Full Moon in Aquarius 2019

On August 15th, the Full Moon is 22 degrees of Aquarius. Friendships, goals and forming alliances are key highlights! This Moon falls on a Jack of Clubs day, which greatly heightens mental faculties and inspires the creative imagination. This is yet another reason to expect the unexpected, since Aquarius is ruled by shocking Uranus and the Jack of Clubs represents a rather electric and unconventional type of mindset.

The Moon makes an opposition to Venus, asteroid Juno and Mars in Leo, stirring up much social activity. In particular, it suggests there are some big questions that people may currently hold around their love interests or loved ones in general. The closure of a major relationship cycle is taking place and it may suddenly seem as though we are preparing to dive deep into the next one which is a bit quieter and has an emphasis on gathering resources.

While excitement is in the air this week and likely lots of conversations being shared, you may feel called to go somewhere or do something to replenish your energy. A T-square is formed with asteroid Vesta in Taurus and the Sun and Moon, signaling the importance of going inward during this time to listen to the still small voice within instead of drowning in the collective mind. Whatever is most sacred to you is what asks to be honored and nurtured.

With Jupiter having recently turned Direct and Neptune still Retrograde there is growing clarity around many areas that have been foggy or vague but the square between these two planets continues to play on many hopes, fears and misjudgments. Aquarius’s ruling planet Uranus just went Retrograde the same day Jupiter went Direct on the 11th, and you may have noticed a few strange happenings lately that can’t seem to be explained.

Overall there is a strong focus on uniting with kinfolk, and working together toward achieving mutual goals and wishes. For some it may be that work involves more group endeavors or events than usual. Healing may be directed more toward mental and emotional wounds, or issues related to the throat chakra and third eye. Wearing or working with the stone Aquamarine, Iolite or blue Apatite may be particularly helpful now. A mugwort bath or tea may be helpful in bringing psychic clarity. It can also help with recalling dreams which may be significantly steeped in symbolism around this time.

Some other ideas for how to handle the energies corresponding with this Moon and day: think and act “outside the box”, go somewhere you haven’t gone before, get to know someone new, review and update your goals for 2019, rekindle your childlike wonder in nature. Be aware of shady characters, but don’t get caught up in paranoia. Practice random acts of kindness without being seen.


Pondering the Venus/Mars Conjunction

art by Andrew Gonzales

I’ve been deeply pondering the possible meanings and manifestations of this month’s Venus and Mars conjunction, which is an aspect that occurs every other year. On October 5th 2017 the conjunction was at 18 degrees Virgo. On July 13 of 2021 it will occur at 19 degrees Leo. On August 24th it will occur at 4 degrees of Virgo. After several days of reflection upon this, I have come to the conclusion that part of the significance of this upcoming conjunction that follows Venus’s shift into Evening Star mode is that of healing wounds between the feminine and masculine aspects of consciousness. Virgo is the facilitator of this healing, serving as a bridge of communication between what has seemed or felt like broken parts, disjointed pieces that once made up the wholeness of being.

Currently Venus and Mars are both transiting Leo, and so their expression together is exuberant and fun-loving. The asteroid Juno is closely involved throughout this transit signifying that commitment to serve, improve and grow in partnership is heightened. Venus is the goddess of love and reveals our true values while Mars is the god of war and progress, igniting our passions as well as our urge to overcome obstacles and excel. When these two unite, they can become impulsive in matters of the heart or flesh. However, in the sign of Virgo the energies of both planets can become either thwarted or highly refined, and this is especially so when they are in their Evening phases. In Virgo, Venus shows affection with practical help and gifts. In this sign, Mars busily goes about setting things straight, cleaning them up and increasing their effectiveness.

Looking back almost a couple of years ago, there may have been wounds incurred leading up to the last conjunction between Venus and Mars. In its most negative expression and being opposite of Pisces the “savior”, Virgo can be the “victim”. It could be that the wounds that were experienced during or leading up to that conjunction are coming up now for healing, or that psychological healing in general has become a focus. It may or may not be easy to realize the genuine worth of the experiences that we have had, especially if they were painful. Depending on what people were and are going through, the current build-up could be blissful, bittersweet or totally wild. New forms of beauty and strength are coming into view in our projects, relationships, and lives overall but they require a new approach to be brought to fruition. The old ways of doing things won’t work. The new ways may seem so uncomfortable at first, but it could be that fear of failure is a primary cause of discomfort.

