Full Moon in Gemini: Just breathe

As Chiron stations for direct motion, the moon is close to being full at 19 degrees of Gemini on December 11th. Energy is moving very quickly and it’s going in all directions. There is so much to see, do and hear that it might seem dizzying.

This time around, the fullness of the moon is reflecting the results of accumulated thoughts and actions involving close kin. That is to say, it is bringing about a massive amplification of interpersonal relationship dynamics. The good, the bad and the ugly are all coming “home to roost”, as the saying goes. This is of course a loose interpretation of what different folks may be experiencing. The positive effects and rewards for past efforts may also be coming into view but if that is the case they are probably not quite accessible yet…

A square with Neptune spells ideas that can’t be contained or pinned down and this might indicate a break in some of the best laid plans that were scheduled for the past few days and the week ahead. It is best to go with the flow, remaining open to new ways of doing and being. It’s easier for some of us than others to let go of preconceived notions and mental attachments in order to experience a breakthrough, discover the solution to an annoying problem or simply to enjoy an adventure. It’s not necessarily instinctive to let go and allow ourselves to savor the wildness of the moment and the last thing anybody wants to do is give up the urge to control. But the thing is, right now that might be necessary. A quincunx to Saturn, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn could indicate some missing steps and pieces that are required to bring something to completion. These are likely related in some way to family affairs.

Meanwhile with Chiron shifting gears at 1 degrees of Aries (December 13th), there is a resurgence of old pain, old triggers and even old ghosts from the past that seem to be begging for attention. There may be physical ailments to address or emotional ones that are ready at least be acknowledged but preferably healed. The healing might take some significant length time or involve several steps but the process itself will become easier and more effective than it has been since Chiron went Retrograde on July 8th.

It could be that one of the most important things to remember at this time is to just breathe. This Full Moon in Gemini brings us into contact with many interesting things and environments that ask us to take inventory of a situation/s without trying to force anything into place. An eclipse season is drawing near and increasing the collective anticipation around the holidays and new year. If you decide to wish upon a star or two, watch closely what manifests within the next few weeks. The steps for actualizing them may be unraveling right at your very feet.

This Wild Week in a Glance…

The week (November 19-25) kicks off with the moon in forceful Aries and two mutable squares in the same signs – Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Pisces squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius. Confusion, tension and scatteredness may lead to surprising revelations. Watch for unusual details and synchronistic encounters while everything seems to be “going on all at once”.

A building grand water trine from the Sun in Scorpio to Chiron in Pisces and the North Node in Cancer on Tuesday the 20th could bring up painful memories but also help to mend old wounds or make amends. Maybe it’s time to take a deep breath and just let go – let go of old stories, old attachments, old judgements, old expectations and old excuses that bar improvements in some area.

Mercury stationed Retrograde at 13 degrees of Sagittarius on November 16th, in a fuzzy square to Neptune that will become exact on December 24th. Neptune is currently slowing down to go Direct on November 23rd bringing clarity to some of the issues that have been so mind-boggling and confounding since June. That’s when Mercury made it’s first square to Neptune this year, before this planet of smoke and mirrors went Retrograde for a few months. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn from June 26th to August 27th didn’t seem to help matters. Now those things that were so difficult to accomplish or obtain are beginning to make more sense and fall into place.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on Thursday the 22nd and the Full Moon occurs that evening or depending on the time zone, the morning of the 23rd, at zero degrees of Gemini. Mercury is loosely opposite of this Full Moon, stirring up lots of energy, excitement and changeability. During this highly charged and very mentally stimulating week, many dreams, visions, thoughts, ideas, conversations and connections are springing up from the past or just randomly out of the blue. These mental sparks may inspire new solutions to old problems and the impetus to complete what has been started and left hanging for far too long. 

Full Moon in Gemini 2015

The Sun’s recent transit through Scorpio was brutal. And it was also rather enlivening in many ways. For the past five weeks a ton of muck has been raked up to the surface of our daily affairs and relationships. If we didn’t see the face of God in our reckoning, what we saw was close enough. Wouldn’t you rather experience uncomfortable emotions than be as numbed out and apathetic as the mind-controlled herd who continue to march, fumble and crawl hands-and-knees toward their own demise?

The Full Moon on November 25th is 3 degrees of Gemini, in a mutable T-square with Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Saturn’s square with Neptune is exact on the 26th and is an ongoing influence until September 2016, revealing how little we really know about certain topics and how much we need to rely on our tried and true knowledge or intuition for other ones. Common sense meets cosmic consciousness, and since they are coming at each other from unexpected and rather awkward angles they may crash and collide like petrochemical blasted air and ocean waves full of Fukushima nuclear waste before they are able to work in unison. This aspect has already begun to dissolve boundaries and destroy illusions, but has yet to begin seriously unraveling outworn narratives, especially those that have been touted by religious and political leaders for centuries. We also shouldn’t be surprised to begin seeing the pedestals being ripped out from underneath self-righteous bigots.

The missing leg in the table with this Full Moon indicates that we need the practicality and attentiveness of Virgo (the North Node and Jupiter are transiting this sign together) to help us get through the haze and vagaries that fill up our media and collective mind. Almost nothing’s what it seems or what it used to seem, but that is nothing new! We must be discerning and perhaps in some ways a little bit detached, because the Twins are super unpredictable right now, with one working for and the other against us – it can be hard to tell which is doing which service.

