger of what has been, what is and what is yet to come. Steps cannot be skipped. Grief must be processed before moving on. All that is certain is that something new will eventually be born out of the old.


Death can mean so many things and there is a reason why death often causes people to think more of life itself. As people brush close to death or experience the loss of something or someone they held dear they may reach deeper in their heart or mind for meaning. When there is loss there is gain – as the saying goes when one door another one opens. There is no birth without death or death without birth. They are interlinked. For this reason Scorpio is associated with both death and sex. Sex is what brings forth new life. 

In any case, the end of a specific phase of life has been reached and must be acknowledged. Ancient ones honored such endings with rites of passage. It can be helpful in this modern day to recreate rituals that help us to psychologically and physically make the shift from one way of life to another, weather the shift relates to age, relationships, livelihood or other circumstances. My own shift is recently having relocated from America to the Netherlands. Even if this doesn’t become my permanent home, it represents the end of a chapter of life, in no uncertain terms.

Flower Essences to Support Radical Change

There are several flower essences that can help to emotionally, mentally, and spiritually make life altering shifts and to cope with deep loss and even death itself. These are just a few that may be useful during this time.

  • Angel’s Trumpet – This is a flower essence that assists making conscious shifts between the worlds. It can be of support during major life transitions. It can also be a source of comfort during the time of death.
  • Borage – Borage essence brings courage and joy to the heart. It may be especially helpful when there is impending death of a pet or loved one, or even immediately after the loss has occurred. It may serve as an emotional balm, gently softening the harsh stab of loss and grief.
  • Walnut – the Bach flower remedy that is most often taken to promote mental stability right before, during and after home or work relocations, divorce and break-ups, and the death of loved ones.

Scorpio Transits

The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23rd with a Full Moon in its opposite sign Taurus to follow on the 24th. Adding to the intensity of this year’s Scorpio season are the transits of a Retrograde Venus and Jupiter’s final degrees in this sign. These are further heightened now by Mercury also in Scorpio, soon to enter a Retrograde pre-shadow phase (Retrograde from November 17th until December 6th) in which it will move into Sagittarius and later back into Scorpio.

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio is dredging up many buried emotions, revealing the hidden motives or inner workings of people and things while causing tremendous introspection and reevaluation within the contexts of close interpersonal relationships. This is an incredibly heart wrenching time for some. Difficulties may not necessarily lie with significant others but the theme of revisiting personal values is likely to be present in partnerships. Issues around trust could spring up with just about anyone for any reason. Another area of great concern or focus could revolve around finances.

Jupiter has been in Scorpio since October 10th of 2017 and will complete this transit by November 8th. For the past twelve months many of us have been provided with ample space and experiences that have supported us in truly recognizing what’s working and not working in our lives. The whos and hows of deep betrayal both on micro and macro levels have become painfully obvious. At the same time we’ve been offered some amazing tools, resources, and information to make corrections and upgrades. Jupiter at the tail end of this trek through Scorpio indicates there is one last piece of the old life yet to leave behind before we can take bold actions moving forward. It may be the last piece but it’s not the least important. It may actually be the most huge and troublesome thing we missed earlier even though it was right in front of us the whole time. This awkward thing, whether real or symbolic, is so old that we’ve become quite accustomed to lugging it around. It’s time to ditch that shit.

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Venus is “slowing down” to go Retrograde at 10 degrees Scorpio on October 5. It will affect each person differently according to the house or houses being transited. Often it will begin turning Retrograde in one house and then move back into the prior house, indicating a review of the themes related to both houses, as well as themes related to any planets in these houses and the aspects they make. By the time Venus returns to the same spot it was when it turned Retrograde there is usually a completion or resolution of some troubling matter. Venus is again 10 degrees of Scorpio on December 17th.

Venus Retrograde transiting the Houses

Venus Retrograde transiting the 1st house: Redefining your personal image. You may spend a few weeks making adjustments to your overall presentation or appearance, in order to maximize your effectiveness. Ridding yourself of certain objects or habits that inhibit personal expression or don’t reflect your true values.

Venus  Retrograde transiting the 2nd house. Reevaluation of your desires and personal values. Return of finances – to or from others (money coming in unexpectedly or going out by necessity). Resourcefulness is far better than overspending during this time. You could be fortunate in money by the time Venus goes Direct.

Venus Retrograde transiting the the 3rd house: Clarification of ideas and information that is especially important to you. Establishing boundaries with others. Reconnect with or release ties to family members. Getting to know more of your community. Laughter is medicine.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 4th house: Spending more time at home with family, or visiting family members. Pull back from draining activities. Making money from home. Possibly remodeling the home. It is a time of inner reflections about what is working or not. By the end of it many improvements will be made.

Venus Retrograde transiting 5th house: Return of creative inspiration, passion and love. Working less, playing more. This period is especially fun if life has been overly serious or stressful prior to this. Make up for lost time with a child. Reconnect with your Inner Child. A long held wish might come true.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 6th house: Desire to create harmony in work environments. Service given or received. Avoid being overly critical – seek solutions instead of just getting lost in problems. Possible favors from women. Making dietary and health improvements.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 7th house: Restoring relationship harmony. Return of partners, collaborations or affections. It can mean breaking up a fight, bringing peace to an existing social conflict. In some cases indicates a divorce.

Venus Retrograde transiting 8th house: Heightened emotions and reflection in general. Discovering where less is more. Possible loss or gain through legacies, inheritance of money or objects. Reawakening of sexual energy or drive. Reclaiming power where it was lost.

Venus Retrograde transiting 9th house: Breaking out of monotony, claustrophobia or limited circumstances. Change of your daily routine as the desire for adventure increases. Possibly reunite with a loved one from another region. Possible appearance of a spiritual teacher.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 10th house: Restlessness in work or career. Possible power struggle in a relationship. The feeling of overexposure or not being able to hide. Great time to rewrite a resume but don’t submit it yet. Taking a bold stand in the world for what you truly value. Ambitions related to beauty, love or women increase.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 11th house: Reassess the company you keep. Redefine goals for the future. Reconnection with kindred spirits or groups. An old friend may return. Becoming less emotional and more intellectual. Resurfacing of hopes, dreams and wishes.

Venus Retrograde transiting the 12th house: Simplifying what has become overly complicated. Karmic returns for past actions in the realm of the affections, whether positive or negative (most likely positive). May indicate charity given or received. Less outgoing, more introverted and meditative.

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The planet Venus is so named after the Roman goddess of love, beauty and fertility – a counterpart to the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Over time this planet has come to be associated with matters of love, affection, beauty, sensuality, luxury, money, women and their issues in general. The sign that one’s Venus occupied at the time of birth indicates that person’s passions, prized possessions and basic attitudes toward self and others.

Ancient Sumerians associated Venus with the foreboding influence of Inanna. In Central America the planet Venus was once traditionally viewed as a bad omen, depending on its position or celestial cycle. Contrary to the Western attributes of benevolence and femininity, the Morning Star was considered male and malevolent.

Venus Retrograde

This fall, the planet Venus is traveling Via Combusta, which in Latin means “the burning way” and refers to the last 15 degrees of Libra through the first 15 degrees of Scorpio. According to ancient astrologers its influence was hostile and evil. There are various reasons for this including the prominence of many fixed stars in this region that were considered to be harbingers of misfortune when transited by planets. Today the assertion that Via Combusta is just bad luck would be an oversimplification and not quite accurate. It would be wise to bear in mind what the ancients said while also leaving room for different possible manifestations.

The planet Venus entered the Retrograde pre-shadow on September 3rd at 25 degrees of Libra, slowly stationing for a change of direction beginning on October 5th, at 10 degrees of Scorpio. It enters Scorpio on September 9th.

Venus is generally not the happiest in Scorpio, as this is considered a position of “detriment” in astrological terms. Venus in Scorpio rouses the passions and may cause possessiveness or paranoia. However the early phase of this Retrograde cycle is greatly eased by Venus forming a harmonious trine to Neptune in Pisces. This is helpful for musical and other artistic endeavors. It can also be spiritually elevating.

Things really heat up around October 10th when Venus squares Mars in Aquarius. Love affairs will either either be hot and passionate or volatile and explosive. It is not recommended to begin a new romance or sexual relationship at this time. Established relationships won’t necessarily suffer but partners will feel something different, extra, or “alien” in the air. The right partners in the right settings could experience mutual healing of very deep-rooted insecurities and betrayals. Balance togetherness with periods of solitude for best results. Friendship, family and group dynamics may bring touchiness or heightened sensitivity. Animals may be moodier than usual.

Venus forms a sextile to Saturn on October 24th, helping to ground after experiences that may have either been destabilizing or emotionally draining in some way. It could simply be that there is a deepening of existing emotions that help to unravel deeper truths.

Venus retraces her way back into Libra on October 31st. If there were huge conflicts over the past few weeks they may begin to resolve now.

Venus Retrograde Guidelines

Here is a list of tips and suggestions to make life easier during this time:

  • Recycle and be resourceful with household items and other objects
  • Shop frugally instead of spending big or making big investments
  • Resume a spiritual practice
  • Resume artistic projects that were left undone
  • Refurbish buildings or furniture
  • Repair or alter jewelry instead of buying new pieces
  • Nurture and pamper instead of getting a makeover
  • Release old things or relationships that are unhealthy
  • Remodel or redo designs that are flawed instead of creating new ones
  • Review plans for the future

Women should be particularly careful regarding their health and reproductive system during this phase. Be very wary of any unnatural feminine products. A few helpful herbs for various female complaints include Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, Ashwagandha and Mugwort. People of either gender may experience throat issues or benefit from herbs that sooth their throat and chest area. Some suggestions are Licorice root, Echinacea, Wild Cherry bark, Slippery Elm, and Mullein. Also pay attention to the kidneys if there are any existing weaknesses there. Eating and drinking the appropriate substances in appropriate amounts help to alleviate such discomforts. Brief periods of fasting or detoxing with green juices may be helpful. Some people will do better with warm beverages and soups.

Venus rules Taurus and Libra so people who were born with planets in these signs might feel especially sensitive to the Retrograde. People with planets between 25 degrees of Libra and 10 degrees of Scorpio are likely to feel the effects of this transit strongly.

Venus Direct

Venus goes Direct on November 16th at 25 Libra opposite of Uranus, planet of of surprises. The outcome of this arrangement is impossible to predict! People could suddenly split up, undergo a major identity or career shift, or experience some kind of transmogrification. Interesting times, to be sure.

Venus finally exits the post-shadow on Decemeber 17th at 10 degrees Scorpio again. She will move back into a trine Neptune with effects that linger throughout the rest of the month. Mercury will also be exiting a post-shadow during that time.

There have been many extremes on the earth this year. Anyone still here and sane by the end of it would do well to hug/pat on the back/congratulate oneself for being so tenacious.

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