Breaking Old Contracts – Full Moon in Libra March 2021

The superior conjunction involving the Sun and Venus on the 26th is followed by a Full Moon in Libra on March 28th. Being in exact opposition to Chiron and Venus in Aries, this Full Moon highlights healing body, mind and spirit and especially the heart from deep hurts and betrayals. Nurturing Ceres joins the stellium opposite of the Full Moon to stir things into action, to seize new opportunities and to learn by experience rather than being taught. Venus as Libra’s planetary ruler lights up spiritual channels of energy that can easily be directed toward positive changes. This is not only on interpersonal but massive levels. Although the current alignments are greatly auspicious they are also intense. Old wounds may be re-stimulated and emotional triggers prompt the release of baggage or the severance of unhealthy ties.

The Moon’s trine to Saturn in Aquarius signals large-scale social adjustments, in which after a time of solitude and restriction, everyone is beginning to reintegrate in their familiar types of social settings and to figure out where they stand in the scheme of things. The Libra Moon forms a trine with the North Node and Mars in Gemini, which forms a loose grand trine to Saturn. This configuration supports incredible teamwork and cooperation of the so-called lower and middle class levels of society, that can become an unstoppable force in the face of the encroaching global dictatorship. More people are beginning to realize just how badly they’ve been played by mass media. They’re coming to grips with what is happening when it comes to laws and human rights rather than living in denial. As restrictions continue to lift, this will continue to be a divisive time. Some people, far too many, refuse to look any further for answers than their immediate environment. They’ll remain stuck in old paradigms, obey out-dated rules, and sabotage anyone who threatens their narrow, misguided world view. Libra, as an archetype, holds the scales of justice, which is based on truth, not bias. This is why we’re seeing greater breakthroughs now than there have been in awhile.

The Moon’s inconjunct aspect to Uranus is shining a light on relationship matters, but especially those that involve some degree of commitment. If a relationship is not working now is an optimal time to make a decision to interact differently. This includes business and family relationships than have outrun their course or need to be corrected so that they do not worsen in effects.

Since Chiron’s presence has been such a powerful influence this month I was inspired to upload a couple of new videos in his honor. One describes Chiron as an archetype and its healing cycles in our lives, and the other is a Tarot session for viewers who feel called to diving into the oracle for a personal reading. Chiron was known as a great astrologer, healer and oracle reader, the wisest of the centaurs. Click here for the video specifically about Chiron, and click here for the video with the card readings.

Also, if you haven’t already check out my new website focused on Medical Astrology: Astrology Healing Arts

Full Moon in Libra 2020 – Relational Purging and Artistic Healing in Full Swing

The Super Full Moon on April 7th serves as another one of 2020’s hugely potent guideposts in our unfolding collective drama and healing crisis. The Moon at 18 degrees of Libra in a conjunction with commitment focused Juno indicates where things have become extremely imbalanced in our lives and relationships. Juno is exactly opposite of the Dark Moon Lilith, increasing the intensity of social and personal exchanges. A focus is brought to contracts, settlements and legal issues with others, not to mention the so-called “Justice system” as a whole.

Sensitivities are running high and there is probably a greater need for rest than usual. The Moon’s inconjunct aspect to Neptune indicates that the ongoing struggle with a global mystery illness is still shrouded in confusion. As the statistics and fears around it continue to escalate so do the insidious laws that have stolen our freedoms. The news stories weigh heavily in terror, doom, and gloom. To add insult to injury, there is widely circulated propaganda (explained thoroughly by Willow) and “chain memes” started by misinfo agents informing people that everyone should just “Relax and trust the plan”. They’re told that unseen heroes within our slimy worldwide dictatorship are going to save the world.

Meanwhile, those who offer insightful yet “alternative” explanations for what is going on as well as natural solutions to what plagues us are ones who are being censored, scoffed at and sometimes penalized. But these seekers and speakers of truth carry on, doing their often thankless jobs of serving humanity, as they always have and likely will until the end of time.

