Holistic Horoscopes 2021 available to Preorder

This is an e-book (PDF) that includes:

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During the fall of 2019, the concept came to me for writing an e-book called Holistic Horoscopes for 2020, which I finished writing by the beginning of the year. Tying together knowledge and experience with holistic healing methods and astrology has long been my passion and is becoming a greater focus in my work as an astrologer. Holistic Horoscopes for 2021 can be pre-ordered here, to be released and sent out by December 21st of 2020. The price has gone up this year because the content has been hugely upgraded and includes many more pages (TBA). The total cost is $10, linked to PayPal via the image above.

A Follow-up to Dissecting the Health-Based Propaganda Machine: The Cure is Worse than the Disease

This post may be considered part II of Dissecting the Health-Based Propaganda Machine.  

One of the most frequently discussed symptoms of this year’s publicly announced greatest health threat is called anosmia, which is the experience of the complete lack of smell and taste. This is and has long been a common symptom for colds and other bugs, for those who forgot all about it. In 2020, people have been told to quarantine themselves for at least two weeks if they are unable to smell – unable to smell the bullshit that is. Although death rates this year have officially dropped since April, the control measures against humanity continue to rise. Critical thinking is discouraged while unthinking obedience is a welcome sign to tyranny.

This year Saturn in Aquarius began to edge its way into a square with Uranus in Taurus, with an tension that will only intensify in 2021. Health-wise this can create a lot of friction for many people and some extremely heavy vibes. This is exacerbated by wrong diets, excess mental pressure, and various forms of assault upon the senses. Remember that 4 out of 5 senses is based around the head and face. Sight through eyes, sound through ears, smell through nose, taste through mouth. The entry points for each of these senses have been targeted first, two of them symbolically in the form of the mask, or muzzle, which is suggestive of keeping quiet. Touch, what may here be considered the 5th sense has been targeted in the form of forced isolation.

So many symptoms, so much disease, so much death, and so little acknowledgment by the media of the underlying cause of a collective demise: RADIATION. Those symptoms include anosmia, which although is a common symptom of many colds and flus can also be an effect from radiation exposure. The consequences of environmental pollution and its threat to our health is a phenomenon that’s been highlighted by Pluto’s transit through earth-based Capricorn since 2008 and the relevance of radiation will become more of a recognized topic when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024. Other symptoms of radiation from a highly irradiated environment include dizziness, nausea, brain fog and chronic fatigue.

Radiation is emitted from cell towers, cell phones, computers and many electronic devices. It also comes from the radioactive metal plutonium, a by-product of nuclear weapon production and nuclear power operations. Different parts of the world, including our oceans have been heavily impacted by the release of plutonium and other hazardous wastes. Radiation that has negatively affected health in dramatic ways over the years include fallout from the radioactive contamination from the Rocky Flats in Colorado in the US, the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine, and the Fukushima power plant explosions in Japan. Effects from overexposure have included cancer in the lungs, blood, bones and many other body parts. It’s been brutal, and it’s not over yet.

Still, this isn’t being discussed collectively like all that’s being circulated about staying safe (from viruses), who really won the election and how to get more Instagram followers. Now with 5G, a weaponized technology intended to be used for crowd control, the amount of radiation in many areas, including via satellite is being amplified simultaneously like never before on this planet. You’d think this would be more of a priority cause for uprising, not only against the health hazards but the totalitarian power grab meant to knock the masses into submission.

Nope. That’s not important, it’s just “heresy.” Also, forget all about what used to be common sense when it comes to basic personal hygiene and wellness routines. The rules have changed. Now instead of eating healthy, staying hydrated and maintaining some degree of fitness along with a positive outlook, masks and vaccines are the answer. Nevermind the oxygen deficiency, blood poisoning and brain damage that may ensue. Nevermind that now children’s health is being hugely affected by 5G towers planted next to their schools and even their very own cell phone devices provided by their (well-meaning?) parents.

Keep them in masks and don’t let them get too close to each other, and make sure they’re not referring to themselves and others as “he” or “she” because it might offend those young children who have become highly aware of their sexuality and wish to fit in as being the opposite of what they are. After all, this is part of what it means to have equal rights in the 21st century. This is social justice at its finest. Compliments of Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Aquarius, and all outer planets that are in outer signs showing us what’s wrong and how we should go about fixing it for everyone, everywhere.  Sound ridiculous yet? This is the indoctrination coming from behind major media platforms. Those who plot the course of civilization behind the scenes are busy at work propagating the myths that many have come accept as either being politically correct or hard scientific facts. These myths are the globalists’ mask for hidden mind control, economic slavery and medical manipulation.

