Forecast for the Week

December 18th until the 25th

Theme: A  transmutation of lower energies and buried emotions of rage, anger, and hatred

Question: How does one transform trash into a work of art?

Mars in Libra stirs within the collective consciousness a sudden rebellion of what does not align us with higher purpose. An egoic death is taking place, on inner and outer levels. Rage over past and present injustices are rising to the surface. Projections will collapse. Shadows must be faced. Mars entered Libra where it will be for an extra long transit due to Retrograde motion from March 1st until May 19th of 2014. It entered Libra on December 7th where it will be until July 25th.  New relationships will have an element of “making amends” for past life actions, and moving forward in a new way. If a partnership can endure the tests of this time period then it may be worthwhile to maintain. The energy of this week is somewhat akin to the symbolism within the Tower card of the Tarot, ruled by Mars…a breakdown of existing structures and mental concepts which no longer serve a worthy purpose to the Soul.

The Christmas season is here, and we are surrounded with influences both detrimental and beneficial for our spiritual growth and development. The Angelic realm is working diligently to assist the evolution of this planet, and seeking our cooperation. Unlike the dark, manipulative influences that operate within denser realms, work with angels is never forced upon us, but is ever available to us when we ask.

The asteroid Angel is passing through the late degrees of Libra as well until January 22nd, helping us through shared rites of passage, endings, and yet deeper unions taking place.

The Winter Solstice this Saturday is a turning point of the year, pulling us inward to take inventory of what we have acquired, learned, accomplished, and what more is yet to be done – and what more is to be unlearned and undone. Venus stations Retrograde in Capricorn on this day and within this Retrograde transit she will take on more of the aggressive Martian rather than receptive Venusian qualities.

Mercury is currently passing through Sagittarius, which can be quite blunt and direct in speech and manners. We may be experiencing a boost of enthusiasm in our thoughts, dreams, health and endeavors. The truth of what we know inside of us is more available to many of us now that at other times.

Words to remember:

Words can rip, burn, shred, and destroy…or they can heal, build and create. That is why the more energy that is behind them, we must carefully select the words we use, and manner in which we choose to execute them.

Sing, share, laugh, affirm, and recite mantras…intention, passion, energy and speech are the combined tools of transformation