August Forecast 2012

Once in a blue moon…we find ourselves in a completely new situation, and we ask ourselves “Wow, how did I get here?”…

This August is not all about the Blue Moon but about what this moon could mean for us on a larger scale. A blue moon is the second full moon of a calendar month, occurring usually only once every two to three years. It rarely actually appears to be the color blue, and perhaps the infrequency of the blue moon itself is what inspired the saying “once in a blue moon”.

A blue moon greatly amplifies the inherent energies of the fullness of the moon and whatever sign it’s in. In some cultures such a moon is marked as a holy and auspicious occasion. Prayer, meditation, and spiritual connections are enhanced. How appropriate then that the particular blue moon coming soon will be in the sign of Pisces – that of the spiritual aspirant or avatar.

2012 – The Big Picture

We are Occupying 2012 ~ the long awaited, widely feared, profusely described year of global transformation and end of the world-as-we-know-it! Undoubtedly, this has been year of radical change for all of us, although how we each perceive the change, as well as whether or not we are enjoying this varies! What we’ve been experiencing for the past decade is a rising level of intensity in our personal and collective lives, as we’ve reached the edge of the end of a 26,000 year cycle and alignment. Who can really say exactly when this “ending” has occurred or will soon occur…at this point I truly believe we’ve long been in the process of the alignment, which has already ended and we are now still lingering in the limbo between totally different lives we’ve lived in one body, integrating the profound changes that have come about as a result.

According to the Mesoamerican long count calendar December 21, 2012 marks the completion of the great cycle we’ve been in. The tsunami in December 2004 in Indonesia and the tsunami in that hit Japan in March 2011 were both signs of the poles shifting, with lives taken on a massive level. On the Winter Solstice of December 21st 2010 we experienced a Full Moon eclipse aligned with the Galactic Center, which could have been the actual turning point that has been indicated for 2012. This wouldn’t surprise me, since our Gregorian calendar is not as accurate in keeping track of time as many of us believe – it may be up to 5 years off-base from the time period that the Mesoamerican calendar predicted.

What it all boils down to is – We’re In It! This is it! We don’t have to imagine what it will be like anymore – it’s time to do something about where we’re at. Those of us who are still alive to tell the tale of being birthed into the New Earth have endured stretching and energetic adjustments of mass proportions in order to even breathe in a realm such as the one we currently inhabit. Congratulations!

One of my most sarcastic remarks (usually made only with those who know me well enough not to take it personal) after something crazy or painstakingly difficult to achieve is “What, you want a lollipop for that?”

It’s kind of like…that’s what the Universe is saying right now. Project Next is coming right up foks, so don’t relax all of your muscles quite yet.

A Few Key Highlights ~ Reviewed and Revealed

  • We entered the year with Jupiter in earthy Taurus and Mercury direct in Sagittarius giving us a fair amount of stability on one level and an expanded view of reality on another…with Uranus in Aries egging us on… to be ready for anything.
  • Mars went Retrograde in Virgo on Chinese New Year, January 23rd, suddenly slowing many of us down right when we thought we were “catching up” with something important to us. Things didn’t pick up till mid-April when Mercury had gone Direct from its March Retrograde cycle and Mars finally Direct, but we only had a very small gap of time to “get it together” before Venus went Retrograde the following month. The ensuing eclipses in May/June kicked us from behind into a new direction, where we didn’t even have time to put on the other sock before quickly moving forward.
  • Neptune entered Pisces in February where it will be for the next 14 years, marking a period of time in which the oceans, lakes, rivers and water supply in general will become an area of great importance that cannot be ignored. It will be time to at least try to clean up the mess that we’ve made of our waters and upon which we depend for survival on Earth.
  • Jupiter entered Gemini in June, where it will be for a year and has already begun to further revolutionize modern technological and travel devices. I couldn’t keep up with what’s new in the cell phone gadget, computer and automobile markets even if I wanted to.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime transit of Venus to the Sun also occurred early June, while Venus was Retrograde in Gemini, nearly blinding on emotional levels in her suddenly unladylike manner as she ferociously pushed us to some new levels of relating to old partners, family and friends, as well as to ourselves. Oh yes, that was a barrel of laughs…
  • Saturn, who seems to be everybody’s least favorite influence, has been rounding out a three-year transit through Libra, prolonged due to some heavy-hitting retrogradations (now over), which will finally come to a close in October. This has been particularly grueling for those born in Libra, with Libra Moon or Rising, and for those in general whose relationship status has been an area of questioning, heaviness, or concern. Since Saturn tends to prolong whatever illnesses are present the sign it occupies the major issues would physically revolve around energy and stamina, much of which is derived from the kidneys (ruled by Venus/Libra). Emotionally, there has been widespread major OCD around image (Venus) and the problem or illusion of what aging (Saturn) does to it. When Saturn finally exits Libra and enters Scorpio, the focus will shift from nitpicking at the vanity mirror and balancing our relationships to doing deep healing, introspective and investigative work, and committing more fully to whatever or whomever we’ve decided to be involved with. For the medical establishment this could bring new cures and discoveries for infectious disease.

