Historical Invasion of Ukraine

The Soviet invasion of Ukraine is documented to have occurred from January 7, 1919 to June 16, 1919. Although the Soviet-Ukrainian war had already begun a couple of years prior, this was the first deployment of the Red Army against the Ukraine raised by the Bolsheviks in 1918. This attack was a mere prelude to the Terror Famine, Holodomor that occurred between 1932-1933. This genocide killed millions of Ukrainian farmers and villagers under the communist dictatorship of Joseph Stalin.

I looked at the possible horoscope for this initial invasion, but due to frequent inaccuracy in the precise timing of certain historical events, this chart has no Rodden Rating. Perhaps it would be given an X for having a date without time. In any case this chart was a little like hitting a bull’s eye on a dart board after hours of searching for relevant historical dates and times to no avail. Further below is another chart for the onset of the Soviet-Ukrainian war.

Full Moon 2/16/22 over Soviet Invasion of Ukraine Event chart

Take a look at the how the Full Moon on February 16, 2022 lays over the event chart for January 7, 1919. The Full Moon was on the same degree of Saturn in Leo when attacks were initially launched. Just one week after this Full Moon, on January 24th 2022 Russia began another attack on the Ukraine. By opposition, the Full Moon was illuminating the Uranus in Aquarius placement in the chart of the earlier invasion. Venus and Mars were on this chart’s Capricorn Sun. Explosive Pluto was on its value-based Venus and has been for the past couple of years leading up to this. Saturn was just edging off from its Mars, and both are considered malefic planets. Jupiter was approaching its Moon.

There is a lot more to examine in the event chart. The conflict had and has been ongoing, and the outcome is difficult to determine. Jupiter and Pluto were joined in Cancer at that time and leadership was extremely forceful, threatening the sovereignty of many nations. We are now seeing the aftermath of the eclipse at 12 degrees of Sagittarius that occurred on December 4, 2021. This is the same degree of the North Node in the chart for the invasion of the Ukraine in 1919. Although it was not hitting the press yet in December 2021, Vladimir Putin was already speaking about putting a halt on NATO expansion and launching an attack on the Ukraine in 2022.

Soviet Ukrainian War – November 8, 1917

In the chart for the Soviet-Ukrainian war, I used midnight as a default time. Again, it is very challenging to find exact dates and times for many of the revolutions and invasions that occurred during this time period. The AC and Moon’s placement is especially uncertain but if anywhere near 28 Leo, the Full Moon in February 2022 again holds special relevance to this chart. This year’s fixed eclipses will be triggering key areas including the Sun and Mercury’s positions in Scorpio, Uranus in Aquarius, Saturn and Neptune in Leo.

February’s Full Moon was a trigger for the eclipses to occur this year, but especially the one on May 16, which is a Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Scorpio. This eclipse will be close to the same degree of the Lunar eclipse that occurred on May 14, 1919, at 23 degrees Scorpio. One major difference is that in 1919 the North Node was closer to the eclipse. This time the South Node will be conjunct the eclipse, indicating that something is about to come to a major, nearly earth-shattering, cataclysmic end within the months to follow.

Meanwhile, during the Pluto Return of the US, most citizens don’t even know what just happened or what could be on its way aside from further spikes in gas prices. Attacks on the Ukraine, both staged and real tie in with the US losing its position as a so-called superpower in the realm of politics.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is in full swing, Russia is gladly participating, Ukraine is a “Nazi” scapegoat, and Israel is positioning itself as a mediator. Stalin’s approval rating in Russia has hit record highs in recent years – even higher than the rating for Putin. The US is no longer useful to the agenda but becoming a useless idiot and a distant casualty of war.

For those who care about justice, yes it’s important to support Ukraine but this is not done by sporting the nation’s flag on one’s social media profile photo. It begins by truly understanding why the sovereignty of this nation is important to us all.

