Cherry Plum….when you just cannot take it anymore

Prunus_cerasifera_LC0385Out of Bach’s 38 famous flower essences for vibrational healing, there is one in particular that addresses that moment when you feel as though you are about to snap – I mean to completely lose your cool and your marbles too. When the combined stresses of life seem far too great to cope with and you just can’t take it anymore, try taking a few drops of Cherry Plum as soon as possible, one of the essential ingredients of the five flower remedy known as Rescue Remedy. You could even take Rescue Remedy which is specifically for acute rather than ongoing stress. However, if you feel way past the point of even being rescued, Cherry Plum might be more of a direct hit.

Times are tough for many people right now, and emotional to say the least as Venus ruling all that is near and dear to us slowly comes out of a Retrograde post-shadow phase, Mercury who rules communication and mental functioning slows down to turn Retrograde squaring lord of the underworld Pluto and two upcoming eclipses that many believe herald the apocalypse appear to threaten all life on earth as we know it.

Indications that Cherry Plum could be useful for you:

  • on the verge of a nervous breakdown
  • at the edge of your rocker
  • an inner time bomb is about to explode
  • stretched to the breaking point
  • fear of losing sanity
  • fear of severely hurting others
  • fear of losing all self-control
  • post-war or post-traumatic syndrome/PTSD
  • suicidal thoughts and urges


  • Hard aspects to Pluto, by birth or by transit
  • Hard aspects to Mercury, birth or transit
  • Hard aspects to Neptune – especially Moon, Mercury or Mars
  • Mars in Scorpio with hard aspects


  • sudden, jerky, maniacal behavior
  • sudden antisocial mannerisms
  • intense pacing, panting, dilated pupils


  • fierce screaming fits
  • outbursts of rage
  • irrational emotional extremes

When it comes to flower essences, the essence itself is more powerful than the amount ingested. Four drops, not droppers are the average dose, about 2x daily, but one drop is sufficient. Therefore, frequency rather than large portions will have the stronger impact. If the essence is no longer needed one’s energetic field will usually just shrug it off. With Cherry Plum essence, it often seems to be the case that a single dose can make a tremendous difference.

If you don’t personally need this essence, God knows the collective consciousness of humanity does. If only a mist of flower essences would replace chemtrails…

Solar Eclipse in Virgo 9/12/15 – Healing Earth Magic

Solar Eclipses are extra potent New Moons in which the sun is obscured by the moon, as the moon appears to align itself directly between the sun and the earth. The impact of eclipses can be tremendous on multiple levels and are generally feared and looked upon by spiritual aspirants as negative. That’s because they stir things up and empty things out whether we’re ready to release them or not. They push us to piss or get off the pot.

The partial solar eclipse on September 12th/13th is 20 degrees of Virgo, in opposition to comet Chiron in Pisces, highlighting healing in all of its various forms. It is addressing almost all of our various woes and wounds – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. This earthy New Moon reflecting the Wounded Healer in the sign of karmic completion is most troubling for us in the areas where we are most accustomed to masking our pain rather than treating the cause – where we reach for a pill or a pacifier instead of fully acknowledging the grinding, pulsating, sometimes terrible, sometimes beautiful torment of life’s jagged edges. This is not meant to criticize those who need to medicate. It is a statement about our widespread addiction to distraction and avoidance of what life presents us with in its raw, unfiltered state.

As Chiron also represents the Wounded Child, our attention may directed to children in our lives that need healing or to our inner child that was neglected or abused. It’s time to take our inner child on an “Artist Date” (read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron), explore nature, or to simply allow ourselves a return to innocence…

I just came home last night from a first-time adventure at Faerieworlds festival in Oregon, which was one of my inner child’s dreams come true!

This Solar Eclipse could be vastly liberating for those who dare to do rather than to merely dream, to answer with action rather than ask for permission, to boldly venture into the unknown, and to pierce the veils of illusion that perpetuate the cycles of disappointment and despair.

Juno forms a sextile to Saturn at his last degree of Scorpio, clearly indicating to us those who we would do well to work with in some way and those who we would best release. Juno has been in Virgo since June 30th, putting partnerships of both the romantic and business varieties through a process of purification, pressure cooking, and profound change.

Earth Magic

Saturn is doing a final cleanup in the sign of death and transformation, before entering Sagittarius on September 17th. Between now and then the ground is fertile for deep psychological and sexual healing. The Sun conjunct Juno in Virgo, trine Ceres in Capricorn also points to the way to more effective tools and methods for healing and repair than we have been aware of or have used in awhile. We are reconnecting with totem animals, root medicines, herbs and elixirs ~ all that encompasses the meaning and manifestation of true earth magic. Jupiter’s opposition to Neptune in Pisces also heightens the ability to give and receive healing to and from the earth and other dimensions. We are dancing with the elves (at least I can speak for mys‘elf!)!

Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing circa 1786 William Blake 1757-1827 Presented by Alfred A. de Pass in memory of his wife Ethel 1910

Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing circa 1786 William Blake 1757-1827

Mercury is forming an opposition to its higher octave Uranus in Aries as the eclipse forms an inconjunct to Uranus, creating an itch for revolutionary and evolutionary change. As much as we attempt to fight and defend ourselves against the endless onslaught of actual and imagined attacks or to influence others to do as we think they ought to do, there is not much of anything we have any real control over in this world. However we can direct our energy in ways that are more conducive to wellbeing. We have consciousness and we have choice. It’s time to embrace the chaos within and around us and to recognize the divinity in disorder, the mystery of the Cosmos that our ordinary minds just cannot seem to grasp.

Relationship Review

On the same day that Saturn exits Scorpio (September 17th), Mercury turns Retrograde in Libra until October 9th. The planet of communication is beginning to slow down, having entered the pre-shadow phase on August 28th. While Venus was Retrograde in Leo from July 25th until September 6th we had a chance to review creative endeavors and release emotional entanglements involving finances, love, and partnerships. Venus remains in a post-shadow phase for exactly as long as Mercury moves Retrograde through Venus-ruled Libra, so the focus continues to be on sorting out relationship snags, healing old rifts, letting go of roles that have been played out, or people who no longer have an appropriate role to play in our lives. The planetary goddess of love and beauty enters Virgo on the 8th, and exits the post-shadow on the 9th.

Self Love & Forgiveness

With this Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 12th we are metaphorically kneeling at the feet of an immensely radiant and ageless goddess in the in the guise of a haggard, hump-backed witch doctor, warts and all, begging for forgiveness and requesting cooperation in restoring harmony to the earth and each other. Perhaps this ugly projection of the feminine represents an disowned aspect of ourselves that we have finally – after much criticism and resistance have come to love. Whether burned at the stake in past lives or currently suffering from body and lifestyle image distortion due to cultural brainwashing, there is so much that has prevented us from even recognizing and experiencing who we really are. The flower essences of Crab Apple and Manzanita might be helpful over the next few days, assisting with self-acceptance and appreciation.