Hydroxychloroquine was one of the most controversial “remedies” of 2020, suggested by President Donald Trump as a promising solution to CV symptoms. This drug, typically used to treat malaria has been proven to pose a long list of health threats and ailments, some of them being extremely debilitating. As Trump is a businessman above all else, his investments and claims have little to do with health solutions and much to do with money. Joe Biden on the other hand is anxious to push forward a globalist depopulation plan in the guise of protecting US citizens from malicious viruses and other harms.

I held an old book in my hand at the beginning of 2020, called “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley which was published in 1932. At the time of reading and uploading a photo of this book on social media, I had no idea how fast the ideas behind its story would begin to become a reality. Huxley (who was a Freemason) described a dystopian future in which people would become terrified of germs and avoid normal reproduction, preferring artificial incubation. The dystopia features socially engineered humanoids that peel themselves further and further away from the natural world.

The trailer for the upcoming movie Songbird about a virus called Covid-23 is already getting slammed by critics, and rightfully so. It’s no surprise that this would be the best Los Angeles film producers could come up with during 2020, since the city has been under severe lock-downs most of the year with supposedly nothing to do but stew in dread and self-pity. This kind of trash production is a straight attack on the human psyche, to both shock people into paralysis and eventually to normalize what has become an attempt to seize control of not only the global economy but of people’s very minds and souls.

This coming new year and beyond, just say No to mandatory injections and medical martial law. I mean do what you want, even if it means wearing a mask or accepting the vaccine. That’s your choice, just like it’s someone else’s choice not to. Just saying. Nobody has the right to force you to do anything against your will unless you live in North Korea, in which case you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Peace out.

Neptune in Pisces – Invisible Wars and Spiritual Lessons

One of the major themes of Neptune’s transit through its native sign Pisces is a dissolution of boundaries, which in today’s world is occurring via politics and technology. From April 5, 2011 until January 26, 2026, this transit began during the time when many of the ancient prophecies suggested the world would end in some way, and it is indeed ending in the ways that we have previously identified with.

Neptune obviously rules water and the oceans, and one of the things that has affected planet earth since its entrance into Pisces is the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster on March 11, 2011. The results of toxic radiation have affected sea-life, wildlife and humans ever since that day, despite how much the information regarding it is denied.

As civil war in the form of protests and riots continue worldwide, law enforcement is undergoing a terrifying transformation so huge that we can scarcely imagine what this could lead to if it continues in the direction it’s heading toward. The law formerly issued only through specific human officials has slowly been granted to the general public, a sea full of disgruntled people micromanaging each other primarily through digital means. The collectivized policing also occurs through advertisements and mass production of clothing and other objects stamped with popular slogans meant to “school others” on what’s politically correct and what’s not.

Neptune rules photography and cinema, and although it does not specifically relate to technology as does Uranus, it does have much to do with the modified imagery that is so prevalent on the internet. Neptune is the great astrological influence behind all that cannot be fully pinned down in a material sense. It is ethereal in nature. It can be inspiring or hellish, depending on unforeseen factors. It can be seductive, like the fake beauty plastered on billboards and flashing on glowing T.V. screens.

In a digital yet nebulous realm of so-called knowledge and imagery that bleeds and morphs into many strange things, people have come to assume that the information, ideas, and even personal photos of others are their own personal property (aside from global icons and famous models). Worse yet, the very ideas of privacy and personal property are on the verge of collectively being viewed as a sin. The New Agey cries for democracy, this tyranny disguised as unity is a violation of basic human rights. True to the domain of Neptune, a world that is unseen to most of us is wreaking havoc on ordinary lives. It is driving people further away from nature and divinity and deeper into a dependency on the trappings of modern conveniences.

Neptune rules fantasy and the imagination. It is easy to get lost in it, like a maze that leads further and further into the middle of nowhere. Nightmares can become so convincing, to the point where the mind gives way to insanity. Similarly, the internet makes it all too easy to plagiarize, slander and censor others whenever egos are being bruised or somebody has something somebody else wants. Just as in “Real Life” (a lost art these days) nobody from the outside ever knows the inside story behind the drivel that is being circulated. Instead they repeat what they hear as if factual. Rumors of all kinds, from the trivial to those of massive importance whet the collective appetite for gossip, fueling a voyeurism that seems as vast as a bottomless pit. In the old days more people got that kind of satisfaction from sensational tabloids. Nowadays, thanks to social media, a kind of service that grew rapidly during Neptune’s previous transit through Aquarius between 1998-2012, it has become all too easy for billions to bypass the personal responsibility of their own lives because they’ve handed it over to power figures of all stripes, from info “gurus” to political leaders.

