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Breaking Abuse

Left unchecked, abuse in any form – committed or incurred, will slowly break us down, further and further, until we feel there is nothing left of us at all to give.

To break the cycle of abuse, we must first rise above the shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, and craving that keep us locked down in perpetual victimhood. Just one step above these lowly states is anger. To access it to ascend from the murkiness of despair. When anger is rightfully acknowledged rather than suppressed or projected, true healing may begin.

KALI MA, artist unknown

Kali Ma, artist unknown

Affirmations for Mars Direct in Scorpio (6-29-16):




Bibliography on understanding emotions:

  • Power Vs Force by David Hawkins, PhD
  • The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren

Back to the Battlefield

Wherever we find ourselves on the face of this earth, the heat is on with Mars slowing down to go Direct at 23 degrees of Scorpio on June 29th. This may not sound glamorous or even “spiritual”, but it’s high time to sharpen those blades and get back to battle. Not that we had much restfulness lately.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting or condoning violence in any way, unless of course a life-or-death situation calls for it. The kind of battle referred to here is the kind that we each experience within our souls that get reflected back to us in relationship dynamics that push our buttons and make our blood boil.

Business left unfinished since mid-February of 2016 is coming back around, and if a position of power is not taken, force may be used against us whether we choose to do anything about it or not. On a broad scale this force could take the appearance of a global stock market crash, martial law, or god forbid – a false flag ET alien invasion. Things are so whacked it could even be all of the above.

In the US politics, people are waking up to the reality of just how rigged the voting system is as we are presented with more ridiculous gimmicks than ever before. Many are so weary and desperate for relief they can barely pay attention to what’s really going on.

Is that a snake in your pocket or…?

Joan of Arc 1882 - Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Joan of Arc 1882 – Dante Gabriel Rossetti

While stationing Direct Mars has gotten uncomfortably close to fixed star Unukalhai in the heart of the constellation Serpens for the second time this year since Valentine’s day (but just missed the conjunction by one degree). This star has somewhat shady reputation with a war-like, Martian undertone. It can indicate violence, vindictiveness, and lies, especially the kind that sound pretty convincing as they are strategically slipped into conversations and situations at the most uncanny times.

Maybe you caught someone lying to you this year, or maybe vice versa. Many who take the time to read through my articles have certainly caught on to the Big Lie that had been fed to us through the media ever since before white Wonder bread began. The most convincing liars are like snakes in the grass, blending in with the colors of the environment. You don’t expect to see them, and you often don’t see their attacks coming until it’s too late.

Unukalhai, like Saturn square Neptune (from November 2015 until November 2016) exposes toxic drugs and poisoning. This year in the US we have witnessed a fight to release the film Vaxxed since April 1st along with the fight for proper GMO labeling which is coming to a head.

“Hey, what if I never asked for this war (or this fight, or this conflict)?”

If a single criminal or gang came marching or slithering in to destroy, rape, or steal your family and what’s yours would you would probably not stand there and hammer about how you didn’t sign up for this, but you would either hide or go out and fight. Except for those people out there who are doing fantastic and feeling quite fluffy right now (way to go!) those of us experiencing and/or witnessing massive or local crime don’t even have a moment to spare on wondering the age old question: “Why me?”

Ultimately, we are own worst enemy, and our own greatest savior. I have felt rather forced to come to terms with this several times through the years. Now that I comprehend it so well, I can never go back to the particular state of ignorance sometimes called victimhood, and the responsibility that comes with this awareness occasionally feels excruciatingly heavy. This heavy feeling is what humans will do or pay anything they own or anything they think they own, to avoid. For this avoidance, an even heavier toll is taken.

Third Eye Opening

“Prying open my third eye.

So good to see you once again.

I thought that you were hiding.

And you thought that I had run away.

Chasing the tail of dogma.

I opened my eye and there we were”

– Tool

Intuitive faculties become very acute with Mars in Scorpio, so if there has been veil over certain issues during the past two and a half months during the Retrograde the hidden will soon become revealed – but with Saturn still squaring Neptune, don’t expect things to be completely obvious in every way. With Mars in the mix, blazing moments of insight may come as sharp pangs in the side or perhaps they’ll appear as visual sparks.