Info Gurus Post-Uranus/Pluto Square

Wise Men are not attention whores. They lead by example.

We witnessed an emergence of info gurus just as Uranus came out of a three-year cardinal Square to Pluto in 2015. That square stirred a lot of friction in the world, and it was only the beginning of a series of terrible events that would forever change the way that humans perceived themselves and each other. However, the type of behavior mentioned above has been going on for centuries. Whatever the political climate happens to be there will also be greasy opportunists capitalizing on the ignorance of their followers, or just seeking for an audience to feed their huge egos.

People are such suckers for their ginormous displays of power and knowledge, especially those in the truth movement. Little do folks know that they really don’t have any legitimate need for these internet father figures if only they would do some research of their own. Sadly, they have given their power away.

There can be no so-called “awakening” and self-empowerment when power is continuously handed over to someone who is just as imperfect as, if not more flawed than oneself.

New Age Deceptions Part II – Styles and Brands

A while ago I wrote an article about New Age deceptions. This recent Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (December 4, 2021 – 12 degrees) shed a lot of light on two main things for me. One is that the truth of what is really going on in the world is reaching far more people than it ever has before in recorded history. Some of the largest cities are completely occupied by protests against tyranny. People are coming together and supporting each other in new ways, and this is fantastic.

The second thing that has come to my attention is that New Age deceptions are simultaneously reaching an all-time peak in performance. There are so many styles, brands, shades and hues of this nonsense that it has become harder and harder for the average person to be able to identify New Age shills and zombies when they meet them, and to be able to spot and decode their snaky language. So as a person who was literally surrounded by these types for many years of my life that I can never get back, I’ve compiled a list below breaking down several of their different personalities in meme form.

Did you ever notice how much New Age is tied in with modern leftism? It has grown like some kind of disease, with America being a leading influence in its rapid spread. Last year I came across an article by some old man (whose name is not worth remembering) criticizing my article The Throes of America’s First Pluto Return, saying this was the typical rhetoric used in astrology. I laughed. His statement couldn’t have been further from the truth, but he was of course projecting because his own self-congratulatory work resembles that of the echo chamber of every other condescending New Age “Truth seeker” that is so prevalent today. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we’re being played by the government. It’s obvious that lots of people are ignorant. It’s also hard to miss the fact that so many people aren’t buying into the lies anymore.

Here’s a helpful hint about deceptive New Agers though. They’ll usually not come right out right away admitting to be assholes. They much prefer donning the masks of love, light and/or “wokeness”. These are the trust fund babies who live in mansions, buy every book by Deepak Chopra, get face-lifts, go on Goddess retreats four times a year whatever gender they are and go vegan because it’s in vogue. These are the narcissists who believe they’re above it all after they’ve taken a few doses of peyote or ayahuasca, and who conduct cultural ceremonies that have nothing to do with their own cultural background. Sometimes they are openly rude and abusive to their followers, but still use spiritually based slogans in their advertising. These are the opportunists who dominate the so-called Truth movement, and their superiority complexes cancel out whatever virtue seems to be tied in with educating their cult followings. These are the minions of 21st century New Age:

Europe Rising

The Vikings are back. They have no fear of tyrants. They have no fear of death. They’re ready to fight, but this time with their minds instead of weapons. That’s because their minds are what is under attack…

Thank you, manufactured pandemic. Because of you people are finally gathering in large numbers as family to rise up against tyrannical government. They are saying No to bogus claims and rules, No to medical martial law, and No to censorship and massive gas-lighting. These people live in various parts of the world, and they include one of the most suppressed, guilt laden cultures of all.

Nobody thinks of the continent of Europe as suppressed these days, as Americans have especially glamorized it as being oh-so-romantic, and those of certain other regions regard it with contempt, believing all white people who dwell there to be “privileged”. During the past three decades, much of Europe has been hijacked and trashed. Citizens of many countries have been heavily mind-controlled and imprisoned.

