Full Moon in Capricorn, July 19 2016

“Whatever an education is, it should make you a unique individual, not a conformist; it should furnish you with an original spirit with which to tackle the big challenges; it should allow you to find values which will be your roadmap through life; it should make you spiritually rich, a person who loves whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whomever you are with; it should teach you what is important, how to live and how to die.”
― John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

The Holographic Universe by thinkingupwards

The Holographic Universe by thinkingupwards

The Full Moon at 27 degrees of Capricorn on July 19th is showing us just how far we have come toward the attainment of our goals. It is both congratulating us for our efforts and kicking us in the rear end to keep working hard. It is questioning our priorities, and asking us to cut down on excess. It is revealing glimmers of the fruits of our labor.

We will be in the midst of a separating Grand Water Trine, with Mars and Chiron both in sextiles to the Full Moon. Our emotions are our teachers, especially now. Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn is in trine aspect to Mercury and Venus. We are gaining clarity about our values and seeing the results of where and how we have placed our focus during the past few months.

This Full Moon is about shedding some serious baggage and reclaiming the Power that we lost – that was stolen from us – that we gave away unwittingly – that we ran away from – that we feared. Because of this, things could get a little bit “confrontational”, as we take care of unfinished business that has followed us home or has been festering there for quite a while.

The Full Moon squares Uranus in Aries, which may give a boost to just about anything but our tolerance levels. Who, or what has crossed the line – one time too many? How many times do we need to go through this same scenario, tell this same story, hear this same lie, trip over this same trap, before we’ve had enough? In America (in my humble opinion) we need a massive dose of Chestnut Bud flower essence, “for people who fail to learn the lessons of life”.

The point being made is that whatever we haven’t quite got down yet is something we’re afraid of getting, and whatever we’re holding onto in order to avoid our pain is getting very – well, OLD.

The Moon’s sesquiquadrate to the North Node shows us that we badly want to move on and to advance, but we just might not have allowed ourselves to yet. Some of us believed we didn’t know how. We forgot some of our most important resources, our allies, and even our own abilities. This is all changing. We are in a state of remembering.

The late degrees of Capricorn are influenced by Mercury, so with this area highlighted we are interested in knowledge and the power it has to make or break us. The Full Moon’s inconjunct aspect to asteroid Vesta in Gemini furthers this influence. Many of us learned a lot of negative habits and absorbed information that proved useless to us outside of the classroom. It’s time to unlearn what is not useful and to seek for true wisdom. All of us have kernels of wisdom, sometimes buried deep inside of us. We all have an inner compass that guides us when we ask it to. We all have an inner self. That inner self is crying for our attention now.

We will step up and simply Be who we are truly meant to be, without the traps, the masks, the cords tugging at us from all directions, the layers of imposition, the guilt, the many sorrows of the Not-Self? Yes, the clock is ticking. We’re all on borrowed time in this dimension. Time waits for no one. It is now time to shed that old rotten baggage we’ve been carrying… before it consumes us.

Grandmother Spider

Grandmother Spider by Susan Boulet

Grandmother Spider by Susan Boulet

The Full Moon in Capricorn July 1st 2015 calls us into deeper alignment with the Earth and all her rhythms, cycles, and ancient wisdom. This is a day for the making of dream catchers, the whispering of prayers, the telling of old tales, and honoring of ancestors. We are reminded of the way that gravity and terra firma supports us – can just as easily take away from us as sustain us.

Spider Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet, 1986

Spider Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet, 1986

Earth and native magic are still alive in the world yet today we must work harder than before to connect with them, as we must also simplify and humble ourselves before the spirits and creatures of nature who have experienced as deep a betrayal at our hands as we have at the hands of our  supposed “caretakers”. I think of Grandmother Spider during this moon, who in Cherokee, Choctaw and other traditions was known as the Weaver of the Web of Life. She brought people the sun and fire, taught them pottery, weaving and ceremonial blessings. Her spider’s web represented language, connectivity, creativity, infinity, and the moving patterns that we call time.

P1020602We have so much to learn from the life around us if we would but stop and observe rather than immediately set to destroy whatever scares us or seems to stand in our way. This spider stopped me in my tracks recently, reminding me of the mysteries of creation and what kinds of things can be cultivated in the darkness whether for negative or positive ends. All of us weave webs with our thoughts, words, and actions that trap, enchant, or illuminate in some way. Let’s choose wisely.

Full Moon in Capricorn 2015

As I type a Full Moon at 9 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto on July 1st ripens, opposite Mars in Cancer, square the nodal axis of Aries and Libra. This combination could easily resemble the cosmic recipe for corporate mayhem and emotional rape, but the spectacular Jupiter Venus conjunction in Leo has given us a little something pleasant to look forward to – even if only the ability itself to “look on the bright side”. I sat down a few times during the past week trying to figure out what to say about any of this and for the most part found myself speechless. There is no doubt about it, tonight is a special night.