Another possible symbol of the times we are in is that of this gentleman comforting a cow in a field. Like the princess kissing the frog, we might be surprised where or what a bit of humility gets us.

“Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars.” – Serbian proverb

Flower Essences for the Signs

“To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.”  – William Blake


The flower essences spoken of here do not refer to those with a fragrance, but rather the energetic signatures of the flowers themselves which are imprinted into water by sunlight and then preserved, typically with brandy. Flower essences are taken internally to address the mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances which, if left unchecked become manifest as illness in the physical body.

Dr. Edward Bach who was the major pioneer of Flower Essences in the modern age was well aware of the correlation between astrology, the chakras and both physical and psychological states. Although he was not informed or comfortable enough to expound upon the specific correlations of flower essences to the twelve zodiac signs, he mentioned their significance in his article Twelve Healers in 1933:

“These types of personality are indicated to us by the moon according to which sign of the Zodiac she is in at birth, and a study of this will give us the following points:

  1. The type of personality
  2. His object and work in life
  3. The remedy which will assist him in that work.

… the secret of life is to be true to our personality, not to suffer interference from outside influences. Our personality we learn from the position of the moon at birth; our dangers of interference from the planets”

Bach had produced 38 essences before his passing, and these essences have stood the test of time. The specific Twelve Healers that were highlighted in his article have been listed with corresponding Virtues and Faults. Their astrological counterparts were yet to be determined but many astrologers have since found their connections. Of course certain signs may share a need for the same essence.

Essence  Virtue Fault
Agrimony Stillness Torment
Scleranthus Steadfastness Indecision
Vervain Tolerance The Enthusiast
Clematis Gentleness Indifference
Chicory Love Congestion
Gentian Understanding Discouragement
Water Violet Joy Grief
Centaury Power The Doormat
Impatiens Forgiveness Pain
Cerato Wisdom The Fool
Rock Rose Courage Terror
Mimulus Sympathy Fear

Listed below are some of the most challenged and wounded areas of each sign along with corresponding flower essences and crystals to address their core issues. This is not to say that all people born under these signs struggle with all of these issues. They are the destructive tendencies and imbalances of each sign that may be present in people to various degrees, in various aspects of their lives, at various times. For that matter, the energy of all signs are present in all of us to some degree. One must take into consideration not only the Sun sign but also the Ascendant, Moon and other planetary positions and their aspects. There are also certain times in our lives represented by transits that these energies seem more strong and noticeable than others. Crystals and gems can be used to make essences too (called elixirs), or worn for similar effects. Essences and crystals can help with life transitions as well as shift stubborn, longstanding patterns. I intend to add to this list over time.

Astrological Emotional Challenges & Essences to Address Them

Aries/1st House/Mars

Negative patterns: Impulsiveness, combativeness, competitiveness, impatience. “Pushing the envelope”. The urge to try harder, do more, and do it fast. Accident-prone. Unconscious self-abuse. Alienation due to haste.

Healing Essences: Impatiens (Bach flower essences) to become more patient with self, others, and progress. Aloe Vera (FES) for balanced creative activity. Dandelion (FES) for dynamic and effortless activity with flexibility and balance. Tiger Lily (FES essences) for redirecting competitive energies and hostility. Heather (Bach) to move away from excessive self-absorption. Diamonds for overall healing, good feelings and protection. Labradorite for slowing down to smell the roses, trusting in the divine plan. Manganocalcite to foster gentleness with oneself and others.

Taurus/2nd House/Venus

Negative patterns: Fears of change – a need for certain things to remain exactly as they are. Fears of lack. Feelings of futility. Mistrustful of the compliments of others. Fears of failure, loss or deceit. Attachment to money or material objects.

Healing Essences: Star Thistle (FES) for generosity and inner abundance. Sagebrush (FES) for transformation and letting go. Cayenne (FES) ease of mobility and change. Bog Blueberry (Alaskan flower essences) for unconditional acceptance of abundance. Oregon Grape (FES) trust and positive expectation of good from others. Chestnut Bud (Bach flower essences) to learn a lesson and move on instead of repeating it like a broken record. Chicory (Bach) to love and accept others as they are. Star Ruby to lovingly inspire into “right” action. Roses of any kind, to encourage love, confidence and spiritual inspiration.

Gemini/3rd House/Mercury

Negative patterns: Anxiety. Mental restlessness. Impatience. Rationalization and overanalyzing. Disconnection from body and emotions. Bored easily. Difficulties concentrating. Uncertainty – this way or that way. Quick-tongued, difficulties listening. Fear of aging.

Healing Essences: White Chestnut (Bach essences) to quiet the monkey mind, allow for deeper sleep. Impatiens (Bach flower essences) to become more patient. Chrysanthemum (FES essences) to accept the process of aging and a higher spiritual identity. Jojoba (Desert Alchemy) for grounding and coping with the mundane aspects of life on Earth. Mountain Pennyroyal (FES) for mental integrity and psychic protection. Lavender (FES essences) to calm the spirit.  Aquamarine, to calm and positively alter the self-talk. Clear Calcite to clarify and uplift the mind.

Cancer/4th House/Moon

Negative patterns: Fear of criticism and rejection.  Insecurity – feeling unloved, unworthy, easily hurt or victimized. Fear of being ripped off. Hiding due to over-stimulation and a need to process. Inability to cope with reality. Intense grief. Worrywart tendencies – especially over loved ones. Strange phobias and nightmares.

Healing Essences: Cherry Plum (Bach essences) to regain a sense of poise and composure. Mimulus (Bach) to counteract excess fear and timidity. Honeysuckle (Bach) for being present. Red Chestnut (Bach essences) to care for others with calmness and trust. Chamomile (FES) for emotional balance. Fairy Lantern (FES) for emotional maturity. Gorse (Bach) faith and hope. Black Tourmaline to protect from harmful influences. Moonstones to help stabilize frantic or fluctuating emotions. Abalone shell, Mother of Pearl and actual Pearl to support intuitive faculties and stabilize emotionally.

Leo/5th House/Sun

Negative patterns: Need for reassurance and approval. Inferiority complex behind a proud or confidant demeanor. Conversely, overly shy & unwilling to share talents with the world due to underestimating oneself. Fear of scandal. Wounded pride. Destructive anger. Difficulties with self-reflection, honest self-appraisal and objectivity.

Healing Essences: Larch essence (Bach) to help overcome insecurities and let the true self shine. Willow essence (Bach) to increase flexibility and release crystallized emotions, which can result in heart ailments. Sunflower (FES) for balanced power and ego strength. Iris (FES) inspired artistry and creativity. Buttercup (FES) to radiate inner light, unattached to recognition. Water Violet (Bach) to counteract aloofness and to share oneself with the world. Sunstone to highlight and trust in one’s best qualities. Gold to enhance creative gifts and shine. Citrine for concentration and confidence.

Virgo/6th House/Mercury

Negative patterns: Perfectionism. Body-dysmorphia, self-hatred or extreme humility. Obsessed with flaws. Emotional detachment. Feeling of worthlessness and guilt. Self-sacrifice to the point of exhaustion and waste. Behaving in a subservient manner due to fear of one’s own personal power.

Healing Essences: Crab Apple (Bach) to release painful feelings of self-loathing which have become lodged in the body. Filaree  (FES essences) for a broad vision and wider perspective on daily events. Pine (Bach) to release guilt. Self-Heal (FES) for a vital, healthy sense of self. Larch essence (Bach flower essences) to boost confidence. Dogwood (FES) for grace-filled movement, physical and etheric harmony. Manganocalcite to feel joyfully loved and perfect as one is.  Aquamarine, to positively alter the self-talk. Rose Quartz for self-love and acceptance.

Libra/7th House/Venus

Negative patterns: Indecision. Procrastination and inertia due to self-doubt, waiting for the better answer, way or solution (fear of making mistakes). Distrust of own intuition. Difficulties drawing boundaries and saying No. Seeking opinions or approval from others before acting on personal conviction. People-pleasing. Fear of confrontations.

Healing Essences: Scleranthus (Bach) for resolve. Centaury (Bach essence) to just say No. Cerato (Bach essence) to trust intuition. Mountain Pride (FES) to connect with the spiritual warrior within, take action. Mullein (FES) to heed inner truth. Agrimony (Bach) for emotional honesty. Tansy (FES) for decisive action. Bleeding Heart (FES) for relating with unconditional love. Fire Opal for quick and effective decision-making and seeing the “bigger picture”. Blue Sapphire to bridge the spiritual realm with the physical body for equilibrium. Watermelon Tourmaline to balance male/female energies in heart center.

Scorpio/8th House/Pluto

Negative patterns: Paranoia. Guilt and turmoil. Pride easily wounded. Manipulative and vindictive when slighted, using subversive tactics to receive nurturing and/or attention. Envy, jealousy, and rage. Bottling emotions inside until they explode in misdirected ways. Projection.

Healing Essences: Pine essence (Bach) to release feelings of guilt and shame which cause stagnation in the aura and attract negative situations. Holly (Bach) for anger, hatred, and toxic emotions. Scarlet Monkeyflower (FES) for emotional honesty and shadow integration. Black Cohosh (FES) to release deep feelings of heaviness, darkness, and despair – healing from abuse. Tomato (Spirit-In-Nature essences) for psychic protection. Rose Quartz for self-love and ability to nurture the self. Rhodochrosite to heal the heart from effects of abuse, sexual and other. Rainbow Obsidian to see the beauty in all things and to prevent energetic burn-out.

Sagittarius/9th House/Jupiter

Negative patterns: Suppressing pain and sorrow behind a cheerful face. Seeking to please and be fun-loving, often at one’s personal expense. Fanaticism. Afraid to face emotions, feeling that deep feelings are too alien to deal with. Claustrophobia. Over-indulgence. Drug-abuse.

Healing Essences: Agrimony flower essence (Bach) for healing the inner torment hidden behind a happy face and naturally humorous nature. Orange (Spirit-In-Nature flower essences) to elevate a burdened mind. Calendula (FES) for healing and receptivity, imparting warmth through words. Larkspur (FES) for charismatic leadership in a joyful manner. Vervain (Bach) for tolerance and moderation. Cosmos (FES) to express truth and ideas with clarity. Beech (Bach) for more compassionate speech. Fire Agates and Fire Opal to increase intuition. Gold to enhance creative gifts and shine.

Capricorn/10th House/Saturn

Negative patterns: Self-criticism and austerity. Resentment and bitterness. Fear of failure. Fear of emotional vulnerability and betrayal. Separation from or over-identification with parents or family. Workaholic. A fear of one’s own strength and how it might hurt others.

Healing Essences: Oak (Bach) for a more balanced approach to work and play, to allow for more play and creativity when overworked. Scotch Broom (FES) for positive and optimistic feelings about the world and future events. Dill (FES) to experience the fullness of life. Mustard (Bach) for finding joy in life. Baby Blue Eyes (FES) for feeling at home in the world. Wild Oat (Bach) work with a sense of inner purpose. Zinna (FES) for playfulness and connecting with the inner child. Star Tulip (FES) to connect with dreams and higher worlds. Garnets for focus and success. Emeralds to keep the heart open and receptive to new possibilities.

Aquarius/11th House/Uranus

Negative patterns: Unsure how to channel the huge influx of creative and spiritual energies. Fear of being mediocre. Fear of social rejection. Need for dominance and control. Opinionated. Being “indispensable” in  order to gain love. A front of control covering up inner confusion or lack of self worth.

Healing Essences: Water Violet (Bach) to share the self with love, humility, and wisdom. Vine (Bach) to transform dominance into loving leadership. Shooting Star for cherishing one’s uniqueness while feeling connected to others. Sweet Pea (FES) for commitment to community and one’s place on Earth. Red Clover (FES) to say calm amidst mass hysteria. Quaking Grass (FES) Harmonious group work. Goldenrod (FES) inner sense of self balanced with group/social consciousness. Catulpa Tree (Featherhawk essences) to share self joyfully with others, also connect with higher realms. Purple Flourite for mental cleansing and spiritual attunement. Quartz Crystal for clarity.

Pisces/12th House/Neptune

Negative patterns: Fears of abandonment. Fears of exploitation and/or being used. Overstimulation and hyper sensitivity. Deep feelings of need for atonement. Martyrdom and self-sacrifice. Snuffing out painful emotions with drugs and alcohol. Escapism and addiction.

Healing Essences: Clematis (Bach essences) for manifesting inspiration in practical life. Mugwort (FES) to balance psychic activity. Shooting Star flower essence (Alaskan flower essences) to ease feelings of loneliness, loss, being out of place, to connect to higher realms. Pink Yarrow (FES) for appropriate emotional boundaries. California Poppy (FES) to connect with the spirituality and radiance in one’s own heart. Corn (FES) grounded presence, Earth alignment especially through feet. Chaparral (FES) balanced psychic awareness. Aquamarine, to gain access into thoughts behind emotions before they become further blocked. Black Tourmaline for grounding and psychic protection.

