Saturn in Aquarius pt II – Evil Science, Cyber Space, and the Power of the Collective

This is part II of my overview of Saturn’s transit through Aquarius from March 2020 – March 2023. You can view or listen to the first part by clicking here here.

Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21st coinciding with the Equinox – the first out of four cardinal turning points of the year. This transit will have far-reaching impact on the general population as Jupiter draws closer into a conjunction with it, the timing of which coincides with the Solstice on December 21st. A conjunction between these two planets occurs about every 20 years and is the mark of huge changes in the economy, politics and society as a whole.

In addition to an increase of scientific discoveries and advancements there will inevitably also be many challenges related to these in the months, and especially in the decade to come. Pluto’s entry into Aquarius begins when Saturn’s ends and this means that Saturn’s influence will continue as a pervasive force, heightened by Aquarius’s second planetary ruler Uranus. For many years already the upgrades in technology have thrown us into a state of information overload. Computers and smart phones are changing faster than most of us can keep up with. There is a digital war upon us and digitized weaponry is a danger that more people will need to become aware of if they stand any chance of overcoming or escaping it.

  • Saturn goes Retrograde on May 11th
  • It re-enters Capricorn on July 1st
  • Goes Direct on September 29th
  • Re-enters Aquarius on December 17th
  • In 2021, Saturn turns Retrograde on May 23
  • Turns Direct on October 11th
  • In 2022, Saturn turns Retrograde June 4
  • Turns Direct on October 23
  • In 2023 Saturn exits Aquarius on March 7

Here are some things to keep in mind during Saturn’s transit through Aquarius. First the negative, then the positive.


Saturn is the planet of restriction, tests, delays and limitations. Aquarius is the sign of revolutionary movements and also rules technology and the Internet. Due to the current economic crisis there may be less work available if businesses are shut down for longer periods than expected. More people will be encouraged to work and take schooling from home, via the Internet. This has its pros and cons, but it means that there will be less major commerce for awhile. Hoarding will not solve the problem. People will need to become smarter, more resourceful overall.

With greater amounts of time spent on the Internet there are a greater number of concerns with computer viruses, digital attacks, censorship, and other tech issues.

For any great number of reasons, there may be an increase in power outages. This may become more of an issue during Saturn’s Retrograde periods. Folks may wish to stock up on a couple of good light-bulbs, a few candles, lighters and matches just in case. Please don’t go crazy with this like the millions of hoarders and businesses who’ve been stocking 6 months to 2 years worth of toilet paper in their garages.

Real ID is set to become an air-travel requirement by October 2020. In addition to this, there is a lesser known form of identification being pushed for by Microsoft and Big Pharma, called ID2020. This is a microchip that would be implanted via mandatory vaccination (when enough people are scared shitless of Covid-19 or some other virus) and would keep records of all of a person’s digital history, finances, whereabouts and God knows what else. These implants would allow for people to become more easily controlled from a distance. This is the mark of the Beast mentioned in the Biblical book of Revelations and if this comes to pass, it would truly be the end of the world as we know it.

Aquarius rules groups and many group activities will be heightened. The downside of a failing economy is that in big cities and other highly urbanized areas there may an increase in riots and looting. This is more likely to take place in high crime neighborhoods but it can’t hurt to be prepared in any location. At the same time there has been a crackdown on gun owning rights so there are less ways for people to defend themselves.

5G is a technology that has been thrust upon us without adequate research into the effects that it has on human and animal health. Even if people avoid 5G in their own home it may be a prominent force right outside their front door as it has become widespread in many areas and has become harder to escape. It would be well worth researching 5G in greater detail, and starting up local groups to raise awareness of the very real dangers associated with it. 

An increase of surveillance has already been underway for several decades and may intensify before it ceases to pose a threat on human civilization. There may be less actual humans at check-out stands and an increase of self-service isles with surveillance cameras. This is already happening on a grand scale at chains like Walmart and Target.

Currency is continuing to change in drastic ways. Bitcoin and other forms of currency may grow in popularity. This is not necessarily bad but it does not take away the need for actual cash, nor does it grant financial security.


Saturn rules structure, stability and strength that grows over time. Aquarius is linked with groups, innovation, great discoveries, raising awareness, and collective efforts. There are many obvious negatives to “Group Think” because as we have seen a majority of the world’s population is operating out of fear and ignorance. Those in high places labeled as humanitarians are the complete opposite of loving individuals who want to help humanity. However, when committed individuals and communities join together for beneficial causes, great and wonderful things can happen. Just what makes something “beneficial” rather than malignant is always up for debate. In order to judge what would be beneficial it should be measured and weighed (Saturnian functions) and put to the test without putting lives at risk.