It took a worldwide attack on all people everywhere, an attempt to strip away our human rights to elicit the response by these people that is being witnessed now. If you see any of this on the evening news you’ll only hear a shocked, negative spin on it, as if all who are protesting in the streets are endangering those who aren’t. That’s the lie being circulated. That’s what could be used against all of us, in a problem-reaction-solution situation.

When I say Europe is rising, I don’t mean the EU. I mean the people, the warm-blooded human beings who for centuries have made this part of the world their home. Spain is rising, Latvia is rising, Italy is rising, and even France is enraged with Macron’s new green pass laws.

And no matter what happens during these next few months, I pray that Europe continues to rise, and that people in ALL nations everywhere continue to rise up as cohabitors of the earth, and to support each other instead of playing their allegiances to false gods and dictators. I pray that they carry on and resist the New World Order. That if for some crazy reason the power grid goes down, they will not only survive but take the best of what they learned back into the fully lit Age of Aquarius, that we may live in strength, beauty and gratitude, as we were all originally meant to do.

North Node in Gemini: the Power of Free Speech 2020-2022

Reviewing some info that is especially relevant for the coming months…

The North Node of the Moon’s entrance into Gemini is one of several major highlights of the year 2020. The True Nodes shift from the Cancer North Nodeand Capricorn South Node to Gemini North Node and Sagittarius South Node begins on May 5th and will last until January 18th of 2022. The Mean Node positions last from June 4th until December 22nd 2021.

During this transit the intense focus on security matters and global economy relative to the Cancer/Capricorn axis will become overlapped before being replaced by a universal increase of information, ideas and communications. As a mutable air sign Gemini heightens mental awareness and brings many new experiences. It stimulates conversation, activism, and collaboration among friends, families and communities. Together with Jupiter and Saturn’s transit through airy Aquarius in 2021-2022, the North Node in this sign highlights a worldwide theme that greatly enhances cerebral…

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Breaking Old Contracts – Full Moon in Libra March 2021

The superior conjunction involving the Sun and Venus on the 26th is followed by a Full Moon in Libra on March 28th. Being in exact opposition to Chiron and Venus in Aries, this Full Moon highlights healing body, mind and spirit and especially the heart from deep hurts and betrayals. Nurturing Ceres joins the stellium opposite of the Full Moon to stir things into action, to seize new opportunities and to learn by experience rather than being taught. Venus as Libra’s planetary ruler lights up spiritual channels of energy that can easily be directed toward positive changes. This is not only on interpersonal but massive levels. Although the current alignments are greatly auspicious they are also intense. Old wounds may be re-stimulated and emotional triggers prompt the release of baggage or the severance of unhealthy ties.

The Moon’s trine to Saturn in Aquarius signals large-scale social adjustments, in which after a time of solitude and restriction, everyone is beginning to reintegrate in their familiar types of social settings and to figure out where they stand in the scheme of things. The Libra Moon forms a trine with the North Node and Mars in Gemini, which forms a loose grand trine to Saturn. This configuration supports incredible teamwork and cooperation of the so-called lower and middle class levels of society, that can become an unstoppable force in the face of the encroaching global dictatorship. More people are beginning to realize just how badly they’ve been played by mass media. They’re coming to grips with what is happening when it comes to laws and human rights rather than living in denial. As restrictions continue to lift, this will continue to be a divisive time. Some people, far too many, refuse to look any further for answers than their immediate environment. They’ll remain stuck in old paradigms, obey out-dated rules, and sabotage anyone who threatens their narrow, misguided world view. Libra, as an archetype, holds the scales of justice, which is based on truth, not bias. This is why we’re seeing greater breakthroughs now than there have been in awhile.

The Moon’s inconjunct aspect to Uranus is shining a light on relationship matters, but especially those that involve some degree of commitment. If a relationship is not working now is an optimal time to make a decision to interact differently. This includes business and family relationships than have outrun their course or need to be corrected so that they do not worsen in effects.