For a personalized flower essence report and essence blend contact me at


Flower Essence Repertory – by Patricia Kaminski

The Twelve Healers of the Zodiac – by Peter Damian

Bach Flower Therapy – by Mechthild Scheffer

The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach-  by Julian & Martine Barnard

Flower Essence Gem Report (Cosmic Patterns Software) – Gina Ronco

Walnut Flower Essence

The  vibrational essence of Walnut is evocative of the truth of several quotations that most are familiar with:

“All things Change, and We With Them”

“There is a Time and Place for Everything”

“When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going”

As Mars moves back into forward direction in Libra while Mercury slows down into Retrograde motion in Cancer, many people could use some assistance in the drastic transitioning from one state of being to another. The recent Grand Cardinal Squares have left many wondering if they are coming or going, where to, and how. This is where Walnut flower essence can serve as a gentle yet invaluable tool in coping with stressful life altering change and significant decisions to be made. Since Cancer, where Jupiter currently transits and Mercury will soon be transiting is such a reflective sign, Walnut can help us not to get so caught up in what came before so that we can move on to what comes next. Walnut is the flower essence prescribed for that proverbial Crossroads that appears in as many myriad forms as there are people alive.

An Essence for Transition, an essence for All Times…

“We must gain our freedom absolutely and completely, so that all we do, our every action – nay even our every thought – derives its origin in ourselves, thus enabling us to live and give freely of our own accord, and of our own accord alone”. – Edward Bach

But…in a world of so much uncertainty where we can easily lose an accurate sense of who our “self” is within the chaos, what would “our own accord” even mean? Many sages have spoken of a self within the self, usually hidden from the conscious mind. The conscious mind is typically influenced by the subconscious mind, which in turn is further influenced by the sea of the collective Subconscious Mind where all minds mingle and merge. Most of what we would consider our own thoughts or even our own emotions are not authentically so. When this realization finally hits us, it may come as quite a shock that what we’ve identified with for so long is not what we thought it was, nor are we who or what we thought we were. There is a term for this false identification with the collective subconscious in a way that is ironically personalized, believing itself to be unique. In Buddhist philosophy this is called the innate view. By disciplined cogitation and meditation this false identification be pierced and a true sense of self begins to emerge.

Also, there are various events in life that come unbidden that can although do not necessarily trigger this awareness in us. This is to say that sometimes when we are slammed with sickness, misfortune or intensity, we are simultaneously awakened on deep levels to wrong choices we have made or impositions that have been made upon us. These are events such as:

  • Death
  • Pregnancy & Birth
  • Divorce
  • Marriage
  • War and its aftermath
  • Change of Occupation
  • Getting “fired”
  • Relocation
  • Witnessing a crime or injustice
  • Mid-life Crisis
  • Political Campaigns

Emanation Vs. Protection

The walnut tree claims a very specific territory for itself, unwilling to share with most other plants and creatures. Its powerful scent is repulsive to many insects although not necessarily to humans. The aura that walnut emanates seems quite solid and sure of itself, bringing to mind for us that when we stand our own ground with similar conviction we are unswayed by the opinions of others, and unhindered by minor pests that would otherwise gnaw on or intimidate us, draining our life force energy. As it develops, the fruit contained within the protective shell of the nut closely resembles the human brain. This relates symbolically to being able to both physically and psychologically shift from one state of being to another without the weight or interference of the past. In this way, Walnut can help us to get on with our lives, despite life’s curveballs, challenges and constant, sometimes drastic or disorienting change. Walnut essence alone or combined with another Bach/FES essence such as Willow can help us to properly adjust and adapt to radical change – to bend rather than break under pressure.

Walnut flower essence can help to reclaim and maintain authenticity in one’s life, no matter what may be going on in the outside world. When one goes astray from their true values or falls out of synch with their vocation, Walnut can help realign with a genuine sense of purpose. As we approach and emerge from the peak season of this year’s Tarot card, The Chariot, many Life Paths will take some decidedly and radically new directions. 2014 is a Seven year, and The Chariot is vibrationally aligned with the number Seven and the Sun’s transit through Cancer, from the Summer Solstice of June 21st until July 22nd.

I’d love to hear any of your Walnut flower essence testimonials and stories if you’d care to share them.

Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon 23 degrees of Scorpio on May 14th rounds off within the aftermath of April’s intense Grand Cardinal Cross and Mar’s stationing to Direct in Libra on the 19th. Conjoined with Saturn, there are sure to be some sobering moments and effects this week, although this needn’t be dramatic or melancholy, as the tendency may ordinarily be. There may indeed be many endings taking place, deaths of both physical and metaphorical or metaphysical kinds. Strictly speaking, Saturn shows us where we need to buck up or strengthen in some way, and in combination with the Moon this would mean a need for breaking through stagnation, or developing emotional maturity and strength. Here is where we may grieve for what we have lost but rather than linger in sadness we must move on toward improvement and accomplishment. Some are now beginning to see how far they have come in some instance while others are struggling with the same old same old but with growing awareness that if this continues, something unpleasant may bring this same old to a halt.

sinwood_saints_by_KatjafaithThe Moon is not thrilled in Scorpio, but she holds many secrets which can either be used to harm or to heal. Saturn, as a “Lord of Karma” won’t let the Moon get away with anything less than what is dealt with integrity. This means that emotions alone cannot possibly serve as our guiding light right now. Reactions (to stress, threats, and obstacles) only perpetuate reactions, so the question is how do the reactions end? How are obstacles surmounted, goals attained? Depth perception and intuition must replace paranoia and fear, as the more aware we become, the most appropriate actions to take will make themselves known.

Mother’s day has just passed, but the significance of the women in our life are taking a great precedence now. It may either be with bitterness or sweet reverence that we look upon our mothers and for that matter any of the elders and authority figures that have had a great impact on us. Men may feel extra protective of their wives and daughters with this influence, or in some cases they may feel stir-crazy and prone to straying. The Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio can be both serious and at times quite sultry depending on the matters at hand.

Purification is important when the Moon transits this deeply emotional water sign, as is replenishment from the food, minerals and water we ingest, along with quality of nature’s beauty that we may saturate ourselves within. Flower essences can be very helpful in coping with, releasing or addressing the emotional states that seem to grip many during such times as these. The following Flower Essences available from FES might be useful to combat feelings of distrust, judgment, paranoia and healing the trespassing of boundaries whether these were sexual, emotional or otherwise:

Leichtlins_Mariposa_Lily,_YosemiteMariposa Lily – trust and bonding with the mother, or the Inner Mother

Oregon Grape – trusting the goodwill of others

Purple Monkeyflower – the deep trust in spiritual identity, purpose and experience

Money is another big highlight now for better or worse, and there is a lot of fear going around about what is believed to be an even bigger economic crash in the US this summer than we’ve ever seen, at least since the Great Depression. Again, when did such fear ever serve humanity? So if that happens, what’s the plan here? We are the ones navigating far more than we realize in the giant ship of Life. The Sun, opposite of the Moon in Scorpio blazes brightly in the sign of Taurus, reminding us that we need to be practical, deliberate, and focused in our relationship to money if we want to both survive and thrive. The focus is really less about money itself and more about where we place our values, for if we show genuine care for the Earth and her resources, we are the ones who can slowly transform both our ecology and economy for the better. Saturn can be our best friend when it comes to building stronger foundations that provide security of both the physical and mental kinds.