Neptune is associated with spirituality, as well as the flawed human ideas around it. This whole idea of sharing everything as if all aspects of one’s life should be as transparent as an open diary has grown out of a far left ideology. Even some of those who are right-leaning have forgotten this, as their own hypocrisy has revealed in recent years, with Neptune spilling it out all over the table. Some of these people may be public figures who pride themselves on their supposed conservatism while they engage in an equal amount of criticisms and censorship against anything or anyone who seems to even mildly disagree with their strongly upheld belief system.

The Millennial generation (most born during Pluto’s transit through Scorpio between 1983-1995 and Neptune in Capricorn 1984-1998) is one that overall heavily leans on technology for their livelihoods, education and entertainment. Some have become extremely successful and contributed much good to humanity, so I’ll make that clear right away that this is not a criticism of everyone born during that time period. It’s already been noticed by many that a large portion of them have exhibited what may be termed a sort of collective, intellectual “superiority complex”. Think Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder for example. They act not only as if the world owes them privileges, information and things, but as if they already have it all, simply because of certain things they have read online. What so often occurs is that the ideas of other people are adopted as if they are their own (Neptune in Capricorn borrowing credits from those who came before). There is not much original about what these types speak or do, and that refers to those who steal from others. Because they grew up when the internet was rapidly growing in accessibility, much of their early learning came through absorbing what they read online or copied through others. Many of them grow into these early-life “experts” that encourage those around them to remain plugged into the digital network, where all can be monitored, cataloged and tracked. This is part of where the increased societal desire for security stems from. But…security is nonexistent within Neptune’s net, which is kind of where most of us dwell currently.

The fact remains that nothing – for anyone of any age, can substitute actual life experience in any field other than the field of the internet and technology itself. In addition, whether someone identifies themselves as left or right leaning they seldom have a true understanding of where their true values lie because many of them don’t even have a genuine sense of self unless and until they have lived life as it is, raw and real, without a complete reliance on technology. Those who do fully rely on the world of technology are in a way, selfless, in the worst possible way. To be selfless is to be soulless, and that is the image many strive so hard to attain. This also does happen in the guise of charity, which has become a perversion of previously pure spiritual aims.

One of the important things that Neptune’s latest transit in Pisces has accomplished is a tearing down of the veil of glamour from Hollywood, which has exposed the corruption behind the scenes of so many pop icons. Although Hollywood only physically occupies a small section of Southern California, its psychic influence has spanned the entire globe for several decades. The child abuse, occult rituals and exploitation of many star icons has been revealed through internet “leaks” and whistle-blowers. These leaks were especially prevalent in the years 2015-2016, while Jupiter opposed Neptune and Uranus was still in a square with Pluto.

In 2020, Neptune in Pisces was activated by a sextile from its sibling planet Jupiter three times: February 20, July 27, and October 12. Jupiter’s close involvement with Saturn and Pluto made this an extra volatile set of transits. Contagion, infection and fears of disease (ruled by both Neptune and Pisces) were amplified by Jupiter and intensified by the stern presence of Saturn and the ruthlessness of Pluto in Capricorn. The next time this transit hits will be on May 23, 2024. Hopefully we will have learned much from our most recent experiences so that they do not need to be repeated then.

There is an aspect of the Neptunian force that can be easily merged with, which means to take the path of least resistance, or it can be rejected. This takes discipline, because Neptune’s glittering jewels are extremely tempting, addicting, and very hard to turn away from.

There is no single person who can stop what’s happening. There is no president, no ascended master, no savior who has enough integrity to battle this spiritual monster alone, which has grown the size of all of humanity itself. The monster is comprised of all of the subconscious fears of our past, present and future selves combined. Like the dragon stories of old, only one who is both strong and clever enough can defeat the dragon and in this case that dragon would be his or her own participation in feeding the collective dragon. It would mean the ability to tame oneself and consciously choose one’s own actions, instead of being manipulated by outside forces. Then one becomes free to explore the friendlier dimensions of Neptune’s domain, where true understanding is gained and compassion may be developed through introspection and wisdom. Ultimately, Neptune can be the planet that liberates us from earthly woes by increasing our spiritual perception instead of wasting us away in our cherished illusions.

Dissecting the Health-Based Propaganda Machine

Anyone with internet access in 2020 has surely noticed the plethora of headlines, videos and articles stressing the importance following mask-wearing mandates.

The American physician and “disease expert” Anthony Fauci, who was originally quoted saying mask-wearing is unnecessary is now saying that it’s “time for the US to put aside extraordinary excuses and mandate masks.”

In order to maintain his role as a health expert he has recently advised that people get enough sleep, maintain a healthy diet and avoid stress as a way of maintaining immunity.