In this day and age when people have become more divided than ever in race, sex, class and creed, there is a need for people to remember who they are and to know their own personal worth in the midst of all the clamour. This is what the Venus and Mars conjunction is bringing to light. In this time when misogyny takes the form of twisted political gender games, exploitation and continued villification of female egos and psychology, and when feminism and misandry lead to the feminising of men and boys in order to squash their masculinity, we have become a weakened race, no matter what is the color of our skin or what belief system is adhered to. When sado-masochism rules the world, it turns to darkness and devours the souls within it.

The archetypes of Venus and Mars on some level represent the rekindling of the alchemical and Sacred Marriage within. When this blending of the feminine and masculine have harmonized within us we are greatly inspired and see the world with new eyes. We feel differently about ourselves. We treat others differently than we did before. When the feelings of revenge, lust, and greed are replaced with actions toward self-betterment and compassion for all living beings, the most base elements of the Venus/Mars conjunction have become transmuted. There is hope for a healed and harmonious world.

I refuse to give up on this hope no matter how bad things are or how bad they get. So with these reflections I offer the prayer for love, peace and beauty to blossom between the sexes and all of life on this planet and beyond.

August Horoscopes & Flower Essences 2019 🌸🔮🌸

Here are horoscopes for the month of August 2019! I wanted to offer this as a small gift during these amazing times and as a fun intro to an e-zine that I intend to present for the New Year beginning this Winter Solstice. The e-zine will be available to paid subscribers and will include new and full moon reports, major transits in relation to world events and in-depth horoscopes for the signs. It will also include topics related to astrology, health and healing combined in a way that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. A link to subscribe will soon be provided.

I will still be uploading blog reports as I’ve done for several years but the e-zine (basically an extended newsletter, which takes far too much time and energy for me to give away for free) will contain a lot more info. Thanks for your interest and support!

Remember to check out the horoscopes for your Rising and Moon signs too!


This is a super active month for you! It seems like all of the sudden there is a lot of excitement in your love life or your social spheres. You may feel more creatively inspired than you have been in a while, and beginning to regain some of the energy you felt you had lost over the past few weeks. The stuck becomes unstuck. Because it’s like a dam just got released you may experience an abundance of new ideas and lots of conversation. As a result you may have the temptation to overdo it in some area and experience mental exhaustion. Just don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with your options. Where you saw no options you now see a hundred! The flower essence I recommend for Aries this month is Iris, for a full expression of the “multi-dimensional” self, giving yourself plenty of outlets for creative expression and increasing the flow of synchronicity in your life.


Taurus, you are gathering your forces right now and preparing for some big changes in your life, most likely having to do with your career. At the same time, you may be a domestic mood, focused either on making your home more of a comfortable sanctuary or connecting with close loved ones and family who can celebrate with you the changes that you see taking place. During the middle of the month you may feel torn between your desire to socialize and to stay inside and nurture time alone. You could feel extra sensitive or spacey, or perhaps creatively inspired. Your dreams, both at night time and day dreams are very heightened. This is a time to dream big and ponder what’s possible, maybe even make a vision board of some kind. Flower essence for Taurus this month is Wild Oat, to help refine and clarify your sense of direction and purpose in the weeks and months ahead.


This is an optimistic month for you Geminis. You may feel more validated than you have in a while – by friends, family and perhaps even new friends and acquaintances. Your mind is also feeling a bit more free and expansive than it’s been, especially for those of you who have been working very hard this year. Finally a breath of fresh air helps you clear your lungs and mind. Give yourself a gift or go on a vacation. Many of you will greatly benefit from travel or you may have unexpected visitors. You may also receive an offer this month that you feel conflicted about accepting. Trust your gut on this. Either it will further distract you or compliment your work. The flower essence I suggest this month for Gemini is Star Tulip, which is for sensing and drawing to you the protection and guidance of your higher self and spiritual benefactors, especially when you are going through a major life shift.


