Full Moon in Cancer – A Shattering of Patterns

The Moon is Full at 22 degrees of Cancer on January 12th and it’s quite a sight to behold, literally and figuratively speaking. Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon which in turn rules the subconscious mind and emotions. Seems like we’ve collectively been traversing the dark side of the moon now for several months. We’ve been shadow-boxing and beating around the bush with beliefs and assumptions and now shit’s about to get real in some explosive ways.


What we’re up against is the heavy weight of societal and ancestral programming and in some cases an unwillingness to look at our own participation in destruction and violence. The heaviness is in some cases an unwillingness to even look at ugliness at all because “love is the answer” and focusing on the negative makes it worse. It may be true that focusing on the negative to the exclusion of anything positive and beneficial can cause sickness and the proliferation of yet more negative outcomes. To ignore what’s wrong in the world is to turn a blind eye to suffering and injustice.

Thanks to the internet, alternative media and whistleblowers such as Ted Gunderson, Aaron Swartz, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, more Americans than ever before know that mainstream media cannot be trusted. The grave trouble is at this point with the complexity of technology and its tricks there seems to be no source of news at all that can be trusted.  This could be the ultimate wake-up call from the “Macrocosmic Self” to go within instead of gobbling up everything that we’re told is factual. Just 5 minutes a day of self-reflection, investigative research or basic cogitation instead of believing every word heard on the radio and T.V. and seen on news headlines would make a dramatic difference in perception as well as help to increase problem-solving abilities.

Just as it is harmful to turn a blind eye on suffering it is also harmful and maybe even more so to project all of the wrongs onto a single person for all of the damage that is being done to a nation, a person or in any given situation. Maybe Trump is as “deplorable” as he seems or maybe he will completely blow people away with his true intentions and actions. It is highly doubtful that all of his haters know what his words really are since media is so greatly distorted and if people dislike a personality they tend to dis the whole person. If someone says all the right things or presents them in a charismatic and hypnotic way, it becomes easy to pardon that person despite what crimes they have committed.

So many people can shrug off the war mongering of past Democratic presidents (and by the way, I am not invested in either party – to be clear, I do not represent Democrats or Republicans).

Behavioral patterns are so ingrained in the human psyche that they are rarely responded to in any way other than that which has been pre-programmed. These patterns can be inherited or absorbed through the environment or trauma. Over time they become robotic and they eventually rob the spirit of ingenuity and spontaneity. If robotic patterns are not broken, eventually the intuitive and creative faculties decline. It usually takes something so huge and disruptive to break a robotic pattern that whatever that something is will immediately be perceived as the enemy.

When one does not conform and act as others expect or have become accustomed to then most often resistance and power struggles ensue. It is the person who does not want change who struggles the most.

A Grand Trine between the Full Moon in Cancer, Mars and Chiron in Pisces and the Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio places some attention on the Dark Goddess archetype which includes both her nurturing and ferocious aspects. The Kali Ma force of the Universe is one to be reckoned with now, looking all manners of depravity, abuse, and addiction square in the face. She will pull no punches, take no prisoners. She is going straight for the jugular of ignorance and she’s not sorry about a thing.

This Full Moon occurs on the last day of Venus’s ascending phase since the beginning of August 2016. On January 13th this planet representing the Feminine and power of love will enter a new phase which indicates a new level of maturity and ripening within consciousness, right beside Neptune in Pisces. We’ll see where this wave of energy leads in the months to come. Venus turns Retrograde in the sign Aries from March 4th until April 15th which is likely to be a very reflective period where relationships of all kinds and personal values are concerned.

Speaking of maturity, I have heard this word “adulting” several times in the past couple of weeks from several people and find it utterly hilarious. Mostly though, it just makes me shake my head and feel like a little ol’ grannie who wonders what the hell this world is coming to. Guess it’s time to put on my big girl trousers and gear up for some serious “adulting” if I’m going to survive the cruelty of it all.

A general summary of some things being highlighted at this time: family dynamics, issues pertaining to the home & shelter, cowardice/courage, weakness/strength, dependencies/independence, sadism/masochism, predator/prey, breakdowns/breakthroughs, clinging/letting go, victimhood, bullying, reuniting, emotional healing and release.

Emotions run as deep as the deepest ocean under a Cancerian Full Moon. So do robotic patterns. Whether they continue being circulated or their cycles are peacefully brought to an end is still a choice. That is of course until something comes along to shatter them altogether.

Full Moon in Cancer 2015

In this Full Moon January 4th at 14 degrees of Cancer there is a heightening of feelings, memories and lunacy, as many have been experiencing its energy in waves all week, leading up to a giant emotional outpour over the past couple of days. None of it’s random though, as many people have plenty of reasons to cry.

It is also no wonder that moods are intense when we see the T-square being formed between the Full Moon’s opposition with Pluto and square to Uranus and the South Node, which in another sense creates a Grand Cardinal square, including the nodal axis. Pluto’s conjunction with the Sun and the asteroid Vesta in Capricorn bring us in close touch with the mighty forces and powers that exert an influence over us, particular in ways that seem out of our control. Pluto’s ongoing square with Uranus just amplifies what the collective has already experiencing these past couple of years and what the whole is just beginning to realize in terms of just how screwed up our ecosystem and our economy appears to be right now. How long can we keep it up before an explosion occurs unlike any we or any of our recent ancestors have experienced?

Vesta, the goddess of the hearth reminds us there is a time to go inward for the answers, tend our own flames, do our own homework and basically mind our own spiritual business unless other people ask for our help. Getting in someone’s face to try and correct them on something they are doing or tell them they are personally wrong about they choose to believe, wear, or eat (no matter how right, high and holy someone thinks they are) does not make the world a better place – it just makes the one who’s telling look like a jackass, and probably pisses the recipient off. We have enough of that kind of behavior going on and that’s a major part of the problem with the way things are.

Jules_Joseph_Lefebvre_-_Diana_-_1879With Uranus conjunct the South Node in 2014, now being squared by the Full Moon in 2015 we’re definitely being asked to let some things go, whether they be actual things, ideas or people, and in many cases that will come as a relief. Good riddance already.

This Full Moon and this month are highlighting for us the mental and/or emotional completions that we need to make before we can move on with our outer goals and activities with the greatest effectiveness.

The restorative qualities of Nature can help us regroup and sort out our jumbled thoughts. If stuck in a city, it could help to connect more consciously with the closest park, potted plants or even the night sky. Ideally we can set our bare feet on the earth or listen to her waves crash upon the shore. We can curl up in a cozy ball of something and gaze at the moon’s fullness and begin to empty our mind even if for a few moments, or at least find our way out of its maze.

Full Moon in Cancer

The full moon at 25 degrees Cancer on January 15th connects us with the Cosmic Mother, the Earth Mother, our inner and outer mothers, and creates collective awareness of the need we have for emotional and motherly nurturing. Many are feeling vulnerable at this time, and many deep emotions are rising to the surface, as though turbulent waves have just pulled up and rolled ashore much that was buried in the murky depths of the subconscious. Dreams are heightened, and very old memories are being stirred.

This is a time of emotional release whether good, bad, ugly, nice…whatever feelings are surfacing are so intense that some kind of outlet may be necessary so that they do not explode or implode in harmful ways. Family history, baggage, and patterns are reflected by the Moon’s opposition with Capricorn. There is a pivotal moment to remain in the entrapment of the chains of pain passed down to us, or to break free by responding differently to both actions and emotions that arise.

Now and during the week we may deeply connect with the primordial wisdom of the waters of the earth, the waters that comprise our physical shells. It could be healing to be particularly conscious about the water we drink, bathe in and utilize in any way, as the life-giving and precious commodity it has become. We must ask ourselves what we have done to bring ourselves to the present moment, without  placing blame or judgment on ourselves anyone else. It is as though we are tracing our origins, in order to free ourselves from all of the emotional weight we have accumulated in the process of discovering what it is to be fully embodied in human form. We may come to realizations similar to that of the Buddhist belief that “all sentient beings were our previous mothers”. This symbolizes our interconnectedness we share in the grand scheme of existence in this Universe.

The Black Moon Lilith – a mysteriously moving astrological point in the heavens is exactly conjoined with this Full Moon, highlighting the paradox we all experience at some point of both the holy and harsh aspects of the mother goddess. The sacred and profane are currently juxtaposed, and in our face so to speak. Basically the Black Moon Lilith is the moon’s furthest point in its orbit around earth. She holds mysteries, magic, and wisdom that is both accessible and ineffable to us. Right now her magic and wisdom runs deep and ancient, through the world and through our veins, touching the core of our being. This is not a full moon encouraging us to press on in a struggle, which can create further resistance against the very thing we hope to attain. Ultimately we have nothing essential to do but to receive, let go, and allow.

January Forecast 2012

Welcome to the long-awaited year of 2012! We have a lot to look forward to, whether or not it’s the end of the world as we know it! I have a hunch that when the clock strikes midnight on 12/21/12 we will pinch ourselves to be sure we are fully awake, realizing that we are still here, like it or not. Still, the saying “Live each day as if it were your last…” is especially pertinent for us now.

a lovely dragon, by K. Chin

1/8/12 – Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon lands this month in Cancer, the sign that La Luna naturally has rulership over. Domestic duties as well as comforts and the urge for self-preservation is highlighted here, as is the feminine principle of the Universe, at its height of creativity. People tend to be extra moody, even more so than usual when a Full Moon occurs in this sign. As the first water sign, Cancer sensitizes the fluids within the Earth and our bodies, putting us deeply in touch with what we’re really feeling, whether or not it’s rational or has any obvious origins. If this turns out in the form of a churning stomach, it could mean that we need to address the emotional cause of some indigestion of ideas that conflict with our ability to assimilate the nutrition we need from both food and life itself. Cancer’s polar opposite Capricorn encourages us to learn from the past, making resolve to move forward and do better than before. It also favors commitment and responsibility, which helps us to mature as souls, as parents if we have children, and as leaders if there is some area that we have gathered enough knowledge and wisdom to step into this role.

