Full Moon in Aquarius 2019

On August 15th, the Full Moon is 22 degrees of Aquarius. Friendships, goals and forming alliances are key highlights! This Moon falls on a Jack of Clubs day, which greatly heightens mental faculties and inspires the creative imagination. This is yet another reason to expect the unexpected, since Aquarius is ruled by shocking Uranus and the Jack of Clubs represents a rather electric and unconventional type of mindset.

The Moon makes an opposition to Venus, asteroid Juno and Mars in Leo, stirring up much social activity. In particular, it suggests there are some big questions that people may currently hold around their love interests or loved ones in general. The closure of a major relationship cycle is taking place and it may suddenly seem as though we are preparing to dive deep into the next one which is a bit quieter and has an emphasis on gathering resources.

While excitement is in the air this week and likely lots of conversations being shared, you may feel called to go somewhere or do something to replenish your energy. A T-square is formed with asteroid Vesta in Taurus and the Sun and Moon, signaling the importance of going inward during this time to listen to the still small voice within instead of drowning in the collective mind. Whatever is most sacred to you is what asks to be honored and nurtured.

With Jupiter having recently turned Direct and Neptune still Retrograde there is growing clarity around many areas that have been foggy or vague but the square between these two planets continues to play on many hopes, fears and misjudgments. Aquarius’s ruling planet Uranus just went Retrograde the same day Jupiter went Direct on the 11th, and you may have noticed a few strange happenings lately that can’t seem to be explained.

Overall there is a strong focus on uniting with kinfolk, and working together toward achieving mutual goals and wishes. For some it may be that work involves more group endeavors or events than usual. Healing may be directed more toward mental and emotional wounds, or issues related to the throat chakra and third eye. Wearing or working with the stone Aquamarine, Iolite or blue Apatite may be particularly helpful now. A mugwort bath or tea may be helpful in bringing psychic clarity. It can also help with recalling dreams which may be significantly steeped in symbolism around this time.

Some other ideas for how to handle the energies corresponding with this Moon and day: think and act “outside the box”, go somewhere you haven’t gone before, get to know someone new, review and update your goals for 2019, rekindle your childlike wonder in nature. Be aware of shady characters, but don’t get caught up in paranoia. Practice random acts of kindness without being seen.

Oh my stars! More grand stuff in the sky…

If life, your mind and perceptions seem to be stretching almost beyond your control lately and either problems and/or their corresponding solutions seem colossal and in some cases unbelievable, you’re not going crazy. There’s an astrological answer for many of those feelings and experiences. From watery Grand Trines to a cardinal, kick-ass Grand Cross post-Full Moon in Aquarius, what we’ve been working with are no small things, as reflected in all the current grand alignments in the heavens. The trines that occurred in July and peaked on the 29th with the Grand Sextile were offering us a strong dose of ease and compassion, which for some may have been so subtle that it went unnoticed. This month there has been a niggling T-square between:

Pluto in Capricorn urging us to discard old outdated patterns within our existing hierarchies, establishments, and patriarchies, as well as stories and tools that no longer serve us or others. Uncomfortable as this can be at times, opposing Jupiter is currently helping us to laugh some of it off.

Uranus in Aries egging us on toward new horizons and encouraging us to think and act outside the box – freedom of expression is the battle cry.

Jupiter in Cancer heightening all of the above to the nth degree in a way that gets us to feel rather than intellectualize our emotions around change. There is no escape from the emotional tides here, no matter how smart, cute, or funny you are, no matter what your IQ, or how well you keep it together in the office. It’s kind of like a dam broke loose, and your subconscious just gushed toward the ocean with you in it. Maybe a few of your nutty relatives too. We’re swimming with both sharks and mermaids. Get acquainted with this vibe for about a year.

On August 21st Venus in Libra steps into the picture, shifting the T-square to a Grand Square, adding diplomacy to heated situations and consideration toward loved ones and community. In this sign she helps us take the needs of others into consideration before jumping where angels fear to tread. Venus actually intervenes now as though an angel ~ the voice of reason in a storm of disagreements or confusion.

