Surviving Scorpio Season in 2018

Scorpio season is known as the “scariest” if not most sensitive and emotionally charged time of year. It rules the Tarot card Death, which symbolizes closure, irrevocable change and transformation, sometimes actual physical death. Death is a certain point or phase that has been reached on the Fool’s journey of self-discovery that is represented by … More Surviving Scorpio Season in 2018

Free Flower Essence Astrology Report! ğŸŒ¼

To anyone who purchases a copy of my book Flower Spirit Medicine I am offering a free, personalized astrological Flower Essence & Gemstone report emailed to you, along with a mini-consultation. That is, one question answered with a flower essence suggestion. For an accurate astrological reading the date, city, and time of birth is required. … More Free Flower Essence Astrology Report! ğŸŒ¼

Flower Essence Book Holiday Special

Gift idea for friends & family who are interested in both holistic healing and astrology! 🌸 Pre-order a Flower Spirit Medicine book directly from me or through and receive a free Flower Essence & Gem report based on your natal chart along with a decorative chart wheel sent by email (birth info must be provided for an accurate … More Flower Essence Book Holiday Special