Venus and Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center – Messages, Synchronicities, and Miracles

Today on November 1st Venus entered the sign of Sagittarius for the second time this year. It will make a second conjunction to the Galactic Center (the first was on February 1st) on November 23rd, just after an exact conjunction to the GC by Jupiter on November 19th.

Every year at this time an emphasis is placed on the realms of dead and listening more closely to what emotions and inner guidance are saying. That is ever so relevant now, with strong indications of a spiritual reality making itself known in forms of visions, flashes of the future, intuitive hunches, gut feelings, last-minute saves and miraculous encounters.

The approach of these conjunctions to the GC become even more noticeable mid-November and bring much-needed solace and encouragement to those souls who are downtrodden and riddled with fear as the astrological buildup of Saturn and Pluto continue to intensify on this planet.

Currently Mercury is also Retrograde in Scorpio, since October 31st until November 20th. Communication and cognitive patterns are introspective in nature during this time, drawing attention toward that which would ordinarily be ignored, unseen or glossed over. This is especially pertinent during Mercury’s transit to the Sun on November 11th. Dreams and psychic impressions may become greatly heightened throughout the month.

The two Great Benefics joined together conjunct the Galactic Center on November 24th indicate special blessings, important messages, and possibly divine intervention. Unexpected gifts or sudden breakthroughs may also appear. Leading up to this time pay extra attention to ideas that pop up in daydreams, unusual messengers, signs from nature and the behaviors of animals. Synchronicites abound during this time and will seem to spring up from every direction. There may be loud spiritual warnings that recommend we don’t go a certain direction or guideposts that let us know we are on the right track. There may also be an abundance of strange, so-called coincidences and messages “from the Universe” that are both unique and humorous. Some of you may have already noticed these forces becoming activated. That is another good sign!

The last time Jupiter made a conjunction to the Galactic Center was December 2nd of 2007, shortly after Pluto’s conjunction to the GC. It may have taken all this time to assimilate what was given to us or what was experienced. Jupiter will shift out of Sagittarius and enter Capricorn this year on December 2nd 2019, bringing a new set of gifts, opportunities and expansions that are focused on the earth element instead of fire.

Another conjunction to the GC by the Sun on December 19th is up next, with Mercury making its presence there known during the very fortunate Solar Eclipse on the 25th to the 27th. Although it may not be apparent on the surface, finances and relationships are surrounded by protection and blessings from late November to late December. December could be the month to make an investment, commitment or start a new enterprise.

Great uses the period of time that Venus and Jupiter transit the GC late November include spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, making offerings and charitable donations, artistic pursuits, poetry, expanding the spiritual knowledge-bank, love rituals, inner and outer journeys to exotic places or realms through study or physical travel.

If you have any personal planets at 27 degrees of Sagittarius or making aspects to it, then you may especially experience these strong currents made by Venus and Jupiter’s aligning with the Galactic Center in the coming weeks.

Synchronicity & the Galactic Center

Synchronicity, a term coined by Carl Jung to explain a string of events that hold meaningful coincidences with each other in seemingly mysterious ways has been and will be occurring with rapid increase for several weeks. Call it silly or supernatural, perceive it any way you choose, believe it or not our world and our lives are are filled with a rich tapestry of synchronicity, even more so when we pay attention to its flow. Through synchronicity we can be warned, validated, guided, or sometimes greatly amused.

With the Sun transiting the Galactic Center over the next couple of days and squaring the mutable Nodal axis it until Christmas day, we may be confronted with wildly synchronistic encounters of both “negative” and “positive” natures. The Galactic Center was very important in Mayan astrology representing Creator energy, and as the center of our Milky Way, it is a tremendous source of gravitational energy in our galaxy. It has been perceived as a portal of sorts, a window to God, or something akin to an intergalactic radio station, facilitating communication between a multitude of species, similar to those portrayed in the T.V. series Star Trek (As a side note, as of December 1st I have resumed my radio hour slot at the KOWS station after taking a break for most of 2015, with the new title of “Stargate”, your “Intergalactic Communication Portal in West Sonoma County”. You can tune in online on Tuesday mornings from 9:00-10:00 a.m PST). In addition the new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens” just came out this week. Very well timed!


Anyway… the roller coaster of strange events has already begun for me and Mercury has not even turned Retrograde yet. That is scheduled for January 5th as we enter the New Year, lo and behold in the sign of Aquarius which is arguably the most associated with “alien life”, or at least life that is unconventional and exciting. The Mercury Retrograde pre-shadow technically begins to kick in on the 18th – the same day when the Sun’s transit to the GC becomes exact.