Headstrong Mars forms a square with Uranus in Taurus on this day, warning us of recklessness and foolish behavior from many who are so frustrated they they feel they have no other outlets than to bring chaos, harm and destruction to those around them.  Also beware of accidents. Mercury’s conjunction with bewildering Neptune now form sextiles to Jupiter and Pluto. There is a lot of explosive conversation around what works and what doesn’t, and still a lot of false information being propped up on a massive level. Certain decisions cannot be made until certain facts have been identified, which is why a general sense of uneasiness is so rampant.

Before reaching that much-desired state of harmony that is so intensely craved now, the Libran Moon is showing us what stands in the way of our health and happiness. For several days Jupiter’s conjunction to Pluto and insightful Pallas Athene has been casting a light on the most foul, ugly aspects of our world, our government and our fellow human beings. And Libra being a lover of all forms of beauty, abhors an ugliness of spirit more than anything else. After a long period of masking and camouflaging the true colors and intentions of others are finally being revealed. In some situations and relationships these things are surprisingly pleasant…but in others they are venomous. These others are the things that need to be purged, exorcised and banished from our sacred space. These are the things that make us sick, weak, and depressed. These things are rooted in evil and therefore must be uprooted from our psyches and lives if we are to attain any peace of mind.

Libra’s ruling planet Venus in Gemini conjunct Vesta, high priestess asteroid enters the pre-shadow phase just a couple of days after this Full Moon. The planet of personal values could become a powerful influence this month in bringing opportunities to retrieve our lost hopes and dreams. Some of the most dark moments of our lives are the sparks of some of the most moving forms of art, music and poetry, which all tend to grow an awareness of who and what we are beyond the five senses. This is an appropriate time to think of myriad ways to beautifully express the deeply repressed aspects of our buried pain and creative genius that is yearning to break free.

Astrology of the Notre Dame Fire

Whatever your views may be about the burning of Notre Dame cathedral, it is the mark of an epochal event, steeped in occult symbolism. What I’ve noticed around it in addition to human shock and grief is a whole lot of shaming, mockery, and controversy around its causes and aftermath.

There has actually been a huge number of attacks on French churches during the past couple of years although this one really stands out among the hundreds. Notre Dame has been the most famous Gothic cathedral to survive the Middle Ages. On April 15th when the fire broke out, the Sun was 25 degrees of Aries, close enough to form a conjunction with Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus. This aspect, as well as a stellium of Saturn, the South Node and Pluto in Capricorn indicated the coming of drastic change, shaking old foundations down to the core. Capricorn also relates to the patriarchy. Jupiter Retrograde Sagittarius squaring Neptune, the Black Moon Lilith, Venus and Mercury in Pisces was shooting fiery arrows into areas and situations mired in intrigue.

The Moon in Virgo was moving into a mutable square with Mars in Gemini which has been moving into a square with confusing Neptune and an opposition to Jupiter, which bears some influence over religious architecture – especially since Jupiter is in Sagittarius. There was a great deal of uncertainty around what started the fire, and much of the detailed craftsmanship of the woods has been lost forever. It will be rebuilt but it won’t be authentic. There is some speculation that was has been destroyed are torture chambers beneath the church where child sacrifices took place. It would be a miracle if this was true, given just how long the Satanic practices have taken place within Catholicism.

Whether the burning of the spiral was an accident related to renovation or a timed attack, it’s clear that there are as many people who are rejoicing at the losses incurred as there are who are crying. This is cause for yet further division and weakening amongst races and religions all across the board and there are those who are rubbing their hands together with glee at how wonderfully well their plots against humanity are playing out.

For many, the destruction of Notre Dame (which translates as “Our Lady”) is symbolic not only of the destruction of Christianity, but of Europe in all its artistry and splendor. That is because this continent has already been under fierce attack for the past few decades with increasing evidence that its native customs and people are dwindling. Also, the debasement of the divine feminine is nothing new, but the way it’s going on now seems to be going over many heads. There is a trend taking place of certain people destroying statues of the Blessed Mother, such as the one destroyed yesterday in a small French village. You can also watch these Muslim men crushing the likeness of her in this video someone posted to Facebook. It’s interesting that a famed white marble statue of Mary holding Jesus in the cathedral has survived the flames.

