Jupiter in Capricorn 2019-2020

Jupiter in the late degrees of Sagittarius is drawing closer to the Galactic Center, which will become even more powerful in its influence by mid-November. On December 2nd it will ingress into the sign of Capricorn where it will be transiting for just over a year until December 21st 2020, coinciding with the Solstice.

This long article/short eBook describes in depth the social and political implications of this transit of Jupiter in relation to the South Node, Saturn, Pluto, asteroids Ceres and Pallas, dwarf planet Eris, upcoming eclipses and much more. It also includes major aspects to Jupiter, suggested crystals and flower essences to use during this transit and some fun Jupiter-focused horoscopes through the signs and houses (where your good fortune is found!)

Due to its potent interactions with other planets and celestial bodies, this upcoming transit of Jupiter through Capricorn emphasizes the End of an Epoch and Turning Point to a New Life.

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Sovereignty vs Bureaucracy

In today’s world we are met with different obstacles than our distant ancestors dealt with. Instead of foraging for our food, looking up at the stars for guidance and learning how to read weather signs we have become increasingly divorced from nature, at the mercy of tightly organized programs and structures. They are supposedly designed for our safety but keep us in slavery.

The sum total of these structures is called bureaucracy. It involves all the internet passwords, piles of paperwork, legal requirements and other red tape targeted at and wrapped around our very consciousness – ultimately to confuse and control us on deeply intrinsic levels.

Reclaim the power of choice that is your birth right. This is the power to choose where to place your focus and what is allowed to permeate your mental and emotional space. It does not necessarily come easily and in most cases must be earned, fought for and defended. But it is your right nonetheless. It is your sovereignty as a being of nature, and of the Divine.

Full Moon in Aries: A Spiritual Battleground

The moon is full at 20 degrees of Aries on October 13th. This is one hell of a fiery, No-b.s. influence, kicking things into high gear. There is a spiritual quality to this Full Moon that is so subtle some may completely miss it. Those who notice have entered what may be termed the cusp of a cosmic rebirth. It involves a call deeper into our souls to access the whole truth of who and what we are, what we value, what we stand for, as well as what we would defend with our very lives.

There are those who support spiritual truth and authenticity and those who would fight against it and try to tear it and us down. Those who would oppose the righteous use their ignorance against them, so it would behoove such folks to recognize that tolerance, like ignorance, is not bliss but the cause of terrible suffering. Sadly, the blind lead the blind, and the ignorant perpetuate their ignorance far and wide until some random trouble-maker, like a bolt of lightning shakes the status quo of stupidity and meaningless violence. If you are sick and tired of lies do not tolerate them. If you despise crime, then expose it. Do not tolerate abuse. Do not tolerate evil in this world. What good does tolerance in this instance do? To inform ourselves and others in compassionate ways is one way to show love and take responsibility for what is being created in our lives.

The Sabian symbol for this moon is “A pugilist enters the ring”. Leading up to this weekend fires have raged (they literally have in California) and battles have been initiated. The Arian warrior theme is full on and aggression is more than just an undertone, it’s a blatant overtone. Every undertaking has had extra force, even urgency behind it. Impatience is at an all-time peak. Remember to breathe. There is so much potency in every thought that it would amaze us to know the extent of the power that just one can wield. Meditation can help to purify the thoughts that do run amok in our minds and so direct them more carefully. Desire and willpower combine in strength and therefore goals stand a much greater chance of being fulfilled than usual. This can be hugely positive or negative depending on who is willing what into manifestation.

The Moon forms an exact square to Pluto and also to Saturn which is 14 degrees of Capricorn. The tension is real. There is some previously hidden business coming to light, and words that long went unspoken now being unleashed. But be careful for those who seem to be seething inside. They are like volcanos who could be ready to explode at any moment, most likely when it is least expected. Mercury in Scorpio goes Retrograde on October 31st but has already entered the pre-shadow phase. Many people are less likely to hold their tongues and what they have to say will be deep and impactful.

The Moon’s opposition involves the Sun in relationship-oriented Libra. It would do well to choose wisely how to engage with others or whether or not they should even be part of the picture anymore. It could be that some ties must be severed because they have become infested for both parties.

