Anxiety Reduction during Turbulence

It becomes very difficult to be productive and solve problems in the state of anxiety, and yet this is the state most Americans live in whether they realize it or not. With the upcoming election in the U.S. and relentless stream of toxicity being pumped out from the media, there is a lot of anxiety being spread like wildfire. In general a lot of pain and suffering has always gone both noticed and unnoticed in our world, but it seems more people know what’s going on now than ever before, and it’s frightening as hell for them.

One of the things I learned in the battle with my greatest enemy (myself) in my very long struggle to overcome autoimmune illness, trauma and debility was that if I really paid attention to what my anxiety was telling me – if I somehow managed to push through layers of resistance in the forms of the menacing grip of heart-palpitations, constant nightmare and failing knees into that core space of what was truly going on…something amazing happened. I would reach a point of stillness. The searing pains in my body would cease, my heart rate would slow down, and I would become aware, not just of myself, but of everything around me in such a way that did not elicit reactions of fear and loathing. In this space, solutions would appear in my mind’s eye that were previously unavailable to me.

Sometimes this happened spontaneously but I wanted to figure out how to pull up this type of stillness anywhere at any time. And I won’t lie. It took me a very long time and lots of practice to acquire this skill, with many props, tools, meditations, and supplements along the way. However, I eventually came to the realization that I didn’t need the tools or supplements anymore (at least not on a regular basis) because whatever power I attributed to those things were already inside me, just as it is within all of us.


Here are 5 things I learned how to do when anxiety began to get the better of me. Whether the anxiety you feel is severe, mild, or free-floating, these suggestions will be relevant to your situation in some way and may help to achieve equanimity. There are many more things and activities that address anxiety but this is a simple list of actions that can produce quick results:

  • Just pause – just stop whatever you’re doing for at least 2-5 minutes to observe your thoughts and breathing patterns without struggling to control them.
  • Take several slow deep breaths, allowing the abdomen to naturally rise and fall.
  • Simplify – simplify whatever you can afford to simplify right now whether it’s your thoughts, your living room, diet, schedule, any and all levels of sensory intake. Sign off from Facebook!
  • Stay hydrated, as dehydration can exacerbate tension and anxiety. Warm water or non-caffeinated teas and beverages are best.
  • Reach for a source of genuine affection, whether it’s a pet, lover, friend, or nature – whatever warms your heart, raises oxytocin, and reminds you that you are alive and loved, and that you are capable of loving.

Some situations are more serious and threatening than others, generating a nearly unavoidable kind of anxiety. However, the power to remain calm is always within. It is not awareness alone that enables one to achieve equanimity, but a certain kind of balance between openness and firmness. It is being open to life and information, but firm enough to know when to draw a boundary. It is a kind of discernment which eventually traces inward to the very worth of the Self.

Holistic Counseling vs. Predictive Readings

painting by Stanley Mouse
painting by Stanley Mouse

This topic is a vast one that I won’t even attempt to cover in a single blog post, but it is one that I would like to share some thoughts about. There are many types of readings for many types of people, two of the most widely practiced being Tarot and Astrology. Readings can be done for entertainment or for serious counsel. Some readings focus on the timing of events, others upon current circumstances or abstract notions.

A reading is a rather intimate encounter with someone, whether or psychic or not, who has the potential to help or hinder the person who seeks guidance. In most cases a reading is best given upon request rather than imposed, and when the person who receives is capable of taking the information they are given and using it responsibility, weeding out the not-useful from the useful and actually applying some effort to change things they have the ability to change with their thoughts and actions.

Just as a person gets the most out of a visit to a doctor or healer by being prepared with issues or questions and the willingness to make adjustments in their life, a person gets the most out of a visit to a reader when approached with this sort of attitude. Check out the book The Timeless Counselor  by June Ahern for some great tips on how to approach a reader of your choice and get the most out of a reading.

One would do well to achieve a certain level of discernment in choosing a reader that they feel compatible with, and not to divulge their secrets to or seek advice from any glamorous reader or charlatan who claims to read the future or locate one’s soul mate. I’ve met plenty of good and bad readers out there, and over time I have mostly realized what not to do in a reading. I have observed words that I found to be hurtful, pointless, and offbase by quite a few. Some readers I’ve met are absolutely amazing, and I’ve had the fortune of considering a few of them friends.

