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The Full Moon is 27 degrees of Scorpio on the 18th. I’m not going to doctor this post up with roses and hearts because this is one of those jaw-dropping, shock-rocking mind-blowing astro transits even if things are going relatively well for you. Happy campers, enjoy the swamp! Obviously it hasn’t been drained yet. It’s all kinds of wet and wild right now, however anyone wants to take that statement.

Venus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus on this day, bringing unexpected encounters and conversations to the table, for a feast of freakiness. Are you ready for this?

On the serious side, it’s worth mentioning that the current influence is a full-tilt, no-nonsense one that doesn’t take well to meddling, prying and betrayal. Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto, which relates to war, aggression, power and hidden depths. This sign is about secrets, seduction and slime. It’s also about exposing snake-oil shamans and shills. It’s about time the TRUTH be told.

Everyone has a different set of circumstances to deal with, so how this influence manifests will be unique to each person or entity. Again, please forgive my forwardness if none of this pertains to you whatsoever (then, take it with a grain of salt). If it does, what kinds of things are you discovering about people or situations that are taking you by surprise? Have you recently been lied to? Met face-to-face with a gatekeeper of evil? Been hijacked by whining, bitching, hypocrites who take pleasure in mocking those who are less fortunate than themselves? Well…

Mercury is opposite the Full Moon so it’s important recognize or at least check out more closely what’s going on even if that’s not an easy or PC thing to do. Sometimes people are very skilled at masking their true intentions. The strange sensation that you cannot trust someone but don’t know why should not be ignored but investigated. Sure, giving the benefit of the doubt has its usefulness but only up until a certain point and you know the point I’m getting at. There is a fine line between intuition and paranoia and it’s up to the individual to decipher this by close examination of the facts that they have been able to gather as those facts relate to them or to the subject matter at hand.

Another “dark” side to the pit of Scorpio is that some people under its influence can dish out the dirt with ferocity but they can’t just can’t seem to take it. We’ve all met with these types in life. This is another danger to look out for but not necessarily anticipate, especially for those who are finding that the stuck has finally become unstuck and they can move forward again with ease.

Healing of body, mind and spirit is a huge highlight this weekend, and not just on the surface levels. There is a push toward getting to the root of some long-standing issue with hopes of bringing greater clarity and functionality to the area. There are many methods and tools of doing this, which may continue to make themselves known over the next couple of weeks.

For others this is a time of grief, or even of intense joy. Whatever is happening we can be sure that something is changing in a big way. Something,or someone, has left or morphed into something else. There are many emotions around this event or situation. It is no small thing but one to be acknowledged in full, and perhaps even to honor with a rite of passage into another chapter of life.


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I got this finished just in time for the New Moon in Taurus today 💚

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This year is less than halfway over and already so many manifestations of the 3 vibration have appeared. Outward, masculine and Martian in nature, the number three seems paradoxical in that it is represented by the third Major Arcana card of the Tarot, the Venus-ruled Empress.

I recently shared a thought-provoking conversation with the Tarot reader Jillian Malone, in which we reviewed some of these manifestations of the number 3 and the Empress. Just to briefly recap and add to what was said. These are some of the highlights of this year coming more sharply into focus now:

  • The female in all her phases – Maiden, Mother, Crone
  • Relationships to women, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends, friends, etc.
  • Female authority figures, female politicians, female figureheads
  • An emphasis on over-feminization in fashion and culture
  • Domestic issues related to females
  • Environmental issues, a focus on agriculture, permaculture, gardening, etc.
  • Religious leaders, religious creations (like churches) and figureheads, saints, angels
  • Multiplicity, abundance, excess
  • Ambition and versatility
  • Enthusiasm and inspiration
  • Music and the arts










There are 3 Major Arcana cards with the number 3 vibration. These are The Empress – the female, love relationships made, strengthened or broken, The Hanged Man – surrender, shift of perception and transition into the unknown, and The World – the culmination of a major cycle and beginning of another, or returning to a point of origin which could mean one’s original home, the afterlife, or merged with Divinity.

Astrological influences that coincide with the themes above are the transit of the North Node in Cancer. This implies being in transition, from one home to another, one long-standing state of being to another, or in some cases one gender to another. One of the lesser known attributes of the three is the symbolic death of the ego, which is reborn in some other form. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon it can mean being caught up in a lunar-induced trance, unsure of the difference between what is real and unreal. Uranus, the planet of shock and change is now transiting Venus-ruled and earthy Taurus. Venus is Direct all year which is a relief but does not necessarily mean smooth sailing the whole time. It just means all is moving forward with regard to the archetypes and energies that this planet represents, for better or worse.

Astrologer Adam Gainsburg has written a book called Light of Venus with an interesting take on this planet’s cycles and significance in relation to feminine expression.

The number 3 is like a launching pad into something else, whatever that thing, person or situation may be. It is not settled and secure, but restlessly seeking, enterprising and eager for new experiences. There may be a lot of free-floating anxiety but there is also great potential for creative expression and self actualization.

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Tune in to this live chat with Tarot reader Jillian Marie Malone, April 21st on Easter Sunday at 3:00 pm PST (or you can listen later)

We will be checking in about the #3 Year of the Empress:
*Numerology of a #3 year
*Significance of the Tarot card the Empress
*How it’s going so far and what to look out for

Click the link below when you are ready to watch and listen!