Aries’ ruling planet Mars is inconjunct Uranus in Taurus. Nobody wants to take advice or a back seat. Fewer will be willing to wait around for someone else’s help during this period so they are more likely to help themselves. In some cases that is perfect and just what’s needed.

An exact trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius is the precious saving grace, expanding both perceptions and possibilities where none were visible before. This is the time to trust your own instincts above all. They may have been creeping up as those odd hunches you have about so-and-so next door or maybe as the solution to a problem that’s been tumbling around in the back of you head for several weeks. Your intuition may steer you clear of danger or guide you to the situation you have been hoping for. You gotta do what you gotta do, and chances are you’ll do a better job than you or anyone thought you would.

You may wish to revisit the Psychic Self Defense and the Zodiac series or check it out if you haven’t already, beginning with the episode on Aries.

Pluto Direct 2019

Pluto goes Direct at 20 degrees of Capricorn on October 2nd after being Retrograde since April 24th. This is not necessarily earth-shattering news in and of itself because Pluto goes Retrograde for almost half a year every year. There’s more to the story.

Since April, we have experienced the effects of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto going Retrograde. Now Jupiter and Saturn are Direct while Pluto and the outer planets Uranus and Neptune are Retrograde. However, the key players this year have been Saturn and Pluto, leading up to an exact conjunction that takes place in January of 2020.

Themes currently highlighted:

  • The final purge of something unhealthy or troublesome
  • Explosive and strong energy that needs the right outlets
  • Regaining a sense of power, purpose and momentum
  • A radical transformation of some aspect of life (relative to both Saturn and Pluto’s position in a natal chart)

What the Saturn and Pluto conjunction has been indicating is the need for hard work, but not done for its own sake. The demands are for soulful, honest work that holds importance for long range goals and not just immediate results. It has pointed out deep-set problems that need solving before significant progress can be made. In certain individuals it has exposed negligence or the abuse of power. In others it has offered the push to break free from limiting conditions and follow their dreams.

Let’s remember that a few years ago, Pluto was demoted from planet to dwarf status but packs the same punch has he always has. He’s made a cosmic “believer” out of many skeptics lately.

This building conjunction between Saturn and Pluto has been bringing about a metamorphosis where stagnancy once reigned. Like a rocket launched into space, we are now being prepared to move full steam ahead into the great new chapter of life that awaits. Ready, set….go!!!

New Moon in Libra 2019 – Healing Alliances

The New Moon at 5 degrees of Libra on September 28th is bringing focus to partnerships and the pursuits of balance and harmony in areas that have been jumbled during the past few months. Venus is the ruling planet of the first decan of the sign in which this New Moon falls. This planet representing love and beauty is also transiting Libra, heightening the desire for peaceful exchanges and beautiful surroundings.

Venus reflects our inner value system and in Libra also poses the questions as to what our priorities are and how well they fit into our vision of the ideal relationship, vocation or environment. It’s not a quiz and the only wrong and right answers are the ones that one personally believes on a subconscious level. Why do we keep the objects that we keep? How much time and energy do we spend doing certain things and why? Why do we sustain the relationships in the ways that we do? Why do we want certain things but not other things? Also, why are some things more important to us than others?

There is also the great possibility that there is a choice between two options being presented during this time. Why would you choose one over the other? If you don’t choose the one you keep thinking about, asking about, wondering about, dreaming about and coming back to repeatedly you will probably always wonder what would have happened if you had taken that route.

With great emphasis in this area of the Zodiac there are a few significant life choices to make and profound truths to reveal. To withhold truth or refuse to act could lead to stalemate or explosion later down the line. These choices happen to involve other people and their opinions, emotions and choices. The middle way is being sought in order to even the scales and to achieve win-win situations. The realization of how our own personal actions and non-actions affect others and vice versa is also coming to bear.

