Blood Moon Eclipse, Syria, & World Economy

For the first time in 33 years, a total full moon eclipse will occur with a supermoon, with the earth’s shadow casting a red hue on the moon, hence the term Blood Moon. This is the final moon out of a tetrad of four blood moons between April 15, 2015 and September 27th 2015, all on Jewish feast days within a Shemitah year (such years indicate the rise and fall of empires).

The Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Aries on September 27th directly opposes the twelfth house (the house of undoing) Neptune of Syria, and forms a t-square with its Capricorn Sun in the third house (the house of relatives, community, and education). This transit highly sensitizes this country and the entire planet to the vibrations of its recent collapse. The eclipse occurs in Syria’s sixth house, which draws attention to a need for provisions, work that pays, and immediate health care. The damage of cival war has been done, with the shock and trauma so severe that the impact has yet to fully catch up with the millions who were affected, losing their families, jobs, and their homes.

As of this early this month, Saturn has finally eased out of a tumultuous three year transit to Syria’s second house (house of values and finances) Venus in Scorpio, which hit hard these past few weeks with the stark reality of its economic demise. Anti-government demonstrations began in March of 2011, increasing after a governmental crackdown. While neighboring countries have been assisting refugees since 2012 it’s finally clear to the USA and the rest of the world that Syrian victims have absolutely no homes left to return to, and an increasing number of them are seeking for escape and refuge from what has become a realm of terror.

Meanwhile Neptune transits the USA’s third house placement of Ceres in watery Pisces, the asteroid representing what nourishes and sustains us, waking up the nation to its own spiritual poverty as well as the physical starvation of others. Hopefully this will awaken our compassion in addition to a knowledge of what’s really going on in the world and how it relates to us. Mercury Retrograde transits the US’s tenth house Saturn, while Saturn in Sagittarius approaches its first house Ascendant, asking us to do something about the damage either we ourselves or our distant ancestors have done. Standing up on a podium before billions and saying something clever doesn’t do jack to make amends. Holding up a placard in a busy city street gets exhausting too. As individuals we might not be able to save a nation, but we can play a small part in taking the very best care of ourselves, our children, and the land that we occupy. Then we will be in a position to do better than some of those settlers who came before us.

Since the Spring of 2015 until the Summer of 2016 Uranus is transiting the USA’s fourth house placement of Chiron in Aries, creating an itch for change, an urge for uprising, and a confrontational manner that does not cater to wounds with snuggles and sympathy. It douses them with salt, shoots out fire and electricity. We’ve been stirred from the roots of our being with startling, rather disconcerting revelations about the less-than-honorable intentions of our government, and that’s exactly what needs to happen if the dynamics are going to change. The rich will only get richer and the poor poorer if people continue to play by the rules that have been set out for them.

Interesting that the eclipse is transiting in opposition Israel’s Neptune at 10 degrees Libra, also in the twelfth house, though Mercury Retrograde is closer to its mark. This is where we get to interpret how a similar transit affects two charts in very different ways, according to the overall pattern of each. In the case of Israel, a reckoning is occurring with regards to its leaders’ honesty. The twelfth house has long been considered ominous, often indicative of self-undoing and undermining of efforts. Prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu outright rejected political calls to assist Syrian refugees with the reasoning that Israel is “a very small country that lacks demographic and geographic depth.”  Apparently it’s easier to just build a fence along the eastern border with Jordan. Maybe a taller, brick wall of security against Syria would be more affordable? With inlaid jewels.

A recent survey indicates that even a large percentage of registered democrats do not approve of Obama’s plan to resettle 10,000 refugees within the USA. These citizens are concerned with a perceived threat to their own security, assuming that refugees are bringing the war along with them. However, there is already a silent, but deadly war taking place that has poisoned our minds for long enough.

The Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees of Virgo on the 12th/13th of September transited the USA’s Black Moon Lilith and Neptune between the ninth and tenth houses. Right now with the Sun in Libra conjunct the North Node and Black Moon Lilith we don’t have the luxury of wondering what to do, although taking action might seem scary. We’re either doing the shadow work that is required of us consciously or running like hell for the next sedative, tranquilizer, or some other form of escape from endless social anxiety.

“Foreign relations” have been turned inside out, coincidentally as things have come to look a lot like the scenes portrayed in the movie Idiocracy. I can’t even be bothered to take the time to make fun of Donald Trump because I’m waiting for the evil lurking in his shadows to jump out and wreak havoc. Until idiots like him no longer receive the platform they’ve been given, the joke is on us.

Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius (entered on December 23rd, backed into Scorpio June 14, reentered on September 17th) will reveal to us just how interconnected religion, politics, and the economy really are. Ever since I began to study the roots of our global monetary system which originated as a tool of enslavement, the more I have realized that the future of humanity depends on our ability to be authentic, cooperate with each other, and to honor the earth we live on with humility rather than to hoard our dwindling resources.

The blood moon eclipse’s transit to Syria’s Neptune could either bring an even deeper sense of disillusionment and devastation or it can uplift the spirits of those involved, offering hope for the future and renewed trust in all that is divine. Lately, a Retrograde Neptune in Pisces is certainly dissolving boundaries, making obvious that although scattered across the earth with different cultures, practices and beliefs we are all sharing the same air, standing on the same terra firma, and most of us have the same basic needs for food, shelter, and love.