Full Moon in Pisces 8-29-15

The Full Moon at 6 of degrees Pisces is conjunct its ruling planet Neptune, heightening moods, dreams and strange impulses. It is stirring memories and longings that have been safely tucked away in the depths of our souls, bringing up sensations similar to those experienced in a psychedelic trip that many will recognize whether they have tripped or not in their current lifetime.

We are invited to surrender our egocentric orientation to the universe and step into a sacred abode in the sea of stars, an astral temple if you will, that reflects our holographic and microcosmic interpretations of the infinitely stretching unified field.

Since April of 2011, Neptune has been transiting Pisces where it will travel until 2026. This highly sensitizing transit indicates a dramatic shift in the consciousness of life on planet Earth that will have served to dissolve thick barriers and open even the most tightly shut 3rd eyes, clearing away very deep, dark karmic imprints to make way for a new wave of future generations. This work is being highlighted now.

The Sun opposite of the Moon is joined with Jupiter in Virgo which magnifies the already full effects of encounters and connections made during the days leading up to this one. There is equal potential for good fortune or wastefulness to occur with Jupiter so closely involved. Broad spectrum healing and insights may be more readily accessed through the intangible channels of Neptune.

The “mean” position of the Black Moon Lilith zero degrees of Libra, having just entered this sign on August 25th. There are many ways to interpret the BML spot, and I consider the mystery of this placement to be part of the nature of her influence. Together with the North Node and Mercury in partnership-focused Libra, there is great emphasis on communicating with as much raw truth as with tact at this time, which can be extra tricky business.

Venus and Mars are paired up in Leo forming a grand trine to the major goddess asteroids Pallas Athene in Sagittarius and Vesta in Aries. This dynamic aspect combines the qualities of courage, inspiration, fiery passion and alchemical union of opposites that we may either choose to apply creatively toward some purpose or to ignore.

The Full Moon in Pisces is conjunct the fixed star Deneb Adige – Arabic term for “Tail of the Swan”, enhancing the very Neptunian theme of dreams, visions, and connection to spirit guides. With who or what do you wish to connect at this time? How closely do you currently align with your visions for manifestation?

“The sky is no longer the limit”, to quote Nixon …if the sky ever was.

Here is a glimpse of the heavens through the beautiful temple I recently visited at Isis Oasis in Geyserville, California:


Anxiety and Awareness

In case anyone wonders why the past few days have been so emotionally intense, mind bending, and unbelievable, it might help to note that with such strong Neptunian energies present, next to nothing’s been what it seems (but is it really ever?)…

Neptune was opposite the New Moon in Virgo on August 25th, conjunct the Full Moon in Pisces on the 8th, and Venus has been opposing  Neptune since September 5th until the 10th.

Pisces, ruled by Neptune brings the following qualities to light every year while the sun transits this sign during March, but with Neptune Retrograde in its own sign and activated in so many ways these qualities are amplified seemingly a thousandfold: The Power of Neptune 

For some of us, things have been as sweet as surreal, but for the majority, the heartache of being faced with more than can be reasonably dealt with has prevailed. With subjects such as ebola running as viral as the virus itself, threats of further war, banking and money scams causing people to lose their homes, along with Hollywood’s dramas and distractions it’s no wonder that so many civilized people suffer from an anxiety so deeply embedded that it begins to rule every facet of their lives.

As we move closer into the sign of Libra with Mercury leading the way, we are exploring ways of achieving balance with both the dark and light aspects our of psyches as well as forces of the Universe. This is especially pertinent as Mercury is squaring Pluto (corruption, scandal, and combustion) in Capricorn and approaching a T-square with Uranus (explosive change, rebellion, and reversals – as well as intuition and freedom) in Aries. The missing point of this edgy cardinal aspect can be found in the nurturing, self-preserving sign of Cancer – a sign that never leaps before it looks. Before we can truly find our ways out of the sticky webs we’ve been stuck inside of in a corporately dominated society, we must come to grips with where we are and then utilize the “superpowers” of our higher, perhaps Neptunian mind to free us. After all, it is this same kind of power that got us there in the first place. That means that awareness is a major key to breaking anxiety. This anxiety refers to a highly charged emotional state mixed with myriad feelings of confusion, depression, fear, and overstimulation.

The more awareness we have, the less we are capable of being lied to, manipulated and made anxious, even by our own erroneous thoughts.

Whether life crippling or free-floating, anxiety can be produced by, masked by and eventually released by the powers that Neptune represents.

Take what you wish from this viewpoint and if it produces anxiety just dismiss…


Full Moon in Pisces 2014

“I am liberated from striving and careful choosing for I have sewn my sleeve to the hem of the robe of God” – Rumi

These next few days leading up to the Full Moon on September 8th are sensitizing beings in all ways and accelerating the evolution of consciousness in all of life. The Moon reaches fullness at 16 degrees of Pisces, and forms a conjunction with the comet Chiron who represents the wounded healer, shaman, teacher, Christ consciousness and the potential spiritual warrior in us all. We are born of Earth and to her our bodies shall return. We are made up of stardust, nebulae, and water, but we forget this…. feelings of vulnerability as well as vagueness at this time may only be covering the deeper sense that something very powerful is surfacing from within the depths of the Collective Soul.


Yemaya – by Danilo Lejardi

This something could be the realization of our oneness and interdependence – that if we don’t change collectively and awaken collectively, our lives on earth will dramatically shift in difficult ways beyond our imagining as it has already begun to do in many places. This is not to generate fear, but to simply state that that we cannot expect resources to be infinitely available on a finite planet that is being bombarded with toxins daily. We are simultaneously on the cusp of great new discoveries and possibilities with many solutions to our problems now finally within reach. With kindness, knowledge, respect and combined effort we can tremendously ease our transitioning into this realm that many of us have come to call the New Earth. There is yet another key ingredient for this alchemical process of turning the base metals and foul conditions of our lives into gold – and that is our ability to simply Be. It is our ability to be still, to listen, to cogitate, to dream, to let go of clutching to the notions that we have control over circumstances that we actually have absolutely no way of changing outwardly, especially when there is so much resistance.

At this time our egos may cry and oppose our possible transformations and spiritual ascension by exhibiting strong bodily symptoms, mental and emotional agitation…

“Help – this hurts! I’m dying!” or “No! I don’t want this, I won’t go there! I don’t want that to happen!” And yes, there are parts of us that are dying, as represented by the sweeping transits of Neptune between the Virgo New Moon on August 25th and this highly superfluous Pisces moon on the 9th. Venus in Virgo is also in opposition to Neptune in Pisces during this time, further reminding us of our interconnectedness in a way that seems almost unreal because we are not yet living the perfect ideals that we know deep down are possible in the grand scheme of things. Despite our doubts and fears, abundant synchronicities are flowing and propelling us forward…

When we completely surrender – not to lower conditions or unseen gods but to our internal knowing or divinity, we can do things that we could never do in our ordinary states of mind. This surrender is heart based rather than logical and linear. This is where the Holy Clown or Fool within us takes us on healing journeys and wild adventures of body, mind, and spirit that might seem totally far out to outside observers.

Things that were previously identified with and for long periods of time are now in a sort of disappearing process, or suddenly obsolete, which seems strange to behold. If you are feeling especially tired, confused, depressed or overwhelmed this could be part of the shift of attention going deeply inward, and for many into the very nature of existence itself.  Some surfacing memories may be unpleasant so allow them to be what they are and pass. Many gifts will be given, many special contacts be made (and many released), and many key moments of resonance will be had – such as in the “Eureka effect” prompting us to remember and act upon our dreams, visions, and aspirations from this and lives beyond.

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon’s degree placement in Pisces:

“An Easter Egg Parade; the Capacity Inherent in all Great Sociocultural Images to Unite the Members of a Community in a Display of Excellence”

Whoever and wherever, this is a time to unite with soul family, like minded community, spirit guides, tribal elders, and the stars…as well as to access the multi-dimensional self. It is also time to size down and simplify in areas that have become far too complicated (It may help to remember the saying “Simple living saves lives”)… the Sun in Virgo opposite of the Moon in Pisces is helping us to do just that!

September Energies 2013

“See, the human mind is kind of like…

a pinata. When it breaks open,

there’s a lot of surprises inside. Once you get the pinata

perspective, you see that losing your mind

can be a peak experience.”

– Jane Wagner (the Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe)

Generally the influence of Virgo is stabilizing to the mind, body, finances and overall health and work rhythms. While the Sun transits here we are a bit calmer and more inclined to clean up and organize our lives. Mercury rules this feminine earth sign, getting us in touch with our physical senses, and can represent the barometer that tells us how our bodies are reacting to our thoughts. Yes, that’s the general idea…

But many have been anything but calm, stable, or organized lately. There’s no denying the chaos that has broken loose upon the earth although this loose chaos has been the case for eons. None of us really know when exactly Pandora opened the box. We just have better means of broadcasting what’s going on in the world now, through television, radio and other media. With our president’s decision to take warlike action upon Syrian government due to chemical weapons unleashed on thousands of innocent people, we are reminded yet again of our collective fragility in a physical sense when compared to forces whether natural or unnatural that are bigger than ourselves. This is another precious opportunity us to focus wholeheartedly on the truth, beauty and love that is more real than anything outside of us that we perceive through the experience of suffering.

