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Flower Spirit Medicine – an ebook

Hello flower enthusiasts, energy healers, and folk in search of unique healing methods! Here is something that I have been working on since Spring. It is my very first ebook (about how to use and produce your own unique vibrational flower remedies!)

This is a guidebook for those wishing to learn the art of attuning to nature spirits, how to make their own flower essences, and it  is a great reference book containing essences for various troubling issues. Included is a chapter on flower essences as they relate to astrology.

A print version will be available for purchase very soon…

Sanskrit and Vedic Astrology Transits

What I shared on Stargate Radio this morning at the KOWS station

Sanskrit is a language of spirit and light, capable of effecting profound change and healing…

Dharma Widmann shares his viewpoints on the ancient language of Sanskrit and how it relates to Yoga and Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). Current transits of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu affecting the US and Europe are also discussed in this interview:


Why GMO labeling is Not Fully Effective – by Astro-Reporter Willow

Here is a radio talk with astro-reporter Willow on this controversial topic – we need to know what’s really in our food and how it’s effecting us! Many people realize how toxic GMOs are by now, which has given rise to huge protests and the demand for GMO labeling. Labeling helps but doesn’t solve the deeper problems. Crops are now being cross-contaminated worldwide.

How we can clean up our act:

Get educated about agriculture, read labels before we buy, avoid excess preservatives, avoid corn, canola, and soy, support small business & local farmers, grow our own food if possible

(sorry but I’m no tech person – the Skype noise every time I chimed in was not something I heard during the show)

Breaking Abuse

Left unchecked, abuse in any form – committed or incurred, will slowly break us down, further and further, until we feel there is nothing left of us at all to give.

To break the cycle of abuse, we must first rise above the shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, and craving that keep us locked down in perpetual victimhood. Just one step above these lowly states is anger. To access it to ascend from the murkiness of despair. When anger is rightfully acknowledged rather than suppressed or projected, true healing may begin.

KALI MA, artist unknown

Kali Ma, artist unknown

Affirmations for Mars Direct in Scorpio (6-29-16):




Bibliography on understanding emotions:

  • Power Vs Force by David Hawkins, PhD
  • The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren

The Radical Moisture of Neptune

The tension of the future is unbearable in us. It must break through narrow cracks, it must force new ways. You want to cast off the burden, you want to escape the inescapable. Running away is dece…

Source: The Radical Moisture of Neptune

Hexagon Magazine Issue #3

Astrologer Willow, Matt Savinar, and me conversing on Stargate Radio about the latest issue of Hexagon magazine, now hot off the press (available at Barnes & Noble and online)!

hexagon 3 front cover

Mars in the Gate of Power Skills

Mars has appeared super bright in the night sky this month in its growing closest approach to Earth today, May 30th. In the system of Human Design, Mars reentered the 14th Gate on May 24th for the 2nd time this year since late February up until the Solar Eclipse on March 8th. It will be transiting the Gate of Possession in Great Measure until June 15th. Gate 14 is also associated with Power Skills – particularly how we utilize them to acquire wealth and things that bring us satisfaction and success in life. With Mars Retrograde until June 29th energies are being drawn inward instead of experienced in obviously empowering ways. We get a third go with this transit from July 24th until the New Moon of August 2nd.

“The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials” – or so the Chinese proverb goes…

Right now it may be difficult for a lot of folks to see the sparkle coming through their friction and trials. The themes brought up by Mars in Scorpio’s trine to Chiron in Pisces in early February will be revisited and integrated in deeper ways throughout June and July. Deeply buried pain, emotions, and longings must find outlets for expression and release. Those troublesome issues or feelings that are swept under the rug or suppressed will only intensify agonies, whether self-inflicted or caused by outside forces. Some may be facing ancestral karmic entanglements, while others struggle with finances and getting their personal needs met. Maybe you’re one of those lucky souls doing just fine on the earth plane at this time. Almost everybody will be getting deeper in touch with their emotional selves in some way.

With strength, determination, and willpower it’s time to make some major life changes that reflect the our truest desires and especially our truest nature’s – not the artificial, watered-down, subdued, victimized, cruel, plastic, and unreal versions of ourselves that we’ve been taught to identify with. When we allow our brilliance to shine we find greater fulfillment in our existence and become of greater benefit to those around us. Also, in the state of unencumbered radiance we tend to attract the funds and resources we need with ease.


With Mars Retrograde in Scorpio, we are called into the depths of the Underworld of our own psyches for review. Just as the shaman gathers lost fragments of soul that have been scattered aimlessly into the cosmos due to shock and trauma, we have the abilities to self-heal and reclaim our lost power. Sleep patterns, circadian rhythms, and energy levels in general may be off for many right now, and one of the flower essences that can be of tremendous assistance of this is Opium Poppy. You can get this through Alaskan Flower essences or Power of Flowers.

Going through this intense crisis in consciousness leading to completions from this and multiple past lives we will collectively be like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.


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