Full Moon in Pisces 8-29-15

The Full Moon at 6 of degrees Pisces is conjunct its ruling planet Neptune, heightening moods, dreams and strange impulses. It is stirring memories and longings that have been safely tucked away in the depths of our souls, bringing up sensations similar to those experienced in a psychedelic trip that many will recognize whether they have tripped or not in their current lifetime.

We are invited to surrender our egocentric orientation to the universe and step into a sacred abode in the sea of stars, an astral temple if you will, that reflects our holographic and microcosmic interpretations of the infinitely stretching unified field.

Since April of 2011, Neptune has been transiting Pisces where it will travel until 2026. This highly sensitizing transit indicates a dramatic shift in the consciousness of life on planet Earth that will have served to dissolve thick barriers and open even the most tightly shut 3rd eyes, clearing away very deep, dark karmic imprints to make way for a new wave of future generations. This work is being highlighted now.

The Sun opposite of the Moon is joined with Jupiter in Virgo which magnifies the already full effects of encounters and connections made during the days leading up to this one. There is equal potential for good fortune or wastefulness to occur with Jupiter so closely involved. Broad spectrum healing and insights may be more readily accessed through the intangible channels of Neptune.

The “mean” position of the Black Moon Lilith zero degrees of Libra, having just entered this sign on August 25th. There are many ways to interpret the BML spot, and I consider the mystery of this placement to be part of the nature of her influence. Together with the North Node and Mercury in partnership-focused Libra, there is great emphasis on communicating with as much raw truth as with tact at this time, which can be extra tricky business.

Venus and Mars are paired up in Leo forming a grand trine to the major goddess asteroids Pallas Athene in Sagittarius and Vesta in Aries. This dynamic aspect combines the qualities of courage, inspiration, fiery passion and alchemical union of opposites that we may either choose to apply creatively toward some purpose or to ignore.

The Full Moon in Pisces is conjunct the fixed star Deneb Adige – Arabic term for “Tail of the Swan”, enhancing the very Neptunian theme of dreams, visions, and connection to spirit guides. With who or what do you wish to connect at this time? How closely do you currently align with your visions for manifestation?

“The sky is no longer the limit”, to quote Nixon …if the sky ever was.

Here is a glimpse of the heavens through the beautiful temple I recently visited at Isis Oasis in Geyserville, California: