The Strongest Protest is Noncompliance

The square between Uranus and Pluto between 2012 and 2015 brought about the widespread upheaval that we find ourselves in the midst of today. Uranus rules technology and Pluto rules the masses. With these two planets in conflict, some form of social unrest coupled with hidden manipulation can be expected. Unbeknownst to us, deals were being made behind the Eurasian scenes that only in the past couple of years have come to our attention. Plans for a more “green economy” in the West, with less carbon emissions was already underway and taking root.

All things considered, the controlled opposition on social media is off the charts right now but then again it always has been. The internet casts a sticky web of fascination over the minds of millions of so-called normies and seekers alike, in a nonstop flow of the propaganda that diverts them further and further away from the truth, rendering them helpless against repeated attacks. If you’ve followed my posts for awhile you’ve seen what a skeptic I am of mainstream media, as well as what the “alt media” has become.

Examples of what I’m referring to are the countless social media pages and channels devoted to the extrapolation of world events. Many of them contain 90% true information. What’s wrong with being 10% wrong you might ask? That 10% of what’s wrong is not by mistake. It’s intentional. It’s always that one piece in the whole story that makes you either question the entire narrative altogether or the integrity person explaining it. Or, humorously, it’s that number 33 you keep seeing repeatedly in the person’s work. Usually, that doesn’t happen when the speaker is supposedly there to share factual information with an audience. The info shouldn’t be about the person who is speaking but all too often, it is. Sadly, many people have lost their ability to identify infiltration when they stumble upon it. The reasons for infiltration and lying are as myriad as are the personalities on earth, but the point here is that there is a huge difference between occasionally being inaccurate in one’s assessment about a situation and in purposely muddying the waters with libel.

The narratives surrounding the plandemic and all that has led up to the Ukraine crisis is part of a long drawn-out continuum. It’s not as new and sudden as people think. This is the public’s introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution so proudly propped up by World Economic Forum’s founder Klaus Schwab. It is the result of the insidious process of communism rearing its ugly head into civilization as it has successfully done before in the past, but not to this degree. It has people screaming, rioting, trolling, virtue signaling and arguing about some of the stupidest things imaginable. It has people turning on each other and using each other like grotesque self-serving beasts with no regard for anything or anyone but themselves. The Great Reset really is dehumanizing, in every way.

Neptune began its transit through Pisces in April 2011 and will be finished moving through this sign in January 2026. The veil of confusion, deceit, and intrigue that Neptune has cast over society has not been this impactful since Neptune entered Pisces in February of 1848, when Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” was published. Here’s a great article with references:

Let’s keep in mind that Neptune and Pisces both rule the gas and oil industries too.

The strongest form of protest against tyranny is noncompliance. It is to disobey, rather than to obey rules and health mandates that are not in accordance with one’s personal values and ethics. For example, refusing to wear a mask and refusing to get an experimental shot will always be more powerful forms of protest than marching the streets with signs. History is just repeating itself, unless we learn about the true history – not a “version” of it.

Top Leading Influences in Technocracy and Commerce in 2022

Consider this a part II to my previous blog post.

China, China, China. Mainstream media’s focus solely upon China as the world’s leading influence is typical of a certain type of bypassing that occurs in the political arena. China’s Belt and Road Initiative is a plan to expand China’s infrastructure, economic power and ability to connect with the rest of the world, much quicker and easier than it ever has before. We are only shown the dark side of China, because its spiritual practices have been uprooted and replaced by a social credit system that tracks the obedient from the non-obedient, keeping the metropolitan population under a tight reign. We hear the word China as often as we hear the word Russia when it comes to digital surveillance and control, but we are not encouraged to discuss the mechanisms operating behind either one of them.

The great back-up partner serving both China and Russia is Israel. Communist China was funded by the Rothschild family in 1949. A relationship was forged that has continued to grow stronger to this day. Since 2017, the World Jewish Congress have been fostering the relationship between China and Israel. The chairman of the governing board of the congress has been headed by David Rothschild since 2013. A statement from the Rothschild Bank of China has mentioned its intention to strengthen its international presence, especially in Europe.

Connecting the dots just a little bit further, Europe, although the world’s second smallest continent after Australia has been the number one landing station for illegal immigrants mainly from the Middle East and Africa. Isra-AID is just one of many organizations from Israel who have set about to assist refugees in getting “settled” in European countries as well as the United States, while Israel itself has one of the strictest immigration policies and fights hard to protect its border and its own people.

Israeli academic and dual citizen Barbara Spectre is the founding director of Paideia, the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden. She was once televised saying:

“Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural…Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make…”

The relationship between Israel and Russia is perhaps even more complex than the one between Israel and China. This one must be very carefully unpacked, in several layers, over time. Like China, Russia has experienced a long history of harsh communist government destroying its citizens. This is not so evident today however, since many history books don’t detail the genocide of millions of Ukrainians under Joseph Stalin’s rule. Russian president Vladimir Putin and former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been on very good terms for many years, and Putin really doesn’t have anything bad to say about communism, for in fact he is quoted saying that it resembles Christianity.

Israel’s current prime minister Naftali Bennett is quoted in the past urging “cyber spies” in Israel to edit passages in Wikipedia to make them more pro-Zionist and pro-Israel. They are part of Israel’s intelligence operations “Unit 8200”, an elite cyber team of the Israel defense force’s military.