Scientific research may begin to “prove” things that our wiser ancestors knew thousands of years ago about such things as the placements of the stars, the healing properties of herbs and the reality of the aura and astral plane of existence. Therefore it may begin to also uncover the harmful effects of directed energy weapons like 5G and cause people make different choices about the causes they fight for and support. I’m probably wishful thinking about how soon this will take place but eventually…maybe many years down the road this will happen.

More people will turn to vibrational healing medicine as they realize that they are made up of energy and not just flesh and bones.

The exploration of space will seem to be put on hold and then all of a sudden may begin moving again at warp speed. The timing of this may also come later, during Pluto’s transit through Aquarius. Overall, due to the Great Conjunction with Jupiter and other factors, a challenging transition is indicated by Saturn’s transit through Aquarius, but one that will significantly increase our understanding of the universe that we live in.

Jupiter in Capricorn 2019-2020

Just a reminder of this article I wrote in October of 2019, which touches on many current events – particularly the financial crisis and transition underway.

Jupiter in the late degrees of Sagittarius is drawing closer to the Galactic Center, which will become even more powerful in its influence by mid-November. On December 2nd it will ingress into the sign of Capricorn where it will be transiting for just over a year until December 21st 2020, coinciding with the Solstice.

This long article/short eBook describes in depth the social and political implications of this transit of Jupiter in relation to the South Node, Saturn, Pluto, asteroids Ceres and Pallas, dwarf planet Eris, upcoming eclipses and much more. It also includes major aspects to Jupiter, suggested crystals and flower essences to use during this transit and some fun Jupiter-focused horoscopes through the signs and houses (where your good fortune is found!)

Due to its potent interactions with other planets and celestial bodies, this upcoming transit of Jupiter through Capricorn emphasizes the End of an Epoch and Turning…

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Child Exploitation and the Climate Change Cover-story for Global Dictatorship

Greta Thunberg is a famous teenage activist with Asperger’s syndrome who is being terribly exploited by her parents, bankers and other power elites in order to convince the world that the world is going to end in less than a decade unless our politicians do something about it immediately.

Never in her speeches does she mention climate engineering through chemtrails that have been heavily sprayed on us since the 80s, the interference of life by high levels of nuclear radiation and 5G towers, the migrant crisis and all of the pollution this contributes to by cramming millions of people into small spaces, not to mention the complete onslaught of our environment by other poisonous substances in our food and air that the common people have not ever knowingly chosen. If they did choose these things it was because they were LIED to about how safe they were for consumption.

Somehow, millions of people are convinced that this girl is writing her own scripts and that by gaining the sympathy and respect of celebrities she must be a genius, here to teach us how to clean up our act – you know, because it’s helpless, it’s too late and we’re all going to die anyway. That’s the message going out to children right now and that should be called out like the child abuse that it is! People should be outraged that children and young people like Greta are actually being used to promote an elitist agenda to control the world’s population. What they are pushing for is the New World Order, and Greta is their perfect candidate for hooking everyone in by pulling heart strings and invoking guilt and shame so that people comply with the new incoming rules. It’s sickening.

Greta’s birth time is unknown but according to the birth date info found on her Sun is at 12 degrees of Capricorn and Mercury Retrograde at 28 degrees of Capricorn. This chart does not show it but she was also born with the Sun in conjunction with Chiron, the comet representing wounds, handicaps and healing abilities. Mercury Retrograde in a birth chart does not necessarily reveal mental problems but many times it does indicate one with a very different way of viewing the world, an introspective nature (nothing wrong with those things) and a tendency to be misunderstood. In Capricorn the thinking is very serious and in Greta’s case, she has clearly exhibited signs of being both depressed and overwhelmed not only by the state of the world but her position as a public figure. As a child aged 11 she experienced the transit of Pluto over her Sun and Chiron, during which time she was said to struggle with depression to the point that she apparently she stopped speaking. Saturn in Capricorn was crossing Greta’s Sun when her publicity was beginning to peak in late 2018.

Saturn relates to older people, who were and still are training and funding her. Saturn is also associated with fear, which has been a driving factor for Greta’s career. She was born while Saturn in Gemini in was in opposition to Pluto, indicating her strong interest in world events and communications. Now as Saturn transits her Mercury she has been taking a weekly climate strike action online. One of her latest Tweets says “In crisis we change our behavior and adapt to the new circumstances for the greater good of society.” This is a sure-fire sign of mind control.