The Full Moon in Capricorn’s conjunction with Pluto reveals an obsession with power and brings about a total heightening of environmental and somatic awareness. The motivations of others become very obvious under this influence, so if one chooses to hide their true motives at this it will likely be under the guise of some outrageously far-out thing that has next to nothing to do with what’s really going on. Any symptoms of protest in our bodies are trying to relay important information to us that should not be ignored but valued as barometers of what is wrong and right for us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Maybe this all sounds too somber and serious, but Capricorn is not without humor and wit. This higher side of this sign just wants us to recognize what we’re dealing with and get real about it. We need to be connected with purpose, doing something that is at least meaningful to ourselves, and not leave the activities of our minds and hands to the “devil”.

In America, what a dear friend calls “farse of July” approaches, the Trans-Pacific Partnership  (TPP) is close to passing, Syria suffers the aftermath of yet more bombs approved by Obama while people have cheered week long for gay marriage rights. It’s not that anyone should be opposed to gay marriage but could the hype around it be another mere experiment in human psychology which will create further backlash for both gays and anyone out there who believes in the existence of their so-called constitutional rights? Does anyone notice how ironic the timing of all of this is?

father-timeCapricorn’s ruling planet Saturn, also known as Old Father Time is retrograde at the 29th aka anaretic degree of Scorpio. Industrial sludge is certainly rising to the surface of collective consciousness. Interestingly enough, I came across this posted article today which involves a subtle yet complete shifting of the universal clock at midnight. We are reminded time and time again that we don’t really have an accurate compass, clock or anything to “hold onto” in this world. We can only trust the wisdom in our hearts to guide us through the darkness, chaos, and illusions of our corporeal lives, and truth be told, that’s not a bad thing at all.

There is a second full moon at the end of this month – a Blue Moon in Aquarius on July 31st, coinciding with Lughnasadh, the astronomical midpoint between the Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. Hopefully we will see some social innovations to the plethora of old world problems currently being amplified, digitized, and sold as new.

Big corporations will inevitably (eventually) collapse, attempting to take us all down with them in their downward spiral to hell. We should not hold our breath waiting for this, but get on with the business of our lives as best we can, with what we have, with what we know to be true.

“The wisdom of the heart is really…the connection to your authentic power, to that source of realness and genuineness that you have inside.” – Howard Martin

Full Moon in Capricorn

200711H20Hello again, grand cardinal cross! With the Full Moon in Capricorn at 20 degrees in a loose conjunction Pluto we are met with the likeness of Hades himself, bringing us face to face with the deepest dichotomy of gain and loss. This is on July 12th, on Saturn’s own day(Saturday). The Moon with Pluto is like the mother who mourns the loss of a child or husband to war. The woman in black seems menacing to some, yet she only holds up a mirror to reflect the suffering that others inflict upon themselves. The master of the Underworld in mutual reception with Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn in Scorpio means that death and what we can learn from it are highlights for us, whether this is physical or metaphorical death. Jupiter at the tail end of Cancer is closely involved, amplifying the effects. This is a moon that focuses on shadow integration, bringing light to the dark, bringing the darkness to light.

All that being said, money is a topic up for debate year-round, but times like these it will be extra hot. Some will wonder how to earn it, while others how to spend it. Yet others will fight over it, ultimately to no avail. It’s not money we really need but we want what money can buy us. Money is generally viewed as that which can extend our time or quality of life on earth.

This Full Moon is also fairly close to the USA’s placement of Pluto, so of course we can expect that many of the isms that typify the ruling class systems will somehow either explode or implode, socially, legally, morally, commercially, and certainly over the world wide web. This will reveal more of not only what big corporations are up to, but how we with our own intentions and actions are more powerful than we dare or care to imagine, against all odds and despite what we’ve been told about our victimhood. A good friend of mine reported seeing a bumper sticker recently which could possibly sum up rather well what some people are finally figuring out:

Robinhood was right”

Not to sound pessimistic, but to be realistic in true Saturnian form, given the circumstances of our current economic situations, all of us and even the geniuses among us need to continue to improve our skills, become more practical, more aware, and hopefully enlightened.  In July many US citizens celebrate living in a free country which we are grateful for and pay homage to. We are simultaneously bombarded with violent news reports emphasizing terrorism from other nations, but few recognize the staggering number of brutalities by the hands of some of our own policemen, often in blatant racist attacks against “people of color”. Too many are subjected to what is its very own form of terrorism through hypnotic suggestion. The bottom line is that racism hurts everybody, just as the abuse of planet earth hurts all beings who live upon it.

