Full Moon in Gemini: Just breathe

As Chiron stations for direct motion, the moon is close to being full at 19 degrees of Gemini on December 11th. Energy is moving very quickly and it’s going in all directions. There is so much to see, do and hear that it might seem dizzying.

This time around, the fullness of the moon is reflecting the results of accumulated thoughts and actions involving close kin. That is to say, it is bringing about a massive amplification of interpersonal relationship dynamics. The good, the bad and the ugly are all coming “home to roost”, as the saying goes. This is of course a loose interpretation of what different folks may be experiencing. The positive effects and rewards for past efforts may also be coming into view but if that is the case they are probably not quite accessible yet…

A square with Neptune spells ideas that can’t be contained or pinned down and this might indicate a break in some of the best laid plans that were scheduled for the past few days and the week ahead. It is best to go with the flow, remaining open to new ways of doing and being. It’s easier for some of us than others to let go of preconceived notions and mental attachments in order to experience a breakthrough, discover the solution to an annoying problem or simply to enjoy an adventure. It’s not necessarily instinctive to let go and allow ourselves to savor the wildness of the moment and the last thing anybody wants to do is give up the urge to control. But the thing is, right now that might be necessary. A quincunx to Saturn, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn could indicate some missing steps and pieces that are required to bring something to completion. These are likely related in some way to family affairs.

Meanwhile with Chiron shifting gears at 1 degrees of Aries (December 13th), there is a resurgence of old pain, old triggers and even old ghosts from the past that seem to be begging for attention. There may be physical ailments to address or emotional ones that are ready at least be acknowledged but preferably healed. The healing might take some significant length time or involve several steps but the process itself will become easier and more effective than it has been since Chiron went Retrograde on July 8th.

It could be that one of the most important things to remember at this time is to just breathe. This Full Moon in Gemini brings us into contact with many interesting things and environments that ask us to take inventory of a situation/s without trying to force anything into place. An eclipse season is drawing near and increasing the collective anticipation around the holidays and new year. If you decide to wish upon a star or two, watch closely what manifests within the next few weeks. The steps for actualizing them may be unraveling right at your very feet.