This all sounds reasonable enough to anyone who knows and studies basic health and wellness. It’s also a gross simplification of how to stay healthy and neglects to address all of the issues that bar adequate sleep, proper diets and stress relief in today’s world. He admits that the only two vitamins he takes are Vitamin C and Vitamin D, pointing out the importance of sunlight in achieving optimum Vitamin D levels which strengthen immunity. He downplays the usefulness of other supplements and herbs saying they may have a placebo effects at best. We would have to assume that he also discredits the value of such herbs such as Oregano, Garlic and Elderberry that have been proven to kill germs and boost immunity and that have been used in several cultures worldwide for hundreds if not thousands of years for these purposes. Meanwhile he wants to mandate masks which have not been proven either to be safe or to offer foolproof protection against viruses. Of course, social distancing and hand hygiene are considered to be of equal importance.

Anthony Fauci was born with the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio is in exact opposition to Uranus in his chart, with an unknown time of birth. Neptune is placed in health and service-oriented Virgo, casting a veil of deceit over related matters. The man appears to be primarily a public figure who cares mostly for exerting control (Capricorn) and emotional manipulation of the masses through fear-inducing tactics (the focus in Scorpio, with the Mars-Uranus opposition hinting at the abuse of power on a massive scale). He happens to be close to the experience of a Uranus-return within the next 2-3 years if he lives through the shock of it. This return occurs for people at around the age of 81. 

An analysis by the American investment bank Goldman Sachs expressed that a mask mandate could be worth $1 Trillion.

Here are just a few side effects from the long-term use of medical and cloth masks:

Increased anxiety (which eventually lowers immunity)

Allergies to the toxins in medical masks

Staph infections from cloth masks – no guarantee of protection from viruses

Oral infection and dental decay

Oxygen debt, weakened immunity and chronic respiratory conditions

A few other side effects include migraines, dizziness, and intense acne breakouts. Plastic face shields are not much better in the way of comfort as they do not allow for a greater flow of oxygen than cloth or medical masks. I have personally experimented with wearing one of these and noticed that I got an instant headache as soon as the plastic was drawn over my eyes. This plastic shield, although not touching the face interferes with normal visual and auditory functions which is bound to have detrimental effects if worn over long periods of time by anyone. While wearing the mask, I was able to hear myself breathe, slowly, with some degree of strain. Each time upon removing the plastic shield my lungs would instantly suck up all the fresh air it could. As a person with a history of asthma that began in childhood I believe that being forced to wear masks would only put added stress on my body and would ultimately do nothing to protect me from getting sick.

It would be completely understandable to suggest social distancing for those who are elderly or with compromised immune systems. Basic hygiene is something that people should have been practicing all along if there were concerns, and out of courtesy for others.

Remember, social distancing to the degree that it’s being pushed for is one of the top protocols for the quiet, widespread and rapid installation of smart-grid 5G technology around the world that coincides with this year’s hot topic – the big “rona”. Keeping as many people off the streets, estranged from nature and glued to their wireless radiation devices are methods of lowering people’s defenses and ripening them for what’s coming like fidgeting crabs that will be thrown into a huge pot of boiling (digital) stew. These methods are not protecting but weakening the human race, destroying ecology, animals and all that’s sacred. Global warming is the guilt trip placed upon all of us for even existing. If we are to be destroyed by viral or artificial means, then we are not to worry – carbon copies of us are already in the works. That’s the idea, anyway.

This social distancing, part of the influence of Saturn’s current transit through the sign of collective-focused Aquarius is crashing the economy, increasing the incidences of domestic abuse and preventing children from interacting in healthy ways at school. This past year, I’ve seen more depressed looking kids than ever before. They’re not playing the way the kids normally do and should. They’re being forced to breathe through cloth masks, stay indoors and avoid contact with others their own age. One hospital in Minnesota began to enforce social distancing between newborn babies and their own mothers. Due to the newborn’s first and extremely crucial phase of development this should be considered a form of child abuse.

A germophobic approach to a global takeover is one method of coercing most people on planet earth to surrender their sovereign rights. This is both figuratively and in some cases literally being done by scaring people to death. Take a look at some of the things that the: “internet of things” (IoT) has in store for this upcoming decade – including clothing that connects to the internet, 3D printed cars, implantable mobile phones that can be injected under the skin, and robot pharmacists. These kinds of technology are so unnatural to us that it they are bound to harm and destroy millions of lives.

Adding insult to injury there is this mad rush for vaccine distribution that would be premature by a year or two since most vaccines for specific viruses in the past have taken at least one year to create. Donald Trump’s plan is to distribute vaccines through the military through what he calls “Operation warp-speed.” Even though Trump is skeptical of masks, his supporters seem to be in favor of the vaccine, simply because he is the one promoting them.

Whatever health advice is being circulated out there by the mainstream media is 100% propaganda and one of the few earthly things that brings me satisfaction these days is seeing just how many people aren’t buying it.