See…words are often a key aspect of readings, and they have the power to manifest things, sometimes very rapidly. A reading can be an act of creation in some cases if the person receiving is very open to suggestion. With this knowledge, a reader carries a very great responsibility in their delivery of certain key words and interpretations of perceived reality.

I do not consider myself a “fortune teller” by any means, but a growing number of people have come back to me during the past couple of years expressing that the readings I gave them proved to be highly accurate in terms of life circumstances and outcomes of situations they previously struggled with. I have heard things like “Exactly what you said would happen happened, exactly when you said it would!”

I don’t advertize as a predictive astrologer or reader, but a major part of what I do is observe the direction of energy currents and offer solution-oriented ideas based on this. My disclaimer is that I am never 100% correct (nor is any other reader) and if someone does not like the direction things are taking, there are usually things that can be done to prevent or change them.

Just as it can be far more useful for a healing practitioner to take the whole person into consideration rather than zero in on just one body part, it can be hugely effective to take the whole person into consideration during a reading and not just one part of a person or what is visible and obvious (DUH!). This means taking into consideration body, mind, and spirit, past, present, future, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, or whatever else decides to make itself known, and to reflect these things back to someone in a clear, non-biased, compassionate way. It’s up to each person to do with the information what they choose, and as a reader I would rather help to influence someone in a positive and empowering way rather than instill a fear in them of what will happen if they don’t do the “right thing”, whatever that is. Ultimately, that must be decided upon by the querent.

Lastly, I don’t say “never” and I don’t say “definitely” in a private reading context (at least I make it a point not to) because these words tend to be frightening for most people – the opposite of empowering. Contrary to popular belief, this is not “sugar-coating” or “leaving things out”. This is what I call respect for a person’s ability to make up their own mind and carve their own destiny.

All of that being said, it’s that time of year again as the holidays approach and things get even crazier than they are for a lot of us…so I offer more reading Specials for those who are seeking for some clarity and a bit of peace of mind. From now until October 31st I am offering 25% off of 1 hour readings. Gift certificates are also available. You can contact me via blog or email

Mercury Retro Recreation, Arts, & Crafts

Things become much more manageable and also fun when things are lumped into piles that can be addressed one at a time, although Mercury, or Murphy’s Law does not always seem to allow such organization to take place. Some of us do this automatically without question. Instinct or intuition guides us to take actions that simplify our life and increase productivity. Some of us need a little push or a nudge to become more resourceful and efficient.  A few need a disaster to shake them out of a rut. Some just don’t have a clue as to where to begin.


Here are a few suggested piles to play with:

Clear-up Pile – What kind of piles can you gather up to get rid of – as in throw away, destroy, burn, bury, delete, zap, discontinue? You can make one giant Clear-up Pile or several ones under different categories. Any junk accumulating in the kitchen, closet, or basement? Soda cans on the beach? Trash on the widewalk? Papers, papers, and more papers? Excess email? When you do this kind of thing voluntarily instead of wait for a necessity or disaster to force you into it, it can actually be enjoyable. I like to put on a favorite album and clear away to my heart’s content! When things get really deep and disconcerting, Tangerine Dream helps me get through the cinematic horrors of my clutter.

Donate Pile – It’s true that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Sometimes the garbage we keep could benefit someone else. There is something in your life right now – out of sight, out of mind, but its space is definitely being rented in your energetic field. You don’t love it. You don’t use it. You don’t wear it. For God’s sake you don’t even look at it. Why on Earth do you hold onto it? An ugly watch that a relative gave you on Christmas? An unwanted pair of jeans with rhinestones on the back pockets? An old pot or pan way in the back corner of a cabinet that hasn’t seen light in about 7 years? Might be time to grab a cardboard box and start creating your Donate Pile.