With all the action in Capricorn in 2020, there is much more in store for this young woman and unless more people recognize that she is being exploited this is a very bad thing for her, her followers as well as the rest of us who are not fans of martial law.

Greta was born while Uranus transited its native sign Aquarius. There is indeed a high level of caring and intelligence indicated in her chart that is unfortunately being used for nefarious ends by those who have programmed her. Had she received different training and education as a child her impact on the world right now could have been just as powerful but in positive ways.

Astrology Surrounding the Greek Protests

The fight for Europe is on and Greek natives are taking the lead!

In order to cast a chart for Greece I had to do some digging, and the closest thing I could find to be relevant was the chart calculated by Thomas Gazis on the website Astrology Weekly. According to this author, modern Greece was formed according to the Gregorian calendar on January 13, 1822. This was chart was based on Greece’s declaration of Independence from the Turkish empire.

If we use this chart as our base for current events in Greece, recent transits to it make perfect sense according to what has been happening on the islands recently. Yet again (because this has occurred many times throughout history) Turkish government has imposed itself upon this country, this time by trying to force thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants from different locations into its territory. The main problem is not immigration or immigrants themselves, but rather the highly politicized agenda to literally force – by law – ‘diversity’ into already existing cultures, so that they are being overtaken and erased. The Greek people are sick and tired of their land being the entry point for these invasions into their own homes and all of Europe, and they have been fiercely protesting. Their own government has betrayed them so they are taking it upon themselves to protect themselves and their families, country and ancient history.

Modern Greece’s Sun according to the article linked above would be 22 degrees Capricorn (and a fellow astrologer just reminded me this was the exact degree of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January of this year), the sign associated with worldly powers and age, being transited by Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. Mars is the planet of war, Jupiter the planet of expansion and Pluto the planet of death, transformation, and massive social movements. Saturn, the planetary ruler of Capricorn has already transited the Modern Greece chart but its effects are still lingering. The build-up to all of the recent riots and violence in Greece can also be linked with a Chiron return in Aries that has been in effect since last year.

The struggle to maintain Greece’s autonomy, culture and all that they have built not just physically but philosophically and spiritually over hundreds of thousands of years is being activated. The Greek civilizations have long been warriors and their iconic penchant for fighting back against those who threaten their homeland could now be the very signal of hope for all of Europe. This once highly romanticized continent has been flooded with immigrants for several decades with increasing intensity and a crushing impact on European natives and culture.

In the meantime, the mainstream media has barely mentioned a word about any of this because coronavirus, coronavirus, coronavirus!! What a convenient distraction, or parallel if you will.

March Equinox Reading 2020


March is one huge deal of a month and truly the mark of some significant endings and beginnings taking place. The Equinox falls on the 19th as the Sun enters Aries and comes into a conjunction with Chiron, squaring the Nodes. This comet so named after the Greek centaur is a both a symbol of suffering and strength, where healing abilities coexist with a wound that must be endured, and perhaps, eventually dissolved.

Chiron in Aries indicates that a kind of collective wounding and identity crisis is taking place and that as awareness of the issues at hand and what is behind them begins to grow, so does a collective sense of anger and uprising. And maybe that’s what needs to happen, in order to set some very twisted things straight on this planet. A conflict lies between self-preservation and greed, and this not only entails the masses but the power elite who dominate them. Dangerously selfish tendencies that many people have are beginning to surface and hopefully this is something that draws to these peoples attention how they are unwittingly contributing to some of the problems that they find themselves plagued with.

There is also the uncomfortable reality of things getting so messy that more people will indeed be compelled to get up and fight for something instead of grasp for security and enough toilet paper to last for twelve years. The fight is not just for petty things as personal privileges and faster internet service. This is about people’s families and homelands being on the brink of total destruction. The reasons behind this destruction are many, and the mainstream media refuses to reveal what they are. Instead we are inundated with ads and campaigns for the very things leading us to our demise.

Mars, the ruling planet of Aries is very much involved in this year’s series of eye-opening transits including those of Saturn. This is the planet of aggression, assertiveness and self defense. It will spend half a year in its own sign Aries due to a Retrograde cycle in this sign that lasts from September 9th until November 13th. In this chart for the Equinox, Pallas Athene followed by Mars is conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn, and will conjunct Pluto on the 22nd. Mars and Jupiter both power up new activities, business endeavors, career shifts and other changes that have been sought after for a long time. Jupiter draws closer into a conjunction with Pluto, exact on April 4th in the first of three such conjunctions to take place in 2020. The second falls on June 30th and the third on November 12th of this year.