Both of Scorpio’s rulers are still powerfully pulsating within the Grand Cross as is Taurus’s ruler Venus, with Pluto in Capricorn opposite of Jupiter in Cancer, and Mars in Libra opposite of Venus and Uranus in Aries. Pluto in Capricorn’s mutual reception with Saturn in Scorpio is also highlighted now. In the next couple of weeks following this Full Moon there is likely to be a cascade of events in which many walls are crumbled, secrets revealed, hearts and minds are opened, and energy is expanded!

10 Natural Stress-Reducing Remedies

We already know that “things” are intense and seem to be constantly escalating astrologically, but what can we do in times of stress – how can we cope? Some people just keep burning their candles at both ends while others realize when it’s time to simplify their lives and they seek refuge. There is a middle ground when necessary that allows us to both maintain our livelihoods while also heeding the signals from our body and assisting it with stress-reducing and immune-boosting remedies.

There is no one certain remedy for all discomforts but there are many resources available to many of us that we often forget the busier we get. There are many causes and effects of stress, just as there are many ways to address them. You can decide which if any of the following of these natural remedies for strength, endurance and mental peace and clarity you might also benefit from. They are some of my favorites!

Ten Natural Stress Reducing Remedies:

  • B -Complex foods and/or vitamins – Under stress the body doesn’t manufacture or store adequate Bs which are necessary for so many functions of the body that enable it to both relax and repair. Many of them are naturally produced by probiotics, which many people happen to be deficient in (probiotics are present in yoghurt, kombucha tea and other fermented foods but can be taken separately). Antacids can destroy the body’s store of B vitamins, and many causes of acidity in the intestines are caused by enzymatic deficiencies. These deficiencies again may be addressed by ingesting foods that have been specially fermented and are rich in probiotics, which generate B vitamins. Leafy greens tend to be high in B vitamins, and raw fruits and vegetables can help a great deal with digestion.
  • Eleuthero, aka Siberian Ginseng This is known as a King of Adaptogens by Chinese herbalists, and it is one of the most extensively researched in the world for its amazingly restorative properties. Eleuthero is gently energizing without being stimulating (unlike true panax Ginseng which is very stimulating), and can help to focus more intently on the tasks at hand.
  • Rescue Remedy flower essence blend – This is usually taken for acute stress situations of both mental and physical natures, but in cases of intense ongoing stress it can be taken several times per day up to a couple of weeks daily until the worst of the stress energy has played itself out.
  • Phosphatidylserine One of the best known natural substances to assist in restoring circadian rhythms as well as protecting against cognitive dysfunctions. I highly recommend those with adrenal fatigue to research what PS can do.
  • Magnesium – Many people are deficient in magnesium, which is a mineral that is necessary for the absorption of calcium. Taking this after intense workouts, after stressful encounters, and before bedtime can help relax the muscles and allow the body to do its natural restorative work. A supplement called Calm Magnesium has become quite popular for its easy assimilation and effectiveness.
  • Monitor and limit exposure to internet, cell phones and electronic devices. Before spending money on gadgets and gizmos which are claimed to protect you from harmful currents of electricity, try just taking a break from using any of these things now and then. Not only does constant exposure to electro-magnetic frequencies weaken our immunity but it causes stress to the brain, central nervous system, emotions, and oftentimes due to the body remaining stationary for so long it can have detrimental effects on the heart, liver, and eyes. Make sure to get up and stretch at least once an hour when doing desk work. Remember to blink and breathe!
  • Replace refined sugars with healthy fats! The human body severely struggles when saturated with too much sugar, trans fats and preservatives. It tends to thrive on a well-balanced diet that includes healthy fats that come from such foods as coconut, avocados, and Omega fatty acids.
  • Stretching and Exercise – Whether through yoga, martial arts or just stretching the body considers many of these basic movements in these practices to be necessities rather than luxuries of those with the spare time to do them. We need movement to circulate our blood and prevent energy from just clumping in one spot where it becomes stagnant and creates illness.
  • Peace and Calming essential oil blend by Young Living Contains Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang,Patcouli, and Blue Tansy essential oils. This harmonizing and sweet smelling blend can be used in myriad ways on the body, in the home, through direct applications or the use of a diffuser. If interested in this you can also contact me for details on ordering it and other essential oils, as well as optional membership with Young Living.untitled
  • Meditation is not just for monks who live far away in caves up in the mountains. The more stressed out we feel, the chances are the more we need to quiet our overly stimulated minds, which is where our health is sometimes surprisingly influenced more than anything else. There are many meditation methods, but finding one that suits well and sticking to it on a daily basis can truly work wonders in overall health and vitality.


Crystal Energy Oils!

A new product in my Starfire Essence line are now ready to order for the holidays…

 Aroma oils with real crystals inside!

Starfire Essence oils

Each bottle contains a blend of pure therapeutic grade essential oils, jojoba as a carrier, and a crystal or cluster of small crystals, all in 1/3 oz roll-on bottles. Great Christmas “stocking” gifts 😀

The seven different oils to choose from so far are:

  • Energy – essential oil blend of Schizandra, Rosemary & Lime with a clear quartz crystal
  • Healing – essential oil blend of Holy Basil, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, & Peppermint with a green tourmaline
  • Joy – essential oil blend of Orange, Magnolia, & Honey extract with a pink tourmaline crystal
  • Love  – essential oil blend of Vanilla, Cacao, Rose, & Davana with a rose quartz
  • Meditation – essential oil blend of Sandalwood, Jasmine, Chamomile, & Clary Sage with Selenite
  • Protection – essential oil blend of  Bay, Black Spruce, Frankincense, Peppermint & Lavender with Black Tourmaline
  • Stress Relief – essential oil blend of Sweet Marjoram, Celery, & Ylang-Ylang with Fuchsite

Each bottle is $15.00, and shipping for 1-5 bottles is $4.00
6 or more just ask me first 😉

Payments can be sent via PayPal to
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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Mercury stationed retrograde today (October 21st) in Scorpio where it will appear to tread backward until November 11th. It almost goes without saying that around this time it is best to be a bit cautious and extra patient around appointments, computers and electronic devices, and general communications. There are often breakdowns, delays, and miscommunications of all sorts with MR. These mixed messages are the Universe’s way of trying to get us to slow down, listen or pay closer to attention to something in our lives or environment. These Retrogrades do not favor new beginnings but rather the reparations and completions of what has already begun or has been done unsuccessfully. They are our naturally provided chances to bring the balance in those areas.