The fear-mongering by global dictators and elitists who operate behind the scenes is getting louder, more aggressive, and outrageously invasive, and it’s not going to lift. It’s not going to stop unless and until people truly unplug from the propaganda machine and refuse to fund its continuation.


  • Delete your Facebook account or limit use
  • Throw away your cellphone, limit or discontinue service
  • Limit time spent on the computer to one hour or less per day on average unless work-related
  • If computer time is necessary use protective stones such as Shungite, EMF resistant clothing and blue light filters for the screen
  • Avoid Alexa and smart devices – they are all spyware
  • Buy organic, support local farmers, and grow your own produce if possible
  • Spend time outdoors in nature whenever possible, get fresh air and sunlight
  • A meditation practice for quieting mental chatter and anxiety, deep breathing

Nodal Transits in the USA Chart in 2021: Last Calls for Freedom

Beginning mid-October 2020, the North Node at 21 degrees will transit over the placement of Mars in the USA birth chart. It will transit over the placement of Uranus in July 2021. This first transit coincides with Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury turning Retrograde on October 13th of this year. With Mercury in Scorpio, communications are a deep, dark, jumbled mess in America’s political arena. People are divided and arguing over the less of two evils as Election day draws near.

Saturn, the planet of restriction and delays will be transiting the USA’s South Node in Aquarius for most of 2021, exact on February 12th and closely again in October. In addition to transiting the USA’s South Node, Saturn is going to be squaring Uranus. This is a major warning sign of the possible undoing of the very freedoms that this country has long been known and cherished for.

Like the much of the rest of the Western world, Asia and Australia, the United States of America has been experiencing a stripping of sovereign rights during the global pandemic of 2020. No matter whether one believes this virus to be real or inflated in its significance, the forced social distancing, mask-wearing mandates, and expedited vaccines are all signs of a totalitarian “lock-down” on our human rights. The law of the land has absolutely nothing to do with safety or wellness. To the contrary it is an attempt at squashing the collective body, mind and spirit. It is an unholy war of biblical proportions, designed to own and destroy humanity, including those of us who choose not to comply with the rules of the new technocratic world order.

The North Node transiting over USA’s Mars in Gemini is a sign of being given one of our last chances at self-defense, which is currently and primarily occurring through freedom of speech. The biggest debates happening are within the population itself and not clown candidates. There are many people who fully understand what is at stake and who are doing their part to both educate their fellow man and protect their original constitutional rights.

Several people have had the nerve to ask me during personal readings for them who I think will win the election. I have witnessed both sides of the coin in bias and therefore have compiled a list that may help put things into perspective:

  • Donald Trump’s administration’s “Operation Warp Speed” is pushing extra hard on making vaccines “available” to millions before the end of the year. There is so far no discussion about choice and no clarity as how this may affect our rights to travel. By leaving these details undefined we can be sure that there is a hidden catch to not accepting the vaccine.
  • Joe Biden wants to mandate mask-wearing, enforced by legal authorities in every state. He does not take into consideration the many health risks associated with long-term use of face masks such as oxygen obstruction, anxiety, and increased infections of the lungs, throat and face. That is also despite the fact there is actually zero evidence showing long-term mask-wearing to be effective in preventing viral infection.
  • Trump’s “historic peace agreement” with Middle East is nothing more than an extension of his close allegiances with Israel, number one in “cyber-security” aka global surveillance. There is still no justice for Palestinians whose basic human rights are being stripped and whose homes are being demolished. There is nothing peaceful at all about the agreement he made with leaders in the Middle East.
  • Biden is demanding that Trump disavow “white supremacy” and so-called “nazi” propagandists (How can Trump be a nazi if he gave Netanyahu the “key to the White House”? His actions more closely resemble Zionism) although Biden refuses to disavow left-wing antifa participants who only contribute to the increase of societal unrest with their looting and random acts of violence. Biden pardons these heinous acts because they don’t conflict with his left-wing ideology.
  • Trump has invested billions in Crown Castle stock market in order to expedite the infrastructure of 5G technology in America. His administration has gone so far as to label 5G a national “security priority” for the country. Some believe that since Trump has gone up against Chinese technocracy and 5G that his version will be “milder” and less harmful. At this point we have zero proof of that so therefore it is incredibly naive, not to mention dangerous to assume that this man who has owed billions to some of the world’s most corrupt bankers (Rothschilds) is playing some kind of heroic “4D chess” with the swamp he claimed he would drain. 
  • Biden with his incoherent speech and threats imposed upon our very own sovereign rights has been set in place to make Trump appear to his fans and those in doubt as the better, wiser, and triumphant one. Biden’s idea of solving the nation’s problems is to keep everyone under a tight reign. That is, to rule by tyranny under the guise of mercy, to control health and immunity under the guise of martial law. Not to mention Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris who seems to influence a great deal of his decisions is opting for governments to dictate people’s diets under the guise of fighting “man-made” global warming. One of the dangers of dictating people’s diets is that people have different dietary needs based on their constitution.