Just because intuition and psychic abilities may be present does not mean that compassion, wisdom, and true power simultaneously coexist with those psychic abilities. We have numerous examples of this throughout history. The danger with this placement is that someone, or several people such as those nefarious characters of the matrix lumped together under the title of Illuminati uses the knowledge of others’ weakness as weapons against them. Those of us who know enough about ourselves will not fall prey to such tactics used against us, meaning certain degrees of what may be termed brutal honesty and self-appraisal may be prerequisites for self-defense. Most will not venture into that uneasy grey area where the finger is no longer pointed at others but a closer look at role-playing and reactivity is taken.

In my years of doing readings for people as well as working through my own personal issues I have come to recognize that whatever emotions are most prevalent in any given situation, one of the greatest blockages and causes of struggle is the resistance to change. Sometimes we’re afraid to even see what we know deep down inside.

For whatever accumulated reasons, we exert enormous amounts of energy in blocking the inevitable. In the process of this we deny our own power and magnificence, which includes our ability to affect change in the course of our destinies. All of us have taken a fall from Divine Grace at some point.

Return to Grace

In a more positive light the cosmic energy alignments taking place at this time can assist in the transcendence of limited states of consciousness, to comprehend the greater Whole, perhaps even through a triggering of kundalini energy. Yogic practices may have powerful regenerative effects now. The Sun in Cancer highlights our sources of nourishment both physical and spiritual. We are more inclined to reach for the tools and resources that sustain us and enhance our lives.

On June 18th Mars made the second of three transits this year to the fixed star Agena, which brings a counterbalance of favorable results against the odds. Agena is a lot friendlier in its approach than Unukalhai, so as we move into the first week and a half of July this influence will draw allies and help straighten certain affairs that have been awry since April 17th. A trine to Chiron in Pisces is also in effect in July signifying that healing may take place from the woes and wounds incurred during Mars Retrograde. Healing from long-standing illness of any kind could become an important focus.

Venus, consort of Mars, is in Cancer is conjunct Sirius on the 28th through the 30th forms a sextile with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo and an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn. The influence of Sirius with Venus gives us a deep glimpse into our true motives and the motives of others, which is supported by Jupiter and significantly heightened by contact with Pluto. There may be power struggles or strong projections.  Due to the Cancer and Capricorn polarities as well as Venus still being in the hidden underworld until July 13th there may also be some family muckraking going on. Whether married or single, involved with community or a recluse, to who or what are we loyal may be the great question at this time. What will we do to honor and protect our loved ones?

While Mars switches gears, we’ll have help in stabilizing with a grand earth trine between the Moon, Pluto and Jupiter/NN. With the right attitude and application of energy, anything is possible and miracles may occur.

The Full Moon on June 20th is at the anaretic degree (29th) of Sagittarius, closely aligned with the Galactic Center. Suddenly after a period of stuckness, delays and limitations since late last year there are so many possibilities opening up and so much energy at our disposal that it can be tricky to know which way to go.

The Full Moon T-squares Chiron in Pisces which has been bringing up some very old wounds and painful memories during the past week that we may either feel overwhelmed by or finally ready to acknowledge and release. A lot of us are processing all that has radically changed for us during the past several months.

An opposition to Venus in Cancer increases desires whatever they may be and puts us in the mood for creature comforts. Here is where we may pause in the middle of our rugged voyage and reach for the nearest thing that reminds or gives us the feeling of love, security, wealth and beauty. The full moon’s sextile to Juno in Libra heightens this impulse for connection, goodness, or being able to cozy up to that someone that we are quite fond of. If a alone a blankie, cup of hot cocoa and book or favorite movie could be equally appealing. On the other hand, relationship differences could become a source of irritation, especially in situations where one (or more) feels quite out of place.

A mutable grand square involving Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune is reactivated a second time this month, this time by Mercury paired with Vesta in Gemini (initially by Venus). Whatever we have been waiting or yearning to do, express, or experience is closer within reach but we must continue to put forth effort.

A fire trine to Uranus and Ceres in Aries brings sparks of electricity to creative endeavors. We simply don’t want to hold back what we’re really thinking and feeling right now which could be really great or scary for certain people. It would be wise to take care not to go overboard.

This Full Moon is extra special of course because it occurs with the Solstice, Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. During this time our senses are significantly heightened, our souls indicating to us the progress that we are making in our embodied states. The Sun will soon move into Cancer, signaling a shift of focus from the airy realms of the mind to the watery depths of emotion, dreams, and intuition.

The tension of the future is unbearable in us. It must break through narrow cracks, it must force new ways. You want to cast off the burden, you want to escape the inescapable. Running away is dece…

Source: The Radical Moisture of Neptune

Astrologer Willow, Matt Savinar, and me conversing on Stargate Radio about the latest issue of Hexagon magazine, now hot off the press (available at Barnes & Noble and online)!

hexagon 3 front cover

Just when I thought that California law enforcement couldn’t get any crazier, a judge (who now faces a recall campaign) just gave a “slap-on-the-wrist” sentence to a Stanford athlete who raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. The crazy-making didn’t stop there, nor did it start there. The father of this young rapist wrote a statement and plea to the court in defense of his son that quickly become infamous. Nevermind the victim. Not exactly what we’d expect during the Sun’s conjunction to Venus, but then again Venus in youthful Gemini is travelling through the Underworld, not visible to us until July 13th (since April 30) and currently in an intensely grating Grand Mutable Cross.

Shortly after that news, it was just broadcast that a student raped in a study abroad program in Puerto Rico is being held responsible for her being raped because she had been drinking when it happened and chose to follow a stranger onto a dark rooftop.

For most of my life until fairly recently I had heard nothing about rape culture. I’ve been sitting by for a couple years watching people rage about this subject unsure as to whether I’ve wanted to participate in the conversation. It’s not that I don’t agree with how awful rape is and how sexist our legal system can be. It’s just that when it comes to rape there is always so much more that is not talked about that seems even more taboo than the topic itself. Perhaps we’ve made some progress by at least acknowledging that this happens on a massive scale. What I find equally appalling is the way that we have collectively been raped and beaten into submission as a species – men, women, children, and the animals we call food.

Rape Culture is as old as the Gods

When the American documentary Rape Culture came out in 1975, Saturn in Cancer was in a cardinal square with Pluto in Libra. Authority was being questioned as a whole, equal rights were suddenly demanded and feminism was gaining momentum. Women with great determination had come forward to illustrate the ways victims (primarily female) are often blamed for sexual assault and men who rape are given sympathy by society. They are often coddled by their parents and excused for their perverse behavior by close friends. In the late 70s, the normalization of sexual violence against women through the media was being challenged, as it is yet again by women all around the world.

There was a bit of a gap between the late 70s and our present day in which rape was not so widely discussed. If ever a culture of rape would be seriously challenged by society in general it would be during Pluto/Dark Lord of the Underworld’s transit through Capricorn (2008-2023), sign of the patriarchy and long-standing traditions, no matter how crappy those traditions may happen to be.

berniniproserp372Eris, the small planet named after the Goddess of Discord and sister of Ares entered into a tight conjunction with the Great Awakener, Uranus in Aries, in mid-2015 that will last until mid-2017. The astronomer who discovered this dwarf planet originally wanted to name it Persephone, which would have connected it (and probably still does connect it) with the archetype of the goddess who was raped by Pluto and forced to become his bride and Queen of Hell. This may have a little something to do with the recent resurgence of the protest against rape, such as the huge protests in Brasil triggered by the rape of a 16 year old girl by 30 men. Although a slow moving planetary body with seeming little influence much of the time, when she’s finally got something to say it will be sharp – Eris is not the one you want to piss off.

Saturn in Sagittarius (2014-2017) is about exposing the truth, no matter how ugly it is. If there will be justice to rape victims it’s going to increase during this transit because the truth about rape is coming out. What about “child molestation culture” since we’re going there with this collective protest? What about the crimes many of our popes, priests, and politicians have been known to commit? The Clintons have an extensive rape crime history behind them and yet still, Hillary is allowed to run for president. Don’t bother telling me that she represents the “Feminine”.

Even Bernie Sanders who seems like the most benign candidate in support of human rights we have seen in ages was quoted from an alternative newspaper called Vermont Freeman in 1972, mentioning rape in a rather disturbing way:

“A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”

No. We need to get to bottom of this and get out of this Freudian rape fantasy mind-slip and there’s no time like now. Period.  I’m sure this is preaching to the choir for most who are reading this post (if they can get past the Bernie quote), but I’m going to break it down further because, yeah…if everyone really understood these concepts so well we wouldn’t have such horrific rape statistics.

Education and Soulutions

Male or female, it starts with taking responsibility for our own actions – not the actions of others. An attractive woman wears a mini skirt? So what. Admire beauty and move on. If she didn’t ask you for sex, then you have no right to so much as lay a finger on her OR project your sick fantasies on to her. Be a decent human being and if you are really hot and bothered go fap at home. Oh, a random woman is lying unconscious on the side of the road? You might dial 911 if you had a conscious.