Scorpio is a feminine, fixed water sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. Its nature is deeply perceptive, passionate, emotional, and powerful, with the potential to either do great harm (when disturbed) or to heal (when aware). Scorpio gets us in touch with taboo topics, and stirs us in ways that we may have tried to hide or deny. It shows us where we need to clear and release whatever has become stuck in body, mind, and spirit. Since it will be in Scorpio the whole time, one of the sole themes of this particular Mercury Retrograde cycle is to release stubborn patterns that have affected our lives in so many ways. It will assist us in clearing our minds of excess baggage and old stories that fill us with hopelessness, apathy, indecision, worry, and falsity.

This Mercury Retro cycle offers us some precious opportunities to:

  • Forgive – others who have hurt us as well as ourselves for any shortcomings we have perceived or judged harshly in ourselves
  • Release  – whatever is taking up the space of what would actually benefit us, whether this means objects, relationships, habits or all of the above. How can we attract or even accept what we want when there is no room for it?
  • Reclaim – our passion in life, our sense of purpose and/or power
  • Just say no – I loved what Ilona Mialik had to say about this in her latest blog post It’s Your Job

This could be a time when physically we are nudged to clean our dietary intake or just make time for deeper rest and rejuvenation. We need to focus on the exhale just as much as the inhale, and recognize where we are holding stress in our bodies so that we can release it consciously, rather than through more complicated illnesses. The water element is especially healing now, both externally and internally…drinking plenty of pure water can be very helpful and important in releasing toxins.

To quote from the October Forecast post:

“This Retrograde is an emotionally charged and transformative one and will have transited Saturn three times during its course. This may be the point when we actually let go, walk away, cast out, say no, or simply know that the past is over, the future is now. What is it that you’re so over and ready to be done with, whether it’s a job, physical condition, a mental, relational or other one?”

The flower essence that sprang to my mind for Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio this time around is Mimulus, otherwise known as Monkeyflower ~ in all of its different colors and forms. There is a Bach brand of Mimulus flower essence generally administered for releasing and working through fears, and I think of the title Monkeyflower as literally relating to the quieting of the “monkey mind” that causes so many types of mental afflictions and fears. Even connecting with the energy of this flower spirit through visualization or meditation may help to allay some of the fears that are coming up for release during the next three weeks.

A saving grace of this Mercury Retrograde transit with be its trine to Jupiter in Cancer, bringing nurturing and optimism in moments and areas where we may least expect it. This also helps even out the heaviness of the Saturn influence with some lighter feel-good vibes.This could well be the insightful period that we’ve been hoping or praying for for months. As much as we often dread the MR process, it can bring some great things, solutions, and reunions that we wouldn’t have otherwise thought to ask for or consciously pursue. My sense is that we will make huge progress during this time and if we are seeking for the positive within it we are sure to find it.

September Energies 2013

“See, the human mind is kind of like…

a pinata. When it breaks open,

there’s a lot of surprises inside. Once you get the pinata

perspective, you see that losing your mind

can be a peak experience.”

– Jane Wagner (the Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe)

Generally the influence of Virgo is stabilizing to the mind, body, finances and overall health and work rhythms. While the Sun transits here we are a bit calmer and more inclined to clean up and organize our lives. Mercury rules this feminine earth sign, getting us in touch with our physical senses, and can represent the barometer that tells us how our bodies are reacting to our thoughts. Yes, that’s the general idea…

But many have been anything but calm, stable, or organized lately. There’s no denying the chaos that has broken loose upon the earth although this loose chaos has been the case for eons. None of us really know when exactly Pandora opened the box. We just have better means of broadcasting what’s going on in the world now, through television, radio and other media. With our president’s decision to take warlike action upon Syrian government due to chemical weapons unleashed on thousands of innocent people, we are reminded yet again of our collective fragility in a physical sense when compared to forces whether natural or unnatural that are bigger than ourselves. This is another precious opportunity us to focus wholeheartedly on the truth, beauty and love that is more real than anything outside of us that we perceive through the experience of suffering.

Early this month there is a tense square between Mars and Saturn, which can potentially either be violent and destructive or strengthening in some way, depending on our awareness of how we direct our energies, and  perhaps our fate. Patience, caution, and well-directed discipline are helpful to overcome the negative energies of this interaction. Midmonth Mercury will form another grand square with Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus, which may cause a few crazy outbursts or even creative peak experiences.  All month Mars is in a trine with Uranus, bringing a lot of fiery energy and progress to actions, plans and projects. By the end of the month Venus’s trine to Jupiter in Cancer will help lighten the atmosphere.

9-5-13 New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon is 13 degrees of Virgo, providing us with a wonderful week or two for new beginnings that require purification and attention to details. Virgo is very much involved in the arts of healing, so health and recovery are themes now, as are all growing green things of the earth. The Earth Goddess Virgo inspires us not only to tidy up but to get deeper in touch with our physical senses. In this sign, with its tendencies toward analysis and introspection we are also able to understand the deeper reasons why things happen and what part we play in the happenings. There is an opposition to the comet Chiron, also known as the Wounded Healer, which indicates that this is an important time of mending our wounds or those of others close to us, and that past actions and harms are obviously exerting an influence upon the present. A trine with Pluto assures us that we will have the energy and resources to move through challenges that arise in practical ways.

The Sabian symbol for this moon between 12-14 degrees says a lot that is pertinent at this time and barely needs an interpretation:

“An Aristocratic Family Tree”

Sometimes, what we need in order to succeed or transcend our limitations is a return to our roots. We need to review what happened before us, to avoid repeating certain mistakes, as well as to take into consideration the wisdom of those with greater experience than ourselves.

9-19-13 Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon is 26 degrees of Pisces

Pisces is known as the sign that deals with karma, and the option we have to give service or experience suffering. It is associated with the realms of dreams, imagination, intuition and with the possibilities for wish fulfillment. During this Full Moon many of our spiritual centers are being activated, as a heightening of many faculties occurs. A very loose separating trine with Jupiter indicates that we have earned some kind of reward or rest after a time of struggles.

Venus, Saturn, and the North Node are clustered together in Scorpio, bringing a certain level of seriousness and commitment to relationships that could be more sobering rather sensual, and this may entail connecting with others whom we have been close to in prior lifetimes. Equally possible is the need or desire to work together with someone toward a specific end.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon 26-27 degrees of Pisces:

“The Harvest Moon Illumines A Clear Autumnal Sky”

This symbol further supports the idea that this is a time of reaping what we have sown earlier this year. It may not be all peachy, but likely a “mixed bag of nuts” so to speak. Surely there are some goodies and not-so-goodies in there, but we can choose to be grateful for it all. Whether the bag is as full as we had hoped or not we are closer to realizing the fruits and effects of our efforts, and therefore closer to attaining greater effects in the future.