There you have it. There is no such thing is choice when it comes to the New World Order. The current political scheme is set up by design to cajole, bribe and coerce people into traps.

In mid-July of 2021 the North Node in Gemini with transit the USA’s position of Uranus. This is the planet that rules technology, which must be used responsibility if we are going to survive these times unscathed. If we use the Sagittarius Rising chart for the USA this will directly impact the sixth house of the nation which rules health, work and employment. This immediately follows 4th of July, America’s celebration day of independence. With Saturn transiting the South Node while squaring Uranus and Pluto beginning to come full circle in the USA chart, the elite surely have more chaotic events in store.

Ultimately, it’s not these leaders but each and every individual who is a combination of intelligent, honest and moral who serve as the beacons of hope for the future of the United States.

Weathering Saturn’s square to Uranus with Conscious Awareness

2020 has been referred to by many as the year that heralds the “End Times” described in many world religions. One of the major astrological aspects that has brought on so much global upheaval was Saturn’s conjunction to Pluto in January. This conjunction has been tied in to the build-up of the Great Conjunction involving Saturn and Jupiter, due on December 14th. Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto have all traveled together this year, bringing tremendous change to the entire global economy.

Saturn is a planet that sometimes appears to take things away from us, to make us work harder for less pay, while we have less energy to work with. This could be seen as Saturn’s way of teaching the ways of prudence and perseverance. It was during Saturn’s entry into Aquarius in late March of 2020 that intense fears of Covid-19 began to spread, businesses closed down, and collectively humanity experienced the forced practice of social distancing.

Saturn, being a key player in major catastrophes began to form a square from Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus in April 2020 that will grow in intensity throughout 2021 and remain active throughout 2022. This aspect will have an especially strong effect in October of 2022, although not exact by degrees. Three exact squares will occur in 2021 on the following dates:

February 17
June 14
December 24

Saturn in a square with shocking Uranus is known for causing destabilization on a grand scale, along with economic scarcity and civil unrest. This was an aspect that occurred just prior to and throughout the Great Depression in the early 1930s, along with Uranus’s square to Pluto which intensified the devastation. During that early period Saturn was in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.

There have been hints during 2020 of a huge collective shift taking place from Capricorn’s themes of traditions, rules, currency and business to those themes that highlight the Aquarian Age, primarily revolving around technology, communication and community in general.

During the build-up to many of these aspects the corruption of government leaders has been unveiled, while fierce disagreements remain between those who have chosen to rebel against it and those who have continued to uphold the fear and greed based values and propaganda that basically fuels modern society. The tension this generates has taken the forms of race-based and political riots, all during huge increases in weather warfare, EMF bombardment, social engineering and digital surveillance – which by the way are manifestations of the dark side of both Uranus and Aquarius.

By the time Saturn exits Aquarius in March of 2023, Pluto will be gearing up to enter it later that same month. 2024 will officially begin its 20 year long transit through this sign, during which humanity will be greatly tested in the responsible use of technology. The technology itself will either become a form of total enslavement or a means of greater inventiveness and achievements.

There is nothing about our current situation that has not been deliberately planned by the elites, who are well aware of ancient prophecies and employ astrology for their own uses. By playing on the fear of death due to a virus, more deaths have occurred and most likely will continue to occur for years to come, largely as the result of a global recession and all of the depression, struggle and poverty that it causes.

Knowing this, we should be well equipped to grow in resourcefulness and resoluteness to become more conscious in our actions. This is the time to prepare on all levels for what is yet to come: in body, emotions, mind and spirit. By tuning into the higher, more positive vibrations of Saturn we are able to grow in strength rather than becoming worn down by life’s challenges. By tuning into the positive vibrations of Uranus we are able to tap into our intuition more readily and to make choices that empower us rather than tear us to shreds.

On the mundane, very practical side of life it would probably be wise to begin learning methods of growing, drying, and storing foods. Also, it could even be fun for many who are spending more time at home to sew their own clothes, and overall to express their creativity in a number of different areas.

The key is to take charge of our lives in our own unique ways, rather than depending on outside authorities to solve our problems for us, because obviously, they have failed us quite miserably.

Rekindling our Passions with Mars Retrograde

Mars goes Retrograde at 28 degrees of Aries on September 9th and stationing Direct on November 13th at 15 degrees. This Retrograde period can have the effect of softening the edge on some course emotions such as rage, terror, jealousy and hatred and rekindling our heart’s true passions. It may also bring back opportunities to pick up where we left off with certain hobbies or interests. However, when Mars goes back into Direct motion in November, those pressing matters which were left unsaid and undone may come to a head – and explode!

