Fairystrology for the Weekend – April 8-10th

I seemed to have woken up this morning of the 8th being pinched and tickled by the faeries, as they had much to convey about current and upcoming astrological configurations. So now, for your astral amusement and elfin edification…

by Lazaris

by Lazaris

With the Moon in Taurus from the eve of April 7th until the eve of April 9th, thoughts, emotions, and plans begin to stabilize after the intensity of the New Moon in Aries. We’re feeling earthy and in touch with our senses, more inclined to appreciate the beauty and splendor of nature. By Sunday we’ll be experiencing something completely different, so enjoy the slow place until then…

Pan and the Nymph 1896 Percy Jacomb Hood

Pan and the Nymph 1896 Percy Jacomb Hood

Asteroid Pan, so named after the cloven hoofed goat-god and overseer of the natural world and its green spirits is just entering airy-fairy Gemini in the late eve of April 8th until June 15th so forest frolicking, raucous revelry, flute-music are all favored during this time. On the other hand be careful for glib speech and frilly fakery, always less pretty at the end of the day. Avoid engaging in reckless romance which could leave you at the crossroads in a whirly trail of dust. Pan is amorous and Gemini considers all his or her options mentally, whether acting on one, two or none of them. Maybe do some research on herbal aphrodisiacs just for kicks. The Moon will pair up with Pan on Sunday so be sure to arrange for some kind of fun. During these next couple of months, go outside and get to know your neighborhood fairies!

fed8ecc00b3b3ce0b3d8933bbe2788d5Asteroid Merlin sharing the name of the famed wizard in Arthurian legend just turned Retrograde (14 degrees) as of April 2nd close to Saturn (16 degrees) also Retrograde in Sagittarius, emphasizing a review on personal spells that have and have not been successful, and supporting in the reversal of hexes and harmful habits. Merlin entered Sagittarius on January 8th and will be retracing rash actions and adjusting perceptions until July 25th, finally catching up with Saturn in strong forward motion the first week and a half of October. On December 3rd, he’ll move into Capricorn and get down to business with bookkeeping and delegations. This old beloved wizard is standing firm with us for quite awhile, so we best make use of what he has to teach us. Together with Saturn, Merlin can be particularly helpful in addressing enchantments pertaining to authority figures, time, and aging. Tips on how to work with Merlin’s energy this year and next: Recite or write poetry. Take your antioxidants. Get your mojo on!

perfect-lilith-499x1024There is and has been a strong astrological influence of Lilith in our lives over the past several months. Lilith is one of the most feared and revered of the Faery Queens, governing the Underworld and Inner World of earth’s hidden realms and all of its mysterious beings and treasures. Depending on the nature of the one who approaches or falls under her influence she can be the one who binds or uplifts, squashes or mends. She brings our buried darkness to light, allowing us to release deep stifling emotions. Formidable protectress of children and animals, she has been known to challenge those who threaten the safety of the innocent.

From August 2015 until May 2016 the Black Moon Lilith has been transiting Libra, bringing heightened awareness to the dynamic of male/female relationships and any relationships tinged with cruelty and unfairness. The Black Moon Lilith is currently 25 degrees of Libra in exact trine to warrior goddess asteroid Pallas Athene in Aquarius, highlighting patterns of the Dark Feminine that are ready to break free. Issues of female rape, suppression, and rage are being addressed. It’s time to cast off the tatters of shame of the body, the earth mother and defilement of the divine feminine. The lingering effects of recent T-square between BML, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries are as potent for us now as they were before the exact aspects took place. This weekend the Sun and Uranus are joined together opposite of BML bringing many surprises and revelations of the ferocity of the Goddess.


The asteroid Lilith is 26 degrees of Capricorn in a square with Black Moon Lilith, doubling the energetic impact of Lilith’s dark juicy medicine. The asteroid Lilith operates a bit differently than the lunar apogee of BML. Asteroid Lilith is the youthful, rebellious side of this ultra powerhouse of a goddess. Sexual expression including celibacy, contraception, promiscuity, and gay rights are important to her, and in Capricorn the focus gets pretty serious. What she could be saying with this square is to get the heck out of her way. Lilith is hard at work on a mission that is getting close to completion and she won’t be stopped.

The asteroid Maeva at 17 degrees of Pisces has a name close enough to Maeve (a Celtic love goddess) to share a connection. Maeve, or Medb, was a Irish Fairy Queen and beautiful enchantress whose themes include protection, wise leadership and social justice. Like so many other goddesses of “Love”, Maeve was equally a goddess of War, which highlights the fine line that exists between all passions in their abilities to lure us in their magnetic power, create, and destroy. Maeve was married but not monogamous, which implies that asteroid Maeva could indicate infidelity, polyamory or perhaps the spirit of the untamed – in Pisces one’s fantasies might run totally wild. One of the meanings of the word Maeve is “intoxication” and in the sign ruled by Neptune we have to be extra careful of such states. As Maeva approaches the South Node and Chiron, debts relative to love or warfare will be paid and old wounds healed, as power lost will be reclaimed. Maeva is joined together with the South Node on the Full Moon of April 21st and with Chiron, the Wounded Healer/Healing One on Beltain, May 1st.