Mercury in Capricorn is making a lot of aspects to other planets at this time, such as a conjunction with Pluto, trine to Jupiter in Taurus, a square to Uranus, and sextiles to Neptune and Saturn. Communication is at an all-time peak, and will largely be based on commitments, plans, schedules, cooperation, reasoning and reform.

1/22/12 – Supercharged New Moon in Aquarius

This exciting New Moon coincides with the Chinese New Year of the Dragon, known to be one of the most auspicious of the 12 Animal signs. In Aquarius, we’re inspired to network as much as possible and support the both the similarities and uniqueness in each other and ourselves, wherever we each are in life. We’re inspired to act on our visions, intuitions, and convictions and to evolve.

The night before the Dragon New Year, the New Moon sets off some early sparks as the planet Mars stations in preparation to go Retrograde for about three months, from 1/23/12 until April 14th. This greatly extends the amount of time that it will travel through Virgo, totaling this transit to 8 months (since November 10, 2011 until June 2, 2012). While in Virgo, Mars will express itself as a deep need or desire for soul retrieval and healing – to mend ourselves where we’ve been crushed, to find the parts that we’ve been missing, and to purge ourselves of harmful habits that inhibit our ability to move forward in life. It is a time for reclaiming our identities, remembering our purposes, and developing courage and confidence in ourselves not just for our own sakes, but for a worthy cause larger than ourselves alone. It will be an optimal time to make peace with old enemies, to bring calmness and rationale to arguments, to let go of drama, and to burn karma! The brute force, desire, and aggression normally associated with Mars is subdued by its Retrogradation, and in this state Mars encourages more of a sense of endurance and patience rather than intolerance and belligerence. The danger here is that pent up anger or other destructive passions can later explode when Mars goes Retrograde again, so we would do well to be aware of what isn’t sitting right within this period, and to make adjustments as necessary.

1/23/12  – Chinese New Year of the Dragon

Although I don’t know as much about Chinese astrology as Western, I sense that this year of the Black Water Dragon will be an empowering one for not only those born with the Dragon as their personal sign, but for humanity at large to make some large scale changes for the better, as the great size, power, and magic that this creature suggests. In China the celestial Dragon often represents an emperor. It is also the vehicle of transportation of the goddess of compassion, Kwan Yin.

A lot of people have been spreading the doomsday hype about 2012 marking the end of the world. I’m still not convinced that is what is taking place, at least not in the context that has been so widely discussed. Conversely, in comparison to the prediction of what remains of the original Mayan calendar, I read somewhere that hundreds of years ago a prophet said China will become prosperous and peaceful in 2012. It would be wonderful if this extended to Tibet, and all across the globe for that matter…let us set our sights high, and perhaps energy of the Dragon will assist us!

Traditionally, the Dragon represents so many things in many different cultures, yet it has ultimately stood the test of time as a symbol of success, power, good fortune, wealth and happiness. This will be an optimal year to get in touch with beings of the Faerie realm, to which the Dragon belongs. Leaving offerings outside or on one’s altar to the Dragons and Faeries on the night of the New Moon is one way to invoke and honor their energies, and to request their benevolence in the months to come.

Faeries & Whatnots in the Universe

Speaking of Faeries, I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on the subject of them last month on astrologer Matt Savinar’s radio show, Ask the Astrologer for KOWS Radio, 107.3 FM in Occidental/Sonoma county. We had a spontaneous, fun discussion on Fairies, Flower Essences, Adaptogens, and the Cardinal Cross. You can listen to the recording by visiting his blog: Ask the Astrologer

Rune for January 2012 – Wunjo

Wunjo, representing joy, glory, and harmony, was the rune that appeared for November, and it is reappearing now, auspiciously at the start of a new. I will quote some of what I wrote in November’s forecast:

“Wunjo is, simply put, the rune of Joy. It is the light and love that exist on the other side of our fears and sorrows. It is the weightlessness of the innermost nature of our souls. When we operate from a place of joy within our hearts, we are very often in close communion with that which we call God. When we are in this heart space of joy in connection with God, there is nothing we cannot do, or obtain in essence…”

Wunjo is such a positive sign for any new beginning, that as a symbol of joy at this time it greatly speaks for itself. The only danger is in going overboard, becoming drunk literally or figuratively speaking, forgetting that ecstasy and joy is as temporal as any other state that we can experience on the Earth plane. Having some discernment and a certain amount of control even while we are celebrating is ideal. Yet cutting loose and sharing good will, joyful moments, love, and gratitude is optimal this month as well.By doing so we come closer to obtaining and achieving that which we most desire.

You can also find my monthly horoscopes in the Upbeat Times of Sonoma County and read them online ~

Wishing all a dynamic and divinely inspired year of 2012!