Remember to check out the description for your Rising sign too. For a more specific and detailed reading, a full birth chart reading with transits is recommended.

Here some ideas for each of the signs:


For you Arians out there this Retrograde period is all about you getting back into touch with yourself on a deep level. What do you really want to happen and with who? In what ways have you been holding yourself back? This should be an illuminating time in which you reignite your joie de vivre.


This phase offers a reflection period for all that you have put your energy toward during the past couple of years. Are the results to your liking or are there certain things you would like to change? Likely there are both. Inspiration comes to you in unusual forms over these next few weeks.


You are interested in connecting with old friends or an old flame. Your life has undergone drastic changes and this period offers you the chance to assimilate them. Rather than keep your thoughts to yourself, you may stronger desire connection with your community in which to share plans and ideas.


Has your work load been heavy lately or have your body seemed to struggle with increased demands at work or at home? Maybe during this period you’ll finally be able to get a better handle on it all. Something finally falls into place that took a great deal of your time and energy before.


You’ve recently been drawn out into the open again, after a period of rest or laying low. It seems like everything is happening “all at once”. For some of you this year has led to a spiritual crisis or awakening. Now you will finally be able to make sense of your impressions and experiences.


The subject of money comes into focus, especially as it pertains to legal agreements. How you deal with this is a personal choice. If you’ve felt stuck this year in some way that may soon change for the better. A new option or invitation will appear. A previous gift in disguise makes itself known.


Partnerships have been a roller coaster this year, sometimes being fun and other times totally sucky. During this period Mars mellows out the tension you’ve been experiencing with someone, whether this is a close interpersonal relationship, business centered or something else. Objectivity is key.


Either more things seem to have been asked of you lately, or you have decided that you need to take major action in some area of your life that has become too stagnant. In any case this is a very busy phase for you when a special routine begins to pick up. This is also a great time for personal healing.


The highlight is your creative life force energy. You are getting back into doing something that you really enjoy, or continuing a project that you began recently. Go back to doing what you love, and what comes naturally to you. This period may also feature activities with your children or young people.


The thing being called to your attention is the need to change something within your environment. It is very possible that you leave an unhealthy situation at work or do something to fix it. For many of you this will revolve around your home life. It’s about gaining relief from something that’s bothering you.


Your family members are the highlight this month, whether that means biological or kindred spirits. If you’ve had disagreements lately this time period should help you to patch things up. For some of you the focus may actually revolve around education and being able to continue with your studies.


If money has slipped through your fingers for awhile or you’ve simply been unhappy about your purchases, that could change during Mar’s Retrograde through your second house. You’ll no longer feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick here. You’re entering a period of increased fulfillment.

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Mars Retrograde 2020 Tarot Reading

Mars Retrograde in Aries September 9 – November 13
Reading for the World 🌎

Using the Herbal Tarot deck by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin I picked 3 cards for this transit of Mars Retrograde in its home sign, Aries. Raw malachite, a stone of transformation and psychic protection is pictured above.

What surrounds us: 8 of Swords

This currently speaks of the continued sense of being hemmed in and locked down. It is important to ground, pause and focus because there are so many ideas, so many options that make it difficult to know the truth or choose correct decisions. Many s-words can mean the mix-up of words, and resulting anxiety. The swords represent air and the air quality in many parts of the world is very poor right now due to smoke from so-called “wildfires”. This card indicates a collective movement through a “dark night of the soul”, where we have the opportunity to face many fears, conquer many obstacles. Black Cohosh is an herb long sacred to Native Americans and used for nerves, cramps and pains. On the energy level this herb and its flower assists with spiritual detoxification – especially of those toxins that have accumulated as a result of suffering many years of abuse. This is a social kind of abuse that very few of us have escaped. Now, more are recognizing it and ready to break the pattern.

Advice card: Temperance

Temperance speaks of the search for truth. It suggests cooperative efforts for global transformation. There is a star 🌟 of truth and divine providence that shines above each of us, lighting the way at every moment. By following this truth instead of temptation, greed and temporary conveniences we break free of vicious cycles that would keep us trapped in a state of perpetual suffering.  Temperance also reflects being shown a method/methods of honing our unique skills, to perfect our artistry (there is an art to almost every skill) in a way that positively impacts those around us. Traditionally, this card depicts an Angel holding alchemical cups. This, among other things serves as a reminder that divine assistance is available when we truly allow it into our lives. Echinacea is an herb widely used for building immunity. It is not meant for long term use, nor is it for use by all people. Here, it primarily serves as a reminder to keep up our immunity in every possible way, because we need our strength to get through these immensely challenging times.