Saturn at the 29 degree of Capricorn reaches the heights of its weighty presence in this sign until it leaves for Aquarius on the 21st. This is the first of two entries that Saturn will make into Aquarius this year. It indicates not only the shift in Saturn’s focus for the next two and a half years but is also the launching pad of a new Aquarian era and cycle of growth. Saturn in the sign of the Water Bearer highlights group activities and scientific advancements, as well as what may seem as rather extreme lessons in these areas. Saturn’s presence in Aquarius may also mean isolation in many instances.

Endings experienced now are largely around physical, tangible things, including things, people, problems, jobs, and areas that have been worked with and through for a significant length of time. Throughout 2020, there is so much to release as Capricorn’s earthly prominence slowly begins to wane, and especially while Jupiter re-joins Pluto Retrograde in late June. That of Aquarius is picking up the pace with new beginnings centered on ideas, communications, networking, friendships and actualizing long-held visions and wishes.

Mars exits Capricorn and enters Aquarius on March 30th moving immediately into a conjunction with Saturn, issuing its effects throughout the first week of April. This upcoming season is the one to plant seeds that will bear fruit not only once but again and again through the years. It is an optimal time to pursue goals with all the passion that can be mustered up. Although the work is not by any means easy, the duos of Mars and Saturn and Jupiter and Pluto reinforce the efforts being put forth and thereby increase their chances of success.

Energy Medicine and Natural Remedies during the Sun’s transit through Pisces

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 9/10th heightens the awareness of myriad aspects of life, from great to tiny. It brings a reminder to cleanse, nurture and protect the body as the vessel of spirit. The environment surrounding it is equally important. There are so many good things, including remedies and solutions available right before our eyes and fingertips that we often fail to notice in our accustomed states of tension and overwhelm.

Earlier this year I wrote a horoscope column summarizing some holistic remedies for the signs because I knew that staying well would be a huge theme and challenge with the completion of some hardcore Capricorn transits in 2020. Here are a few vibrational healing tools I recommend for immune support, seasonal shift adjustment (including Pisces season spaciness), Mercury Retrograde hangover, and general malaise. Of course when in doubt check in with your own intuition, research or health practitioner before using them.

Essential Oils to disinfect

These are the instant anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral solution to many yucky things that humans are faced with on a regular basis. Here’s a quick sinus-clearing and air freshening blend that I like to use. In a 1 oz spray bottle combine purified water with the following organic EOs:

  • 7 drops Eucalyptus
  • 5 drops Frankincense
  • 5 drops Peppermint

Keep in a cool place and use within a week or add a teaspoon of alcohol to preserve.

Selenite for clarity

This is an excellent stone to wear, hold or use for crystal healings when undergoing dramatic life changes, over-stimulated, or mentally cloudy. It tends to have a soothing, clarifying effect on both mind and emotions and may also help to move stuck painful energy through the body and its meridians.

Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) to reduce inflammation

This extract has anti-microbial properties, helping to fight many kinds of infection. It’s not a cure-all but definitely worth trying out. It can also help reduce stomach inflammation and indigestion. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way. About 5-10 drops added to a glass of water is considered one dose.

Healing frequency music to quiet down

Everything has vibration, and when it comes to music that is quite obvious. To soothe frazzled nerves and quiet the mind it can help to listen to 432 and 528 Hz frequencies. There are many of them available to listen to for free on the internet today.

Astragalus extract for immunity

This root of this herb has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to support immune function and recovery. In addition it is considered to be an adaptogen which means that it helps the body adapt to and recover from stress, making it a super herb. An organic liquid extract is the most readily absorbed for those whose immune systems are already compromised.

Missouri Farmer Wins $265 Million Verdict Against Monsanto

This is a link to an article published in Sierra magazine online:

Here’s just keeping a watch on the fight against GMO food poisoning during Uranus’s transit through Taurus. If you missed it check out the podcast I shared with astrologer Willow a couple years ago on Uranus’s transit through this sign, as well as the talk about the Bayer-Monsanto merger.

A Full Moon in Virgo in collaboration with Pallas Athene

The Full Moon falls at 19 degrees of Virgo on March 9th coinciding with Mercury stationing Direct in Aquarius. This “Worm Moon” which signals the start of spring and earthworms rising to the surface of the soil may also be bringing many other previously hidden things and abilities within view and reach. Since the Moon will be opposite of Neptune it may be still be difficult to discern the appropriate course of action regarding things observed. The details may be overwhelming and little patience goes a long way in this situation.

