Full Moon in Leo conjunct Regulus

Today’s Full Moon at 28 degrees Leo forms a conjunction with the fixed star Regulus while squaring the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. This is an intense one, heralding more impactful world changes on the horizon this year. Regulus, aka the Star of Kings is one of four Royal Stars, associated with many of the strongest qualities of the sign of Leo such as fame, honor, and riches. Although mostly noted for its positive traits (which is not typical for fixed stars), Regulus does have a dark side. It can portend assassinations, martial law, false flag events, and massive revolts. This star is said to have an especially powerful influence over the European Union, which currently has a stranglehold over Europeans that makes them vulnerable to further war attacks. Part of the issue lies with certain countries depending on Russia for oil and gas. However, the threat of a military invasion of Ukraine launched by Russian president Vladimir Putin could have consequences that burst into many other parts of the world, including Europe and the United States. This Full Moon is triggering the Virgo Sun 0 degrees, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter placements in Leo in Ukraine’s birth chart, while opposing its own Full Moon in Aquarius revealing the real danger that this part of the world is facing, or highlighting the amount of attention they are receiving. https://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Nation:_Ukraine

The shortages in electricity, food supplies, microchips and other supplies that this conflict could cause would line up with what many have feared is on the horizon, connecting a long chain of events from the manufactured worldwide pandemic of 2020 to totalitarian lockdowns in 2021, to the possible real life ‘Hunger Games’ of 2022.

The protests that have been occurring worldwide are actually not about a virus. They are about people becoming more aware of their enslavement and less willing to abide by corrupt government mandates. Unfortunately, the greater the protest, the greater the likelihood of it being used against the people by agent provocateurs and controlled opposition. The government comes back with harder rules. The propaganda inflates times one hundred. This is also more evident to more people than it ever has been before, and the evidence collected is part of what good has come of all of the social uproar. Bearing this in mind, this Full Moon is a good time to arm up and prepare ourselves, and to be ready for just about anything. It’s also a time to pray to whoever we call God, to give thanks for what goodness we have, and to cultivate as much love and compassion for each other as possible, to help get us through this. Even, with Leo’s powerful focus, to help re-route the direction that things are taking.

Both Europe and the Ukraine have suffered so badly already before, and have been demonized. Any hardships that would ensue from more violence would probably be equally hard for Americans who are used to getting their way very quickly. The struggle of lack is already part of an experience we are engaged with in this first Pluto Return. The chaos is not over, but people of the 21st century are blessed with the tools and information that previous generations never had access to.

On the more personal levels…

Leo’s bright and stately energy is empowering our creative endeavors at this time. It is bridging together soul mates and adding a sparkle to existing love connections. Regulus is believed to have rulership over the upper of the kidneys, not far from the adrenal glands. Those with autoimmune disease or just under a lot of stress lately might sense the urgent need to slow down and rest, or to rather engage the heart muscle in more enjoyable ways through exercise. It might not be the easiest thing right now, but by focusing on anything that brings joy we take back so much of the power that has been given over to fear and anger.

Leo Full Moon 2/8/20 – Creative Bursts and a New Sense of Hope

The Full Moon on February 8th/9th is 20 degrees of Leo, forming a fire trine to Mars in Sagittarius. There is passionate energy surging up from the depths of being, which seeks for myriad forms of expression. Moods may be wildly fluctuating but whatever the circumstances may be there is a growing sense of hope beginning to shine through the darkness and turmoil that so many have been experiencing as of late.

The Moon is in conjunction to the fixed star Merak, signaling increased motivation to move out of stagnant situations. It also forms a conjunction to fixed star Ras Elasid Australis, whose stellar influence may empower us to bring forth our unique gifts. Enthusiasm is replacing apathy. Courage is growing out of a genuine desire to succeed. 

During this time Mercury is approaching Neptune, slowing down to turn Retrograde in Pisces, so it may be difficult to get a clear read on certain confusing issues. Paradoxically, psychic impressions are so vivid right now that the challenge could be trusting what that inner radar is picking up on and what specific actions our intuition is suggesting that we take. Mercury Retrograde begins on February 16th, backing into Aquarius on March 4th and stations Direct on March 9th. It will reenter Pisces on March 16th and complete its transit here by April 11th. This is the time to dream bigger than usual because dreams, wishes and ideas are where many tangible changes begin.

Meanwhile, Jupiter is beginning to form a sextile to Neptune (February 20th) and a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn (exact on April 4th). These aspects are part of what is propelling us forward in a very trying year so far. Jupiter in harmony with Neptune broadens the scope of what is possible in what seems like the most impossible to improve areas of life. Imagination coupled with the willingness to try something new is often what leads to creative problem solving and breakthrough. Jupiter joined with Pluto is prompting radical change in the areas where things have gotten so extremely unbearable that there is no more tolerance left for some of the things that are draining our life force energy. This could imply a battle with someone or something that will simply not go out without a fight. It could also make us a bit more daring in what we choose to take on, with less fear of failure or mistakes.

Venus is also moving into conjunction with Chiron in Aries at the time of the Full Moon. Again what is being pointed toward is a pain threshold that is being reached. This is the kind of pain, often emotional in nature, that can kill the faint of heart. However, an unexpected gift is emerging from this long-standing pain and it is going to become very valuable in the future. For those survivors still hanging on, congratulate yourself for being a brave soul withstanding the feeling of being whipped around by tremendous forces on this planet.

Full Moon in Leo – What is Love?

As we approach this Valentine’s Full Moon in romantic Leo, we might wonder why our brains seem to be melting out of our ears or like we’re on some kind of acid trip that landed us on planet Mars. It’s not that things are all bad, but they just don’t seem quite logical anymore, especially when we try to interpret them as so. At least the Full is positively in synch with Mars, lending us some energy to continue breathing. Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius opposes the Moon with the opposite of objectivity, making everything around it subject to very nebulous, if not interesting perspectives and outcomes aided by the soft “edge” of Neptune.

The Moon in Leo means drama with a capitol D – and this can be very entertaining indeed. We want to play, laugh, sing, and dance – and we should! Celebrations can create more to celebrate. They don’t necessarily stave off danger but they up our vibrations, so that we are invigorated and ready for the next round of madness.

With Pluto joined by Venus in a waltz with Retrograding Jupiter in Cancer memories may seem stronger and reach farther than they ever have, as startling discoveries about the past take us deeper into our origins and those of the blue green planet. Saturn square the Full Moon is like a thorn or itch in our side that nags us, pushing us to not just see and feel – but to do something about all of this stuff coming up. It’s just so hard to be decisive in our actions when we’re crying like Yosemite Bear man who saw the double rainbow, wondering aloud “What does it MEAN!?”

image by Peterio

(image by Peterio)

So what about the romance (good luck with that!)? I answer with the question – What Is Love? This video says it all (rated PG):