Fix-it Pile – This pile is one of my favorites. Another name for it could be “When-I-get-to-it-Pile”. It is the pile of things that may be collected throughout the year until there is enough time to address the items contained in it. See, we don’t have to wait for a bunch of things to break down on us all at once to think in terms of adjustment. There could be a favorite barrette that broke, a blade that needs sharpening, a guitar bridge that needs repair, you get the idea. The things in this pile are not in need of urgent attention but they are useful and worth taking the time and effort to fix or get fixed. So, if you have your Fix-it pile together, take your pick get down to it.

Exchange Pile – This is another fun pile, because you have a choice in whether to donate the stuff inside to a charity or or meet up with someone that has things they are also willing to part with you might find useful. In Sonoma county, many women I know love to throw what’s called a “Clothing Exchange Party”. Women bring clothes and other odds & ends they don’t wear or use anymore and just have a field day picking and choosing from a giant pile or exchanging items in mini piles. The party atmosphere may be enhanced with snacks, music, and special beverages.

Scrap Pile – Scraps can come from fabric used in sewing, construction papers used in crafts, old crayons, cracked garden pots, wrapping paper from gifts received, random ornaments, acorns, copper wires, bones, little whatnots and thingamajigs. Instead of throwing away ribbons and other pretty accents you can save them for future arts and crafts. I mean, don’t go overboard with this and turn an entire room into a scrap pile (unless your profession is directly related to turning scraps into art). One box is sufficient. It can be whatever size box you choose. There is a great sense of satisfaction that comes with turning scraps into art.

Just as the physical body needs circulation to function properly, so does the environment that we inhabit. You might come up with your own kind of piles that work better for you. The point is to make way for creative inspiration to flow with ease.

September Superfoods & Supplements

There are many foods, minerals and supplements that people may find very helpful this month to unwind and replenish during the transit of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and the intense activity of the eclipses.

The sign of Virgo relates to physical health, diet, exercise, hygiene, organization and work. It rules the large intestines and nerves. Challenges to planets in Virgo can cause a wide range of physical symptoms from indigestion to insomnia, nervous exhaustion, and toxic overload.

What is the #1 mineral for Virgo’s physical (and a few mental/emotional) issues? I’ll tell you in a minute…

This has been one of the most underlooked minerals in the past, but it is now being recognized as crucial to the assimilation of other key vitamins and minerals such as Calcium and Vitamin D. Most Americans are extremely deficient in it, and as a result they suffer from stiff muscles, headaches, stress tension, irritability, anxiety, mood swings, irregularity, and restlessness.

That magical mineral that we need more of is Magnesium!

There are far too many symptoms and conditions for me to list here related to a deficiency in magnesium but they include diabetes, intestinal complaints such as Crohn’s disease and leaky gut, kidney malfunctions, menstrual cramps, heart attacks and even cancer.

Magnesium has been shown to help with detoxification, elimination of heavy metals, regulation of blood sugar levels, and general calmness. There is a popular supplement on health food shelves that is actually called Calm Magnesium, which can be especially helpful before retiring for the evening. Not all magnesium supplements are created equal. Magnesium with citric acid called Magnesium Citrate can cause “the runs”. Magnesium Oxide is not readily absorbed. Magnesium Glycinate is chelated and can provide greater bioavailability and absorption than the others.

(Don’t take my word for any of it – plenty of research data is available on the internet! Consult your health expert for advice)

Magnesium Changes Lives

Magnesium is meant to be an abundant mineral in the human body. Like water itself, when insufficient a huge list of ailments can manifest leading to degeneration. There was a time in my life when my anxiety was so incapacitating that each day was spent in agonizing misery and anxiety that felt like I was going to suffocate from lack of oxygen and heart palpitations any minute. This discomfort continued for hours, sometimes days and weeks.

When I began taking a magnesium supplement I was amazed at what began to occur in my body. It was not a cure-all but it definitely shifted my perspective, my heart rate, my breathing, my posture, and my ability to function. I’d say that it did quite a bit to improve my condition!

Sources of Magic Minerals

SuperFoods containing magnesium, also rich in many other minerals and nutrients – ORGANIC ALL: Almonds, Basil, Broccoli, Burdock Root, Raw Cacao, Chlorella, Sage, Seaweed, Sesame Seeds, Spinach, Spirulina, Sunflower Seeds. A lot of Green in the diet!


Another supplement that I highly recommend for those who have been stressed to the max lately is B12.