Yes, Catholicism has an incredibly perverse history, so much it could fill a library as large as the one stored in the Vatican. Jesus was not born of a “Virgin Birth” as many Christians believe. Furthermore, the ideas and symbols around Mother Mary stem from a Christian adaptation of an earlier goddess, associated with pagan rites, serpents and witchy things. That doesn’t mean it’s OK for people to trample over other peoples’ places of worship, to destroy their works of art. Like so many other Catholic churches, Notre Dame contained a treasure trove of astro-theological symbols, with some remaining. Condemn the pedophile priests instead of the workers who labored for two hundred years to build a church, not the innocent but often ill-informed church goers, not those who traveled far and wide just to admire the beauty of the place.

Something to ponder: the burning of Notre Dame occurred at the start of the Catholic Holy Week leading up to Easter. This holiday celebrates the resurrection of Christ but was originally a pagan holiday named after the goddess Ostara. She was the goddess who represented the return of light, spring and dawn.

That’s a lot of build-up to the Full Moon at 29 degrees of Libra on April 19th, which highlights major endings or completions in relationships to people and things. It’s also about seeking for truth, standing for justice and taking back all the power that has been stolen or wrongly given. Mercury is fresh out of a post-shadow and full on Direct in Aries, in a conjunction with Chiron the Wounded Healer. Words can cut or help to mend. Visual impact, thoughts and reactions are intense. The fire in the mind of man rages on. The Full Moon is opposite of Uranus, which means this week’s series of surprises aren’t over yet.

March Forecast 2013

This March much our awareness is brought to all that remains in the recesses of the most injured parts of our hearts, minds and our karmic dustpans, as well the question as to whether we are ready to release the past.

With Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, there has been much emotional turbulence of the strange and sudden kind. Rivers of tears pouring from out of seeming nowhere, old painful memories resurfacing despite past attempts to release them, and ego blows that have stopped many of us dead in our tracks – perhaps to remind us to reconnect with our True selves.

The rune that presented itself for this month is Kano…

Kano: Openingkano

Kano functions as an opening – a gateway to other realms and states of consciousness. It also takes the meaning of Torch, Beacon, and Light, and heralds a time of vision, revelation, creative inspiration, vitality and the fires of transformation. Kano is said to leave nothing in dark corners, bringing illumination wherever it is needed most. It indicates the kindling and rekindling of passions both spiritual and sexual. Kano represents the light that helps us read or drive at night, the fire that helps us cook our food, keep ourselves warm. We are warned of the fire’s power to consume and burn us if we are reckless with this element and with our passions. We will be given the fuel to move forward, and success in projects and endeavors will show up later this month when Mercury goes Direct. Although some say that Kano corresponds with the sign of Aries which will also come into play later this month, there is also a feminine and watery nature to Kano, such as that of Pisces that encourages us to be open to exploration, new opportunities and limitless possibilities within both the physical and spiritual realms. We’re been nudged to take a look at the things, activities, and people that stir our interest, passion, and creativity and to enjoy the sacred dance of our interconnectedness with them. The healing properties of Kano include the ability to burn or cut away at blockages, or conversely to cool inflamed conditions. May Kano serve to remind us not to hide our light under a bushel, but shine brightly, and be who we are meant to be!

3/11/13 New Moon in Pisces

With seven major heavenly bodies all clustered together in Pisces, including Neptune as the ruling planet of Pisces, the sense of the ocean’s vastness and all that the ocean represents is up strong…emotions, desires, fear of the unknown, confusion, the subconscious, the Void. MerAngelThe New Moon brushes just slightly past Venus, which adds to the dreamy romantic quality of the sign, and Mars now sandwiched between Neptune and Chiron powers up the combination with fiery enthusiasm that may be dampened slightly by Retrograde Mercury in Pisces. There is strong desire…for something, someone, specific changes or manifestations, which must be tempered by the right outlook and willingness to wait for the appropriate timing in which to act. Uranus doesn’t make any hard aspects right now but its energy is sort of sitting there a bit after the New Moon like an unassuming volcano about to erupt when or where we least expect it. Waiting for the party to start with chips on the table might be a waste of precious time, because suddenly, something else will appear…an ambulance, a police car, a unicorn, or perhaps a UFO. Whatever it is, it will probably be the last thing we ever anticipated.