Rune for August 2012: Mannaz

So I picked a rune for the month for all of “us” including all my readers, and all believers, as I often do…and it turned out to be Mannaz – the rune which literally represents Mankind, as a whole. In its highest aspect is the rune of the Divine intelligence within humanity, on both individual and collective levels. It relates to various aspects of intelligence, such as reasoning, memory, and concentration, and to the spiritual aspirant it indicates that pure self-realization is attainable now. Whenever Mannaz shows up it’s time to look in the mirror instead of projecting outward onto others, whether for good or ill. We must take responsibility for our actions and decisions, realizing that we have personal choice and that blaming others merely perpetuates the victim mentality. It may be that whatever we seek outwardly is closer than we realize, and is to be found within ourselves. Those who meditate may be familiar with the concept of enlightened mind, with a role model such as Buddha to represent this as a possibility for all of us. It is this enlightened mind that Mannaz urges us closer toward. It and we will choose the manner that is best suited toward us at the particular time or place we happen to be. Enlightenment and empowerment are the areas of focus for us in the days and weeks ahead.

8/1/12 Full Moon in Aquarius

The Full Moon was at 10 degrees Aquarius, on the Feast of Lammas, a cross-quarter point in the year, celebrating the first harvest of the year. Here between the Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox, we finally caught a “breather”, and saw some light at the end of a Mercury Retrograde slide tunnel, which will be coming to an end on August 8th. In the sign of Leo, Mercury has been helping us gain a unique perspective on our children or creative endeavors, as well as romantic liaisons. The grand air trine between the Moon, Jupiter and Mars gave us some insight and some hope for the future.

8/17/12 New Moon in Leo

This New Moon is a particularly bright one, even if it won’t be visible to the eye. It may be a day and a week to celebrate, as indicated by the Sabian symbol of the moon’s position:

“After The Heavy Storm, A Rainbow”

The worst parts of the year may be behind us, and although rain and tears may come again soon, there will be a strong sense of purpose, guidance, and destiny and play in our lives. We’re reminded of our link to astral and heavenly realms, and to seek open communication with our higher selves or spiritual guides.

The New Moon’s sextile with Mars and Saturn in Libra indicate that our subconscious emotional responses, energy levels and ability to work hard as well as in cooperation are in unison. There is much to be grateful for and much to share.

8/31/12 Full Blue Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon is at 8 degrees Pisces, in conjunction with the comet Chiron and with Neptune. This deeply sensitive combination alters our bodies, minds, and emotions to such a high degree that we may not be able to distinguish between the suffering of others and our own. On the flipside, there may be no visible line between the consciousness of our bodies and our spirits, our mundane reality and the reality of Limitlessness. The very moment after I hit the dot after “limitlessness” I received a funny compliment to a poem I randomly came up with, texted, and sent to a friend a day ago. Their response was “I like that….are you on drugs?” I don’t even recall what I wrote, other than it being about an elephant flying away from the dramas of circus and human life. I was not on any drugs nor am I now, yet how pertinent was the statement to the energies of this Full Moon. We can go the route of using drugs if we so feel the need for them, either to escape the harshness of our physical conditions or to experience an expanded view – or we can rise to the occasion that is presented to us with discipline and focus our minds to perceive the truth of infinite love and abundance, and to consciously access our interconnectedness and our limitlessness. This is both the test and the gift of the nature of Pisces.

The New Moon forms a trine Mars in Scorpio and sextile to Pluto, enhancing the ability to purify, heal and merge on deep levels. This is the one of the “psychic surgery” combinations, and even more so with Chiron involved, making it an optimal time for healing work of body, mind, and spirit, which includes what in shamanic terms is called soul retrieval – to bring back and integrate fragmented aspects of the soul and psyche that have shattered due to trauma.

The small fixed star Skat hovers closely above the Blue Moon, and this is a star that is associated with wish fulfillment! When the Blue Moon fairy appears, it is best to be prepared and precise– what we wish for, especially now, is very likely what we will receive. According to Ptolemy, Skat’s influence combined with the moon brings valuable gifts, new and influencial friends, public position, and the love of “respectable women”. We’ll see what comes of it!

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January Forecast 2012

Welcome to the long-awaited year of 2012! We have a lot to look forward to, whether or not it’s the end of the world as we know it! I have a hunch that when the clock strikes midnight on 12/21/12 we will pinch ourselves to be sure we are fully awake, realizing that we are still here, like it or not. Still, the saying “Live each day as if it were your last…” is especially pertinent for us now.

a lovely dragon, by K. Chin

1/8/12 – Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon lands this month in Cancer, the sign that La Luna naturally has rulership over. Domestic duties as well as comforts and the urge for self-preservation is highlighted here, as is the feminine principle of the Universe, at its height of creativity. People tend to be extra moody, even more so than usual when a Full Moon occurs in this sign. As the first water sign, Cancer sensitizes the fluids within the Earth and our bodies, putting us deeply in touch with what we’re really feeling, whether or not it’s rational or has any obvious origins. If this turns out in the form of a churning stomach, it could mean that we need to address the emotional cause of some indigestion of ideas that conflict with our ability to assimilate the nutrition we need from both food and life itself. Cancer’s polar opposite Capricorn encourages us to learn from the past, making resolve to move forward and do better than before. It also favors commitment and responsibility, which helps us to mature as souls, as parents if we have children, and as leaders if there is some area that we have gathered enough knowledge and wisdom to step into this role.