A lack of it often coincides with anemia, fatigue, dementia, lack of appetite/emaciation, depression, general weakness and malaise.

This special vitamin is absolutely required for proper red blood cell formation, neurological functioning, optimal energy levels and overall wellbeing. It is also easy to lose quickly in states of high stress and panic, and in aging. B-12 is said to aid in the body’s ability to make DNA for new cells. It is one of eight B vitamins that help the body convert food into glucose which is how we get our energy. Many people are low in several Bs so they might as well take a B-Complex.

Foods containing B12 aside from various types of meat include: Eggs, Nutritional Yeast, Yogurt, and grains that have been fortified with B12.

As a supplement B12 can be taken as a pill, sublingual drops/tablet, or injection for those who like needles🙂

For supplements of a more subtle nature check out 3 Flower Essences for Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

3 Flower Essences for Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Every time Mercury appears to be moving in reverse there are many aspects of life that seem to be also. There is often this random stream of chaos: a dish cracks, a computer crashes, a tire goes flat, someone thought you said dumbass when you said alas, a new pair of pants don’t fit, and so on and on. It’s time to slow down – just a wee bit – and do a little bit of review.

The house that Mercury is transiting in your own birth chart and any planets being “aspected” will say more about how Mercury Retrograde is affecting you specifically.

With Mercury Retrograde in Virgo from August 30th until September 21st there is a focus on improving aspects of what we have already been building upon, healing, or manifesting. It is also of great assistance in releasing old items, beliefs, or toxins.

photo by Alexandre Guimont

Buried emotions might rise to the surface causing depression or a flood of thoughts and worries could make it difficult to fall asleep at night. Here are three Bach Flower Essences that might be particularly helpful during the next few weeks while Mercury is Retrograde in Virgo.

Crab Apple

This is the flower to help quell an obsessive concern for imperfections and impurities. Nitpicking and excessive criticism so often experienced when Virgo is stressed in some way can be eased with this essence. The desire to be perfect or do a perfect job at something can erode one’s confidence in the long run. When one feels they are not good enough, or they are embarrassed because of a blemish, or experiencing germophobia, Crab Apple helps gain a healthier perspective and fosters self-acceptance. Psychosomatic illness and certain allergies often develop in those who loathe their bodies or appearance in some way. Crab Apple is a great essence for those who feel that the physical body is unclean no matter how much they bathe. This includes a religious shame of sexuality. This flower essence can energetically enhance many types of detoxification programs and diets, including fasting. When there are serious questions about what is pure, moral and “good”, Crab Apple can facilitate clarity.


The essence of Pine is indicated for use when there is an inability to forgive oneself or to accept one’s human nature. Although regret may sometimes be useful to a certain degree it can easily become so exaggerated than one feels a lack of motivation to better themselves or even get out of bed in the morning. It can turn into self-deprecation, which does not help anyone. We all make mistakes! That’s part of life on the Earth plane. Pine addresses the kind of shame that makes it very difficult to make any progress. If such shame is an ongoing or crippling issue for someone it may work very well together with Crab Apple to restore ones sense of self worth and original innocence. Pine is a tree that represents both purity and equanimity. Its appearance, fragrance and energetic imprint can help us to become more objective about our shortcomings and to understand how we may better ourselves with a compassionate awareness instead of judgment and the burden of guilt.

White Chestnut

White Chestnut is the flower essence for the mind that never quits. It just gets more lit the later it gets at night. There are as many reasons for mental agitation as there are personalities. Most will agree that having an overactive mind is unpleasant and exhausting. One could be concerned with the completion of a project that requires a lot of mental energy, thus making it difficult to wind down at the end of a very stimulating day. Another person could fear losing their job, health or relationship which causes them to feel that they are constantly living on the edge with their minds replaying various scenarios of the worst that could happen. The events of the day, week, or month could be repeatedly analyzed and lead to extreme headaches and insomnia. This type of nervous energy can also wreak havoc on the digestive system and immunity. White Chestnut helps to reroute congested mental energy from the higher chakras to the rest of the body or areas where it might be needed. When there is more clarity and calmness within the mind, the voice of the Inner Self can more easily be heard and heeded.

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