Venus is making several aspects during this time. Her conjunction with Mercury brings grace and eloquence to speech. Her squares to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node indicate that there have been a lot of troubling emotions to overcome this past week. These may include doubt or more taboo emotions such as jealousy, greed, and rage. Also relevant are the fears of abandonment which can be dissolved when one grows a love of their own company and deeper levels of self-trust. A sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius is a great source of cosmic beneficence in all of this. There is much to be grateful for and much more goodness on its way if we can make room for it first of all in our hearts and minds.

The New Moon is inconjunct Uranus in Taurus, another Venus-ruled sign. This indicates that an urge to break free from familiar molds and to explore new possibilities is very strong. Bold new directions will be taken with both finesse and undertones of “polite” rebellion. Libra is a sign that stands for whatever is fair and just in relationship and in the world at large. Although it is concerned with beauty it also values strength. This is a time when more people are pulling back just a little to take inventory of what’s working, not working and what is so completely out of whack that it begs for a major adjustment. The main alternative to adjustment is that whatever that thing is will fall apart sooner than later. For some this points to health issues, for others it’s financial, there are just so many matters that are being faced and reconciled.

The New Moon is in opposition to Chiron, the Wounded Healer which is currently Retrograde in Aries. Things could pan out a few different ways during the weekend but much will depend upon whether they are already in a state of breaking down or on their way to repair and wholeness. It’s possible that there could be bickering or sharp disagreements, but equally possible for existing tension to finally dissolve. In the case of failing relationships, jobs or other areas involving interaction with others, there is a ball that not only might drop but gets shattered to pieces, causing all parties to go their own ways having to start again from scratch with whatever they were trying to achieve. The question is who will be left behind with the burden of cleaning up the mess that everyone made.

On a happier note, there are many things coming into equilibrium and new forms of creative expression. We may be able to align ourselves with certain people, places or situations with much greater ease than was possible earlier this year. There is a joyful celebration of sorts. The intermingling involves the healing of past heartaches, wounds, and misunderstandings.

Mars in the late degrees of Virgo, trined by Pluto, is in conjunction with the New Moon in Libra, and this serves to amplify the themes of active participation in our own healing process or helping others to heal whether this means physically or emotionally. People will be able to hear each other out and make amends. They will be able to start again with a fresh clean slate. There will be less judgment and competition and more interest in cooperation, finding areas of similarity and compatibility. Some may become interested in embarking upon new business ventures with a friend or significant other.

One of the most difficult things to come to terms with right now are those things that we have absolutely no control over. These are the things that require patience, prudence, and simultaneously a bit of surrender to the unknown. Many outer circumstances cannot be changed by one person while their inner attitudes can. And a change of attitude can change so much about our experiences overall.

This New Moon marks the period of new commitments such as marriage and teamwork endeavors and meeting new kindred souls in general. This is not the best time to go at something alone but to find harmonious ways to be with others. Whatever your personal “extreme” happens to be in relationship, you may feel inspired to act the opposite way of that. If normally you hoard, it may be time to size down and give some things away. If people have been helping you out for awhile, it could be time to pay it forward. If normally you spend every penny you make, it’s the time to save. If normally you give but never allow yourself to receive, it’s time to accept what others wish to give to you with gratitude, knowing that you as receiver also benefit the giver. If you’re always a lone wolf who turns down social events, maybe it’s time to reach out or accept the invitation to parties or a blind date.

Libra is the sign that reminds us that all of life is based on some form of relationship or another, whether to nature, other human beings, or to the Divine. None of us is a complete island unto himself or herself. We breath the same air, live on the same earth. I will leave with a quote that has been floating through my mind for the past few days…

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” – Chief Seattle


Jupiter square Neptune and Seeing the Light

Jupiter’s final square to Neptune this year is culminating on September 21st. The worst of it has come to pass. Now there are many dreams, visions, illusions, secrets, truths and not-truths to sift through, with decisions to be made upon what to integrate and what to release. It should soon become easier to get to the root of problems whose causes were previously shrouded in mystery. Here are some of the positive results of the interplay of these two planetary energies:

  • Becoming inspired
  • Creative imagination
  • Profound spiritual insights
  • Seeing the “light” after a period of darkness or confusion