Aries Lunar Eclipse 2014

The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse and full moon is 15 degrees of Aries, in conjunction with the planet Uranus, and all of this is stirring quite a raucous within interpersonal relationships of both the romantic and business varieties. The knowing that things have got to change around here is full on up on the table for discussion and most of all for taking action. Relationships already on a going well curve are being recalibrated to their next highest levels of expression and cooperation while those that are on the rocks are crumbling fast and hard. Drive extra safe this week, as with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio and this bloody eclipse to boot, people are breaking up, cracking up, and blowing up at warp speed.

This eclipse is the second of a lunar tetrad that began on April 14th and will end in September of 2015. The Aries Full Moon brings us rippling waves of rage, interspersed with moments of WTF, IMHO, OMG, and “get the f–k out of my way!” She’s pure, honest, bullet-proof, and to the point. If you’ve had trouble getting the point lately, it could be that somebody or something is kicking you from behind until you get it. If someone else important to you doesn’t seem to get it and they need to asap, it could help to exercise a bit of emotional restraint in conjunction with taking a firm stand for your cause. In other words, don’t blow your top in a moment of rage that you might regret for a long time to come.

Pluto’s placement between the full moon holds us taut like rugged stones in a slingshot, ready to be flung into the great and terrifying unknown, which far more of us are ready for than we have been in ages. We’re at the peak of a kite formation involving the fire trine with Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars, and the Sun, North Node and Venus in Libra opposite of the Lunar Eclipse conjunct Uranus and the South Node. It is a Horse year in Chinese astrology and we are now in the presence of the constellation Pegasus getting ready for flight!

The eclipsed Full Moon conjoins the fixed star Alpheratz, which is shared between the constellations Andromeda and Pegasus. Alpheratz, a purplish white star located at the opening of the top of the the “Chained Woman’s” head is actually named after “the horse’s navel” in Arabic. It just goes to show how our myriad perceptions of a single thing can differ so greatly and yet their intrinsic meanings are often so similar, particularly in the way stellar patterns are reflected back to us. Alpheratz is an area that symbolically triggers a transcendental consciousness within us, awakening our latent capacities for breaking through mental and emotional forms of bondage that have previously blocked our ability to travel freely through time and space, by ways of spontaneous visionary or psychedelic experiences, weird Uranian experiences (being so close to this planet and all!), “transpersonal psychology” and astral projection. This star has been conjunct Uranus most of the year, involved in the Cardinal Grand Crosses and will be lighting the fires both under and above us until the March Equinox of 2015. An urgency to move beyond our past and current limitations is growing stronger by the hour.

Some people are breaking free from the chains of emotional constraint in their relationships while others seem to be caving in under the pressure for much needed change or divorce. Many singles and couples alike are realizing that they need to find another way to collect funds and coexist financially, because the economy has continued to crash over the past several months, leaving people without jobs, homes, and in some cases identities. Venus in Libra opposite of the eclipse and approaching the North Node suggests people moving into relationships or evolving their current ones into states that are more reflective of who they are, rather than issues they’re trying so desperately and painfully to resolve. Relational pain is getting so old, so fast. So many have gone through it a thousand times before, now it’s time to “get over it” and for life to go on!

Damsels in Distress and Warrior Princesses

The archetypal energies and historical figures that may be associated with the Moon in Aries run the gamut from Pocahontas to Wonder Woman to Pandora. Xena, the Warrior Princess personifies the Moon in Aries at her fiercest, while Princess Leia of Star Wars at is an aspect of the Arian lunar goddess that is slick but still needs some rescuing.

Whether we witness or experience some form of victimhood or injustice at this time there is more than likely an element of competition at its core. Somebody else wants it more, wants to do it better or wants to believe that they are the best at something. Others may simply be fed up with the fuss and make a run for it, more like a mad dash for escape with debris flying in the air behind them.

The distressed damsel cries for freedom and mercy while the lunar warrior charges ahead without care for consequences. Both of these feminine energies or aspects of the Dark Goddess are present in both men and women and have arisen to help resolve some of our deepest inner conflicts with ourselves that too often have been projected outwardly to partners and other irritating people in our lives.

This is what it will be like (and already is) for some folks, – trippin hard during the “luny” eclipse coming up this Wednesday, October 8th, illustrated by one of the ultimate Uranian and eclipsed damsels in distress: