Psychic Self Defense and the Zodiac – coming soon!

Almost a year ago I began this series on YouTube and midway through realized that it was becoming something much bigger than I had originally anticipated. It went from being a seed of an idea as a short YouTube series, to a mini eBook to now a full-on book that is underway and intended to be released as printed copies sometime this year.

Why this topic? Well, for starters I have lived a life filled with more kinds of psychic attack against me than most people would believe. What people have seen in me in the past is a little girl, sweet but naïve, helpless, or sickly. Often I was seen as an easy target, although that was not necessarily true in the ways that some perceived. If I was as weak as people thought, there is no way I would have survived the hardships that affected me, both physically and spiritually.

Along the way I’ve certainly been put to the test with each and every archetypal energy that will be described in this book. Also, over time I have realized that each and every one of us experience these kinds of attack against us in either obvious or covert ways but most of us were never given a manual on how to defend and empower ourselves in the midst of such a competitive and violent world. Now, the wisdom I’ve gained from study and observation as well bitter experience will be my offering to you.

I have reason to believe this might be the greatest and most socially relevant works I’ve written yet. Stay tuned….release date soon TBA!!

September Forecast 2011

Greetings Dear Readers! This forecast is a bit shorter than my usual extensive monthly newsletters. As with the rest of the planet, I have been undergoing many personal shifts and have needed time to assimilate, reorient, and slow down in order to continue speeding up on the evolutionary dial. Things in general have been a lot to deal with lately!

I decided to keep it simple, briefly describing the lunations (below) and then choosing a card for everyone from Isha Lerner’s Flower Power card deck, which is one of my favorites to use for healing insights.

September 2011 – Black Cohosh

in association with Kali Ma – destroyer of illusions

Black Cohosh is widely known as a “woman’s herb” as it has been used to help to balance hormonal levels, and ease issues related to menopause. Native Americans used the roots for many purposes, including the treatment of female disorders. Spiritually, the vibrations of Black Cohosh’s flowers are purifying, particularly to the emotional body in those who have suffered from abuse, toxicity, and emotional suffocation. The spirit of Black Cohosh, as represented in this card by the image of Kali Ma, can help us to clear out stagnant energy this month and free us from both inner and outer hindrances. All we need to do is call out for the connection to this powerful plant spirit to help ease this process, as well as possibly to Kali Ma herself. When we clear out old energy, we are much better able to take in and utilize the prana and beautiful lifeforce energy that is available to us in the Universe, as represented by the rainbow above Kali’s sword.

9/12/11 Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon is at 19 degrees of Pisces, a sign that represents the final stages of human evolution or of any cycle, as it prepares for an entirely new phase of existence. In this second decanate of Pisces there is great emotional sensitivity and vulnerability to the surroundings. So much is being released and cleansed from collective mind that there is naturally some fear related to the confusion about what is actually coming and going from our beings. Patience is a cardinal virtue in this mutable sign, as it implies a sort of trust that some things are flowing in natural order, according to a Divine plan.

The Moon heightened within the constellation of Cygnus, the Swan reminds us of a choice we have to move with grace and fluidity, surrendering to change with grateful anticipation. A conjunction with Ceres brings up a longing for belonging, whether in a cultural, familial, or spiritual context, while the opposition with Venus may help us find our right niches and perhaps be surprised that we are esteemed far better by certain others than we had imagined.

The Full Moon inconjunct Saturn and Juno in Libra highlights the need for a settling of affairs with either those who are parents, elders, caretakers, or in some cases spouses. Divorce rates may be particular high at this time. Whatever is happening in this regard is related to what needs or is or making completions. Pluto has been slowly stationing all month, ready to resume its forward motion on the 16th after a 5-month retrograde phase. The intensity of this shift has illuminated much of what we have been working on since early Spring.

9/27/11 New Moon in Libra

The New Moon is at 4 degrees of relationship oriented Libra, in a close conjunction with Mercury and opposite of Uranus. With all this mental and electrical stimulation going on, it may be challenging to settle down, but it may be that movement is the best option right now. A sextile to Mars in passionate Leo further amplifies the desire to get off our haunches and MOVE, whether that means bike riding through the hills, snow-boarding with friends, rearranging the living room or taking initiative in a relationship either to another or to oneself. Chances are there will be a lot of action in a lot of different ways for many of us, simultaneously, both on inner and outer levels.

This New Moon is powered by a the Sun’s conjunction with the Super Galactic Center at 2 degrees of Libra just three days prior, and the Autumn Equinox on the 23rd. Massive rays of stellar intelligence, inspiration, and insight are giving us that extra push to leave baggage behind and take ourselves and relationships to the next level, raising the levels of love that we are able to give and receive.

The square with Pluto pushes the envelope with how much change we can stand in one sitting, (although we’d best not be sitting when that happens!) The New Moon’s T-square to Pluto and Uranus brings it to our collective awareness that we’re on a mission whether we want to be or not, but it’s up to us to “get it” – what it’s about and to “get there” through our own efforts. It may even seem like some kind of Mission Impossible for those who are familiar with that old T.V. series. Whatever we’re doing it’s especially clear that cooperation with each other is key.

You can read my monthly Horoscopes in the Upbeat Times (on their website if you don’t live in Sonoma county, CA):

Cheers, and blessings to you all!

Goddess Iris, messages and review

Goddess Iris, by Josephine Wall

To get an idea of how best to work with Mercury and the “Retrograding” of this planet (Mercury will be Retrograde from August 2nd to 26th 2011), we can dig into the mythology of the character it is named after. Doing so may help to understand the effects that the Retrograde cycle has upon the earth plane and those in it. This can be a productive time if we realize what we are working with, instead of ignorantly trying to push against it. Most of the planetary influences correlate very closely with the mythology of the deities that the planets were named after. Mercury has basic “rulership” over the following three things: The Mind, Travel, and Communication.  Many subcategories fall under these three categories, which would take too long to list and explain here.

I’d like to compare the feminine messenger of the gods to the much more widely known Mercury, and how she relates to our communications and psyches whether or not Mercury is Retrograde.

In our culture that is nearing the end of its predominantly male influences, we hear a lot about how men and male characters have pioneered, managed, and invented most of what makes the world go ’round. We have seemingly endless references to male deities and political figures, and the little bit that we do hear about powerful female movers and shakers is often tinted with heresy and extreme criticism.

In Greek mythology, Iris, Messenger of the Gods was the personification of the Rainbow, a worldwide symbol of hope, confirmation, and divine intervention.  As the rainbow is the bridge between the Heavens and the Earth, it was through this aspect of nature that she both traveled and transmitted her messages to both humans and the gods and goddesses. She was the personal servant of the highly esteemed Goddess Hera. Iris’s name is frequently mentioned in the Iliad, where she is portrayed as a beautiful maiden with wings of gold, flying swiftly into the depths of the sea and underworld. Iris supplied the clouds with water in order to replenish the earth when it was in drought. She also had the ability to put liars to sleep with an ewer of enchanted water from the River Styx. Often she was depicted holding the same staff or caduceus that is associated with Hermes or Mercury.

There is an asteroid named Iris that can be found in the birth chart and in transit – asteroid #7 on

Why do you suppose there is far less information available to us about Iris than a character such as Mercury? I welcome your comments and research on this subject.

My personal theory is that Iris was not and is not especially popular partially due to the bias around male authority and patriarchy. She held an understated yet powerful position, and still does. I notice her influence particularly strong during Mercury’s cycles, therefore have come to see her as a sort of female personification of Mercury. While Mercury Retrograde is typically associated with mishaps and delays, I attribute some of the more subtle aspects of its cycles such as intense or lucid dreaming, creative inspiration and the increase of synchronistic experiences to the influence of feminine qualities of consciousness and the archetypal presence of Iris.

Many people become very inward and/or depressed during Mercury’s Retrogradation. The focus is more “yin” than “yang”, more feminine and receptive in nature than outgoing and masculine, so it can be especially difficult for those who push for constant achievement and outward activities. The frequent male, left brain perspective and common experience of the Mercury Retrograde influence is related to his Trickster aspect. Tricks, snafus, and quirks galore seem to crop up mercilessly, catch us off guard, spoil our best laid plans and screw with many of our mundane affairs. Understanding that there is a time and a place for all things and that Mercury Retrograde is about reflection and review can help. Opening ourselves to divine revelation can stimulate far more positive experiences for ourselves and those around us. This is where honoring the feminine aspect of nature comes in. Underneath all of the overabundance of machismo that permeates so many ideologies and religions, the Goddess in her many guises, colors, and faces prevails…for she is the inspiration of man.

From Iris we get the name iridescence, the word iridium for a rare element containing a diversity of colors. Her name is shared with a vibrant flower and a most fascinating part of our anatomy – the iris, in which is said to reside the “seat of the soul”.

Just as the rainbow itself symbolizes truth, promise, and synchronicity, Iris may be an Inner Angel that listens to our hopes, fears, dreams, and prayers, and carries them to and from higher realms, even beyond our own.  While Mercury is Retrograde or skies are gray, she just may help deliver us from the sense of separation we tend to feel as humans and facilitate for us a magical and wondrous correspondence with divine forces that we might otherwise miss.

Hail Iris!