Cancer, the highlight for you is in the area of your finances. If you have been determined to overcome obstacles become more effective overall you are finally beginning to see the rewards for your efforts this past year with more money coming in! Your next task is to compartmentalize and manage it all. You may seek an the advice of an expert in some field to help you navigate to the next level in your field of interest or work. Trust what your intuition is saying about someone close to you as well. Maybe they need help, or maybe they are able to help you in some way. A male figure is prominent for you now, but it’s as though he is leaving the scene. He is going somewhere, taking something with him. Flower essence for you this month is Calendula, for fostering the mindset of abundance and supporting clear, kind communications.


This is your month to shine bright! Things are really changing for the better in your world and it has been a long time coming. Lady luck and the heavenly host are on your side helping you to manifest your heart’s desires. If you don’t see this happening then it could be time to ponder what you really want and what has been blocking your attainments. Maybe you need to weed out some things before you see real progress. Money, romance, and good fortune in general increases later this month. Very strong masculine energy is present in your life right now. Either you are taking your power back as a man, or as a woman maybe taking it back from a man and reclaiming your own masculinity. The flower essence I recommended for you this month is Sunflower! This flower helps you to express your unique beauty and power in the world.


It may seem like you are at a crossroads through the first half of the month, as though you have some very important choices to make revolving around finances, career or a project you have been involved in.  Your heart is also healing from some of the hurts you’ve carried around for awhile. You may feel a growing sense of enthusiasm later this month when the Sun, Mars and Venus move into your sign and form a special stellium. It’s as though know something significant is coming but not sure exactly what that is yet. I am guessing that you will have more than one cause to celebrate, including your birthday coming up of course. The Sacred Feminine is a strong theme for you this month, highlighting your relationship to her in whatever form that takes. Flower essence of Zinnia, for bringing playfulness, joy and laughter in your life, highlighting the good things you have and the good things to come.


Libra, your popularity is increasing and many of your long-held hopes and wishes are coming true! That being said, you may wonder why it is such a bitter-sweet time for you, and why you may be struggling to keep a positive outlook. For one thing, it has dawned on you lately that some people are not happy about your success but prefer to see you as you once were. Maybe certain people just can’t see you for who you are at all. Do you feel underestimated? Also, are you finally tired of allowing yourself to be used? That’s a good sign! Roll with the new you and stop being such an apologist for things that aren’t your fault – oh yeah, especially in your family. Hang out more with folks who “get you”. You are very gifted but it’s up to you to receive the gifts the Universe is offering you now. The essence I recommend for you is Goldenrod, to support your blossoming sense of self-esteem.


There is a huge spotlight in your outer social life as well as lots of goings-on in your inner circle or home life. You may have been multi-tasking lately and feeling like your energy has been tugged in several different directions. It is time to pull back inward and take care of yourself. You deserve it! A relationship that has been on your mind with a question mark attached to it is beginning to clarify which helps you move forward. Things will really begin to lighten up for you later on this month. You may be facing a lot of old fears related to things you thought you would never be able to face or overcome. And guess what, you’re doing what you once thought was impossible! Consider giving yourself a spa day or special treatment. The flower essence I recommend for you this month is Red Chestnut to help you release your worries about other people that you care for and focus more on yourself.


This is a month of golden opportunities for you! Jupiter is again moving forward in your sign on the 11th, and you will find it easier to move ahead with things you have had to put on the back burner for awhile. You are also invited to do one of the things that you absolutely love best, which is to travel, at least mentally or close to home. In any case, adventure is likely to spice up your life and possibly even your career. You might also be thinking of starting up a new business or asking for a raise in your current job. You’re right that something big is coming and it’s time to step up to the plate. There is a lot of discussion about commitment in a close relationship. Either it’s time to make or break that bond. If you choose to bond, stop procrastinating and just dive in! The flower essence I recommend for you this month is Thyme, for catching up for “lost time” or creating more of it where it seems to be lacking.


Man, the things you’ve been dealing with lately…but you’re so good at dealing with things other signs can’t or don’t.  This month, get ready for welcome shift of focus or a sweet surprise when it comes to money and possessions. You’ll also probably notice more support from others. It is very possible that you will see a chunk of money either owed to you finally being paid off, or that you will find something else of valuable where you least expect it and it turns out to be just what you need. Many of you have been experiencing a lot of heightened emotions over the past couple of years as there is a culmination of some major event or relationship taking place. It is important to heal from the wounds of the past in order to move forward, especially wounds related to men or a man in your life. The flower essence I recommend for you this month is Walnut, for emotionally supporting you during major life transitions.


Exciting time for you Aquarians! Many of you folks have made a remarkable shift during the past couple of years and your transformation is an inspiration to those around you. This month you are focused on bringing your ideas, gifts and wisdom to others in new ways, sharing what you have learned or attained with the world. If this isn’t obvious or evident to you yet then it could be time to take inventory of how far you’ve come and just how much you have accomplished. The one warning I would give is to not spread yourself too thin in your social life (hard for most air signs!)You are juggling a lot right now but it’s okay to take timeouts when you need to, to hear yourself think versus what your friends are saying. Being rebellious is sometimes your great virtue. The flower essence I recommend to you this August is White Chestnut to help quiet your mind and keep you focused or get some better sleep.


Pisces, this month for you is centered around your work, health and your overall sense of purpose. Do you feel aligned with your work and surroundings at this time? If so then you are in the perfect space for great things that will begin to manifest themselves later this month and into the next month. Your spirits might be high lately because something or someone has brought new cheer into your life. Positive energy is available to help you manifest. If your space feels cramped or un-supportive it’s time to make changes or get the heck out of there. You may have been too hard on yourself and afraid to ask anyone for help because you hate to bother them. You are worthy of seeing your dreams come true and it’s time to take action toward making them happen. By month’s end I see you charging ahead with quite an unusual ferocity! The flower essence I see for you this month is Poppy, for spiritual clarity and support from hidden realms.

Jupiter Direct and the Test of Mettle

August has begun with a New Moon in Leo and Mercury’s stationing Direct in Cancer. The atmosphere has been tense with intrigues and unsettling moods.

Meanwhile, Jupiter, the planet of broad vision and exploration is slowing down for Direct motion on the 11th, at 15 degrees in its domicile Sagittarius, the sign of truth-seeking and higher learning. This planet has been Retrograde since April 10th causing us to slow down, analyze and strategize before taking further actions on major plans. The Jupiter Retrograde months have provided ample time for us to count our existing blessings, ponder our deepest longings, and to make adjustments in areas of excess that might be blocking a natural flow and ease. It has been necessary to gain more information, tools or allies before notable progress could be made where it has most been sought.

On the day Jupiter goes Direct, Uranus, planet of shock and reversals goes Retrograde in Taurus. It’s likely to be a lively week to say the least with these two big shots competing for attention.

Jupiter pushes for authenticity and does not back down in the face of obstacles. Jupiter is the one who reminds us to laugh, finding the humor in things even when they don’t seem at all funny. The idiom “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” is relevant here and now. This may seem like the ultimate testing of mettle, and of how much that can be endured before we finally win a battle or experience relief from our struggles.

This month Jupiter is making a second conjunction to the fixed star Sarin since the beginning of 2019. Sarin is said to give a strength and force reminiscent of that of Hercules. This star falls in the second decan of Sagittarius, which is connected with the planet Mars and the minor Tarot card the 9 of Wands. The 9 of Wands indicates that a completion of some sort is taking place that may be upsetting on the egoic level but liberating in a spiritual sense.

There is much symbolism surrounding Jupiter’s current placement and all of the various archetypes involved that points to letting go of attachments and of the necessity of being prepared for massive change. We are being reminded that in order to obtain something special to us we usually must relinquish something old that we have been holding onto. This something, whatever it is whether physical or conceptual, has been precious to us but now it clogs our system, no longer reflecting our evolved nature. Maybe it was useful to us way back in the day, but now it has become poisonous at worst, or a blockage at least.

A few interesting symbols for Jupiter’s current position are illustrated in “The Circular Temple” by John Sandbach:


Omega Symbol: Prized possessions are disappearing, one by one.

Pleiadian Symbol: A bear emerges from hibernation.

Chandra Symbol: A tidal wave approaching.

Azoth Symbol: An eye hanging in darkness is seeing deeply into reality.

Each symbol is completely different but if pondered enough one may notice that each one highlights that great shifts of both perception and reality are taking place. They indicate the spiritual renewal that comes with material surrender and bringing what was dormant within us out into the world.