Since Chiron’s presence has been such a powerful influence this month I was inspired to upload a couple of new videos in his honor. One describes Chiron as an archetype and its healing cycles in our lives, and the other is a Tarot session for viewers who feel called to diving into the oracle for a personal reading. Chiron was known as a great astrologer, healer and oracle reader, the wisest of the centaurs. Click here for the video specifically about Chiron, and click here for the video with the card readings.

Also, if you haven’t already check out my new website focused on Medical Astrology: Astrology Healing Arts


How Big Tech Seeks to Replace Intuition, Spirits, and God with Artificial Intelligence

While the mainstream media has globally propagated gobsmacking fears of being destroyed by a virus over the past year, Big Tech has gained the upper hand in many business platforms, through technologies such as 5G and its myriad manifestations and affiliations. Unfortunately, there are many people who still do not believe there is anything dangerous about such technology and who chalk up all resistance to tin foil hat conspiracy theories.

There is a technology currently being utilized but not yet widespread that claims to mimic and even to surpass human intuition. Just imagine that. What need would be there be in the future for psychic readers and astrologers when technology can see into every single aspect of your life in chronological order and turn specific functions on and off like a light switch? What need would there be for any efforts on your part, whatsoever for that matter. The Big Tech giants love to fancy themselves in such grand, heroic ways, dazzling audiences with their brazen, false virtue-hyped spiels. Playing God is basically their pastime. When taken at face value, their behavior is absolutely deranged and psychopathic.

Infineon, a curiously named company, sports “intuitive sensing solutions” which enable smart devices to “sense” and “understand” everything within the environment, and …they’ll say this is all great stuff, meant to make life easier, more pleasant, more full. In other words, to make up for humanity’s miserable lack of attentiveness and ability to function without the aid of technology? Infineon produces 60GHz radar technology intended to be included in some of the latest smart phones. With these new phones and the microchips they contain that “sense” all bodily motions and activities, you would say goodbye to literally ALL of your privacy, in every aspect of your life.

Infineon is but one of many companies out there working hard to design and deliver technologies that will make life easier, more pain-free and productive than you could have ever imagined. No more pills need be ingested. Talent need not be developed anymore. It can be digitally enhanced or downloaded. Wait for it; at some point, sex and reproduction need not occur physically. Yes, you read that correctly. It can happen digitally! Good Heavens, what a breath of relief for the masses.

According to Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, by 2030 “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy”. This stems from the NWO Agenda 2030 plan to defeat the world population by “eliminating poverty, hunger and disease”. This simply means that food supplies and human rights to grow food and own property would be limited to what the elites see fit to making accessible. The so-called food, or carbon copies of it would be spread out “evenly”, regardless of gender, race, class, or religion if that still exists in ten years.

Enforced quarantines, mask mandates and highly questionable vaccines (it comes as no reassurance that they’ve been proven to be 50% effective) are all part of the agenda to divide and conquer, and to weaken overall resistance in individuals. At the rate things are going, 5G will soon be obsolete, as faster, more extreme frequencies are being used to dominate the human body, psyche, and eventually, soul. That’s what’s intended for us. That’s the battle we are faced with in today’s world.

Not surprisingly, diagnostic energy devices used for healing purposes such as the SCIO machine, previously known as QXCI, have been banned in several parts of the world and considered quackery in the scientific community, although they have also been shown to help treat diseases such as as diabetes and cancer. Corrupt Big Pharma would have too much to lose to allow such technology to be available to just anyone.

Some EMF devices used to detect radiation levels have been recently discovered to detect the presence of energetic anomalies, sometimes taken to be ghosts. One might wonder if in the age of increased digital surveillance such devices would be used to capture, enslave, or control such anomalies and entities. The audacity of the power elite knows no measures, so we shouldn’t put past them the attempt.

