Historical Invasion of Ukraine

The Soviet invasion of Ukraine is documented to have occurred from January 7, 1919 to June 16, 1919. Although the Soviet-Ukrainian war had already begun a couple of years prior, this was the first deployment of the Red Army against the Ukraine raised by the Bolsheviks in 1918. This attack was a mere prelude to the Terror Famine, Holodomor that occurred between 1932-1933. This genocide killed millions of Ukrainian farmers and villagers under the communist dictatorship of Joseph Stalin.

I looked at the possible horoscope for this initial invasion, but due to frequent inaccuracy in the precise timing of certain historical events, this chart has no Rodden Rating. Perhaps it would be given an X for having a date without time. In any case this chart was a little like hitting a bull’s eye on a dart board after hours of searching for relevant historical dates and times to no avail. Further below is another chart for the onset of the Soviet-Ukrainian war.

Full Moon 2/16/22 over Soviet Invasion of Ukraine Event chart

Take a look at the how the Full Moon on February 16, 2022 lays over the event chart for January 7, 1919. The Full Moon was on the same degree of Saturn in Leo when attacks were initially launched. Just one week after this Full Moon, on January 24th 2022 Russia began another attack on the Ukraine. By opposition, the Full Moon was illuminating the Uranus in Aquarius placement in the chart of the earlier invasion. Venus and Mars were on this chart’s Capricorn Sun. Explosive Pluto was on its value-based Venus and has been for the past couple of years leading up to this. Saturn was just edging off from its Mars, and both are considered malefic planets. Jupiter was approaching its Moon.

There is a lot more to examine in the event chart. The conflict had and has been ongoing, and the outcome is difficult to determine. Jupiter and Pluto were joined in Cancer at that time and leadership was extremely forceful, threatening the sovereignty of many nations. We are now seeing the aftermath of the eclipse at 12 degrees of Sagittarius that occurred on December 4, 2021. This is the same degree of the North Node in the chart for the invasion of the Ukraine in 1919. Although it was not hitting the press yet in December 2021, Vladimir Putin was already speaking about putting a halt on NATO expansion and launching an attack on the Ukraine in 2022.

Soviet Ukrainian War – November 8, 1917

In the chart for the Soviet-Ukrainian war, I used midnight as a default time. Again, it is very challenging to find exact dates and times for many of the revolutions and invasions that occurred during this time period. The AC and Moon’s placement is especially uncertain but if anywhere near 28 Leo, the Full Moon in February 2022 again holds special relevance to this chart. This year’s fixed eclipses will be triggering key areas including the Sun and Mercury’s positions in Scorpio, Uranus in Aquarius, Saturn and Neptune in Leo.

February’s Full Moon was a trigger for the eclipses to occur this year, but especially the one on May 16, which is a Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Scorpio. This eclipse will be close to the same degree of the Lunar eclipse that occurred on May 14, 1919, at 23 degrees Scorpio. One major difference is that in 1919 the North Node was closer to the eclipse. This time the South Node will be conjunct the eclipse, indicating that something is about to come to a major, nearly earth-shattering, cataclysmic end within the months to follow.

Meanwhile, during the Pluto Return of the US, most citizens don’t even know what just happened or what could be on its way aside from further spikes in gas prices. Attacks on the Ukraine, both staged and real tie in with the US losing its position as a so-called superpower in the realm of politics.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is in full swing, Russia is gladly participating, Ukraine is a “Nazi” scapegoat, and Israel is positioning itself as a mediator. Stalin’s approval rating in Russia has hit record highs in recent years – even higher than the rating for Putin. The US is no longer useful to the agenda but becoming a useless idiot and a distant casualty of war.

For those who care about justice, yes it’s important to support Ukraine but this is not done by sporting the nation’s flag on one’s social media profile photo. It begins by truly understanding why the sovereignty of this nation is important to us all.