At the same time we are practicing our patience and laying low, we must be careful not to “drag our feet” in areas that need tending. There is not a great deal of physical vitality in general from which to draw upon now, so choosing wisely what to engage in, and how much energy to exert will be key factors in both how we are able to function  and how things function for us in the coming weeks. It is a time to prioritize – to take care of all those niggling problems that won’t fit under the rug anymore without tripping us.

The asteroid Nephele, named after a cloud nymph is in conjunction with this New Moon at 21 degress of Pisces. There may be tests of integrity and loyalty to ourselves and each other, similar to the one in the Greek myth that arise with this Moon. It will be most important to discern what our own true values are verses what we’ve been force-fed and pressured into believing and experiencing. If the feeling is one of being all dressed up and no place to go, it is probably for the reason that being still is the best place to be at this time.

Sabian symbol for the  Pisces New Moon 21-22 degrees:

“A Prophet Carrying Tablets Of The New Law Is Walking Down The Slopes Of Mount Sinai”

This Sabian symbol makes a biblical reference to Moses, after having received the 10 Commandments from God, designed for the followers of a new religious structure in devotion to God. MosesWe don’t have to be religious to notice the effects of this Full Moon’s expression. The keynote to this symbolic reference shows us the need to find or create practical outlets for the clarity that is gained during moments of profound realization. Many of us reading this may have had glimmering moments of enlightenment, but few of us can sustain the enlightened state for long periods of time in everyday circumstances.

Pisces as the final sign of the zodiac has the strongest desire to be “in the world but not of it”, and paradoxically must often find a balance midway between total immersion into the senses and the tendency to escapism from anything mundane.

Other keynotes:

  • Bringing spiritual concepts and energy into physical manifestation
  • Integrating powerful peak spiritual experiences with daily life – the sort of daily life and structure that correlates with Virgo as Pisces’ polar opposite sign.
  • The ability to implement and make practice use of spiritual ideas and concepts. Nice theories won’t crack it – the question is do they work when the going gets tough? Fancy ceremonies are fine if they address a real need and will function to serve that in some way.
  • Becoming aware of and acting upon the Inner Mandate for right conduct in any given situation.
  • Overcoming the strong desire to rebel against authority or whatever mandate is for our own good. This goes beyond morals and is more about overcoming a propensity toward self-sabotage, angry rebellion and anarchy.

March 11th is a Queen of Diamonds day so service to others is highlighted by this as well as by the plethora of Pisces energy. People may be feeling extra sensitive so be aware of words and actions toward others.

3/20/13 Spring Equinox

The Sun’s passage into Aries marks the Spring Vernal Equinox in the Northern hemisphere. This is one of Nature’s own holidays, when she celebrates fertility, creativity, sexuality, vitality, and all the color and life blooming around and within her. From a human perspective this time offers us the opportunity to balance our life in some way, renewing our relationships to both others and ourselves. Savor the last couple of days of the softness, subtlety and gentleness of Venus in Pisces, for she will tumble and roll her way into Aries the evening of the 21st, and begin asserting and helping herself to whatever she fancies in the weeks to come!

3/27/13 Full Moon in Libra

This Full Moon is at 6 degrees of Libra, in an exact opposition with Venus, and very close opposition with Uranus, and then Mars. Equality and fairness in relationships is the underlining theme in Libra, and there will be many opportunities to set the records straight in our dealings with others a week leading up to and after this Full Moon.  Libra also corresponds to the quality of listening in general, as well as acting in a fair manner for those involved. The challenge is not to lose oneself in this process. Aggression may have to be curbed while both the clarity and diplomacy in delivery will be more important than whatever methods of communication are being used. Yeah yeah…all of this is easier said than done when we’re in the heat of the moment! Most likely though, resolutions to some long-standing relationship problems and misunderstandings can be healed if we are open now. These relationships could be to spouses, friends, business partners, relatives, and even those we have considered to be our enemies.