Here are a few ideas of how your personal natal chart might be affected by major aspects to the Galactic Center (27 degrees Sagittarius) at birth or by transit, but this list is very general and does not specify positive or negative aspects:

  • Sun – strong aura and influence over others with a strong sense of personal destiny, a connection to powerful spiritual forces
  • Moon – strong psychic abilities, intensely emotional, impressionable, kinesthetic awareness
  • Mercury – the idea person, thoughts just never end and this can help or hinder depending on circumstances
  • Venus – unusual relational dynamics, otherworldly encounters or romances, dreamy and mystical
  • Mars – a call to spiritual action as a spiritual warrior, being driven by “forces”, highly energized in an almost supernatural way, for better or for worse
  • Saturn – a strong sense of discipline or direction that seems to come from another dimension or a higher level of being – when all else fails, this is the motivating factor in life
  • Jupiter – concerned with broad issues, world events and politics, highly humanitarian or power-hungry – it can go to either extreme
  • Uranus – the mover and shaker, magnificent insights and intuition mixed in with chaos and the need to leave behind what is comfortable and familiar
  • Neptune – this can get very confusing to say the least…or very spiritually illuminating
  • Pluto – an uprooting of all that is deep, dark, and hidden, transformation on all levels
  • Ascendant – a sense of alienation or of being an alien, sense of having a unique purpose to fill in this world
  • Midheaven – the call to a life of unique service, often one that is spiritually based or humanitarian

A friend of mine who passed away a few Decembers ago would always say that during the Solstice, if we paid close attention we would each receive our new “Galactic Assignments” for the year ahead. I think he was on to something.

Cheers the great Cosmic Joke and Divine Destiny at play in each of our lives. May synchronicity enrich and empower all those to who pay attention to and seek it out. May joy and beauty fill your holiday season.

Hidalgo conjunct the Galactic Center

The asteroid Hidalgo (#944) was named after the Mexican priest and revolutionary known as “the father of Mexican independence”, and has thus come to represent the principle of self-assertion and standing up for one’s beliefs, particularly in relation to oppressed people and societies, or those whom the mysterious “majority” call the “minority” on this planet. Mexico’s Independence Day, Grito de Dolores is celebrated on September 16th, during which time Hidalgo will be making its final transit to the Galactic Center since February 2013 before moving into Capricorn late October. This asteroid does stay in both Scorpio and Sagittarius longer than the other signs due to its eccentric orbit, but it may be worthwhile to observe relevant trends in consciousness and media that are arising at this time and while conjunct the GC.

Every day during the past several weeks whether working online or through the grapevine I hear and see more accounts of people waking up, expressing their truth, standing up for their rights as human and divine. Conspiracy theories are no longer denigrated to mere theory but as unraveling the lies of history and paving the way to freedom for future generations.

miguel-hidalgoHidalgo doesn’t advocate for what is right or wrong according to religious standards but for what it deems as necessary toward truth and justice. This asteroid’s influences lean toward political causes, globalism, revolutionary ideas, and those of Spanish or Latin American descent. There is a strong desire to liberate those who are confined and constricted due to to racism, classism, and sexism and to protect and defend the underdogs of society.

One example of Hidalgo’s influence is chronicled by Zane Stein:

When Anwar Sadat set foot on the ground of Israel, Hidalgo was conjunct the IC. When agreements were signed in Washington DC, it was conjunct Pluto. And when the actual treaty was signed it was transiting in square to the above agreement’s Jupiter.

The year of Hidalgo’s discovery, October 31st 1920, the asteroid was in Aries and the Sun was in Scorpio. Communists in Soviet Russia had consolidated power, there was formation of the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations by which all nations may advocate for themselves in a cooperative manner, and the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, giving American women the right to vote, among many other things recorded in history.

Hidalgo, denoting men of the Spanish and Portuguese nobility translates as the “son of something” or of someone, usually implying that is someone who is great. Wherever this asteroid falls and transits in our charts may indicate where we show our greatness, how we stand up for something, and what we advocate through both our words and actions. As an intermediary between Mars and Jupiter, Hidalgo helps summon within us the courage to act upon our beliefs and convictions – to not just talk the talk but walk the walk.

The more we recognize that we have all been oppressed and divided as a species, the more of our own power we reclaim to make amends and join forces as we slowly but surely disentangle from eons of mass slavery due to fear and greed.

So, go Hidalgo go!