10 Natural Stress-Reducing Remedies

We already know that “things” are intense and seem to be constantly escalating astrologically, but what can we do in times of stress – how can we cope? Some people just keep burning their candles at both ends while others realize when it’s time to simplify their lives and they seek refuge. There is a middle ground when necessary that allows us to both maintain our livelihoods while also heeding the signals from our body and assisting it with stress-reducing and immune-boosting remedies.

There is no one certain remedy for all discomforts but there are many resources available to many of us that we often forget the busier we get. There are many causes and effects of stress, just as there are many ways to address them. You can decide which if any of the following of these natural remedies for strength, endurance and mental peace and clarity you might also benefit from. They are some of my favorites!

Ten Natural Stress Reducing Remedies:

  • B -Complex foods and/or vitamins – Under stress the body doesn’t manufacture or store adequate Bs which are necessary for so many functions of the body that enable it to both relax and repair. Many of them are naturally produced by probiotics, which many people happen to be deficient in (probiotics are present in yoghurt, kombucha tea and other fermented foods but can be taken separately). Antacids can destroy the body’s store of B vitamins, and many causes of acidity in the intestines are caused by enzymatic deficiencies. These deficiencies again may be addressed by ingesting foods that have been specially fermented and are rich in probiotics, which generate B vitamins. Leafy greens tend to be high in B vitamins, and raw fruits and vegetables can help a great deal with digestion.
  • Eleuthero, aka Siberian Ginseng This is known as a King of Adaptogens by Chinese herbalists, and it is one of the most extensively researched in the world for its amazingly restorative properties. Eleuthero is gently energizing without being stimulating (unlike true panax Ginseng which is very stimulating), and can help to focus more intently on the tasks at hand.
  • Rescue Remedy flower essence blend – This is usually taken for acute stress situations of both mental and physical natures, but in cases of intense ongoing stress it can be taken several times per day up to a couple of weeks daily until the worst of the stress energy has played itself out.
  • Phosphatidylserine One of the best known natural substances to assist in restoring circadian rhythms as well as protecting against cognitive dysfunctions. I highly recommend those with adrenal fatigue to research what PS can do.
  • Magnesium – Many people are deficient in magnesium, which is a mineral that is necessary for the absorption of calcium. Taking this after intense workouts, after stressful encounters, and before bedtime can help relax the muscles and allow the body to do its natural restorative work. A supplement called Calm Magnesium has become quite popular for its easy assimilation and effectiveness.
  • Monitor and limit exposure to internet, cell phones and electronic devices. Before spending money on gadgets and gizmos which are claimed to protect you from harmful currents of electricity, try just taking a break from using any of these things now and then. Not only does constant exposure to electro-magnetic frequencies weaken our immunity but it causes stress to the brain, central nervous system, emotions, and oftentimes due to the body remaining stationary for so long it can have detrimental effects on the heart, liver, and eyes. Make sure to get up and stretch at least once an hour when doing desk work. Remember to blink and breathe!
  • Replace refined sugars with healthy fats! The human body severely struggles when saturated with too much sugar, trans fats and preservatives. It tends to thrive on a well-balanced diet that includes healthy fats that come from such foods as coconut, avocados, and Omega fatty acids.
  • Stretching and Exercise – Whether through yoga, martial arts or just stretching the body considers many of these basic movements in these practices to be necessities rather than luxuries of those with the spare time to do them. We need movement to circulate our blood and prevent energy from just clumping in one spot where it becomes stagnant and creates illness.
  • Peace and Calming essential oil blend by Young Living Contains Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang,Patcouli, and Blue Tansy essential oils. This harmonizing and sweet smelling blend can be used in myriad ways on the body, in the home, through direct applications or the use of a diffuser. If interested in this you can also contact me for details on ordering it and other essential oils, as well as optional membership with Young Living.untitled
  • Meditation is not just for monks who live far away in caves up in the mountains. The more stressed out we feel, the chances are the more we need to quiet our overly stimulated minds, which is where our health is sometimes surprisingly influenced more than anything else. There are many meditation methods, but finding one that suits well and sticking to it on a daily basis can truly work wonders in overall health and vitality.