Since the major asteroid Juno – named after the goddess Juno and wife of Jupiter, entered Aquarius early this month where it will be for the rest of this year, we will see what appears to be a growing trend of open relationships, alternative marriages, and role reversals as people try to sort out their various imbalances in these ways. Juno & JupiterThe Full Moon in Libra forms a trine to Juno, which trines also to Jupiter in Gemini – brining together a Grand Trine… which is a complete recipe for what I’d like to call Relationship Independence. At least it’s not ambivalence. It’s the latest thing, and who knows it might even become more popular than codependence. What this means is that people will take back their autonomy, and personal license to live as they choose rather than limiting themselves to just pleasing their partner. The trine between the Moon and Juno will help to ensure that this is done in kind and loving ways instead of mean and selfish. Clear communication, attentive listening, and compassion helps create win-win situations. Those who are Aquarius, or have Aquarius Moon or Rising have already likely been feeling a build-up of this energy during the year 2012 as Neptune left their sign and now they are totally breaking loose from the chains they have felt constricted by. In general if people feel stifled, possessed or unfulfilled in their relationships the urge to break vows will be strong now. This will be a going more in the months ahead, and we will also probably see a lot of gay and bisexual people come “out of the closet” so to speak, bringing them much relief at a time when it is becoming more acceptable in our society.

The Sabian symbol for Sun at 6-7 degrees of Aries, directly opposite of the Moon:

“A Man Succeeds In Expressing Himself Simultaneously In Two Realms”

This symbol highlights the dualistic nature of the human being, with all of the possibilities that this humanness implies. It may also bear relevance to the shaman’s ability to hold space with a “foot in both worlds” communicating with both the living and the dead, moving energy in the spirit realm that creates an impact of healing in the physical world. There has been a theme all month of grounding spiritual energies and ideas into physical manifestation, and this Full Moon helps tie the energy together, offering us a vantage point of cohesiveness regarding our multidimensional selves and abilities.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon at 6-7 deg Libra:

“A Woman Feeding Chickens And Protecting Them From The Hawks”

What is being expressed through this Full Moon symbol is the need to become consciously aware of and face the antagonism both outside and within ourselves, as we seek to enlighten ourselves and grow spiritually. There are many pitfalls, temptations, and obstacles that we each face in our evolutionary journeys. There are times when our minds and emotions are made fragile by circumstances beyond our control and we must surrender to the guidance of some higher, wiser part of ourselves who knows the way and will steer us clear of danger. Our mind is like the wandering helpless chickens (especially when we run around like chickens with their heads cut off!), the hawks our prey – the powerful influences both within and without us, and the woman feeding and protecting the chickens is a reflection our intelligent and loving Higher Self.

March 27th is a 9 of Clubs 9ofclubsday, so we each have the opportunity to shift our narrow focus from our own personal concerns and disappointments to the larger scheme of things, and our interconnectedness in that. Negative thought forms are showing up in order to be released. If things don’t seem fair, stand up and make some necessary changes that most likely begin with the self.

Wishing all a joyful and abundant Spring season!

April Forecast 2012

There is much goodness in store this April, which comes as sweet relief to some and a small miracle to others who have suffered from terrible losses in the recent past. Last month the softness and benevolence of Venus helped many of us out through what could have been a much worse rough patch, with the widely maligned phenomena of Mercury Retrograde in effect. She and Jupiter sprinkled magical star dust on our endeavors, helping us make corrections and pick up the missing parts quicker than usual. She also helped create opportunities to draw us closer into contact with long lost loved ones and people on our “touch base with” list.

art by Josephine Wall

This is another month for the “Venus babies” – Taureans, Librans, and those with this planet predominant in their birth charts. Venus is also passing through the Pleiades…We all may best make use of the goddess of love’s influence while she is still direct in motion, because she will be going retrograde throughout May and June – which we needn’t dread but simply be aware of.  April 2012 is actually a month that will highlight the Goddess in general in her myriad forms, particularly the aspect of her that is nurturing and motherly. This is partially due to the lunations this month in close contact with the asteroids Ceres and Isis.