Venus_and_MarsMars and the major asteroid goddesses Ceres and Vesta are all 23 degrees of Libra, closely trailing behind the North Node at 24 degrees, forming a trine to Venus and Mercury in Gemini. Gender equality and integration are just as important here as acceptance of different ethnicities, different religions, different tribes and different outlooks on life. There is a very interesting cosmic conversation right now between the god of war and the goddess of love, each having valuable information to lend to the other about world affairs. The Full Moon square Mars and the nodal axis also reminds us that we’re all on borrowed time here, so we can just keep talking or act on our convictions.  We need all of the above to make informed decisions, in addition to taking some time to be still and digest our experiences. We need to be still, to talk, to listen, and then we need to act. Just doing one of those things to the exclusion of the others means premature death.

stauroliteUranus is slowing down to turn Retrograde on the 21st, while Saturn is slowing down to turn Direct. As things shift dramatically and we seek to find our footing, many earthy things that we treasure for their beauty can actually be put to great use to assist us. Herbs, rocks, crystals, and runes all relate to Capricorn’s sense of solidity. With a bit of creativity we can combine our serious and spiritual natures so that we live with greater harmony and ease. And…just because Capricorn tends to be down-to-earth doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t have his or her ‘woo-woo’ moments! 🙂 When Cappie does decide to crack open a can of woo-woo you can bet they do it better than any other sign.

Strawberry Supermoon – Bring it On!

This day and entire last week of June is very potent, ripe with a more clear sense of the infinite than we have collectively experienced in a very long time. We are being drawn inward to find resolve in both releasing the past and reshaping our vision of the future. This present delicate state that we are finding ourselves in requires our attention and participation in gathering the best of our resources, skills, and energies, lovingly guiding them toward the specific areas that we would like to see transformation. This wouldn’t be up in our faces if it wasn’t possible, but the prospect may seem foreboding or frightening to some. What we fear more than anything right now is our power. When power is combined with love it can heal, inspire, and manifest many of our hearts deepest desires.

This coming Full Moon on the 23rd  is the largest appearing moon of the year as it is super close to the Earth, thus it is called a Supermoon. The June Full Moon is generally known as Strawberry moon because it is the peak season for harvesting strawberries. Pluto is loosely conjoined with this Full Moon in Capricorn, but close enough to pack a wallop in any number of ways. I seriously think this Full Moon is just as much about fun as it is about facing our shadows, as contradictory as that sounds.

It’s bringing up a lot of whatever has been buried in our hearts and minds, including lost hopes, dreams, and aspirations. It may be bringing up very intense emotions, of the sort that seem difficult to shake because they’ve been in captivity so long. When they’re set loose these emotions will act like un-caged animals, some of them stalling, not knowing what to do with their newfound freedom and others going crazy, all over the place. Profound insights are coming at us at lightning speed, and yet we must slow down to assimilate them.

At 2 degrees of Capricorn, this Full Moon has the Sabian symbol:

“A Human Soul, In Its Eagerness For New Experiences, Seeks Embodiment”

Capricorn, with its ruling planet Saturn, is a sign that relates to the building and sustaining of structure in our bodies, livelihoods, and our lives in general. We are currently looking at what truly sustains us, and what no longer doess – what never did must now be released. We’re looking at what builds us up, rather than tears us down. What inspires us rather than wears us out? We’re not on a cloud, but we’re on Earth, each of us here for a reason. Some changes will certainly need to be made, and we are ready.

The Sun conjunction with Jupiter on the 19th has been ushering in a new level of peace, understanding, strength and higher realizations to the world, and it seems auspicious this occurred just the day before the Summer Solstice. Today as the Sun moves into Cancer, Jupiter prepares for it’s entry into the sign of Cancer on the 25th for a year’s time.

Neptune is Retrograde in Pisces in a trine with Saturn in Scorpio, which has been month long and will continue to be in effect for several weeks. This configuration will further be activated in this Full Moon, as a kite involving the Sun, Black Moon Lilith, and Jupiter all form a Grand Water Trine with these planets. To add to this deeply mysterious concoction we’re swimming around in, Mercury stations to go Retrograde in Cancer on the 26th.

Other than backing up all your important computer data, and solidifying any last minute plans – I suggest to get ready to get ready – we can never really guess exactly how Mercury Retrograde is going to play out for us. This Mercury Retrograde cycle is about reconnecting us with our roots, relatives, and what we reach for to tend to our personal needs. Minds may seem fuzzy and vague, overly influenced by feelings during this time. Just remember this too shall pass. Since Cancer is so strongly highlighted, this Mercury cycle lasting until July 21st relates to the depths of our beingness and is also getting us ready for what we really want, so we can truly invite that into our living space and experience.