By the way, it is just about near exact on the Full Moon as I type this on the 20th…happy Full Moon in Aquarius! In these late degrees of the sign we’re in the midst of many blessed endings with many exciting opportunities before us. The Sabian symbol for the Moon at this time is “A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis”, while the symbol for its polar opposite the Sun between 28-29 degrees Leo is “A mermaid emerges from the Ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form”. Any way we look at it, there is much emerging from the depths within us, around and before us. If we allow ourselves the inspiration to move forward from one beautiful and well-lived state of being to another, great miracles may take place. Our gratitude propels us forward. The Full Moon is very close to Neptune and Chiron, helping to dissolve the harmful boundaries that separate us from each other and helping us to communicate beyond mere vocabulary and more from the heart and soul. Dreams and visions are heightened and may reveal to us what we need in order to heal long-standing injuries or illnesses.

Friendships are importaNeptune's Weddingnt to Aquarius, so this is not a time or a week to go at things alone but with our friends, family and loved ones, even if those friends are not physically visible to us. It has been noticed from my perspective at least that Pleaidian and Faerie energies are both heightened this week, enabling us to attune to them with greater ease, as well as with each other as Earth community.

Love is also a keynote at this Full Moon, but not necessarily in its ordinary, or commonly perceived ways. As the inner depths, lost hopes, dreams and wishes of our souls are stirred a deeper kind of love is also aroused – for the Self that is reflected in all of life. It is an unconditional love and infinite love that reaches beyond appearances or circumstances but embraces the totality of what already is. The power of this love can awaken, uplift and heal us on so many levels if we allow ourselves to be submersed in it. This can feel or be perceived as a baptism or benediction of sorts, as we dunk our whole bodies, minds, and spirits into a pool of luminosity that holds and knows us as already Whole.

Wishing you all the blessings and Divine Love from which your Infinite Self has emerged, and to which it shall return! May we celebrate the magic and mystery of our existence even as we rise above its illusory nature.

(image Neptune’s Wedding by Josephine Wall)

Full Moon in Aquarius

Today’s Full Moon is the second Blue Moon in a row being so close to the Earth, and the first of two Full Moons in Aquarius in a row. From now on, the year 2013 is going to intensify in the way of actually meeting the goals that we have set out for ourselves at the start of the year. The obstacles are beginning to dissolve.

Mars conjoins Jupiter in Cancer, both being involved in the ongoing grand trine of the month now involving Mercury in Cancer, moving back into Direct motion again as of the 20th, very close with the Black Moon Lilith, Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and Pluto further “kiting” this mesmerizing mix of water dwellers as it pushes us toward the edge of the old world, and the edge of the great beyond. It can be easy at this point for many to lose their point of reference with anything they previously identified themselves with.

This influence combined with the Aquarian focus highlights rebellion, independence, and freedom – what we will and won’t tolerate even as we seek cooperation (yes that’s part of the paradox) and greater heights as spiritual beings having a human experience. We’re not only at the midpoint between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox, known as Lunar Lammas, but we’re also at the midpoint between the energy that stern, serious, stabilizing Saturn exerts and the energy of wild, zany, untamable Uranus represents.

Saturn is the one squaring this Full Moon, adding pressure to a growing need for authenticity within the context of group involvements. Since Saturn is in Scorpio squaring the Moon in airy Aquarius we’re confronted with what makes us either feel uncomfortable or quite compatible with others – and what we want to do about it in either case. It is time to stand up and speak our truth, or do whatever it takes to come into greater alignment with who we are even as we seek to “fit in”. Being a people-pleaser won’t hack it anymore, especially when it compromises the integrity of the person doing all this “pleasing”. In humanitarian pursuits, we are sensing what needs attention and how current projects as well as new ideas can be brought to completion. The Water Bearer is showing us how to bring greater sanctity to our lives and relationships at this time.

Pluto in Capricorn seems poised and ready for the approaching opposition by Mars in the days ahead, reflecting to us the symbolic ways in which we may on Earth may be prepared with shields and weapons for a great battle. The battle of course lies within ourselves, and is more about conquering our own demons, handicaps, and conflicts rather than the faults of those around us. Oppositions however stir us up by casting strong reflections so we have the opportunity to grow through relating to others.

Also today Venus enters Virgo, followed by the Sun entering Leo. Love and romance take on a note of quiet devotion and thoughtfulness in the next few weeks, allowing for many small yet steady improvements. At the same time the fiery energy of the Lion will bring inspiration, confidence, passion, creativity, and personal power to our endeavors.