Mercury in Capricorn is making a lot of aspects to other planets at this time, such as a conjunction with Pluto, trine to Jupiter in Taurus, a square to Uranus, and sextiles to Neptune and Saturn. Communication is at an all-time peak, and will largely be based on commitments, plans, schedules, cooperation, reasoning and reform.

1/22/12 – Supercharged New Moon in Aquarius

This exciting New Moon coincides with the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, known to be one of the most auspicious of the 12 Animal signs. In Aquarius, we’re inspired to network as much as possible and support the both the similarities and uniqueness in each other and ourselves, wherever we each are in life. We’re inspired to act on our visions, intuitions, and convictions and to evolve.

The night before the Dragon New Year, the New Moon sets off some early sparks as the planet Mars stations in preparation to go Retrograde for about three months, from 1/23/12 until April 14th. This greatly extends the amount of time that it will travel through Virgo, totaling this transit to 8 months (since November 10, 2011 until June 2, 2012). While in Virgo, Mars will express itself as a deep need or desire for soul retrieval and healing – to mend ourselves where we’ve been crushed, to find the parts that we’ve been missing, and to purge ourselves of harmful habits that inhibit our ability to move forward in life. It is a time for reclaiming our identities, remembering our purposes, and developing courage and confidence in ourselves not just for our own sakes, but for a worthy cause larger than ourselves alone. It will be an optimal time to make peace with old enemies, to bring calmness and rationale to arguments, to let go of drama, and to burn karma! The brute force, desire, and aggression normally associated with Mars is subdued by its Retrogradation, and in this state Mars encourages more of a sense of endurance and patience rather than intolerance and belligerence. The danger here is that pent up anger or other destructive passions can later explode when Mars goes Retrograde again, so we would do well to be aware of what isn’t sitting right within this period, and to make adjustments as necessary.

1/23/12  – Chinese New Year of the Dragon

Although I don’t know as much about Chinese astrology as Western, I sense that this year of the Black Water Dragon will be an empowering one for not only those born with the Dragon as their personal sign, but for humanity at large to make some large scale changes for the better, as the great size, power, and magic that this creature suggests. In China the celestial Dragon often represents an emperor. It is also the vehicle of transportation of the goddess of compassion, Kwan Yin.

A lot of people have been spreading the doomsday hype about 2012 marking the end of the world. I’m still not convinced that is what is taking place, at least not in the context that has been so widely discussed. Conversely, in comparison to the prediction of what remains of the original Mayan calendar, I read somewhere that hundreds of years ago a prophet said China will become prosperous and peaceful in 2012. It would be wonderful if this extended to Tibet, and all across the globe for that matter…let us set our sights high, and perhaps energy of the Dragon will assist us!

Traditionally, the Dragon represents so many things in many different cultures, yet it has ultimately stood the test of time as a symbol of success, power, good fortune, wealth and happiness. This will be an optimal year to get in touch with beings of the Faerie realm, to which the Dragon belongs. Leaving offerings outside or on one’s altar to the Dragons and Faeries on the night of the New Moon is one way to invoke and honor their energies, and to request their benevolence in the months to come.

Faeries & Whatnots in the Universe

Speaking of Faeries, I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on the subject of them last month on astrologer Matt Savinar’s radio show, Ask the Astrologer for KOWS Radio, 107.3 FM in Occidental/Sonoma county. We had a spontaneous, fun discussion on Fairies, Flower Essences, Adaptogens, and the Cardinal Cross. You can listen to the recording by visiting his blog: Ask the Astrologer

Rune for January 2012 – Wunjo

Wunjo, representing joy, glory, and harmony, was the rune that appeared for November, and it is reappearing now, auspiciously at the start of a new. I will quote some of what I wrote in November’s forecast:

“Wunjo is, simply put, the rune of Joy. It is the light and love that exist on the other side of our fears and sorrows. It is the weightlessness of the innermost nature of our souls. When we operate from a place of joy within our hearts, we are very often in close communion with that which we call God. When we are in this heart space of joy in connection with God, there is nothing we cannot do, or obtain in essence…”

Wunjo is such a positive sign for any new beginning, that as a symbol of joy at this time it greatly speaks for itself. The only danger is in going overboard, becoming drunk literally or figuratively speaking, forgetting that ecstasy and joy is as temporal as any other state that we can experience on the Earth plane. Having some discernment and a certain amount of control even while we are celebrating is ideal. Yet cutting loose and sharing good will, joyful moments, love, and gratitude is optimal this month as well.By doing so we come closer to obtaining and achieving that which we most desire.

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Wishing all a dynamic and divinely inspired year of 2012!