Stop telling boys it’s ok to have sex with whoever they want and show them how to be a real man. Stop telling girls they should be polite no matter what, always look pretty and stay within the parameters of the activities that are designed just for them. Boys and girls are not necessarily told these things by their parents but they copy what they see on television.

Here’s the real kicker – our children are led by more by example than with our words. In this case, words be damned.

Many women have never been shown how to defend themselves, but even some of those who have, have been cornered and bullied by more than one rapist at a time. Some women even put themselves in harm’s way, because they abandoned themselves long before a rape even occurred. They learned self-loathing from their upbringing. That’s really sad indeed. We should not humiliate and punish them further but provide them with education, refuge, a chance for healing and recovery.

Women, myself included need to stop apologizing for trivial things (the list is endless, but especially expressing a strong opinion that offends someone – oops!) or things they have no control over (like having a menstrual cycle). This might seem irrelevant but it is actually directly related to our attitudes about rape, which happens to men, women, and children mentally, emotionally, and spiritually just as much as it happens physically, if not more so. Who and what are we catering to with our endless apologies and subdued energy that stifles our creativity and life force?

We don’t talk about the ways that we as a society have been psychologically raped, either because we’re ignorant of that fact or it’s too painful for us. Most of us were not shown how to love and respect ourselves, let alone others. Obviously our cultural sense of sympathy and empathy is all screwed up and backward.

With Venus and Mars (Mars Retrograde in Scorpio) both currently plummeting the realms of darkness, there is noticeable conflict between love and the passions. We’ve been experiencing confusion, and witnessing so much cruelty in the world for the past couple of weeks.

I’m not a “feminist” by man’s definition of the word and didn’t expect to publicly share my 0.02 on this topic. Since I’ve been hearing and seeing so many people talking about it lately I figured it might be an appropriate time to chime in.

The Black Moon Lilith entered Scorpio on May 21, 2016 where she is at her most dark, dangerous, and potent, with a force much like that of the Hindu goddess Kali Ma. During this transit until late February 2017 the power of sex to heal and destroy will become even more evident. We may come face-to-face our hidden wounds and shadows and hopefully take steps toward re-integrating the aspects of ourselves that have been fractured due to rape or other trauma.

“Words have incredible power. They can make people’s hearts soar, or they can make people’s hearts sore.” – Dr Mardy Grothe

The New Moon at 14 degrees of Gemini on June 4th activates a whopping Grand Mutable Cross between the Sun, Moon, and Venus in Gemini, Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune and the South Node in Pisces. Watch out for previously pent up, stuck, and dammed energy now bursting forth in all directions. With Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury recently gone direct after a month-long Retrograde things have just switched from “going south” to going on all at the same time.


Mercury’s opposition to Retrograde Mars in Scorpio becomes exact on June 9th. Gossip, slander, flippant behavior, and combativeness may be difficult for some to curb and must be dealt with carefully. As Mercury and Gemini both relate to thought processes and communication it is becoming increasingly important for us to clarify our intentions, verbalize our thoughts in cohesive ways, and to speak up for ourselves.

At the New Moon and during the weeks ahead we will want to team up with allies, friends, family or those we can get along with and most easily express ourselves around. Our minds are more capable of absorbing new knowledge and information than at other times, but the challenge is to integrate it properly and to avoid getting scattered or overwhelmed.

In interpersonal relationships, issues of deception and manipulation could arise. Beware of emo-drama, false promises and meaningless apologies. In many cases, actions do speak louder than words! For those who have healthy relationships it could be time to plan a vacation, to refresh or reinvent the relationship itself somehow.

A square between Vesta in Gemini and Pallas Athene in Pisces further heighten the focus on intellectual pursuits and creative expression. As Demetra George states in her book Asteroid Goddesses, in a stressful aspect between these two asteroids “the potential for political fanaticism may be present”. Yep, that about nails it.


At this time we are reminded the power of the Word to create and affirm our present realities. Do we curse, praise, sully or beautify our surroundings with our speech? Do we pierce with our tongues, conform with monotonous tones, or do we uplift and empower ourselves and each other? Words can shred to bits or soothe and heal the soul. Even sounds and syllables with no apparent meanings have powerful effects on us.

Let us pause in our hectic pace to choose our words wisely, ask the Universe for what we need, and give thanks for what we have. As vibrational creatures made up of invisible star particles our frequencies constantly resonate across time and space, creating, uncreating, and morphing in each magical moment of this perceived existence. What a trip…


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