Early this month there is a tense square between Mars and Saturn, which can potentially either be violent and destructive or strengthening in some way, depending on our awareness of how we direct our energies, and  perhaps our fate. Patience, caution, and well-directed discipline are helpful to overcome the negative energies of this interaction. Midmonth Mercury will form another grand square with Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus, which may cause a few crazy outbursts or even creative peak experiences.  All month Mars is in a trine with Uranus, bringing a lot of fiery energy and progress to actions, plans and projects. By the end of the month Venus’s trine to Jupiter in Cancer will help lighten the atmosphere.

9-5-13 New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon is 13 degrees of Virgo, providing us with a wonderful week or two for new beginnings that require purification and attention to details. Virgo is very much involved in the arts of healing, so health and recovery are themes now, as are all growing green things of the earth. The Earth Goddess Virgo inspires us not only to tidy up but to get deeper in touch with our physical senses. In this sign, with its tendencies toward analysis and introspection we are also able to understand the deeper reasons why things happen and what part we play in the happenings. There is an opposition to the comet Chiron, also known as the Wounded Healer, which indicates that this is an important time of mending our wounds or those of others close to us, and that past actions and harms are obviously exerting an influence upon the present. A trine with Pluto assures us that we will have the energy and resources to move through challenges that arise in practical ways.

The Sabian symbol for this moon between 12-14 degrees says a lot that is pertinent at this time and barely needs an interpretation:

“An Aristocratic Family Tree”

Sometimes, what we need in order to succeed or transcend our limitations is a return to our roots. We need to review what happened before us, to avoid repeating certain mistakes, as well as to take into consideration the wisdom of those with greater experience than ourselves.

9-19-13 Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon is 26 degrees of Pisces

Pisces is known as the sign that deals with karma, and the option we have to give service or experience suffering. It is associated with the realms of dreams, imagination, intuition and with the possibilities for wish fulfillment. During this Full Moon many of our spiritual centers are being activated, as a heightening of many faculties occurs. A very loose separating trine with Jupiter indicates that we have earned some kind of reward or rest after a time of struggles.

Venus, Saturn, and the North Node are clustered together in Scorpio, bringing a certain level of seriousness and commitment to relationships that could be more sobering rather sensual, and this may entail connecting with others whom we have been close to in prior lifetimes. Equally possible is the need or desire to work together with someone toward a specific end.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon 26-27 degrees of Pisces:

“The Harvest Moon Illumines A Clear Autumnal Sky”

This symbol further supports the idea that this is a time of reaping what we have sown earlier this year. It may not be all peachy, but likely a “mixed bag of nuts” so to speak. Surely there are some goodies and not-so-goodies in there, but we can choose to be grateful for it all. Whether the bag is as full as we had hoped or not we are closer to realizing the fruits and effects of our efforts, and therefore closer to attaining greater effects in the future.

9-22-13 Autumn Equinox

We’re told that we’re crazy – something’s wrong if we hear voices where there are supposedly none. On the other hand we are given information that is delivered by both human and digital voices designed to subdue, dominate and instill our minds with fear in such a way that we become numb. As we move into the sign of Libra on the Equinox we are really seeking the balance between listening to the inner and outer voices. The fall season tests our discernment, fairness, integrity and our ability to hear others while still being in touch with our own thoughts, intuition, needs, and desires. We need to be in touch with the authentic voices around and within us, whether they stem from our subconscious or superconscious minds. We need to remember that what we hear and what we say are the seedlings of creation, especially when said or assimilated with passion. Passion can bring people together or tear them apart – it can excite, infuriate and annihilate whole entire villages or nations.  Compassion reconnects us with the part ourselves that evolves, is inclusive rather than exclusive, and brings light to our hearts.

This Autumn season is a potent one, filled with two eclipses, Pluto Retrograde, a Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, Jupiter and Neptune both going Retrograde, and finally ending with Venus going Retrograde on the Winter Solstice. Uranus will be the only planet going direct after being Retrograde since July 19th, and that will take place on November 13th.

Two Bach flower essences that might be helpful during this month’s transitional phase are:

  • Scleranthus – to aid in the decision making process
  • Cerato – to facilitate a deeper sense of self-reliance and trust in one’s intuition

Also, the essential oil of Lavender and/or a vibrational essence of this flower that can be obtained from FES would be helpful to counteract overstimulation from spiritual forces and changes taking place.

Be well and trust the inner voice of wisdom!