Since technology itself functions as a double edged sword, these sorcerors of the digital realm are being exposed by the very people intended to be herded together in cells, like cattle awaiting their slaughter. There will always be whistle-blowers, rebels, mavericks, wizards, witches and fairy godmothers who work behind the scenes for the healing and protection of people, animals and the planet. What the Age of Aquarius is bringing to light, on some level, is where each and every one of us stand in the “spectrum” of things.

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“Woke” Comedians Playin’ the Game and Raking in that Bling

There has been a strong Saturnian trend in the world ever since the start of 2020 when Saturn joined with Pluto in Capricorn. Now with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius for much of 2021, the focus remains Saturnian but with a totally different flavor than before. In Capricorn Saturn’s presence can seem dark, heavy, and at times confining. In Aquarius it can seem distinctly heady and intellectual, while also cold and detached. However, Old Father Time is not and has never been without a sense of humor. It’s just that his humor is usually on the dark side, rather dry, and bordering on the tip of the periphery of an extremely intense awkwardness. It’s that kind of humor that is both random and “so funny you forgot to laugh”.

Such is the comedy of today, which has suddenly become popular during Saturn’s transit through Aquarius. I won’t be naming any names here, but suffice to say that so-called edgy, “woke” comedians are now summarizing the gimmicks of the New World Order, bullet point by bullet point in their well produced satire spiels and skits. What’s amazing is just how accurate many of their points are, to the degree that they’re now receiving praises from their audience as if they’re somehow dropping truth bombs in a way that makes them saints. The knowledge was there all along, shared by those who have been and continue to get persecuted for speaking out, and now that it’s become obvious and much more widespread, they’re branding and packaging it as if its the most original work they’ve come up with to boot. Hilarious!

As much as these comedic truthers mock big corporations and social media platforms that have been known to rip people off, they slyly promote them simultaneously.  They have several sponsorships with paid promotions. This all happens in a way that seems so freaking ridiculous, it doesn’t even make any sense. These guys keep upgrading their presentations to appeal to both those who “get it” and those who don’t even understand the gravity of these jokes on humanity. They won’t be directly affected though. They’re doing just fine, all dolled up and laughing their asses off all the way to their online bank accounts. If they weren’t getting sponsored by such major companies it’s hard to say how courageous they would be in spilling the beans on the technocratic take-over agenda, even through sarcasm. Isn’t it funny how that works? It’s called hypocrisy.

George Carlin was way ahead of the game, being too hardcore to be caught selling things and services on stage. With him there was no guesswork about where he stood when it came to world politics, and whether or not he was trying to score points and seduce people with his charm. He clearly didn’t give a shit. Bill Hicks was another iconic dark comedian unafraid to massively criticize social and political disfunction, and he specifically nailed pop culture con artists who profited from excess advertising.

As things continue to get weirder and weirder on planet earth, and what was once taboo becomes commonplace, what people consider to be funny is bound to shift. We’ve entered an era where just about anything goes. Everything’s so whack, there seems nothing left to do but succumb to the entrainment, not to be confused with entertainment.

Don’t get me wrong, those who know me well know that I enjoy some black humor on occasion. Even I have laughed at a few of the jokes that these high achieving, modern day, internet comedians have made. Then I sat in dismay afterward, realizing that saying “anything for a buck” applies here just as it does when it comes to cheap items made in China, capitalizing on the needs and wants of the time.

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During the fall of 2019, the concept came to me for writing an e-book called Holistic Horoscopes for 2020, which I finished writing by the beginning of the year. Tying together knowledge and experience with holistic healing methods and astrology has long been my passion and is becoming a greater focus in my work as an astrologer. Holistic Horoscopes for 2021 can be pre-ordered here, to be released and sent out by December 21st of 2020. The price has gone up this year because the content has been hugely upgraded and includes many more pages (TBA). The total cost is $10, linked to PayPal via the image above.