Full Moon in Capricorn 2015

As I type a Full Moon at 9 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto on July 1st ripens, opposite Mars in Cancer, square the nodal axis of Aries and Libra. This combination could easily resemble the cosmic recipe for corporate mayhem and emotional rape, but the spectacular Jupiter Venus conjunction in Leo has given us a little something pleasant to look forward to – even if only the ability itself to “look on the bright side”. I sat down a few times during the past week trying to figure out what to say about any of this and for the most part found myself speechless. There is no doubt about it, tonight is a special night.

The Full Moon in Capricorn’s conjunction with Pluto reveals an obsession with power and brings about a total heightening of environmental and somatic awareness. The motivations of others become very obvious under this influence, so if one chooses to hide their true motives at this it will likely be under the guise of some outrageously far-out thing that has next to nothing to do with what’s really going on. Any symptoms of protest in our bodies are trying to relay important information to us that should not be ignored but valued as barometers of what is wrong and right for us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Maybe this all sounds too somber and serious, but Capricorn is not without humor and wit. This higher side of this sign just wants us to recognize what we’re dealing with and get real about it. We need to be connected with purpose, doing something that is at least meaningful to ourselves, and not leave the activities of our minds and hands to the “devil”.

In America, what a dear friend calls “farse of July” approaches, the Trans-Pacific Partnership  (TPP) is close to passing, Syria suffers the aftermath of yet more bombs approved by Obama while people have cheered week long for gay marriage rights. It’s not that anyone should be opposed to gay marriage but could the hype around it be another mere experiment in human psychology which will create further backlash for both gays and anyone out there who believes in the existence of their so-called constitutional rights? Does anyone notice how ironic the timing of all of this is?

father-timeCapricorn’s ruling planet Saturn, also known as Old Father Time is retrograde at the 29th aka anaretic degree of Scorpio. Industrial sludge is certainly rising to the surface of collective consciousness. Interestingly enough, I came across this posted article today which involves a subtle yet complete shifting of the universal clock at midnight. We are reminded time and time again that we don’t really have an accurate compass, clock or anything to “hold onto” in this world. We can only trust the wisdom in our hearts to guide us through the darkness, chaos, and illusions of our corporeal lives, and truth be told, that’s not a bad thing at all.

There is a second full moon at the end of this month – a Blue Moon in Aquarius on July 31st, coinciding with Lughnasadh, the astronomical midpoint between the Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. Hopefully we will see some social innovations to the plethora of old world problems currently being amplified, digitized, and sold as new.

Big corporations will inevitably (eventually) collapse, attempting to take us all down with them in their downward spiral to hell. We should not hold our breath waiting for this, but get on with the business of our lives as best we can, with what we have, with what we know to be true.

“The wisdom of the heart is really…the connection to your authentic power, to that source of realness and genuineness that you have inside.” – Howard Martin