9-22-13 Autumn Equinox

We’re told that we’re crazy – something’s wrong if we hear voices where there are supposedly none. On the other hand we are given information that is delivered by both human and digital voices designed to subdue, dominate and instill our minds with fear in such a way that we become numb. As we move into the sign of Libra on the Equinox we are really seeking the balance between listening to the inner and outer voices. The fall season tests our discernment, fairness, integrity and our ability to hear others while still being in touch with our own thoughts, intuition, needs, and desires. We need to be in touch with the authentic voices around and within us, whether they stem from our subconscious or superconscious minds. We need to remember that what we hear and what we say are the seedlings of creation, especially when said or assimilated with passion. Passion can bring people together or tear them apart – it can excite, infuriate and annihilate whole entire villages or nations.  Compassion reconnects us with the part ourselves that evolves, is inclusive rather than exclusive, and brings light to our hearts.

This Autumn season is a potent one, filled with two eclipses, Pluto Retrograde, a Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, Jupiter and Neptune both going Retrograde, and finally ending with Venus going Retrograde on the Winter Solstice. Uranus will be the only planet going direct after being Retrograde since July 19th, and that will take place on November 13th.

Two Bach flower essences that might be helpful during this month’s transitional phase are:

  • Scleranthus – to aid in the decision making process
  • Cerato – to facilitate a deeper sense of self-reliance and trust in one’s intuition

Also, the essential oil of Lavender and/or a vibrational essence of this flower that can be obtained from FES would be helpful to counteract overstimulation from spiritual forces and changes taking place.

Be well and trust the inner voice of wisdom!

April Forecast 2013

I think of Rosie the Riveter as a perfect example of what this month’s energies are about. The Goddess is alive and afoot, and she is ready to kick ass and take names.!.jpg

This is and will continue to be both a wildly invigorating month, where much will both come to an end, and much will begin. The saying “When one door closes, another one opens” so perfectly describes the themes that we are faced with at this time. The New Moon in fiery Aries is followed by 3 upcoming Eclipses in a row…our buttons are being pushed as we are really being pushed out of our comfort zones. We are urged to deepen our awareness & act from a place of commitment to our own inner truth ~ in a word, authenticity. This is not a time to try to walk around in someone else’s oversized boots, or to use the same curse words picked up from a friend with a bad attitude and habits. There is no room for projection, blame, or scapegoating this month, so if circumstances are unpleasant we’ve got to take them into our own hands, or shift our own perceptions regarding them. It’s time to wear what fits, go where we’re inwardly guided to go, to speak and create based on what inspires us instead of what someone else wishes us conform to.

If the rules don’t make sense, people will stamp their feet like defiant children and walk the other direction, opening the forbidden door, climbing the forbidden mountain, or loving a forbidden person, in a forbidden place, in a forbidden love.

4/10/13 New Moon in Aries

This New Moon at 20 degrees of Aries highlights the symbolic liaison between the god of war and the goddess of love. It is lighting a fire where the sun doesn’t shine and pumping us up for standing our ground with renewed vigor and passion. With Mars at peak performance in it own Arian domain we are working with very assertive energies, which if we are uncomfortable with can become agitating and a trigger for our own undoing. If we know what we want and are willing to go after it, provided that we are in integrity and alignment with whatever that thing is, we are nearly guaranteed success in the weeks ahead. The marked energy here is about action, anger, lust, desire, and movement.

With Venus conjunct Mars and the New Moon the energy is particularly coming up strong for women in the way that they handle and express their inner rage, anger, sexual energy, and ambition. Many women who have suffered at the hands of an abuser or rapist are now reclaiming their power. If women have been forced into menial jobs, denied human rights,  or kept sheltered, veiled, “barefoot and pregnant” against their own wishes, they might have something to say about that this month. Their voices are now being heard. They will not back down. The fight – a fight bigger than any we have had in a long time – is ON. Case in point – right after I had already written this forecast I suddenly came across a recent (from September 2012) CNN news report that a woman in Turkey is awaiting trial after murdering a man who repeatedly raped and impregnated her. Her declaration after cutting off his head in the town square was “That is the head of one who toyed with my honour!”

The inner anima is being stirred and awakened in both men and women, very much in the fashion of Athena, the warrior goddess, or the Egyptian sun goddess Sekhmet. Wherever we have been held back, subdued, us or our loved ones otherwise trod upon, is an area where we will likely now spring into action, and assert ourselves in new ways both verbally and physically. Caution must be taken at this time, that words and actions are not used carelessly to blame or bring harm to others. Double check motivations with others that may seem on the surface like fair decisions. Lashing out at others or choosing to disregard their feelings in any given situation can quickly degenerate into dangerous games of competition, revenge, and downright cruelty – all of which will backfire immediately with this New Moon.

Venus is not cozy in the sign of Aries, and her sweetness can soon sour if she does not get to express herself adequately. She has been moving through this sign since March 21st is and will continue until the 15th, getting in our faces about what she will no longer tolerate and exactly what kind of change she wants. She will train a man how to treat her, even if it brings him to his knees. This is particularly so in cases where the feminine energy has been subdued by male dominance. Women are coming out and saying it like it is, at least to them on personal levels. Let us pray that on a more global level there is a sense of unison and empowerment in women’s natural abilities to manifest and achieve their goals and wishes.

If you’ve been wanting to start a new work-out program this year doing yoga, martial arts, or going to the gym, this moon is all in favor. There is a great deal of energy available now, although it is not stable it will help bring circulation and needed change on both interior and exterior levels.

Suggested flower essences to cope with the emotional intensity of this New Moon:

  • Aloe Vera (FES) for misuse or overuse of fiery creative forces, focuses life force energy
  • Impatiens (Bach or FES) – irritation and impatience, encourages peace & patience
  • Tiger Lily (FES) – for overly aggressive yang energy, brings balanced feminine strength

The Sabian symbol for 20-21 degrees of Aries:

“A Pugilist Enters The Ring”

The keynote of this degree and symbol relates to the release and glorification of social aggressiveness. People “get off” at watching the competition in a boxer ring, where any victory gained is only a temporary state. Whoever seems strong and almighty today might be conquered next week. This is the nature of duality. Our challenge to evolve into the conscious awareness of the interplay of weak and strong, good and bad, dark and light, yin and yang coming together as one. It is human nature to envy and seek power, but it is our divine nature that pushes us to strive for the most loving ways to utilize and embody it.

