April Forecast 2012

There is much goodness in store this April, which comes as sweet relief to some and a small miracle to others who have suffered from terrible losses in the recent past. Last month the softness and benevolence of Venus helped many of us out through what could have been a much worse rough patch, with the widely maligned phenomena of Mercury Retrograde in effect. She and Jupiter sprinkled magical star dust on our endeavors, helping us make corrections and pick up the missing parts quicker than usual. She also helped create opportunities to draw us closer into contact with long lost loved ones and people on our “touch base with” list.

art by Josephine Wall

This is another month for the “Venus babies” – Taureans, Librans, and those with this planet predominant in their birth charts. Venus is also passing through the Pleiades…We all may best make use of the goddess of love’s influence while she is still direct in motion, because she will be going retrograde throughout May and June – which we needn’t dread but simply be aware of.  April 2012 is actually a month that will highlight the Goddess in general in her myriad forms, particularly the aspect of her that is nurturing and motherly. This is partially due to the lunations this month in close contact with the asteroids Ceres and Isis.

Mercury goes direct on the 4th but don’t expect everything to move full steam ahead quite yet. We’ll be out of the Shadow, aka Storm of Mercury Retrograde by April 12th. Then things will really get rolling again.

Rune for April 2012: Gebo

(Here is a repeat of what I wrote about Gebo in the July forecast of 2011.)

As we let go of the old ways of relating to and viewing our friends, family, and even enemies and public figures, we will make way for a much more fulfilling way of life. Ways of relating to the opposite gender in general are shifting for humanity, and ways that parents and children relate to each other are shifting. Our relationship to money is shifting, and many adjustments are being made to our “accounts” literally and energetically. There are so many instances in which we are dropping back into the present from wherever we were, now relating to ourselves, life and others in an authentic way.

The rune Gebo translates as “gift”. It represents not only a gift given or received but particularly the sense of a gift exchange, and therefore it is also known as a rune of partnership. When this rune appears, it often indicates that our relationships are joyfully rebalancing, and there is much to be grateful for. Many gifts may be exchanged, although they are not necessarily of the material kind. It’s like Christmas without all the fuss. It’s not about consumerism, and there’s no pressure whatsoever. The gifts come naturally, spontaneously, from the heart. These gifts may be the latent gifts within our souls. Partnerships are indicated with Gebo, which are frequently either romantic or creative. The main challenge that comes with its influence is in keeping a sense of individuality and confidence, and not allowing oneself to become completely enthralled or absorbed in another’s process or presence. Many types of celebrations are favored this month, and the more we can celebrate while maintaining conscious awareness now the easier our next major transition will be.

4-6-12 Full Moon in Libra

The Moon reaches fullness at 17 degrees of Libra in an exact degree conjunction with the asteroid Isis, and a close opposition to the major asteroid Vesta.A sense of sacredness and sacred relating is in the air, although the choice to honor that is up to us. The Egyptian mother goddess Isis is associated with fertility, childbirth, healing, magic, and has come to be revered as the patron saint of all women. Vesta, named after the goddess of the hearth, represents the place where sexuality and spirituality meet. Since these two asteroids are facing each other at the axis of Aries and Libra, there is a focus in finding a balance between self-care and selfless service, assertion and cooperation, to be or not to be, to share or not to share.

Maintaining individuality within existing close relationships is a key factor in the survival and harmony of those relationships. Relationships are exactly what will be highlighted now, since the Full Moon falls in Libra. It’s so easy for just about anybody to get lost within a close relationship that one gives so much energy and attention to! Libra is the sign that often needs to step back and take inventory of personal needs and thoughts, as they may differ or even clash from those of partners. Saturn farther away in Libra opposes Ceres in Aries, indicating that it may be time for many to step up to meet certain obligations and commitments involving family and loved ones. It is important however that no matter with whom or what we are mingling with at this time and in the days ahead that we maintain our own sense of autonomy.

4-21-12 New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon arrives at 1 degree of Taurus in a close conjunction to the major goddess asteroid Ceres at 4 degrees. Ceres, a name of the goddess of agriculture and the Earth herself, is associated with nurturing and the ways that we give and receive it. In the sign of Taurus we need nurturing through touch, nourishing foods, and any kind of physical substance that provides us with stability. This could come in the form of contact with gems and minerals or being in certain locations.  With Ceres in Taurus we want to be held, caressed, and reassured through nurturing physical contact to those we love and trust. We want to be close to the earth and her elements, perhaps with our bare hands in the soil.We want to be in the garden, experiencing greater intimacy with the foods and herbs we grow and consume. How fitting that the very next day is Earth Day! Sonoma county of California where I currently reside has a beautiful organization called the Ceres Community Project, helping children and families in need, by preparing nourishing foods for them.

The New Moon’s sextile to Neptune in Pisces and trine to Mars in Virgo heighten our experience of oneness with each other and the earth, being able to penetrate the boundaries that have been built up by our own fear. The New Moon helps what would often be a stifling combination (Neptune and Mars) become a vehicle for spiritual elevation. Many of us will experience the peak of this period in the dreamtime, since it will occur the wee hours of the morning, PST at 12:18 AM.