Mercury goes direct on the 4th but don’t expect everything to move full steam ahead quite yet. We’ll be out of the Shadow, aka Storm of Mercury Retrograde by April 12th. Then things will really get rolling again.

Rune for April 2012: Gebo

(Here is a repeat of what I wrote about Gebo in the July forecast of 2011.)

As we let go of the old ways of relating to and viewing our friends, family, and even enemies and public figures, we will make way for a much more fulfilling way of life. Ways of relating to the opposite gender in general are shifting for humanity, and ways that parents and children relate to each other are shifting. Our relationship to money is shifting, and many adjustments are being made to our “accounts” literally and energetically. There are so many instances in which we are dropping back into the present from wherever we were, now relating to ourselves, life and others in an authentic way.

The rune Gebo translates as “gift”. It represents not only a gift given or received but particularly the sense of a gift exchange, and therefore it is also known as a rune of partnership. When this rune appears, it often indicates that our relationships are joyfully rebalancing, and there is much to be grateful for. Many gifts may be exchanged, although they are not necessarily of the material kind. It’s like Christmas without all the fuss. It’s not about consumerism, and there’s no pressure whatsoever. The gifts come naturally, spontaneously, from the heart. These gifts may be the latent gifts within our souls. Partnerships are indicated with Gebo, which are frequently either romantic or creative. The main challenge that comes with its influence is in keeping a sense of individuality and confidence, and not allowing oneself to become completely enthralled or absorbed in another’s process or presence. Many types of celebrations are favored this month, and the more we can celebrate while maintaining conscious awareness now the easier our next major transition will be.

4-6-12 Full Moon in Libra

The Moon reaches fullness at 17 degrees of Libra in an exact degree conjunction with the asteroid Isis, and a close opposition to the major asteroid Vesta.A sense of sacredness and sacred relating is in the air, although the choice to honor that is up to us. The Egyptian mother goddess Isis is associated with fertility, childbirth, healing, magic, and has come to be revered as the patron saint of all women. Vesta, named after the goddess of the hearth, represents the place where sexuality and spirituality meet. Since these two asteroids are facing each other at the axis of Aries and Libra, there is a focus in finding a balance between self-care and selfless service, assertion and cooperation, to be or not to be, to share or not to share.

Maintaining individuality within existing close relationships is a key factor in the survival and harmony of those relationships. Relationships are exactly what will be highlighted now, since the Full Moon falls in Libra. It’s so easy for just about anybody to get lost within a close relationship that one gives so much energy and attention to! Libra is the sign that often needs to step back and take inventory of personal needs and thoughts, as they may differ or even clash from those of partners. Saturn farther away in Libra opposes Ceres in Aries, indicating that it may be time for many to step up to meet certain obligations and commitments involving family and loved ones. It is important however that no matter with whom or what we are mingling with at this time and in the days ahead that we maintain our own sense of autonomy.

4-21-12 New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon arrives at 1 degree of Taurus in a close conjunction to the major goddess asteroid Ceres at 4 degrees. Ceres, a name of the goddess of agriculture and the Earth herself, is associated with nurturing and the ways that we give and receive it. In the sign of Taurus we need nurturing through touch, nourishing foods, and any kind of physical substance that provides us with stability. This could come in the form of contact with gems and minerals or being in certain locations.  With Ceres in Taurus we want to be held, caressed, and reassured through nurturing physical contact to those we love and trust. We want to be close to the earth and her elements, perhaps with our bare hands in the soil.We want to be in the garden, experiencing greater intimacy with the foods and herbs we grow and consume. How fitting that the very next day is Earth Day! Sonoma county of California where I currently reside has a beautiful organization called the Ceres Community Project, helping children and families in need, by preparing nourishing foods for them.

The New Moon’s sextile to Neptune in Pisces and trine to Mars in Virgo heighten our experience of oneness with each other and the earth, being able to penetrate the boundaries that have been built up by our own fear. The New Moon helps what would often be a stifling combination (Neptune and Mars) become a vehicle for spiritual elevation. Many of us will experience the peak of this period in the dreamtime, since it will occur the wee hours of the morning, PST at 12:18 AM.