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Whatever your views may be about the burning of Notre Dame cathedral, it is the mark of an epochal event, steeped in occult symbolism. What I’ve noticed around it in addition to human shock and grief is a whole lot of shaming, mockery, and controversy around its causes and aftermath.

There has actually been a huge number of attacks on French churches during the past couple of years although this one really stands out among the hundreds. Notre Dame has been the most famous Gothic cathedral to survive the Middle Ages. On April 15th when the fire broke out, the Sun was 25 degrees of Aries, close enough to form a conjunction with Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus. This aspect, as well as a stellium of Saturn, the South Node and Pluto in Capricorn indicated the coming of drastic change, shaking old foundations down to the core. Capricorn also relates to the patriarchy. Jupiter Retrograde Sagittarius squaring Neptune, the Black Moon Lilith, Venus and Mercury in Pisces was shooting fiery arrows into areas and situations mired in intrigue.

The Moon in Virgo was moving into a mutable square with Mars in Gemini which has been moving into a square with confusing Neptune and an opposition to Jupiter, which bears some influence over religious architecture – especially since Jupiter is in Sagittarius. There was a great deal of uncertainty around what started the fire, and much of the detailed craftsmanship of the woods has been lost forever. It will be rebuilt but it won’t be authentic. It is gone. Wish I could say the same about the evil people connected with Satanic practices within the Catholic church in general.

Whether the burning of the spiral was an accident related to renovation or a timed attack, it’s clear that there are as many people who are rejoicing at the losses incurred as there are who are crying. This is cause for yet further division and weakening amongst races and religions all across the board and there are those who are rubbing their hands together with glee at how wonderfully well their plots against humanity are playing out. If you don’t believe that check out this video and the names of those who marked hearts and laughs on social media on the live feed of the fire  Notice a theme in the names?

For many, the destruction of Notre Dame (which translates as “Our Lady”) is symbolic not only of the destruction of Christianity, but of Europe in all its artistry and splendor. That is because this continent has already been under fierce attack for the past few decades with increasing evidence that its native customs and people are dwindling. Also, the debasement of the divine feminine is nothing new, but the way it’s going on now seems to be going over many heads. There is a trend taking place of certain people destroying statues of the Blessed Mother, such as the one destroyed yesterday in a small French village. You can also watch these Muslim men crushing the likeness of her in this video someone posted to Facebook. It’s interesting that a famed white marble statue of Mary holding Jesus in the cathedral has survived the flames.

Yes, Catholicism has an incredibly perverse history, so much it could fill a library as large as the one stored in the Vatican. Jesus was not born of a “Virgin Birth” as many Christians believe. Furthermore, the ideas and symbols around Mother Mary stem from a Christian adaptation of an earlier goddess, associated with pagan rites, serpents and witchy things. That doesn’t mean it’s OK for people to trample over other peoples’ places of worship, to destroy their works of art. Like so many other Catholic churches, Notre Dame contained a treasure trove of astro-theological symbols, with some remaining. Condemn the pedophile priests instead of the workers who labored for two hundred years to build a church, not the innocent but often ill-informed church goers, not those who traveled far and wide just to admire the beauty of the place.

Something to ponder: the burning of Notre Dame occurred at the start of the Catholic Holy Week leading up to Easter. This holiday celebrates the resurrection of Christ but was originally a pagan holiday named after the goddess Ostara. She was the goddess who represented the return of light, spring and dawn.

That’s a lot of build-up to the Full Moon at 29 degrees of Libra on April 19th, which highlights major endings or completions in relationships to people and things. It’s also about seeking for truth, standing for justice and taking back all the power that has been stolen or wrongly given. Mercury is fresh out of a post-shadow and full on Direct in Aries, in a conjunction with Chiron the Wounded Healer. Words can cut or help to mend. Visual impact, thoughts and reactions are intense. The fire in the mind of man rages on. The Full Moon is opposite of Uranus, which means this week’s series of surprises aren’t over yet.

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Part 1 of a series on Psychic Self Defense and the Zodiac. These are excerpts from an upcoming new book I have been working on.

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Jupiter goes Retrograde in fiery Sagittarius on April 10th until August 11th. This planet may have milder effects than most of the other planets when viewed in Retrograde motion. It stations Retrograde at 24 degrees Sagittarius, a couple degrees from the Galactic Center, kicked off with an opposition to the Moon in Gemini. Messages from many sources are profuse and important signs and guideposts are streaming in strongly now. These are signals of what things may need to be worked on, enhanced, healed or given greater structure while Jupiter is Retrograde. This upcoming period will offer the chance to review many of the great adventures, learning experiences and opportunities gained since over the past several months and to make sure that optimal use is being made of the tools and resources at our disposal.

Saturn will also be turning Retrograde from April 29th to September 18th, adding to the vibe of review this summer. Since Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 8th of 2018 things have been moving way too fast and furious for some. For others things have been amazingly expansive, bringing much needed change in stagnant situations. It will soon become easier to assimilate what has been learned and experienced in recent months, and to make any desired corrections or updates in the overall direction that life appears to be taking. Travel may be less frantic and more focused. Real or metaphorical puzzles and pressing questions may finally be solved and answered. It probably won’t be time to full steam ahead with all the information acquired until Jupiter goes Direct in August, or perhaps later in September when Saturn is also Direct.

Jupiter stations Direct at 14 degrees Sagittarius on August 11. Those who have planets at or very close to this degree will likely feel especially relieved to move forward with renewed energy and optimism in some way. In general it will be time to put new plans into action and take healthy risks again for the sake of growth, learning, honor and prosperity.

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