Outcome: 6 of Swords

This speaks of a journey be it physical, mental or spiritual. The journey may take place over water, figuratively or literally. Some will sink, others will swim, and yet others will sail across. The water in this case may be Neptunian in nature…an ocean of deception that many have risen above and now navigate above.  It indicates a big mental “AHA” that is and will be occurring by the time Mars goes Direct in mid-November. The 6 of Swords points to the shedding of outmoded ideas and becoming more aware of the world around us. Old views are replaced with new knowledge and wisdom, especially near the Equinox of September 22nd. Blockages to many 3rd eyes 👁 wil be cleared so that more people see the truth of what is going on. Vervain induces sweat, removes toxins. This could hint at the healing quality of the sweat lodge, sauna, steam-room or of the Sun. It’s time to sweat out the poisons of global domination from our collective Souls.

Mars, planet of action moves backward in a square with Pluto these next few months. This is a sign of both tension and huge changes underway.

We are the resistance to medical tyranny, economic slavery and global corruption 💪

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The Role of Saturn in Australia’s 2020 Lockdown

The month of August kicked off for Victoria, Australia with a government “state of disaster” prompted by proclaimed rising death tolls of the elderly and other victims of Covid-19.

In the birth chart of Australia from January 26, 1788, in Sydney, an exact degree transit of Pluto to Australia’s Mercury in Capricorn has been in effect all throughout 2020. This was set off by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January.  Saturn is so often viewed as the devil of the earth. Pluto is the planet of death and the masses, of sweeping changes and the kind of deep-set filth that takes something terrible and huge to purify – or something that in and of itself due to its invasive nature needs purification. Mercury is the planet of commerce, communication and the media. With Pluto passing over it, a target for propaganda and large displays of power, domination and bullying could literally be ripped open. Part of this has manifested in the form of citizens being approached at their own doorsteps and served with mandatory PCR testing. Some officers have threatened to separate family members from each other. 

A few weeks prior to the lock-down it was stated by health officials that if people did not comply with mandatory testing they would be forced to pay an outstanding fine close to $10,000.

Saturn was in exact opposition to Australia’s Uranus at the time of the latest lock-down, indicating the sudden prohibition of many freedoms. This chart seems to reveal more in the way of transits than that of Australia’s Inauguration birth chart on January 1st 1901. Some things worth considering about the latter chart is that the North Node had just begun to transit Australia’s Neptune in Gemini with the South Node passing over its Jupiter in Sagittarius. This could explain the blurring of actual occurrences with false statistics in order to confuse people and completely strip them of their sovereignty. Being at the tail end of a Saturn Return in this case may also indicate Australia getting kicked in the rear end with increased limitations. Either way, Saturn’s influence is great, for Australia was most recently born under a Capricorn Sun, ruled by old father time. It is being transited in a trine by Uranus, the planet of sudden reversals of fate and fortune, achieving its aims in this situation via technology.

Drones have been used for surveillance purposes to locate inhabitants of Victoria who are not wearing masks and whose cars are parked too far away from home. Vaccines are being prepared for mandatory injection – a total violation of human rights. These various maneuvers are all part of the 5G “trend” leading toward a transhumanistic world, where machines and robots would dictate our every move, purchase and conversation. All privacy of any kind would be eradicated, a thing of the past. True health and well-being would be masked by chemicals and people eventually replaced by clones.

By pushing the narrative of a deadly virus the hidden global elite have been able to dupe people into submission the world over. Since we are “all connected” by simply living on this planet it it goes without saying that what happens in Australia will soon happen to the rest of civilization unless we collectively stand together and fight against this tyranny. It’s a large task, and too much to take on all at once. Many small communities are successfully taking measures to guard their freedoms and the power of their strength and influence is on the rise. Still, we are out-numbered by those who are falling into mind-boggling fear traps. 

An Australian protest for freedom is being planned on September 5th. Although the intentions of this may be worthy the results of could be problematic. Already small protests have broken out in Muslim communities, and due to a backlash by police officers this will escalate the existing movement to defund police, which would eventually mean replacing them with digital surveillance and martial law.

With the Full Moon in Pisces on September 1st there is indeed a lot of negativity and sickness floating around, coming up to be purged. Although it may be affecting our bodies it’s not physical but psychic in nature. It is the mental and emotional garbage of a world full of people that have lost their way and become submerged in gross materialism and a fear of lack, making them easy to manipulate, easy to guilt-trip and easy to enslave. This is a time to shake loose that debris, to reclaim the truth of who we are and to fully inhabit our bodies and our world with keen awareness. If we fail to do so, we may soon be facing our demise. The truth might seem scary but the nightmare of a false utopia, filled with false security could be fatal.

Wherever you happen to live in the world, you can help raise the energy for true freedom to be realized with prayers, meditations, refusing compliance and sharing the knowledge that you have.