Herbal Adaptogens

This Summer has been abnormally challenging in a physical sense for many people I know, my little self included. A somewhat unexpected flu knocked me out hard a couple weeks ago, and just now am I regaining equilibrium. Perhaps this is partially due to an increase of activities, without enough rest in between, and then there’s the obvious which we have all tried to brush under the rug at some point – stREsSs. I suddenly remembered recently not only that herbal adaptogens exist (duh!) but that I wrote this article about them umpteen years ago for an online magazine based in Hungaria, called Natural Elixir.

It inspired me to make a large pot of chicken soup, adding delicious vegetables, quinoa, and magical Reishi mushrooms. Along with a cup of Ginseng tea this soup was the most medicinal and nourishing thing I’ve eaten in several days! Thanks Heavens for herbal adaptogens, and to my herbalist friends who have supported me! I have been amazed all over again by the power of adaptogens, and hope that you will benefit from them too!

As a side note, you may notice a goofy poem at the bottom of the herbal article, about Rhodiola rosea, which is one of many that will be included in my upcoming book of Herbal Poetry, so stay tuned 🙂