Pluto goes Retrograde in Capricorn on the 12th, moving backward toward a closure of the square it has been making with Uranus for the past couple of years. The exact aspect between these two outer planets will occur on May 20th, and will undoubtedly contribute to the great crashing waves of energy affecting life on earth. Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler is also Retrograde and has been helping us to eliminate the habits, things, and people that we have outgrown since February 19th, while also assisting us in becoming more self-sufficient and mature in certain areas.

4/25/13  Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

This is the first of three eclipses, and although it will affect everyone differently, it will have a strong Saturnian flavor that many will find disturbing. Is the glass we hold or partake of half empty or full? Are we intoxicated, disgusted or enlivened by what’s within it? Will it leave a sweet or bitter taste in our mouth? As always, we get to choose how we perceive the “glass” and everything else. At 5 degrees of Scorpio, this Full Moon Eclipse makes a conjunction to Retrograde Saturn, and an opposition to Mars. Issues of nurturing, particularly of the emotional kind, and feelings of security in relationship are significant and may be difficult to achieve at this time. There is a lot of hypersensitivity, loneliness, paranoia, betrayal, jealousy and other painful emotions and sensations rising to the surface with alarming potency. A strong desire for home and harmony may push many to leave people and places they have long been attached to. Simply put, many will be fed up and ready to move on. The pay-off for staying in an abusive or unsatisfactory relationship or situation will no longer be worth it. Saying goodbye might not be easy, but staying would mean death at this point.

The Eclipse loosely opposes Venus, makes a trine with Ceres and Cancer, and a trine with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. This further heightens the need for nurturing and elimination of patterns, addictions, and people that inhibit our expansion and wellbeing. What’s coming up strong is a need for many women and people in general to resolve issues with their mothers or other women. Many must heal their relationship with the mother archetype within, the Mother Earth, and the mother we may call Goddess. Whether or not a mother is physically present does not matter in this case, as we can connect with the motherly essence within.

Suggested flower essences to help cope with the emotional intensity of this Eclipse:

  • Black Cohosh – (FES) stimulates the courage to confront rather than retreat from abuse and negativity
  • Pink Monkeyflower (FES) fosters emotional openness and honesty with others
  • Pomegranate (FES) warming female creative energy, productivity, and nurturing

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon eclipse at 5-6 degrees of Scorpio

“The Gold Rush Tears Men Away From Their Native Soil”

This symbol points at the way humans get very distracted by things that promise to be bigger and better than what they have, to make them appear younger, or to get rich quick. It speaks of the grass being greener on the other side, or possibility that by extending beyond our small minds and conceptual worlds we can touch more of the rim of the totality of existence. We can come into an awareness of divine union with the eternal beloved, reflected to us in Gaia’s soil, where all of our bodies came from and shall return.

Now, after all of that… are you in need of a good laugh or just some encouraging words? Check out my horoscopes in the Upbeat Times, published in Sonoma county CA and readable online 😛

Aries (March 21st – April 20th)

This is truly a month for you to begin anew, Aries! It’s your birthday time and then some. You might find yourself fired up especially the first half of the month. Passion and your ambitions are strong now, so I hope you have outlets to express your enthusiasm and that you’re ready for a wild ride! Without you even trying, things and people are magnetized to you whether they want your input, your company, your autograph, or to hear you laugh.

Taurus (April 21st – May 20th)

Although the past few months have been intense for you, there is a beautiful purpose emerging from your struggles. It may currently appear as a diamond in the rough, yet the sense that you hold something valuable in an unlikely situation is suddenly clear and strong. A lunar eclipse in your house of relationships this month indicates that you may finally be cutting ties with something or someone that no longer fits into your life. This birthday, break free!

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

What seems to grab most of your attention this month are your relationships. During the first half of the month it will be the relationships you have to friends and community, but during the second half you may desire to settle down more with a significant other or spend time nurturing yourself at home. It is an optimal time to plan for the future and invest in your own personal hopes and dreams. Help and resources are available to you now.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)       

Don’t fret if things are moving like molasses the first half of April for you. The speed will pick up soon enough, and then you’ll need to make some big decisions around career, as well as what you deem important and valuable enough to spend your time and money on. There is a bit of restlessness in the area of romance, and you may feel a need to explore new options. This month make sure your heart is in whatever you commit to.

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

There may be a surge of energy and vitality that inspires you to take bigger risks in creativity and love. This month you have great charm and attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Travel is favorable, and you may like to plan for a getaway with a loved one, or perhaps to enrich your own body, mind, and spirit with cultural and spiritual traditions. It’s as though you are focused on striking a balance between the old and the new.

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

There is an emphasis for you this month on business investments, loans, inheritances or other acquisitions of money. Much around the money you earn, manage or spend will likely revolve around your family. Be careful not to jump to conclusions or to fritter away your energy in worry. Perhaps you will find the most satisfaction by tuning into the earthy sensual aspect of your sign this month, which will also help you to “ground” yourself.

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

It’s not time to sit down quite yet – there are far too many things going on to keep you on your toes! Financial, creative or other involvements with partners are highlighted, and this might be a month where some major commitments are made. It is highly likely that you’ll experience some significant changes and events that stay in your memory, so take charge of your internal dialogue each morning to create miracles and the life of your dreams.

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 22nd)

This is quite an intense month for you, yet filled with opportunities to set you free and expand your horizons in so many ways. Take care of any nagging health issues and prepare yourself for this active year. The early month is a time of work and focus, but mid-month it’s as though everything shifts at lightning speed. Financial benefit will come of this, as may new love. The spotlight will be on you and your talents and leadership abilities.

Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 21st)

It’s happy times ahead for you Sag, so if you’re not feeling it yet, go out there and make stuff happen! Your inner child wants to come out and play.You might be feeling especially frisky, silly, inspired, or all of the above so make the best use of this auspicious period as possible. Later this month you’re drawn back inward, so that you can heal what is unresolved before moving forward vigorously again in the weeks to come.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

Home security, remodeling, buying or selling property may be areas of focus early on, or else you may find yourself concerned with your living quarters in some way and accommodating any guests. After a little bit of fuss and adjustment you’ll be out and about, and become the life of the party wherever you go! Soon you will see that what you have been working so hard on for the past couple of years has been well worth the effort.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

Your conversation skills are put to great use this month, as a flurry of letters, phone, calls, emails, texts and otherworldly messages keep you alert and engaged. It is possible that you will capture a wide audience in some way, as there will also be opportunities to speak or perform in public. You may deeply yearn to solidify some aspect of your career but must be patient and not try to force what is not yet moving. Work with what you have.

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

This month your focus might be placed on a joint business endeavor or investments of some kind. In money matters you will want to consult with others rather than act independently. Whether it is a business, creative project, or some other vision you have, the way that money makes it all work and come together has become clear to you, and now the resources are available for you. It is a time to delegate, and to put ideas into action.