The second decan of Virgo highlighted brings a mounting up of Saturnian themes, and a trine aspect by the Full Moon in this sign powers up the conjunctions between Mars, Pallas Athene, Jupiter and Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn this month. In addition, Saturn is amplified in the late degrees of his own sign and gearing up for the ingress into Aquarius on March 21st. That the aspects formed are harmonious should be encouraging in a time where there is so much discouragement in the air. It means that hope should not be abandoned and redoubling the efforts toward improvements will only help the chances of success.

Pallas Athene in Capricorn positively ignited by the Virgo Moon assists all practical healing applications, particularly those relating to structural integrity. The warrior goddess of wisdom, healing and fine arts is a motivational force in times of fear and uncertainty. This is an influence that can aid us in becoming more organized in various aspects of life. Whatever the focus is and wherever problems beg for solutions there is obviously much work to be done but the way for greater productivity and effectiveness is finally being paved. Someone out there and I’m not sure who first came up with it said “Don’t give up before your miracle occurs”. That statement is ever so appropriate to remember now.

The current worldwide theme around health and hygiene has been heightened because without them we are not only vulnerable to various forms of disease but unable to fully enjoy anything that we have worked so hard to accomplish. Due to mainstream media there is so much ridiculous nonsense being circulated. It’s just so easy for people to get scattered and lose sight of what’s important.

Leading up to the Full Moon, Venus in Taurus forms a conjunction to Uranus and sextile to the North Node in Cancer. These aspects may seem to be challenging in the areas of attachments to things and people remaining the way that they are. Provided that there is a readiness to move on to the next phase of development this influence will not be too disruptive. Rather it may be the signal of exciting new opportunities opening up in ways, places and situations that would probably not have been imagined. In other words, there may not be a whole lot of “security” indicated in the stars right now but that could be quite liberating.

Psychic Self Defense and the Zodiac – coming soon!

Almost a year ago I began this series on YouTube and midway through realized that it was becoming something much bigger than I had originally anticipated. It went from being a seed of an idea as a short YouTube series, to a mini eBook to now a full-on book that is underway and intended to be released as printed copies sometime this year.

Why this topic? Well, for starters I have lived a life filled with more kinds of psychic attack against me than most people would believe. What people have seen in me in the past is a little girl, sweet but naïve, helpless, or sickly. Often I was seen as an easy target, although that was not necessarily true in the ways that some perceived. If I was as weak as people thought, there is no way I would have survived the hardships that affected me, both physically and spiritually.

Along the way I’ve certainly been put to the test with each and every archetypal energy that will be described in this book. Also, over time I have realized that each and every one of us experience these kinds of attack against us in either obvious or covert ways but most of us were never given a manual on how to defend and empower ourselves in the midst of such a competitive and violent world. Now, the wisdom I’ve gained from study and observation as well bitter experience will be my offering to you.

I have reason to believe this might be the greatest and most socially relevant works I’ve written yet. Stay tuned….release date soon TBA!!

Fear-mongering and the Economic Collapse of 2020

It has long been predicted by both astrologers and stockbrokers that a huge economic collapse would take place in 2020. Now that the Coronavirus (which translates as the ‘common cold’) has gotten out of control not only in China but several parts of the world, the heavy importing from China has come to a halt and has affected many large corporations and businesses including hospitals and travel agencies.

On the one hand, it’s about time that people slow down on the mass consumerism of cheaply made items infused with toxic chemicals that steal business from smaller businesses and family farms. On the other hand it’s really sad that people are losing jobs and all forms security, be they health-related, financial or emotional because of the intense changes taking place on this planet.

No matter what kind of narrative the mainstream media pushes, the one thing that we can be sure of is that the economic collapse has already been upon us and it’s just now becoming visible to more people. Mercury being Retrograde right now is not the cause of our problems but as usual reveals previous mistakes that have been made as well as issues that already exist and must be confronted.

The exact causes of collapse are difficult to decipher because of all the Neptunian/Piscean fog currently surrounding the effects, and of course because there are always hidden manipulations at work in the media. In relation to this global crisis there are silent wars taking place between various factions of government and mafia-like figures. The general population is considered by them too stupid to grasp what’s going on. Time will tell if this is true or not.

I posted this video last November with a few tips on how to handle some of the financial tension that would likely become more noticeable in 2020. What our collective survival may boil down to is a matter of how resourceful we can become in times of huge fear-mongering and when there may be less funds and resources available to draw upon. This includes becoming smarter about purchases and investments in general, and doing more research into the nature of the corporations that we pour money into.