The Full Moon lies in opposition with Acrab, a pale whitish star on the head of constellation of Scorpio. Acrab, literally translated as “the scorpion” in Arabic has an ominous reputation, believed to cause extreme acts of violence and malevolence. It’s easy to say something is all good or all bad, but seldom do people see and understand the way duality functions in their lives and all of life. Power and its abuse is highlighted with this influence, which points toward the importance of maintaining integrity in the face of fierce struggles, or else paying the price for the violation of one’s own sacred space or that of others. Whether one violates what is considered to be a holy church, home, precious books, a flower bed, a person’s body or soul, the damage is both cruel and profane. It means to spit on another’s sense of the sacred, and of their safety and perhaps their only known refuge in this world. Similarly, when magical prowess is used to deceive and manipulate others, it ultimately results in self-defeat. The higher or more aware aspect of Scorpio has no tolerance for this kind of cruelty, and with the influence of Acrab, backlash comes swiftly and sharply. Many of us have been seeing or hearing about this phenomenon the past few days from news reports.

fairy mischief - Hannah Bear

fairy mischief – Hannah Bear

The Moon’s trine with Mars in Libra encourages those who have been down on their luck to man or woman up and do something about what isn’t right. The Sun in Sagittarius fosters courage and supports taking action where needed, so we have at least as much if not more help coming from many directions as we do opposition. There’s also a touch of air fairy mischief in this combination, which may be best suited toward creative endeavors.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon 3-4 degrees of Gemini is:

“Holly And Mistletoe Reawaken Old Memories Of Christmas”.

There is a lot of symbolism here that goes beyond what most people would imagine with a phrase like this. The wood and mistletoe from the holly tree were both sacred to the Druids, and often they would them to fashion their magic wands. It is from this tree that Hollywood derives its name, and it is both behind the scenes and on screens that many “enchantments” and curses over the population take place. One of the meanings of this Sabian symbol is the “longing for the preintellectual state of consciousness”, when ancestral images held great power and totem animals spoke with us all directly. If we don’t want to completely lose touch with ancient ways and magic, we must take a stand against all of the spiritual and physical impositions to our freedom and our connections to nature. On another note, Dr. Edward Bach (September 1886 – November 1936) discovered that the vibrational flower essence of Holly could be used to release toxic emotions such as anger, envy, and desire for revenge. I’d say that this seems quite relevant to the times we’re in.

Communication is a major highlight for Gemini, as is playfulness, family ties and cooperation…

The Full Moon of Wyrd

Feeling weird, frantic, fantastic or erratic? It could be influence of this month’s Full Moon in Gemini, which is opposite of the Galactic Center highlighting an explosive release of psychic energy that almost everyone is experiencing in some way, shape, or form:

December 17, 2013 Full Moon at 25 degrees of Gemini

I shall call this the Full Moon of Wyrd, for it is from this Anglo-Saxon word that the term weird stems from, although its original potent and to the point meaning is equivalent to fate, or personal destiny. In a way the ancient Northern concept of Wyrd is very similar to the Eastern concept of Karma, for both of these represent the sum total of one’s personal actions and decisions, including those which are ancestral and communal leading up to their fate. Therefore Wyrd is not a static but an ever-shifting state, which can be determined largely by our own capacity for conscious awareness and direction.

Gemini represents our close family, community, our basic cognitive functioning, and the funny way that these sort of combine to influence us when we’re on autopilot. But the wyrd or paradoxical thing is, we can’t be on autopilot right now and get away with it – we’re being confronted with whatever has been on autopilot mode for us that no longer fits into the grand scheme of our lives.

On this same day, Uranus – the planet associated with weirdness and unpredictability turns Direct after its Retrograde movement since July 18th. Things are really going to take a few days to mellow out so to speak, so it would be fair to say your best bet all month is to expect the unexpected!

the NornsThere is a very fated quality to this Full Moon indeed, which words can describe to some extent, but our emotions and experiences are the real barometers for what is going on here. Are we being guided by voices, memories, feelings, hunches, or forces outside of ourselves that we believe are more powerful than ourselves? This is a time of great reckoning with anything and everything that we have ascribed great power and influence to or over. Let us listen and look deeper…

Sagittarius, where the Sun currently shines, is a sign that is very “visual” and can be very outspoken about what it perceives. It puts us in touch with our innate knowing, and ignites the longing in our souls for yet higher wisdom. The wool will not be pulled over our eyes, and while we may be more up for adventure and spontaneity than at other times, we will not like everything that we see. We will need to hold our bearings about us as we move through strange terrain.

The Full Moon forms an edgy quincunx to Venus who is in the shadow of her upcoming Retrograde, so moods may be quite volatile and seemingly irrational now and over the next several weeks. All this, not to mention another Grand Square activation, this time between Mars in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter in Cancer. Of these, Jupiter in Cancer is the saving grace brought to the table.

All in all, we are being reminded of not only how interconnected we are to each other but the ancientness, the starlight essence of our beings. The original “family tree” goes so far back in history that if everyone were to trace their family tree as far back as it could go we would all find ourselves standing beneath the same giant tree.

Here at the very end of the fall season, will we collectively and individually be content to “let the leaves fall where they may” or will there be purpose, dedication, and resoluteness in our actions, leading us into the wyrdness of winter, into the unknown, into forever?