Jupiter will make it’s third square to foggy Neptune in Pisces this year on September 21, coinciding with the Autumn Equinox that occurs a couple of days later. After this aspect is over it may be easier to make sense of some issues that have been greatly obscured since the New Year. Neptune being Retrograde actually helps in that clarification. 2019 has so far been a humbling year for many people, especially those in positions of political power. Those on the “mundane” plane may have also experienced their high hopes being dashed by unforeseen circumstances. Not all is lost however, and what has ended or has been lost most likely needed to go anyway – for a long time. This is to make way for much more appropriate things, opportunities and relationships to enter our lives.

Jupiter is going to be part of Great Conjunction that will take place in the sign of Aquarius in December 21, 2020, which marks the onset of some very strange, Uranian times for humanity in the years ahead. The build-up to this however takes place in the sign of Capricorn, which is fitting since a Great Conjunction such as this tends to focus on the settlements or collapse of figureheads and politicians.

Jupiter’s going Direct this month heralds a gift that shall soon be presented to us. It may not be what we expected but it will certainly be of benefit. It could even be better than anything we imagined. Stay optimistic and be open to the possibilities.

New Moon in Leo: Tap into True Joy!

Happy solar return to all you Leos out there! Now that the Sun now transiting your sign, there is a sudden impetus to act and to carry out the plans or ideas that have been incubating for the past few weeks. That goes for everyone in general but especially those with Leo featured prominently in theirs charts. For all this is a time to tap into heart-centered joy, to express creativity and love.

There is an upcoming New Moon in Leo on July 31/August 1, coinciding with the pagan cross-quarter day of harvest known as Lammas. This is a time to reap the results of what has been sown during the past few months, including the efforts that have long been put toward certain goals and achievements. The New Moon is 8 degrees Leo, in a conjunction with Venus, goddess of love and beauty. This connection highlights the affections and creations as well as financial flow. A helpful fire trine to Chiron the wounded healer in Aries indicates that it will soon become easier to work through difficulties and experience healing and heart-centered exchanges. A square to Uranus suggests that there is at least one major surprise popping up a couple of days prior this New Moon. Could be good, bad or in between so it’s best to be ready for anything! Mercury goes Direct on this day after being Retrograde all month, which further emphasizes the unpredictable elements at hand.

Leos and Leo Rising folks, there is a truly potent shift underway that could be memorable for years to come. For many it’s been a rocky ride for the past several days with lots of unexpected setbacks and glitches. A hint of the best of what’s going on and what’s to come will probably make itself known in mid to late August, as Mercury regains forward momentum in your sign and the Sun makes its final degrees through your sign. You also have Jupiter on your side, even more so when he goes direct in Sagittarius mid-August.

During the New Moon, Mars and Juno will be in a conjunction at 15 degrees Leo placing a lot of passionate emphasis on committed partnerships, the nature of which would vary from person to person. You can check your chart to see if any personal planets are being transited.

Above all this is a time to shine and to bring out the best of oneself as well as others. Don’t just stay inside or be a mugglewort or a workaholic. Find excuses to go out and have some fun for a change, whatever that means to you….dancing, performing, bird-watching, cooking, helping others…whatever, so many possibilities!

What makes you special, how you express affection, where you find joy, what you find sexy and your heart’s deepest longings can usually be seen symbolically in the fifth house of your natal chart. Are any planets transiting this area? What is the ruler of your fifth house doing now? It could also be cluing you in to where joy is currently to be found.

When it comes to seeking for joy in the natal chart, another method I have personally been observing for a few years are the Arabic Parts of Fortune and Spirit. The Part of Fortune is lunar based while the Part of Spirit is solar based. The Part of Fortune has frequently been attributed to joy, fortune and material benefit but I have found that this is not always applicable. It could point to what keeps one going in the midst of challenges. Sometimes the Part of Spirit, associated with spiritual assets and self-actualization more accurately depicts true joy, but unlike the joy and fortune associated with the PoF it is a joy and benefit that is attained later in life rather than obvious in early years. It would be worth checking to see if you have any planets transiting either of these areas, or if you would like help with interpretation you can email me to book a reading. readingsbyyerevan@gmail.com