Anyway, I’m going to leave this link here, in case anybody wants to check it out:

Israel Asks Russia to help evacuate Israelis if it invades Ukraine

When it comes to technocracy, Israel is the world’s leading influence, although China is the stage piece for the technocratic activity and Russia known as the silent lurker, ready to pounce at any moment – at the expense of the Western world, especially the United States of America.

An article says that China was Israel’s leading source of Imports in 2021, surpassing the US

Here are just a handful of Israel’s high tech creations, advancing the world with its cyber genius:

Cyber security is Israel’s (play) thing

Digital entertainment for dogs

Drones are where it’s at

A pill to swallow that captures the details of a person’s colon

A leading role in the unfoldment of Facebook replacement, the Metaverse

Transpharma medical vaccines

Now to cap this off with at least some bit of astrology. The North Node is set to make a conjunction with Israel’s Sun in Taurus in March, and a conjunction with Israel’s North Node in October. These transits are highly energizing to say the least. If anything is planned by Israel beneath the radar, they will have, by seeming coincidence, chosen an auspicious year for success, as per usual. This year’s eclipses play a big role in the natal chart of Israel, especially in April, May and November.

April 30 – Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Taurus

May 16 – Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Scorpio

October 25 – Solar Eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio

November 8 – Lunar Eclipse at 16 degrees Taurus

Whatever happens though, we can be sure the focus will be on Russia’s attacks, China’s expansion, Canada’s rebellion, the United States reactions, and the list goes on.

How Big Tech Seeks to Replace Intuition, Spirits, and God with Artificial Intelligence

While the mainstream media has globally propagated gobsmacking fears of being destroyed by a virus over the past year, Big Tech has gained the upper hand in many business platforms, through technologies such as 5G and its myriad manifestations and affiliations. Unfortunately, there are many people who still do not believe there is anything dangerous about such technology and who chalk up all resistance to tin foil hat conspiracy theories.

There is a technology currently being utilized but not yet widespread that claims to mimic and even to surpass human intuition. Just imagine that. What need would be there be in the future for psychic readers and astrologers when technology can see into every single aspect of your life in chronological order and turn specific functions on and off like a light switch? What need would there be for any efforts on your part, whatsoever for that matter. The Big Tech giants love to fancy themselves in such grand, heroic ways, dazzling audiences with their brazen, false virtue-hyped spiels. Playing God is basically their pastime. When taken at face value, their behavior is absolutely deranged and psychopathic.

Infineon, a curiously named company, sports “intuitive sensing solutions” which enable smart devices to “sense” and “understand” everything within the environment, and …they’ll say this is all great stuff, meant to make life easier, more pleasant, more full. In other words, to make up for humanity’s miserable lack of attentiveness and ability to function without the aid of technology? Infineon produces 60GHz radar technology intended to be included in some of the latest smart phones. With these new phones and the microchips they contain that “sense” all bodily motions and activities, you would say goodbye to literally ALL of your privacy, in every aspect of your life.

Infineon is but one of many companies out there working hard to design and deliver technologies that will make life easier, more pain-free and productive than you could have ever imagined. No more pills need be ingested. Talent need not be developed anymore. It can be digitally enhanced or downloaded. Wait for it; at some point, sex and reproduction need not occur physically. Yes, you read that correctly. It can happen digitally! Good Heavens, what a breath of relief for the masses.

According to Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, by 2030 “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy”. This stems from the NWO Agenda 2030 plan to defeat the world population by “eliminating poverty, hunger and disease”. This simply means that food supplies and human rights to grow food and own property would be limited to what the elites see fit to making accessible. The so-called food, or carbon copies of it would be spread out “evenly”, regardless of gender, race, class, or religion if that still exists in ten years.

Enforced quarantines, mask mandates and highly questionable vaccines (it comes as no reassurance that they’ve been proven to be 50% effective) are all part of the agenda to divide and conquer, and to weaken overall resistance in individuals. At the rate things are going, 5G will soon be obsolete, as faster, more extreme frequencies are being used to dominate the human body, psyche, and eventually, soul. That’s what’s intended for us. That’s the battle we are faced with in today’s world.

Not surprisingly, diagnostic energy devices used for healing purposes such as the SCIO machine, previously known as QXCI, have been banned in several parts of the world and considered quackery in the scientific community, although they have also been shown to help treat diseases such as as diabetes and cancer. Corrupt Big Pharma would have too much to lose to allow such technology to be available to just anyone.

Some EMF devices used to detect radiation levels have been recently discovered to detect the presence of energetic anomalies, sometimes taken to be ghosts. One might wonder if in the age of increased digital surveillance such devices would be used to capture, enslave, or control such anomalies and entities. The audacity of the power elite knows no measures, so we shouldn’t put past them the attempt.

Since technology itself functions as a double edged sword, these sorcerors of the digital realm are being exposed by the very people intended to be herded together in cells, like cattle awaiting their slaughter. There will always be whistle-blowers, rebels, mavericks, wizards, witches and fairy godmothers who work behind the scenes for the healing and protection of people, animals and the planet. What the Age of Aquarius is bringing to light, on some level, is where each and every one of us stand in the “spectrum” of things.

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